• Published on May 12, 2016
  • Decided to have fun with my old car & some expired eggs...
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  • Jedidiah Potuyt
    Jedidiah Potuyt 7 days ago


  • Ashlynn Wegner
    Ashlynn Wegner 20 days ago

    10% of the comments:"WTFFFFF"
    90% of the comments:"GO SCOTTY, GOOOOO"

  • Sam and Colby // trap house edits!

    Scotty running from the police I can’t 😂👌

  • Sam and Colby // trap house edits!

    When he was chasing Scotty I lost it! I’m dying 😂

  • Sam and Colby // trap house edits!

    “It’s his own car because he’s a idiot!”
    Wow Scotty 😂👌

  • Joanne Dubois
    Joanne Dubois 26 days ago

    The cameraman did NOTHING while they gots arrested

  • May Iafeta
    May Iafeta Month ago

    yessuh Scotty 😂

  • Xmulti_stanX X
    Xmulti_stanX X Month ago +1

    *cop shoves Elton*
    Cop-“don’t move! Don’t move!!”
    Elton-“why why??! What I do?!”
    Elton-“Fyi it’s my car”
    Cop-“why you throwing eggs at it”
    Elton-*not giving a shit* “Idk my ex girlfriend broke up with me”
    *scotty dips*
    Elton-“Go ScOtTy Go”
    *sCoTtY sTiLl RuNnInG*

  • Rayanna Worthy
    Rayanna Worthy Month ago


  • Eva Vang
    Eva Vang Month ago

    watching this again in 2019 and it reminds me of how much i love scottys child voice

  • Ali Wakili
    Ali Wakili Month ago

    Sun of the bitc

    CHARZO GAMING 2007 Month ago

    Don’t waste food

  • Epic Crisp
    Epic Crisp Month ago

    lol the fat cop just gave up within 12 seconds of chasing scotty

  • Snowshower's Show
    Snowshower's Show Month ago

    I love how Scotty keeps getting further and further away from the security

  • Onnastee Lifestyle
    Onnastee Lifestyle 2 months ago +1

    Yoooo he was still running lmaooo!!!

  • Ana Maestas
    Ana Maestas 2 months ago +1

    Run scotty run

  • Sarah marie
    Sarah marie 2 months ago +1

    SCottY iN tHe bAckGrouND STiLl rUnnInG. IM dEaD!!😂😂

  • Classic Jay
    Classic Jay 2 months ago

    its fake the camera guy right there standing in the middle of the street

  • Kurtis Brittain
    Kurtis Brittain 2 months ago +2

    Scotty running from them! 🤣 I was like *RUN*
    Btw legally the SECURITY guards can’t handcuff you! So this is all fake 😏

  • Candace _
    Candace _ 2 months ago

    Omg watching Scotty run from the cop was hilarious. 😂

  • Calvin Merril
    Calvin Merril 2 months ago

    I was dead when Scotty ran from the police dude

  • Autumn Janelle
    Autumn Janelle 3 months ago


  • Jadon Masivesi
    Jadon Masivesi 3 months ago

    When you could've just cooked the eggs and gave it to the homeless rather than wasting it

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 3 months ago

    Egging cars in the hood got almost arrested

  • Kat Cordova
    Kat Cordova 3 months ago

    Wait is Elton and Amanda still dating???? Please someone reply and tell me!!!!

  • ME ME BigBoy King
    ME ME BigBoy King 3 months ago

    Run Scooty

  • samira Franklin
    samira Franklin 5 months ago

    I'm SCREAMING scotty was out I never saw him run that fast

  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald 5 months ago

    I’m going to use that as an excuse if I ever egg a car

  • Tiffany Cai
    Tiffany Cai 6 months ago

    Scotty running from security thoo😂😂😂😂

  • hammy jay
    hammy jay 6 months ago


  • Ruthie Heikkila
    Ruthie Heikkila 7 months ago


  • Caroline Clough
    Caroline Clough 7 months ago

    It's funny how the cop gets to run after him I was laughing so hard I almost passed out

  • 大二爷伯
    大二爷伯 7 months ago

    fuck security

  • 大二爷伯
    大二爷伯 7 months ago

    Waste of eggs

  • Jazman Glover
    Jazman Glover 8 months ago

    I'm still laughing about Scotty running 🙃

  • Anathalia Torres
    Anathalia Torres 8 months ago

    Yeooo Scotty 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀😂😂😂

  • Autumn fleming
    Autumn fleming 8 months ago

    Shorty running from the security guard ms was hilarious

  • Veola Perry
    Veola Perry 8 months ago

    Just Scotty running in the back has be dying 😂💀

  • Frank Miranda
    Frank Miranda 8 months ago +1

    "Should have told me she had herpes!!!"
    I laughed so hard at that!

