Camp Rock - Disneycember

  • Published on Dec 25, 2017
  • It may have made a star, but do the Jonas Brothers have what it takes to carry a movie? Doug checks out Camp Rock. Merry Christmas!

    Camp Rock is a 2008 Disney Channel Original Movie starring the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato. The music is written by Julie Brown, Paul Brown, Regina Hicks and Karen Gist. The film is directed by Matthew Diamond and produced by Alan Sacks.
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Comments • 1 452

  • S code Knight
    S code Knight 8 days ago

    You know I wouldn’t be surprised if you actually review this as a proper nostalgia critic review Doug

  • NeverMindGaming
    NeverMindGaming Month ago

    They don’t can we get a nostalgia critic episode of this

  • Taylor Noren
    Taylor Noren 2 months ago

    Of course the Jonas brothers can’t act that’s why their show flopped

  • Taylor Noren
    Taylor Noren 2 months ago

    Am I the only one that finds it hilarious in a weird way that Ashley from Hannah Montana is in a popular crowd like she is in the show but doesn’t act as mean in camp rock?

  • Harmony Hope4357
    Harmony Hope4357 2 months ago +1

    5:43 this girl is on fire

  • Dawson Reece
    Dawson Reece 3 months ago

    I was 9 when this came out so I used to think these movies were cool.

  • Dawson Reece
    Dawson Reece 3 months ago

    all DCOMS these days are bad but the ones in the late 90's were decent

  • DTB 1217
    DTB 1217 3 months ago

    It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this movie but I remember not liking it that much.also it’s hypocritical how they mock pop songs but have pop songs in the movie.

  • Tishauna Green
    Tishauna Green 4 months ago

    i love this movie. im going to watch this now

  • pageturner
    pageturner 4 months ago +1

    Joe Jonas is a terrible actor

  • Deji Adeleye
    Deji Adeleye 5 months ago

    When you said, No the Jonas Brothers can’t act, I was praying that you wouldn’t play one of their scenes from the movie
    And then you did. And it hurt
    soooooooo much!

  • Michael Pierce
    Michael Pierce 6 months ago

    I like this movie

  • Alexisminas
    Alexisminas 6 months ago

    Anyone know Girl vs Monsters?

  • Alexisminas
    Alexisminas 6 months ago

    _Thank you_

  • Nerdy George Washington

    When I was working daycare, this is for some reason the movie they wanted to put on time and time again. Then I gave them Ponyo to watch. And they thought it was ANNOYING. I don't know kids these days I guess.

    • Seth Silverstein
      Seth Silverstein 6 months ago

      I really like ponyo. But I can see why those 3 year olds didn't like it. It's like I would watch cars and shark tale rather than something like spirited away or polar express. It's just meaningless animation for kids

  • JayGamerShow
    JayGamerShow 7 months ago

    The only thing I see is Kairi (2.0) from Kingdom Hearts ^^

  • Constellationillustrations

    Okay but can we talk about the food form this “catering” company 3:39 what’s kinda meal is that plain spaghetti noodles and a small bowl of bell pepper or is it like buffet style and that’s just what she got

  • Samuel Bellan
    Samuel Bellan 7 months ago

    I've always HATED this shit-movie ever since it first premiered on Disney Channel, a just as heinous channel. It was advertised in EVERY commercial, even had a countdown in the screen-corner. EVERYTHIN' 'bout Camp Rock sucks, the story, the songs, it's even worse sequel, and Demi has always only had one single quality, her voice. Without that she's nothin'. I was 11 when this movie came out. I was it once on Disney Channel, realized right away it sucks balls, turned off the TV and continued with the TRUE rock that is Rise Against.

  • League of Fox
    League of Fox 8 months ago +1

    But the chart says

  • President Kudsi
    President Kudsi 8 months ago

    I remmber seeing the adverts for this and thought "this is just a high school musical ripoff".

  • Jasper Jaffe
    Jasper Jaffe 8 months ago +2

    You know what would have made this movie GREAT!? A crossover between Camp Rock and Friday the 13th! Just have it set at Camp Crystal Lake!

    • SuperSwordman1
      SuperSwordman1 4 months ago

      Why? Why would you want to do that? What has Jason ever done to you?

