Donald and the Magic Sharpie

  • Published on Sep 7, 2019
  • Donald Trump continues to insist that Hurricane Dorian was on track to hit Alabama, even going as far as to draw on a map with Sharpie to prove his point. He won't let it go, and while it's ridiculous that this is what he's talking about, it also presents a business opportunity.
    Trump Hard at Work Not Working

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    Donald and the Magic Sharpie
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Comments • 1 418

  • Kevin Warriner
    Kevin Warriner 8 days ago

    The first Whistle Blower, confirmed that Trump altered the weather map & now there is 3 whistle blowers

  • Jacob Brown
    Jacob Brown 22 days ago


  • Adam Hoisington
    Adam Hoisington 26 days ago

    Idiocracy coming to life

  • My Annoying Neighbors
    My Annoying Neighbors 27 days ago

    Wow, Jimmy doesn't look good. His beard is just a 4 day shadow, his timing is off, and that thin hmtie is making his head look bigger than it is. I hope he's doing all right.

  • Chris Stan
    Chris Stan 29 days ago

    I prefer Jimmy Fallon

  • kent hansson
    kent hansson Month ago

    Trumpy is realy wacky

  • l JK l
    l JK l Month ago

    Well KFC and a pornstar at the same time isn't that bad. :')

  • Antonis J.kondilis
    Antonis J.kondilis Month ago

    Pray for the chosen one !!!!!
    That he has the power to change the route of a haricane just with a sharpie .
    Its a miracle !!!!!!! Ahelelluia!!!!

  • D Mack
    D Mack Month ago

    Obvious...If you're talking about Alabama and Dorian...then you're not talking about Trump and Epstein.

  • Mina Torreteo
    Mina Torreteo Month ago

    That's a really great bedtime story... you should publish it just to annoy someone... but then again he might take the credit for it if it ever makes it to the best sellers list. Well, that's your president takes all the credit (imaginary things) and blames other people or call it fake news

  • Sherry Anderson
    Sherry Anderson Month ago


  • disgusted1
    disgusted1 Month ago

    That was kind of a good look for Hillary.

  • Kevin Benderman
    Kevin Benderman Month ago +1

    Faster than a speeding tornado, more powerful than a 9.9 earthquake, able to leap a cat 5 hurricane in a single bound. It's Sharpie man!!!!!

  • Jimmy Carter
    Jimmy Carter Month ago

    Can’t beat trump seriously this is your whole show

  • Lelynn Miller
    Lelynn Miller Month ago

    SAY *WHAT!!* ...our POTUS is the Sharpie-Bandit⁉ 😱 uhhh, who'da thunk it⁉ 🙄

  • Paul Bernard
    Paul Bernard Month ago +2

    This is sick, and this guy is President. Lets create panic in Alabama where panic is not necessary. I got to experience Dorian, mind you I fared out well. Why does a President fight all the experts and create unnecessary panic???? This is the most unstable President I have ever seen.

  • Joe Nevarez
    Joe Nevarez Month ago

    That's why the Ovall Office need's repainted carpets rerereplaced !

  • ProfWildcard
    ProfWildcard Month ago

    Bahahhahahaha jimmy... you’re SOOOOO funny!! SOOOOO original!!! Remember the time you where on the man show?! I do...

    EUGENE KUPKA Month ago

    We shouldn't make fun of trump he's not all there the weight of the world is dragging him down, the most pathetic part is it's all self-inflected and he's looking for sympathy wherever he can get it !

  • gina delsasso
    gina delsasso Month ago

    So we are all just going to laugh at the fact that the president just committed a felony..... Ok

  • Erica Amaya
    Erica Amaya Month ago +1

    I really want this book

    MsNYCVA Month ago

    I screamed when he read that book. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😳

  • Lisa M
    Lisa M Month ago +2

    "He's even drawing lies now" is absolutely hilarious! 😀😂😆🤣

  • Tom Nekuda
    Tom Nekuda Month ago

    Why a sharpie? Because he ate the crayons......

  • human sentry gun
    human sentry gun Month ago

    Kimmel is a dipshit anywho

  • jd grim
    jd grim Month ago

    Ha Jimmy your just apart of the fake faerie democrats poor dumb bastard

  • Connie Crawford
    Connie Crawford Month ago +1

    Sharpie-boob -hate! He has personalized Sharpie pens! His father had Alzheimer’s for over 6 years and Trump carries the Alzheimer’s gene! Dementia Donnie!

  • Kasper Joakit
    Kasper Joakit Month ago

    kimmel is an idiot

  • Richard Dastrup
    Richard Dastrup Month ago

    Oh look a morning show host who is need of Obama . Who created Obama care that will cost trillions. A President who helped build a wall in other countries. A President who had a low economy. A President who worked under valerie Jarrett for advice to give trillions to the middle east. God bless President Donald Trump.

