The Crazy Mothership Laptop!

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
  • The RTX 2080 Asus ROG Mothership is the most powerful gaming laptop design I've seen. It redefines the whole concept of portable gaming hardware.
    Mothership -
    Zephyrus -
    The GZ700 and GX701 are two of the best gaming laptops from Asus this year. With RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Max-Q laptop GPUs, these devices are crazy powerful and push out very impressive benchmarks.

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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  2 months ago +1603

    I'm stoked for all the new RTX 2080 gaming laptops but the Asus ROG Mothership is on another level. This thing is an absolute beast. Thank for watching!

    • João Tavares
      João Tavares 9 days ago

      Hi Dave! Do you wanna sell some of your gaming laptops? I'll buy it! 🤣

    • Mohammad Bilal Younus
      Mohammad Bilal Younus 17 days ago

      Dave Lee make a updated version of best ultrabook of the year

    • Steve Thea
      Steve Thea 25 days ago

      Yeah; same delivery and excitement. Kid is very poised, with enormous stage presence, especially for his age.+Don Che Lan

    • Don Che Lan
      Don Che Lan 25 days ago

      +Steve Thea yep! it would be helpful if there were a price list...

    • Chetan Joshi चेतन जोशी
      Chetan Joshi चेतन जोशी 28 days ago

      hey can you gift me any gaming laptop i dont have money to buy one.. thanks dave lee

  • Kaung Myat Thu
    Kaung Myat Thu 5 hours ago +1

    They wont let me brenchmark on this thing.
    *Proceed to show the video of other people playing game*

  • relativityboy
    relativityboy 20 hours ago

    Apple could learn from either of these machines

  • Asparaguy 8a2
    Asparaguy 8a2 Day ago

    Wow,you look really happy with that...

  • Max H2
    Max H2 2 days ago +1

    Can I play this with one kidney?

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha 4 days ago

    And other softwares like photoshop

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha 4 days ago

    Hey can anyone let me know if this laptop would be really great for engineering software

  • Georgia Ball
    Georgia Ball 6 days ago +1


  • Skyes Hyper
    Skyes Hyper 6 days ago

    So, am I able to close the GX701 while gaming? If i have it hooked up to a monitor? Or will that affect the airflow massively?

  • shinpaku 123
    shinpaku 123 8 days ago

    Damn both are s3xy af

  • Ray Vanhem
    Ray Vanhem 10 days ago

    How much is Asus ROG Mothership?

  • Cuckus Norris
    Cuckus Norris 10 days ago

    So its a surface pro 6 on steroids and crack.

  • Jmsetyawan Fps
    Jmsetyawan Fps 11 days ago

    Imagine if someone bought this just to slap people with it.

  • CRX Productions
    CRX Productions 12 days ago

    big Ass dent in the top left corner at 2:08🤔🤔🤔

  • 田口アレクサンダー

    Picking up the Zephyrus 2080 this Monday.
    Very excited, huge upgrade from my current 960m!

  • Minje Kim
    Minje Kim 17 days ago

    not like i'll have the money to buy that thing....(I love it, but i'll never be able to buy it..)

  • Hi There
    Hi There 22 days ago

    It is a requirement for customers purchasing the rog mothership to launch a successful youtube channel featuring all future adventures with the rog mothership... it is written.

  • AnWar W
    AnWar W 24 days ago

    I want test, runing game world of warcraft on raids 25 man with ultra settings...and wondering how it works?? If can handle this I will buy it !

  • Desrick Campbell
    Desrick Campbell 24 days ago

    I like it, it’s like a hybrid all in one laptop

  • Kevin Inthavong
    Kevin Inthavong 24 days ago

    Guess the price! $2,990 starting price is my guess.

  • Rodolfo Rincon
    Rodolfo Rincon 25 days ago

    Get a girl that looks at you the same way Dave looks at the mothership

  • rekamniar
    rekamniar 25 days ago

    Take both my legs. I want one

  • Ghost Razor
    Ghost Razor 28 days ago

    guess what? it is overpriced, overheated, and the design is so ugly.

  • ppp
    ppp 28 days ago

    can you please do a full review on the alienware area 51m?? "EXCITED!"

  • Adam Link
    Adam Link 28 days ago

    Who makes those what I assume are "led" light tubes in the back left corner of this video?? I have been seeing them a lot lately... Also, great video - Thanks for your review!!

  • bob sharlt
    bob sharlt 29 days ago

    why are there dents in the case? Thats a MASSIVE quality issue. Unexcusable. Will not buy.