  • Elsie
    Elsie 8 months ago

    Even as an 11 year old I thought this movie was lame, honestly. (I liked Camp Rock 2, but only because it had non-diegetic musical numbers and I love those)

  • Gabby Navickas
    Gabby Navickas 8 months ago

    I actually went to the camp where they filmed this

  • Phoenix Down
    Phoenix Down 8 months ago +1

    I remember watching this when it premiered. I was 11, and my older sister was genuinely enjoying it. But then I pointed out that the Jonas Brothers didn’t even have a drummer during a performance where you CLEARLY can hear drums. Then we just laughed and made fun of it the rest of the time.
    Truly a great movie for family bonding.

  • Matheus Dias
    Matheus Dias 8 months ago +1

    I used to enjoy this one as a kid, but today... Yeah it's a terrible movie. I've seen worst, but it still really bad. Rating: 3.0

  • Tristan Hartup
    Tristan Hartup 9 months ago

    I just suddenly realised this now, this movie is essentially a disneyfied watered down musical version of Mean Girls.

  • justin tuffo
    justin tuffo 9 months ago

    space jam was better than this shit

  • Deji Adeleye
    Deji Adeleye 9 months ago

    I hope he knows the girl playing the main star is Demi Lovato.

  • Bizarre N Rugged
    Bizarre N Rugged 10 months ago +2

    Jonas Brothers should stick to the music. Their acting is well........not a particular strength of theirs.

  • Creative Videos 13
    Creative Videos 13 11 months ago

    0:40 Everything is awkward at the start 0:58 what was the point of that? 2:40 no time for that 3:53 what reality is this in? 4:04 orignal though 4:34 needs to be some consequences 5:13 is that painful 5:57 dumb & dated

  • Rylie Rentschler
    Rylie Rentschler Year ago

    It's my favorite thing when he calls a celebrity that person who played this character. Like that is Demi fricking Lavato and he calls her "the girl who played the main character" I'm not even being sarcastic or anything that always make me laugh

  • The Princess Vlog

    Have you seen Disney Channel's Zombies? It was so bad, and it followed all the same story beats as this movie did, or at least it does according to your hilarious review. You should totally review Zombies.

  • Darth Kamen
    Darth Kamen Year ago

    First I can't help but snicker at the name "Mitchy". Thanks Gaim.
    I adored this film as a kid....I'm not proud of it but I did. But it's so calming to see it torn to shreds.

  • Ferintosh Farms Photography

    Anyone who would name their kid Mitchy is evil

    • NJGuy1973
      NJGuy1973 8 months ago

      The character name is actually Michelle. Disney has this thing where female characters are known by masculine nicknames: Good Luck Charlie, Sonny With A Chance, etc. Yet another trope.

  • Cain The Sergal
    Cain The Sergal Year ago

    Oh please do teen beach!

  • Mark Spicer
    Mark Spicer Year ago

    Doug i love ya buddy buh ur tweakin

  • majora
    majora Year ago

    ?your last joke is from family guy right

  • Agent Prime
    Agent Prime Year ago

    Say what you Want about Space Jam. It's still better than this piece of crap.

  • pepsi_is_shit
    pepsi_is_shit Year ago


  • DigiDestined13
    DigiDestined13 Year ago

    You take the music away from the context of the film, and some of the songs are pretty good.

  • Daniel Anyamele
    Daniel Anyamele Year ago +1

    The only reason this movie was so popular was because it was coming off the success of High School Musical.

  • J
    J Year ago +1

    The movie turns 10 today !
    I love the soundtrack so much still
    And this was my introduction to Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers

  • The Bohobemeister
    The Bohobemeister Year ago +1

    As always, wonderful video!

  • John Hill
    John Hill Year ago

    My Oldest Son said that This film is really Annoying

  • Picaleeloo
    Picaleeloo Year ago

    I did a double take, seeing the antagonist. She plays Jess in Until Dawn! What a trip, going from bitchy blond musician to bitchy blond monster victim.

  • talissa almeida
    talissa almeida Year ago +1

    "The girl who plays the main character"..... Demi Lovato... Dude....

