Death Stranding - E3 2018 4K Trailer | PS4

  • Published on Jun 12, 2018
  • From legendary game creator Hideo Kojima comes an all new, genre defining experience for the PlayStation®4. Besieged by death's tide at every turn, Sam Bridges must brave a world utterly transformed by the Death Stranding. Carrying the stranded remnants of the future in his hands, Sam embarks on a journey to reunite the shattered world one step at a time. What is the mystery of the Death Stranding? What will Sam discover on the road ahead? A genre defining gameplay experience holds these answers and more.
    Starring Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux and Lindsay Wagner
    KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS Official Website:
    May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit for rating information.
    (In development for PlayStation®4 system
    Captured from a PlayStation®4 Pro. 4K images require a 4K display.
    ©2018 Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.
    Death Stranding is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.
    Created and developed by Kojima Productions.
    “PlayStation” and the “PS” family logo are trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.)
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  • Maiki One
    Maiki One 2 hours ago

    Glovo The Game

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    The Boss

  • Arthur Henrique Xavier
    Arthur Henrique Xavier 13 hours ago

    o Kojima tá maluco
    ninguém entendeu a poha do trailer kkkkk

  • Dexter Blake
    Dexter Blake 14 hours ago

    Look as though it will play better than the recent Metal Gears...

  • Chris Kritikakis
    Chris Kritikakis 15 hours ago

    I can't wait for this masterpiece

  • DereK Meßen
    DereK Meßen 16 hours ago

    so the purpose of the game is walk 🤣🤣

  • MCPON Milkman
    MCPON Milkman 16 hours ago

    Kojima is the world's greatest troll.
    We ask for gameplay and this is what we get: A guy walking, climbing, and stumbling.

  • Concelhaut
    Concelhaut 19 hours ago

    The biggest Fedex quest of all time

  • Сергей Юров
    Сергей Юров 20 hours ago

    Я думаю что после смерти ребенок отдает свою жизнь носителю, а сам отправляется в параллельный мир и там становится похожим на носителя т.е взрослым, но не умным и продолжает ползать на четвереньках как и полагается ребенку - короче жуть, а там ищет своего носителя или кого-нибудь другого чтобы забрать его годы и вновь стать маленьким - короче муть.

  • Al Maz
    Al Maz Day ago

    Daryl in the game nice it will be fantastic

  • veopikke
    veopikke Day ago

    What if AliExpress goods were delivered by foot

  • Nacho2 Lol
    Nacho2 Lol Day ago

    No se que se esté fumando kojima para hacer este juego,pero quiero que salga ya >:v

  • Shahid Iqbal
    Shahid Iqbal 2 days ago

    I think we wont be able to kill enemies in this game and we need to escape them

  • kmsthanks
    kmsthanks 2 days ago

    pizza time

  • dan
    dan 2 days ago +1

    stop blowing your loads. it made no sense and u know it.

  • F PC
    F PC 2 days ago

    Play when you work.
    Work when you play.

  • BedyBex
    BedyBex 2 days ago


  • Mahmoud jamal Mahmoud

    I love it when hiedo makes exclusives

  • 디 트렐DetrellTV
    디 트렐DetrellTV 2 days ago

    I hate it how this game has no release window

  • Jesus christ
    Jesus christ 3 days ago

    This trash isnt better than mgs 2

  • Ofofo Tommy
    Ofofo Tommy 3 days ago

    Walking Simulator

    • Ofofo Tommy
      Ofofo Tommy 3 hours ago

      Cooking Sauce sry, it supposed be funny

    • Cooking Sauce
      Cooking Sauce 3 days ago

      old overused comment it's not funny anymore

  • Rudolf H
    Rudolf H 3 days ago

    The sound designers did a superb job in this

  • Norbee Mad
    Norbee Mad 3 days ago

    Pre-Order?? OFC

  • Terry Bishop
    Terry Bishop 4 days ago

    if this game disappoint me i will start the dooms day machine in my basement and begin my plan of world destruction, starting with sony headquarters.

  • MrRedMarshmallow
    MrRedMarshmallow 4 days ago

    Walking: The Game

  • TheLinkster
    TheLinkster 4 days ago

    Looks pretty neat

  • Sambhav Bali
    Sambhav Bali 4 days ago

    They don't have drones?

  • Sem Assunto
    Sem Assunto 4 days ago

    lea's character said what , exactly:
    "headed into town"
    "Heading to town" ?

  • Josh Herrera
    Josh Herrera 5 days ago

    That's PC not PS4 Pro..