  • Timmy Turna
    Timmy Turna 29 days ago

    ITS A GAMING TABLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Craig Walker
    Craig Walker 29 days ago

    Nice video and nice gaming laptops that dont look totally nerd ^_^

  • PelaajaW
    PelaajaW 29 days ago

    i would hope that they made more shit for the poor people but fuck that shit we aren't making enough money so we make so fucking expencive shit so poor people cant get it

  • Parker Rayne
    Parker Rayne 29 days ago +1

    View Number :1,000,019

    GHOST BOI 29 days ago

    i think ima cop it!

  • WhosYour Daddy
    WhosYour Daddy Month ago

    i've been worked with asus as a salesman.. this brand are so rubbish, so many hardware problem . the quality build is out. even their ROG phone also sucks.

  • Terry Lin
    Terry Lin Month ago

    just wet my pants

  • thomas miranda
    thomas miranda Month ago

    17 inch screen on a 15 inch footprint??

  • Artitronics
    Artitronics Month ago

    beast asus product and the best reviewer

  • buterbrod vasilevich

    о ебать матка

  • Sweet meat daddy
    Sweet meat daddy Month ago +1

    that motherboard looks like an enemy from galaga. Cool laptop though

  • Benis
    Benis Month ago +1

    what if we consider it a tablet? the beefiest tabler ever, but a tabler

  • Alexander TheOriginalGreat

    the zephyr... yes pls.

  • A N T A R E S
    A N T A R E S Month ago

    it looks good but quality is bad

  • Colin
    Colin Month ago

    its a modern commodore 64

  • Bloody ChromeA
    Bloody ChromeA Month ago

    the new surface pro is cool!

  • João Marcos
    João Marcos Month ago

    Pretty nice.
    It manages to be more portable than that huge Predator laptop thing from Acer.

  • VicVanProphet
    VicVanProphet Month ago

    if i want to use the zypros as a desktop computer with external screen, do i have to open the laptop for the vents or can i leave it closed ?

  • malle2002
    malle2002 Month ago

    gtx 2080

  • Watch Breeze
    Watch Breeze Month ago

    woah. cool microsoft surface gaming

  • Edgar Ordonez
    Edgar Ordonez Month ago

    that dent on the top right hand side bothered me all video

  • khaled bekai
    khaled bekai Month ago

    this is for whom dislike this greate content .I. fucking haters everywhere

  • nick ringman
    nick ringman Month ago

    i honestly cant even find a price on it

    STRIX GAMING Month ago

    I thought ur carrying ps4

  • Devansh Assawa
    Devansh Assawa Month ago

    We just need upgradable laptops ¡¡¡

  • MrGarkin
    MrGarkin Month ago

    thats a portable monoblock, not a laptop

  • Stat-K
    Stat-K Month ago

    Awesome video, I love your presentation style. Keep up the great work!

    THE ARTIST Month ago

    OMG i want it badly but i live on very very low income and i'm disabled and only make $500 bucks some one please be kind and buy me one i'd be for ever greatfull and humbeled and honnored

  • حسین کاردان
    حسین کاردان Month ago +2

    2:09 WTF is that hole in the top left of the laptop? Did you drop that masterpiece on the ground or you just made a toughness test video about this laptop too?

  • ExReel
    ExReel Month ago +1

    1:43 GTX 2080? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • marlon abbas
    marlon abbas Month ago

    I found every other RTX laptop available to be bought but I couldn't find this one, is it not out yet? The only thing I can find on amazon are screen protectors for it or people giving reviews but not the actual product to buy, where can I find it?

  • Adam Chalkley
    Adam Chalkley Month ago

    Isn’t the 2080 pointless on a screen of that res?

  • Surya Jeyasekaran
    Surya Jeyasekaran Month ago +1

    Oh..that was a cool ASMR video

  • DankWhooler
    DankWhooler Month ago

    lmao im sitting infront of my 1st gen zephyrus rn and that is NOT a 15 inch chache, i can instantly see how much more space is in that. its 16" not a 15".

  • Kingvoakahustla
    Kingvoakahustla Month ago

    Asus rog are the smartest company and best design

  • Adroe
    Adroe Month ago

    I'm diggin' it, just hope it comes with a selection of emblem colors. If not, sticking with my scar-II. Can't stand the orange/gold

  • Trần Tường
    Trần Tường Month ago

    I love the design of Asus Mothership. A neat way to enable users to sit or stand at their desirable positions without a monitor too close to them. All required components are packed nicely behind the screen in a standing position make it easier for cooling solutions. Just put this monitor aside with whatever cable you need to plug in and freely detach the keyboard at your own convenient. Too bad with this configuration it'll probably not for the average gaming users. I would love it to have another version at around $1000 - $2000 price range.

