Five Guys. One Baby.

  • Published on Dec 28, 2018
  • On the first day... there was no baby.
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  • It's Alex Clark
    It's Alex Clark  10 months ago +2386

    We just added two more shows in Orlando and Chicago - also working on adding a show in Wakanda...

  • esp 973
    esp 973 19 hours ago +1

    bro i love lasanya too!!!!!!

  • Drew Demos
    Drew Demos Day ago

    You hesitated 9:58

  • awesome man
    awesome man Day ago

    That was a lot of sex

  • Jean Soriano
    Jean Soriano 2 days ago +1

    He sus the BEST DAD

  • Glenn Bunderson
    Glenn Bunderson 2 days ago

    This isn't a five guys episode it's a four guys episode

  • Jill Skivington
    Jill Skivington 3 days ago


  • Jill Skivington
    Jill Skivington 3 days ago


  • Squiggly
    Squiggly 3 days ago

    except for this one:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) wah
    | |

  • craig tucker
    craig tucker 3 days ago


  • hirdey Khosla
    hirdey Khosla 4 days ago

    You could have named it five guys two baby’s and like|

  • The Flipperz
    The Flipperz 4 days ago

    Baby's are so cute

  • Ashton 808 Aranda
    Ashton 808 Aranda 4 days ago


  • Memeking40711 Memes
    Memeking40711 Memes 4 days ago

    I despise babies I absolutely hate them for everything they are

    • TXC
      TXC 3 days ago

      dude what the heck this is so mean i am babies. delete this immediately.

  • Jonathan Willbanks
    Jonathan Willbanks 5 days ago

    Is it just me or at 6:44 his smile is the Amazon smile

  • Tomisbomb 2020
    Tomisbomb 2020 5 days ago


  • Daniel Spangler
    Daniel Spangler 5 days ago

    Wat the hell is Walmart

  • Madi Overton
    Madi Overton 5 days ago

    Alex: I can only go five times!
    Me: but what if...

    You go a sixth?

  • Julian Espinal
    Julian Espinal 6 days ago

    dont demonatys him

  • Ana Araujo
    Ana Araujo 8 days ago

    Can you tell them
    congratulations for me

  • Stacey Furniss
    Stacey Furniss 10 days ago

    I absolutely love 💓 the fact that the car’s license plate was the word subscribe

  • April Browning
    April Browning 11 days ago

    many Five guys are closing!

  • Philip Chesson
    Philip Chesson 12 days ago

    That's one to sub and one to press the notification bell

  • GalaxyGamer 2010
    GalaxyGamer 2010 12 days ago


  • GalaxyGamer 2010
    GalaxyGamer 2010 12 days ago

    Who wants memes. Here they are. Wife: He wears a canny pack to bed, it makes him look gay and fat. Husband: IT'S FOR SNACKS KARREN!!!

  • Nucka Wee jobber
    Nucka Wee jobber 14 days ago

    “You guys are gonna kill it” probably not the best thing to say when describing how they will treat their baby

  • Annabel Piasecka
    Annabel Piasecka 16 days ago

    I'm eating lasange right now!!!! LOL

  • Cluckles Yaboi
    Cluckles Yaboi 17 days ago

    I don’t think pams pregnant

  • Dane Dompierre
    Dane Dompierre 19 days ago


  • Willam Morrison
    Willam Morrison 21 day ago

    haha this reminds me of the film 2 girls 1 cup lol

  • Luca M
    Luca M 23 days ago

    What gender’s?

  • Rpc Tv
    Rpc Tv 23 days ago


  • Landon Cool
    Landon Cool 24 days ago


  • Peter Vu
    Peter Vu 24 days ago

    O u mean zach king?

  • XxFire WorksxX
    XxFire WorksxX 24 days ago

    Who else read it 5 babies and 1 man?

  • zz_ Tdm
    zz_ Tdm 26 days ago

    Five babies. One guy

  • Samuel Cedric Sibiya
    Samuel Cedric Sibiya 27 days ago

    I’m never going to Walmart

  • Screaming Tiger
    Screaming Tiger 27 days ago

    Alex, you probly wont see this cause this videos old but I am wondering why cant you go to 5 guys more then 5 times. Prolly missed something.

  • Misshowzat
    Misshowzat 28 days ago

    Wow, twins. That's like a whole other channel. Also, is it just me or is Alex an alternate reality version of Sheldon?

    BOB DA BUILDER GAOPLA 28 days ago +1

    let me get this straight, it took you guys a week to get to Mexico and on the way back you guys make it in 2 hours

  • youdaman100
    youdaman100 28 days ago

    At 7:10 on the car see it do it

  • Silvia Cristina da Silva Lucas

    Please pela

  • the wolf studio
    the wolf studio 29 days ago

    That title is misleading! Tis not one Bab, tis Two! lol

    THE BIG GUY 29 days ago

    Five guys. One baby

    Five guys. Two women. Two babies
    One problem

  • Tony Henderson
    Tony Henderson 29 days ago

    My dad's way to American because all I can ever hear him say when he says something to me or my family all I can hear his welp mommy mommy mommy mommy

  • Aime Acosta
    Aime Acosta Month ago

    You said “they” befor you even said twins

  • Angel btw
    Angel btw Month ago

    Wow alex you dont like baby's

  • Zofi & Taff
    Zofi & Taff Month ago

    This is a challenge to see who wins, girls win if the number of likes is even and boys win if its odd

  • Nate Guiney
    Nate Guiney Month ago


  • Hunter Buchberger
    Hunter Buchberger Month ago

    I hate five guys

  • monsterripp ripp
    monsterripp ripp Month ago

    the names

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago

    I played settlers of Catan today
    And I lost

  • julie bouvier
    julie bouvier Month ago

    Haaaaaaaaaa I Fred jr

  • lunacat the derpy one


  • Snow Chip
    Snow Chip Month ago

    I felt That.

  • Siddal Boy 123
    Siddal Boy 123 Month ago

    You have a Tesla

  • Luis Hoil-Canul
    Luis Hoil-Canul Month ago

    Misleading title...

  • Dohmzs
    Dohmzs Month ago

    One of the babies was unplanned

  • Jane Brusseau
    Jane Brusseau Month ago

    if she had triplets it would be one to subscribe one to ring the bell and one to like the video

  • Cici Barzee
    Cici Barzee Month ago

    Why can u only go 5 times