  • Vaas Montenegro
    Vaas Montenegro 5 days ago

    Death Stranding:
    What I Expected: A Horror, Open-World, Third-person shooter game. A spiritual Successor to Silent Hill and MGSV.
    What I get:

  • Renato Davi
    Renato Davi 5 days ago

    Every time i come here, I become more and more fascinated by what this game will be.
    In the start, i was relentless, afraid of kojima's ambition. But now, when I think more deeply about this walk n' walk simulator, i get myself anxious to know the meaning of all this.
    Sam isn't just walking, you know. He has a reason... A reason that we, players will soon
    share with him, and all that walking around will be as exciting (or at least, intuitive) as sneaking around the enemy's base, like in MGS.
    (Sorry my English, i'm Brazilian)

  • abc cba
    abc cba 5 days ago


  • Nick G
    Nick G 5 days ago

    I understand the concern about gameplay, but this will be a ridiculous story. The weaving of Metal Gear is unlike anything out there. Trust.

  • Scare Crow
    Scare Crow 5 days ago

    STOMP :)

  • Can Sencar
    Can Sencar 5 days ago +1

    Aliexpress official transporting trailer

  • lil lappy
    lil lappy 5 days ago

    norman reedus and the funky fetus

  • Kenji Yamamoto
    Kenji Yamamoto 5 days ago +1

    The music is absolutely beautiful.

  • daniel uychoco
    daniel uychoco 6 days ago


  • Chris Kokolios
    Chris Kokolios 6 days ago

    I think the protagonist is dead

  • OvERloRD -_- DaRTs
    OvERloRD -_- DaRTs 6 days ago

    Yey! So we’re doing cargo in an empty world. I am so hyped right now

  • I / M Corp.
    I / M Corp. 7 days ago

    Это Симулятор Грузщика???

  • Clinton Cook
    Clinton Cook 7 days ago

    I remember the previous stunt Kojima pulled to take excitement away from a new Metal Gear game in an attempt to create more of a surprise for when it was officially revealed. With this, I thought Kojima leaving Konami was, also, a stunt to redirect excitement away from the "cancelled" Silent Hills game onto this. But, considering how far along this has gotten, I wonder if Silent Hills has, officially, been cancelled. Mind you, I'm not sure how Interested I am in either game other than how well the visuals look. But, I'm more intrigued as to whether or not we'll get Silent Hills, Death Stranding, or both.

  • mclol138
    mclol138 7 days ago +1


  • Cheto_Dedo
    Cheto_Dedo 7 days ago

    4K😂😂😂😂😂... for five seconds

  • OpiatedBliss
    OpiatedBliss 8 days ago

    it's like syrim with daryll

  • Alpha Draven Player
    Alpha Draven Player 8 days ago

    another walking simulator game like ethan carter?

  • roberto dip
    roberto dip 8 days ago

    k es lo k fuma este japones, q combide

  • Chandler Sun
    Chandler Sun 8 days ago +1

    Voiced by Lea???? I’m buying it

  • Alex
    Alex 8 days ago

    "The Bionic Woman", it would be cool if she had bionic upgrades in the game too...

  • So Vz
    So Vz 9 days ago

    Yo ya se de que va

  • Me a Sloth
    Me a Sloth 9 days ago

    1:50 Daryl finally taking a shower.

  • Gregory Hawkins
    Gregory Hawkins 9 days ago

    When does this game release

  • STH151NicoleFan
    STH151NicoleFan 10 days ago

    Uhhhhhhh...what the f[BLEEP] was up with the beginning there? I did NOT expect that when I clicked.

  • J D
    J D 10 days ago

    What does you got me beat means?

  • Monster Murphy
    Monster Murphy 11 days ago

    I do this thing now where I watch the trailers more than play the actual game.

  • Samson Manase
    Samson Manase 12 days ago

    One of the reasons why I bought a PS4 when u saw this trailer in Christmas !!

  • Jagwant Sehgal
    Jagwant Sehgal 12 days ago

    That sent shivers down my spine

    • STH151NicoleFan
      STH151NicoleFan 9 days ago

      What sent shivers down MY spine was that opening with the baby. 😨

  • Luis Javier Kanchi
    Luis Javier Kanchi 12 days ago

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa saquen el juegooooooo, o ya pongan fecha de lanzamientoooooooooooooooooo, you're tearing me apart, Kojima!!!!!!!

  • Bulldog
    Bulldog 12 days ago

    DHL Simulator

  • 苗梅梅
    苗梅梅 12 days ago

    a director who was delayed by a game

  • Alexander Golodnikov
    Alexander Golodnikov 12 days ago

    Симулятор Яндекс еды



  • D3ADSH0T
    D3ADSH0T 13 days ago

    I love how they make games based around a protagonist with no combat experience get put in the most deadly situations possible. Like Isaac Clarke for example, this guy is suppose to be a space engineer and next thing you know he's on a stranded ship with 100+ necromorphs.

  • Tom Davidson
    Tom Davidson 13 days ago

    I get the feeling this game's concept will be too complex to be a mainstream hit.