  • Micrumix Micrumix
    Micrumix Micrumix Month ago +1

    The new mothership is the new nintendo Switch😂

  • ラインRain
    ラインRain Month ago

    I prefer that it doesn’t have a webcam lol

    DREAM THERAPY Month ago

    mothership should be an alienware lp name :v
    tbh this one has a great design but area 51m looks more practical with the upgrading

  • Halynx
    Halynx Month ago

    new requirement for mothership. 2 kidney to buy this

  • mingming cheong
    mingming cheong Month ago


  • Stephen Spisak
    Stephen Spisak Month ago

    I love this but there is no way this wont be under $3000...

    CHETAN CHAVAN Month ago

    Which game is that ... Shown at the beginning?

  • Ammar.A
    Ammar.A Month ago

    You can tell he’s in love with them 😋

  • Steve Eric Jordan
    Steve Eric Jordan Month ago

    This thing with 1 power brick instead of 2 (i think 2 power bricks kill the portable aspect a bit) not throttling and as silent as the Zephyrus would be my dream device. I love how Asus is thinking different, they became kind of the Apple of the Windows laptops. The only problem is that the tech is not quite there yet. The Zephyrus throttles hard and the Mothership will most likely be very loud and probably throttles.

  • Trevor Smales
    Trevor Smales Month ago

    Don't know why it's called a laptop as it clearly isn't. Really do not see the market for this other than those who just love to have the latest kit. I mean how many people really need a mobile gaming rig that needs a desk ?

  • Ashwin Mahajan
    Ashwin Mahajan Month ago

    The admiration says it all.

  • Trevor Smales
    Trevor Smales Month ago

    A laptop you can't use on your lap ?

  • Edil D'Aguila
    Edil D'Aguila Month ago

    Did you see the Thermals?

  • idlevalley
    idlevalley Month ago

    I want the big one

  • Pascal Pereira
    Pascal Pereira Month ago

    Asus can make really good laptops and they are build like a tank.

  • NaySaya
    NaySaya Month ago

    So how much money can you get from selling a kidney on the black market? (asking for a friend)...

  • 太空人
    太空人 Month ago


  • Young719
    Young719 Month ago

    innovation! I like it

  • rsloveforever
    rsloveforever Month ago

    Huh... I can totally see myself put one of these Mothership on my office desk.
    I don't think anyone would notice the "horsepower" hiding beneath the hood, they'd probably think it's a bigger version of Surface Pro... lol

  • Tamzid Hossain
    Tamzid Hossain Month ago

    Dave make a video of legion y540 and y740 !!

  • John Coundourides
    John Coundourides Month ago

    Links aren't working. And I've tried searching for them.

  • mark lao
    mark lao Month ago

    I think that laptop falls in the desktop replacement category i mean how else would the industry categorize it.

  • Timjo
    Timjo Month ago

    Can i use it as a workstation? Working with Adobe creative cloud programs ? :)

  • Leela senevirathne
    Leela senevirathne Month ago


  • Jeremy Perez
    Jeremy Perez Month ago

    What gtx 1080 laptop would someone recommend

  • Andrew Gurinovich
    Andrew Gurinovich Month ago

    4.7 kg, boys

  • DJ Michii
    DJ Michii Month ago

    when is the release for the Mothership ??

  • Lord Chronos
    Lord Chronos Month ago

    The specs on their site show that it has an 8gb 2080, that’s not going to be enough for graphics heavy games.

  • Captain Cupcake
    Captain Cupcake Month ago

    That's a really interesting concept. Maybe more manufacturers will follow suit with similar products, or, maybe not.

  • Trican Le
    Trican Le Month ago

    Ha ha ha ha, i can't afford this.

  • Mridul Rawat
    Mridul Rawat Month ago

    It was like Dave want to tell us more but can't reveal coz of clauses.

  • Rob Aaron Gonzales
    Rob Aaron Gonzales Month ago

    Thanks dave!!!! Another great review

  • Aadi A
    Aadi A Month ago

    anyone know what those tube lights in the back are?? seeing them for a while now cant find them anywhere!!

  • Ralph Warom
    Ralph Warom 2 months ago +1

    I want one.

  • Asus ROG G703GI Owner
    Asus ROG G703GI Owner 2 months ago

    I cant find it in amazon

  • Asus ROG G703GI Owner
    Asus ROG G703GI Owner 2 months ago

    I cant find it in the store

  • Månï Kántàn
    Månï Kántàn 2 months ago