  • cocosongo1
    cocosongo1 Month ago

    Kim jong Trump

  • cocosongo1
    cocosongo1 Month ago

    Trump is the stand dragon of KKK

  • Jose Medina
    Jose Medina Month ago

    Lol remember when he cried out America doesn’t do deals with terrorist.....but why was he trying to do a secrete piece treaty with terrorist earlier this week. 😂

  • Carol Just
    Carol Just Month ago

    I don't know is what my 6 year old says when caught after breaking a toy. Who did that?

  • Steven White
    Steven White Month ago

    But like - is he actually going to be signing copies of that at the Secacus Barnes and Noble Wednesday night

  • James OHara
    James OHara Month ago

    Hey Jimmy ...that’s what Clinton really looks like...

  • rob Garcia
    rob Garcia Month ago

    Hes gonna draw a southern border wall with a sharpie on a map and say see I told you folks I build the wall its beautiful it's long and it's big and Mexico paid for it folks 🤣🤣

  • Lefh Harrison
    Lefh Harrison Month ago

    Alladden Dadollah

  • Lefh Harrison
    Lefh Harrison Month ago


  • Lefh Harrison
    Lefh Harrison Month ago


  • Lefh Harrison
    Lefh Harrison Month ago

    Plane 48 t 20 you know you didbt did

  • Lefh Harrison
    Lefh Harrison Month ago

    My yatch and accounts feelgood

  • Lefh Harrison
    Lefh Harrison Month ago

    Ala mode moses theives or artstarsin sky to heaven mybee donald sulthland queens crowns pouson

  • Pamela Green
    Pamela Green Month ago

    Trump is going to get you, you just join the list too be insulted.

  • Daniel Reierson
    Daniel Reierson Month ago

    Omg publish the book lol

  • Betty Thomas
    Betty Thomas Month ago

    Lets FORGET about trump & his sharpie pen....the questions we should be asking is WHY or HOW HURRICANE DORIAN HOVERED FOR 40 hrs MOVING AT 1 mile per hr? Was this man-made or was it natural?? Maybe that's why he wanted to nuke it because it was to big🤔
    Thats the question the news networks should be asking!

  • Mac
    Mac Month ago

    a bucket of chicken and a porn star! Laughing so hard I have TEARS running down my cheeks, can't breathe, falling out of my chair!

  • Dominik S
    Dominik S Month ago

    Looking good, Jimmy. Glad to have you back!

  • Austin Jordan
    Austin Jordan Month ago

    Dumbasses can't realize meteorologists aren't always right and could have diverted course. SO WHAT IT DIDN'T THERE WAS A POSSIBILITY. CUNTS

  • Ann-Marie Diplatzi
    Ann-Marie Diplatzi Month ago

    Trump hasn't bought the WHITE HOUSE YET????????

  • Jeff Alan
    Jeff Alan Month ago

    Jesus Christ!! Yet another Donald Trump segment...Jimmy you have lazy writers and you are boring your audience with your constant negative bits about Trump....Get interesting will you!??

  • Justice Betancourt
    Justice Betancourt Month ago

    Every time I hear our President's stupidity, I have to watch a cat video to shake it off!

  • Urzsula Z
    Urzsula Z Month ago

    Weak up! That new right way brings cruelty and truculence coming taking space unnoticed and then settling over democratic principles

  • Bryan K
    Bryan K Month ago


  • Jaret Donald Patterson

    Who would take time out to print up a professional looking map like that only to draw on it with sharpie?? WHAT - A - BAFOON!

  • Jose Santiago
    Jose Santiago Month ago

    What's going to happen when trump is gone???no more Jimmy Kimmel or Stephen Colbert ect....comedy suck nowadays

  • albert Ricks
    albert Ricks Month ago

    'Corrupt' reporting? WTH? He already thanked the news media for their apology in a previous tweet, and now he wants more? He looks like the kid with 'his hand caught in the cookie jar'. While the guy behind him is wearing the customary smug expression instead(or in addition to). What a White House, and what a day & age to be a American. Waiting still for somebody to make us 'great' again. Our lame Prez can't even tell the simple truth properly!

  • Girlgams
    Girlgams Month ago

    It would be funny as h#// if it wasn't all true!!!!!!

  • Ronnet
    Ronnet Month ago

    In a democracy, the people get the leader they deserve. in 2020, please have some self-respect America.

  • Anthony gigs
    Anthony gigs Month ago

    Man, give the man a break each one of us has lied one time or another or made some mistake here or there

  • fireboy
    fireboy Month ago

    Are Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon the same person? Please help me im confused i cant tell them apart