  • Techno Mechno
    Techno Mechno 13 days ago

    looks a glorified version of uber eat

  • Matheus Rj
    Matheus Rj 14 days ago

    This is a P.T Silent Hills

  • BoomKillRun YT
    BoomKillRun YT 14 days ago

    I dont understand.

  • Удар Струи
    Удар Струи 15 days ago

    Deril? The walking dead

  • Tu Samantha
    Tu Samantha 15 days ago

    Looks tough the messenger work in the future...

  • HamZaH ClaN
    HamZaH ClaN 15 days ago

    the baby giving thumbs up is so cute!!

    • STH151NicoleFan
      STH151NicoleFan 9 days ago

      Going through the womb while hearing all those internal sounds and back out what disturbing.

  • Al Liu
    Al Liu 16 days ago

    music sounds almost like inception. =)

  • Samsgarden
    Samsgarden 16 days ago

    Best parts are in the preview

  • Pedro yahir
    Pedro yahir 17 days ago

    At what moment Daryl of the walking dead have a game

  • ThatBoringOne
    ThatBoringOne 17 days ago

    So... Baby backpacks.

  • Pelusamola
    Pelusamola 17 days ago

    Khe verga

  • Филипп Савельев

    Одно слово - чушь...

  • Dorvant Dishivish
    Dorvant Dishivish 17 days ago

    кодзима - гений!

  • emc2bomb
    emc2bomb 17 days ago

    why bother buying ps4 for this when you know ps5 is on the way. its the same cycle gonna happen again anyway lol.

    • Cooking Sauce
      Cooking Sauce 13 days ago

      well rumors are this is suppose to release on ps5 and ps4 also but that's just a rumor

  • canon isensys
    canon isensys 18 days ago +4

    1 Death Standing
    2 Cyberpunk 2077
    3 The Last Of Us 2
    4 Red Dead Redemption 2
    Thoese are the games i am hyped about

  • PlayStation Access
    PlayStation Access 18 days ago +62

    500k of these views are mine

    • Athraxas
      Athraxas 3 days ago +2

      All for the water effects, I guess?

    • Roar Vedex
      Roar Vedex 7 days ago +3

      PlayStation Access lol bet this is rob

  • Johnny Yo
    Johnny Yo 19 days ago

    Is the genre "psychological thriller" ? could be amazing. but kojima's games had been suffering for years now after MGS3

  • LeClezio
    LeClezio 19 days ago

    Art direction is already a success, but I'm still apprehensive when it comes to the gameplay. It's going to be hit or miss.

  • YASSER9210
    YASSER9210 19 days ago

    Silent hill with space elements

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo 19 days ago +2

    Japanese Video Game Designer using well know french and american actors for an AAA production. That's quiet something. For sure Japan understands now how to touch an even wider range of players. This demo is amazing. And those environments, man !! Gorgeous !

  • Taha Rafat
    Taha Rafat 20 days ago

    Rip microsoft !

  • Keshav Rao Sathvick
    Keshav Rao Sathvick 20 days ago

    The woman who appears at the end is his wife!!! You can see her in his family photo!!!!

  • Matias Baez
    Matias Baez 20 days ago

    Post apocalypse fedex

  • Prasanth Narayanan
    Prasanth Narayanan 20 days ago

    wow. I was right. That is Léa Seydoux

  • the fake pewdipie
    the fake pewdipie 20 days ago

    I really dont know what it mean

  • Player One
    Player One 21 day ago +1

    Still one of the most amazing trailers I’ve seen! 💯

  • Wheezyweasel
    Wheezyweasel 21 day ago

    Even if the trailer was 1h long, i still wouldn't understand what this game is about.

  • A Potato
    A Potato 21 day ago

    So im wondering if hideo kojima was the one who created 999 iwonder how much plot twist can hideo kojima fit in a single game

  • innerbloom
    innerbloom 21 day ago +5

    selling my pc for a ps4 esketiiiit

    • innerbloom
      innerbloom 19 days ago +1

      i was never one of "those" people

    • Cooking Sauce
      Cooking Sauce 19 days ago

      what happened to pc master race?

  • Kenneth Monfil
    Kenneth Monfil 22 days ago

    😯 💩!!!!!!!!! Every1 must know 😶 the beginning does looks like, don't u?

  • Andro MourningStar
    Andro MourningStar 22 days ago

    Kantot stranding

  • Izzy and Sadie
    Izzy and Sadie 22 days ago +1

    Looks totally Retarded

  • Владимир Тимофеев

    начало убило

  • Adrian Hawkins
    Adrian Hawkins 22 days ago

    And what is the point? Soft music while walking across barren regions?

  • Ghostayy
    Ghostayy 22 days ago +1

    I just want P.T.

  • Jake From State Farm
    Jake From State Farm 23 days ago