[ITZY? ITZY!] EP4. MV 보고 있지!

  • Published on Feb 27, 2019
  • [ITZY? ITZY!] EP4. MV 보고 있지!
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  • Vloggergirls _101
    Vloggergirls _101 3 days ago

    I'm an netcitizen myself and to me I don't understand why our own fandom is doing hating on Chaeryong's looks like that. She is beautiful. I feel like us netcitizens have become rude a bit over time. Plus how else did she get into the kpop industry because they say that when you try to get accepted into one of their companies they care about the looks and so on.

  • 신나유
    신나유 10 days ago

    유나 공주님 너무 아름답죠

  • Taemin Bae
    Taemin Bae 12 days ago

    I can't live without Yeji smile

  • Lee ms
    Lee ms 12 days ago +3

    Why here isn't YUNA's comment ?!
    she is very cute and beautiful !😁

  • Thanh Hằng
    Thanh Hằng 12 days ago

    Yeji ❤️❤️🥺

  • AngelKitty AJ
    AngelKitty AJ 12 days ago

    Are the captions lazy or something like i wanna know what they're sayinggg

  • Vererfo RaiJem
    Vererfo RaiJem 15 days ago

    Chaeryeong is so adorable >,< I'm so in love with her and Yuna, I can't decide which one of them is my bias. I love them sooo much (And Yuji, and Lia and Ryujin ,

  • 코뮴KOMIIM.
    코뮴KOMIIM. 15 days ago

    달라달라 뮤비 진짜 열심히 봤어요❤😍
    icy뮤비도 모는 뮤비 진짜 열심히 봄!!?

  • choi sooyoung
    choi sooyoung 16 days ago

    I love yuna❤️

  • 유정
    유정 16 days ago

    퀸 있지 너무 좋아 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • yoon a
    yoon a 19 days ago

    bighit literally has to give eng subs too

    VACKIIIXTINA : 19 days ago

    That girl in black is gorgeous 💖😍👌🏻

  • Goldenmaknae
    Goldenmaknae 19 days ago +1

    Jyp is a girl group genius... he came up wth twice who r one of th greatest ggs in history n now these 5 incredibly talented n pretty girls... watch out for itzy... twice, red velvet n blackpink r gonna hv some serious competition in th coming years....👍

  • 쀼린
    쀼린 21 day ago

    보통 착한척하면 서로 뮤비보고 왜 저래 그러는데 itzy분들은 진짜 착하시네요♡♡♡

  • I know Karatae
    I know Karatae 21 day ago

    In the thumbnail Yeji really looks like Seulgi from red velvet

  • moonlight_ 9
    moonlight_ 9 21 day ago

    Yeji is the most beautiful girl in the WORLD....💙❤️💙

  • moonlight_ 9
    moonlight_ 9 21 day ago +1

    YEJI 💙❤️💙

    JUNGSHOOK UwU 22 days ago


  • Cute Mochmoch
    Cute Mochmoch 22 days ago

    Traduction ? ??

  • 정의성
    정의성 23 days ago


  • uma multifandom perdida
    uma multifandom perdida 23 days ago +1

    Eu: "vou colocar a legenda em inglês pq eu sou bilíngue e vou entender tudo"
    * legenda tapa o clipe e eu n entendo nada *
    Eu:"A foda-se,n quero saber oq elas tão falando"

  • nanami nanami
    nanami nanami 23 days ago +1

    ahh Ryujin is so laid-back all the time. she’s like that really cool girl with her cool swag haha

  • Keylight
    Keylight 24 days ago

    Good thing Itzy's extremely lovable enough for me to ignore the bad audio editing

  • Рахымжан Бұхарбаев


  • IP V
    IP V 24 days ago

    이채령님 보니까 아이즈원에 이채연님도 생각난다,,...

    HAE SUL 24 days ago

    나만 류진님 손나은님 닮은것같나?

  • 양영진
    양영진 25 days ago

    신입 걸그룹 있지

  • 양영진
    양영진 25 days ago

    와 ITZY 있지 달라달라

  • Bae Mo
    Bae Mo 25 days ago

    What it has a subtitle now

  • Kim Grande
    Kim Grande 26 days ago +2

    Como cuando un perro tiene mas suerte que las midzys :'(

  • kookie love
    kookie love 26 days ago

    But why are they dressed so much like Blackpink? 🙄

  • Alaina Cawa
    Alaina Cawa 26 days ago

    What do you focus on more?