  • Ecliptik
    Ecliptik Year ago +1

    Everyone was obsessed with this film back in the day, even my older brother

  • fangirlfortheages

    So many kids my age love camp rock. Have no clue why

  • Lilly C
    Lilly C Year ago

    Bad or not my whole middle school listened to these songs :D

  • Linnéa
    Linnéa Year ago

    Okay but the songs are lit tho

  • Alaura Alexander
    Alaura Alexander Year ago

    Good lord I was like 8 and this movie bored the shit out of me

  • Samantha Denny
    Samantha Denny Year ago

    I love that Doug Walker doesn't know who Demi Lovato is : )

  • BeefyChief
    BeefyChief Year ago

    1:58-2:40 was just pure gold

  • James Dalby
    James Dalby Year ago

    I could argue that if you stuck The Jonas Brothers in an episode of The Mighty Boosh, they'd look like better actors.

  • Bridget Driscoll
    Bridget Driscoll Year ago


  • Not Caramel Donuts
    Not Caramel Donuts Year ago +1

    Still like this movie!

  • joseph hillyard
    joseph hillyard Year ago

    Someone better recreate Heathers with this camp.

  • YakuzaYoshi
    YakuzaYoshi Year ago +1


  • merge m8
    merge m8 Year ago

    Guessing you've never heard of Demi Lovato lmao

  • S. Crystine
    S. Crystine Year ago +4

    Camp Rock without rock

  • SomeDude WhoDraws93

    jeez and I thought mulan 2 would have broken him but this might have XD

  • Ren Yuzu
    Ren Yuzu Year ago

    This movie is my guilty pleasure, let me just say, it's not a clichê when it's your first time watching that clichê so i don't care :v (But i know it's bad)

    • Vits Vicente Torres
      Vits Vicente Torres Year ago

      Wait, how old were you when you saw this movie?

    • Ren Yuzu
      Ren Yuzu Year ago

      Vits Vicente Torres Still not a clichê for that person by the time he watched it, when you're a child and never saw other things before it, ok you grow up and realize it has been done countless times, but before that, its not a cliche for you, it's the only thing you saw using that formula. Also my first comment wasn't supposed to be taken that serious, so chill ^^ (i'm starting to repeat myself, that means you're missing something :v)

    • Vits Vicente Torres
      Vits Vicente Torres Year ago

      When someone doesn't realize that something is a cliché because they haven't seen it before, then they most likely need to see more movies. Specially with a movie like CAMP ROCK that has so many.

    • Ren Yuzu
      Ren Yuzu Year ago

      Vits Vicente Torres If i didn't saw the first movie that did the clichê like high school musical for example, but watched Camp Rock First, so Camp rock was the first movie that I SAW doing it, so it's not a clichê for me.

    • Vits Vicente Torres
      Vits Vicente Torres Year ago

      It wouldn't be a cliché if it had been the first movie to do the cliché.

  • Grumman F-14 Tomcat

    3:28 Enter...The White Guy with an Acoustic Guitar trope.

  • I.B Toony
    I.B Toony Year ago

    I always thought this movie was a rip off of high school musical...

  • Bella Hearts
    Bella Hearts Year ago

    "Uh newsflash jackass''

  • Brandy Loutherback

    You should do a Nostalgia Critic episode on this movie too!

  • wesley patterson
    wesley patterson Year ago +1

    damn it, it hurts, but i know its childhood........

  • Jessica H Voice
    Jessica H Voice Year ago

    They really should've renamed this movie.
    Camp Rock? I think you guys have your genres mixed up.

  • Rivet Flug
    Rivet Flug Year ago

    i would have been the guy there playing morbid angel songs

  • Kayla Carper
    Kayla Carper Year ago

    This whole roast killed me but the "uhh, newsflash, jackass" had me in stitches, lmfao. Go off, Doug.

  • JF the LOLZOR
    JF the LOLZOR Year ago

    Camp Rock, huh? More like “Can’t Rock”.

    I’ll see myself out...

  • LiK
    LiK Year ago

    Hahaha, just the opening of this review with Doug cracking up made me laugh.😂

  • fruitgh0st
    fruitgh0st Year ago

    But I loved this...

  • Phreak Azoith
    Phreak Azoith Year ago

    I would rather attend Sleepaway Camp. At least it had one good song. "I'm a happy camper..."

  • Just a Channel
    Just a Channel Year ago

    Gollum: You're a liar, and a thief!