  • milla hewitt
    milla hewitt 9 months ago

    my favourite video of Scott ever

  • Justin Dickson
    Justin Dickson 9 months ago

    This episode was sponsored by Samsung

  • Sweet Coconuts
    Sweet Coconuts 9 months ago

    Scotty just running from them 💀💀💀

  • Chap man
    Chap man 9 months ago

    At 1:31 Man that cop must have been tired while chasing Scotty 😂

  • Jace Wnuk
    Jace Wnuk 9 months ago

    Cops are stupid

  • Karisma Alston
    Karisma Alston 9 months ago

    “And I know you ain’t got EBT so that’s yo money” lmfaoo

  • Revv Squad
    Revv Squad 9 months ago

    Your friends keep running when you get arrestXD

  • Obama Trump
    Obama Trump 9 months ago

    Legend says Scotty is still running to this day

  • GRUCCI yeet
    GRUCCI yeet 9 months ago


  • Erik
    Erik 10 months ago

    wow wasting food damn

  • Lucid Dreams
    Lucid Dreams 10 months ago

    I loved when Scotty was running and then he said stop chasing me but he's fast

  • Dead_Sorcery is my gamertag

    It was hilarious how many people came to stop them.

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 11 months ago

    Scottie run’s so funny

  • keaton lang
    keaton lang 11 months ago

    Scotty running hahaha

  • Gay Shit
    Gay Shit Year ago

    scotty has been runing for a long time lol

  • Harley Shirley
    Harley Shirley Year ago

    # go Scotty go

  • Madelyn Wright
    Madelyn Wright Year ago

    Scotty screams "STOP CHASING ME!!!"
    My new favorite phrase

  • Erin Lozada
    Erin Lozada Year ago

    Scotty I Love youuuu!! running hard

  • Leema Ashak
    Leema Ashak Year ago

    The cop was so slow

  • heyFREEdonuts
    heyFREEdonuts Year ago

    Scotty running was the best part!

  • Blue Squidsx3
    Blue Squidsx3 Year ago

    Scotty was still running 😂😂😂😂

  • Paula Vert
    Paula Vert Year ago

    #go scotty

  • Tyler Gunn
    Tyler Gunn Year ago


  • schleich horses
    schleich horses Year ago

    Scott just ceps running

  • Tayshaun Moore
    Tayshaun Moore Year ago

    Running from the cops

  • isabelle haque-bousquet

    juevos in his juevos

  • Eden Trent
    Eden Trent Year ago

    OMG I was sitting here peeing myself watching scotty

  • KaoloKaylie
    KaoloKaylie Year ago

    Are we not gonna talk about how funny the thumbnail is

  • r g
    r g Year ago




  • katelyn 12
    katelyn 12 Year ago +1

    Scotty at 1:01 😂😭

  • Shayla Vanity
    Shayla Vanity Year ago

    I love how he just kept running omg I laughed so fucking hard

  • Riley Brose
    Riley Brose Year ago

    I laughed so hard when the policeman came and scote started running😂😂

  • Searra McMahon
    Searra McMahon Year ago

    Scotty running form the ranger is so fucking funny

  • X traphouse X
    X traphouse X Year ago

    Haha Scotty running from those guards was great

  • Mere Skillz
    Mere Skillz Year ago

    My mom cane into my room bc she thought i was dying i was laughing so fucking hard😂😂😂#GOSCOTTYGO!!

  • emberplays
    emberplays Year ago +1

    GO SCOTTY GO 1:33

  • Jett .N
    Jett .N Year ago


  • Madison H
    Madison H Year ago

    Scotty running from the cop. I was dead

  • Kasey Cain
    Kasey Cain Year ago

    So many people are so respectful

  • Hayley Gleeson
    Hayley Gleeson Year ago

    Lmao FUCK RUN SCOTTY!!!!!!!

  • elisheva vancil
    elisheva vancil Year ago


  • mike manley
    mike manley Year ago

    This fake black people don't skate

  • Crazy ugly cat
    Crazy ugly cat Year ago

    scotty just running while Elton is getting hand cuffed is priceless. #GoScottyGo

  • Datboi Ivan
    Datboi Ivan Year ago

    Scotty was running so fast lmao the GO SCOTTY GO LMAO

  • funny8us2
    funny8us2 Year ago

    When the big security officer was chasing after that kid had me dyeing

  • Ericka Ramos
    Ericka Ramos Year ago

    When Scotty started running from the cops I was laughing so hard😂😂

  • Aliyah_the_wolf
    Aliyah_the_wolf Year ago

    It's soooooooo funny watching the fat cop casing scotty

  • Liberty
    Liberty Year ago +1

    Scotty : *runs around like a little girl* "Haha Its his own car hes an idiot!"

  • Alger Aquino
    Alger Aquino Year ago

    Bye guys!That was fun!Lets do that again sometime!

  • Alger Aquino
    Alger Aquino Year ago

    To Scotty Go!!!

  • Mersaydeez Beavin

    meanwhile , 1:19 , 1:31 "you cant take me" , 1:41 yes , I am literally Scotty.

  • not_today_satan
    not_today_satan Year ago

    lol scotty.

  • Nia Williams
    Nia Williams Year ago

    Scotty running and that officer is like so far behind him!!😂😂😂 #GoScottyGo

  • Silver Cyphress
    Silver Cyphress Year ago

    1:32 BOOK IT SCOTTY RUUUUN holy shit he fast...

  • Ulhas Pujar
    Ulhas Pujar Year ago

    😂😂😂😂scotty see that running

  • Alaska Keyes
    Alaska Keyes Year ago

    Made him run forever !!!****

  • kenneth andrews
    kenneth andrews Year ago

    What is wrong with people is their car