  • Andrew.MP4
    Andrew.MP4 27 days ago +9

    After watching Chaeryoung get eliminated from sixteen, im so happy that she debuted in such an awesome group, with amazing members

  • s w e e t x c o t t o n

    ᴊʏᴘ ʙᴀʙɪᴇs❁

  • 노ahni
    노ahni 27 days ago +1

    1:14 채령이 나긋나긋 너무 좋다...

  • 굥공
    굥공 27 days ago +1

    진짜 너무 멋있음 뮤비가 노래도 좋구

  • 안네
    안네 28 days ago

    채령 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 어쩜 사람이 저리 침착하지?ㅋㅋㅋ 귀엽당^♡^

  • Savares, Sidney
    Savares, Sidney 29 days ago +1

    4:18 I replayed this part so many times🥰🙏😂

  • jo leeni
    jo leeni Month ago

    aww Willy what a cute name

  • خرموزة ARMY
    خرموزة ARMY Month ago


  • esmira memmedova
    esmira memmedova Month ago +1

    I love yuna😁😊😍

  • BlinkPunk
    BlinkPunk Month ago

    There are english subs shut up

  • jimin's fluffy hair

    왜 예지가 살짝. ....아닌가....모르겠다

  • Jazmin Dance Official
    Jazmin Dance Official Month ago +2

    They better react to their new MV July 29th plzzz ❤️🥺

  • Angel Zuniga
    Angel Zuniga Month ago +3

    When Lia and Yuna smile it makes my heart melt there so adorable 😭😍

  • ITZY icy
    ITZY icy Month ago

    있지멤버들은 너무 예뻐

  • ساره الجيش

    اضيفو ترجمه للغه العربيه

  • 7007007 vintage
    7007007 vintage Month ago

    Other girls will soon blossom

  • 7007007 vintage
    7007007 vintage Month ago

    Yeji has really good style

  • cloudy_jpg
    cloudy_jpg Month ago

    Thank you for putting English subs!!!

  • Neil Villamor
    Neil Villamor Month ago


  • Haidy Robles
    Haidy Robles Month ago

    chaeryeong the way she talk, she sounds like Tzuyu 😘😍

  • cesar martin vargas murguia

    hello Itzy my name is cesar i am of leader of fan club Itzy wonder LaPaz in Bolivia congratulations i love you my five princess

    ARMYx ONCE Month ago +1

    Chaeryoung is cute like sana

  • Sara Lain
    Sara Lain Month ago +1


  • Kicho Bos
    Kicho Bos Month ago +1

    English sub huhu

  • hae liy
    hae liy Month ago

    Ryujin face likes naeun from apink in this video

  • Liam Bog
    Liam Bog Month ago

    Guysss. I recommend that you need to put subtitiles on your videos. Cause we really don't understand what you are saying guysss 🤦🏻‍♂

  • Sri Utami
    Sri Utami Month ago

    I like Yeji and ryujin the most

  • Sri Utami
    Sri Utami Month ago

    나는 예지와 류진을 가장 좋아한다.

  • Shane rio
    Shane rio Month ago +2

    애들이 순둥~순둥~ 하다 ㅋㅋㅋ JYP걸그룹들은 보이는 성격들이 비슷한게 제작자 취향 반영인가...


    *I'm still trying to figure out what they are saying*

  • Azgein 666
    Azgein 666 Month ago

    Just put eng sub for international fans

  • Barghest
    Barghest Month ago

    *nods head like he understood everything they said* indeed

  • Rurussi BlackTwice
    Rurussi BlackTwice Month ago

    ang sakit lang po kasi walang ENG SUB T_T

  • hyunjin bb
    hyunjin bb Month ago

    i like the style of ryujin, not so female💟💟💟

    WARGA NEGARA Month ago +3

    Lia so beautiful 😍😍😍

  • 猫犬
    猫犬 2 months ago


  • vidia amalia tunnisa
    vidia amalia tunnisa 2 months ago

    eng sub plis JYP!

  • Kim Chae - Yeon
    Kim Chae - Yeon 2 months ago +1

    1. Lia
    2. Ryujin
    3. Chaeryoung
    4. Yuna
    5. Yeji

  • Midzy Queen
    Midzy Queen 2 months ago

    Can't really understand what they're saying but yeah, their reactions was PRETTY ENOUGH along with their visuals. ❤

  • Melanie Shin
    Melanie Shin 2 months ago

    Who didn’t realise there wasn’t English subtitles

  • skinny shrek
    skinny shrek 2 months ago


  • no dat rayito
    no dat rayito 2 months ago +1


  • sasa ; 연깅이 YEONGUE

    the english sub gone after 2 episodes 😭😂