• Published on Apr 19, 2018
  • Welcome back to THE WCOFAAGN! The yearly tradition here at Palmers FC and where it all began!
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Comments • 306

  • Joshua John Anderson
    Joshua John Anderson 5 months ago

    You said wcoffagan 2017 ball champion

  • Aldranster50
    Aldranster50 5 months ago


  • 8bit lion truck
    8bit lion truck 5 months ago

    Will we see wcofaagn 2019?

  • Ross Mckenzie
    Ross Mckenzie 5 months ago

    Honestly just watched this thinking it was this years 😂. Took me to the st Mirren are champions part to realise it was last years

  • David Micro-Sherwood
    David Micro-Sherwood 5 months ago +2

    Announce WCOFAAGN 19’

  • Cafc 911
    Cafc 911 5 months ago +11

    Bring on wcofaagn 2019

  • Owen Doak
    Owen Doak 5 months ago

    Warming myself up for this years

  • Diabetic Shrek
    Diabetic Shrek 5 months ago

    So exited for this years

  • Andrew Simons
    Andrew Simons 5 months ago

    Few more days till the 2019 version can’t wait

  • Ad Kav
    Ad Kav 5 months ago +12

    Watching the week before the 2019 wcofaagn just waiting for it 😂

  • iAmSmudge14
    iAmSmudge14 5 months ago +1

    Why don't u do a WCOFAAGN livestream

  • Joshy G
    Joshy G 5 months ago

    Can’t wait for this years video!

  • thiago desousa
    thiago desousa 5 months ago +3

    2019 coming soon?

  • Helen Jackson
    Helen Jackson 5 months ago


  • iShEp1
    iShEp1 10 months ago +5

    About the 5th time I watched this absolutely love it but has anyone noticed smivadee spelt stake wrong 😏

  • Mr Bumalalalala
    Mr Bumalalalala 10 months ago

    Ay this was filmed on my bday

  • Mr Bumalalalala
    Mr Bumalalalala 10 months ago

    Do this every few like few months

  • woolvinho
    woolvinho Year ago

    Only just watched this but you put STEAK instead of STAKE :(

  • AceChampElite
    AceChampElite Year ago

    10:24 2017?

  • Hammer Lou
    Hammer Lou Year ago

    Thx for the memories

  • MAGA2K14
    MAGA2K14 Year ago

    Wheyyyy Dunfermline

  • Charlie pepper
    Charlie pepper Year ago

    Do a on the road to Bristol Rovers

  • khalid haji
    khalid haji Year ago

    Can we please have more similar videos very entertaining

  • jordan wilton
    jordan wilton Year ago

    Most anticipated day of the year

  • Alex Marcantoni
    Alex Marcantoni Year ago

    Sam looks like Ashley Westwood!

  • Callum Davo
    Callum Davo Year ago

    Need to do it ever month

  • Jack
    Jack Year ago

    Need monthly bool tournaments

  • jack cooper
    jack cooper Year ago

    2017 balls champion?

  • Jordan Langdon
    Jordan Langdon Year ago

    Rule one - Stake*

  • Before The Soap
    Before The Soap Year ago

    You guys LOL

  • Thomas Haggarty
    Thomas Haggarty Year ago

    Shoutout to the st mirren. Like that

  • Michael Coulston
    Michael Coulston Year ago

    This and download festival is my entire summer 🤟🤟🤟

  • Bradley Silverthorne

    Love the Wcofaagn, had the lads round for our own wcofaagn !!! Bring on next year smiv

  • Willbutler
    Willbutler Year ago

    Bet derby fucked most peoples bets that day

  • TheLemonizer
    TheLemonizer Year ago

    at 10:25 you said 2017 champion

  • gesture ,
    gesture , Year ago


  • Ben Laing
    Ben Laing Year ago

    favourite video of every year, keep up the good work Smiv!

  • Callum 3G
    Callum 3G Year ago

    Up the dale💙 unlucky smiv

  • Ben Saltzer
    Ben Saltzer Year ago

    Fuck yes been waiting for this

  • Steve Coppin
    Steve Coppin Year ago +1

    TOWIE without the shit. Brilliant

  • Khathaar
    Khathaar Year ago

    Mate that bool game looks mint
    Also your man there has a really nice garden set up

  • Scornet
    Scornet Year ago

    Oh bby I’ve been waiting a while for this

  • Ryan Russell
    Ryan Russell Year ago

    Love it, now the wait for next year starts

  • Toby Peters
    Toby Peters Year ago

    You said you were the ball champion 2017 but it’s 2018? 10:28

  • Emily Salinas
    Emily Salinas Year ago

    Dan’s got a lovely house! Looked like the perfect day

  • SkulduggeryBlaze77
    SkulduggeryBlaze77 Year ago +1

    The WCOFAAGN should be made a British national holiday. I look forward to this every single year

  • Xrenor
    Xrenor Year ago +1

    Wait, so Ball is basically curling without the ice? I wonder which came first...

  • Marcus Hall
    Marcus Hall Year ago

    My favourite Palmers series. Come on lads!

  • BtothemegaZ
    BtothemegaZ Year ago

    Can you please keep posting game details on twitter?

  • Dj-Wisdom-UK
    Dj-Wisdom-UK Year ago +8

    Shame there ain't one every week! Good vid Smiv as usual. Great to see a decent turnout! Congrats Henry 2018 champion!

    • Demolion951
      Demolion951 Year ago

      wouldn't be as special if it was every week

  • Django
    Django Year ago

    Ah what a day when the new WCOFAAGN video comes out

  • james johnstone
    james johnstone Year ago

    Preferred last year's format but still great as ever, bound to watch this another 5-10 times in the next year so it definitely has the desired impact!

  • Harry ‘BIG H’ Williams

    Absolutely love the WCOFAAGN

  • Jake 1221
    Jake 1221 Year ago

    "I thought it was my lucky day" 😂😂😂😂 ooooh smiv

  • Ben Wilson
    Ben Wilson Year ago

    Love these type of days!!

  • Dave2801epic
    Dave2801epic Year ago

    Seems like a brilliant day with the lads

  • Patto
    Patto Year ago +1

    Bring back place your bets!

  • Tim Jones
    Tim Jones Year ago

    5:02 Tommo just reading for the articles ;)

  • Adam Begbie
    Adam Begbie Year ago

    whats the name of the song smiv said he filmed?

  • Jamiepd_fb
    Jamiepd_fb Year ago

    Friendship goals