You Woke Up Today...Are You Choosing To Rise?

  • Published on Dec 1, 2018
  • Introducing collection #4...Black Storm
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    Welcome to RNBO. Founded with ONE mission... & that mission is to create a community of like minded individuals who DON’T take no for an answer... people who wake up inspired to make the world a better place every SINGLE day... people who aren’t satisfied with just being your average joe 9 to 5 worker... people who keep fighting for what’s right in the toughest of times🕓 IN the world we live in today it’s harder than ever to do all of these things. It’s easier just to be NORMAL... it’s hard to stay happy - to stay on top & to stay positive...You must Rise N’ Be Original every SINGLE day & sacrifice 100% of yourself to succeed... you MUST stay positive in this negative world... The stress, drama, problems, schoolwork, anxiety, ETC... of everyday life can drag you down.. but you have to remember WHY you’re doing what you’re doing & remember that there’s other people (some in the RNBO community) who are also trying to change the world. IT’S NOT EASY!! But you can do it for those people & you can rep the first ever RNBO collection in your everyday life to remind yourself why you’re here... to join this next level community, to not take no for an answer, to Rise N’ Be Original #RNBO

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  • Anthony Tomason
    Anthony Tomason 3 months ago

    Cool commercial

  • Jordan Fawcett
    Jordan Fawcett 3 months ago

    U r gonna change the game

  • Shepishpoem
    Shepishpoem 3 months ago

    Subscribe to me/Shepishpoem

  • marmiraa
    marmiraa 3 months ago

    This video is HILARIOUS!!! keep it up!

  • Zamzam Adnan
    Zamzam Adnan 5 months ago

    The girl is too ugly

  • X III
    X III 5 months ago

    If you wanna look like a douche wear zoosh!

  • Domenik's Daily vlog dk123456


  • Egan Beats
    Egan Beats 5 months ago +1

    i have a clothing company called rise ill be contacting my lawers see you in court this has been my company for a year and it is copyrighted

    • Cipriana Hernandez
      Cipriana Hernandez 5 months ago +1

      he didn't know and some other companys are called the same name

  • Izz land
    Izz land 6 months ago

    Heart this comment I beg you jake

  • ray Alhouti
    ray Alhouti 6 months ago

    i just wish it was Erika I'm still crying to this day

  • Nikita’
    Nikita’ 6 months ago


  • gricelda ramos
    gricelda ramos 6 months ago

    I love this gerl

  • JayJayPlayzzZ
    JayJayPlayzzZ 6 months ago +1

    The girl is turning on my fire alarm

  • Peter Longmuir
    Peter Longmuir 6 months ago

    Who wa t pop in where do you get your mercy link in bio sorry super crazy fan

  • Olivia the Horse
    Olivia the Horse 6 months ago

    Jake paul is trash....

  • SavageGamer1130
    SavageGamer1130 6 months ago

    How did you make it change colour

  • Brylee is obsessed with Jake Paul and Erika Costell

    somone told me that Tessa was your new gf is it true?

  • victoria_ tonti
    victoria_ tonti 6 months ago

    Like who just came back for jake pauls RNBO bihind the sceens video and vlog

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous 6 months ago

    I wonder if people think in what brand they should be dressed in the morning, during the sound of bombs exploding, washing themselves with dirty water, without normal food and medicines?

    XER0GRAVITY 6 months ago

    I question how this is supposed to be Premium.

  • Raihan Rashid_ 156
    Raihan Rashid_ 156 6 months ago


  • Hiii I
    Hiii I 6 months ago

    Cute girl and they could be new girlfriend and boyfriend

  • Jack Roe
    Jack Roe 6 months ago

  • Selvie Uzairi
    Selvie Uzairi 6 months ago

    when i see jake paul i always think about that jerika thing😭

  • sexy mia owens
    sexy mia owens 6 months ago


  • Moets GT
    Moets GT 6 months ago +1

    Rise merch for life

  • Astro50000
    Astro50000 6 months ago

    I didnt wake up I been awake for days

  • life in the drama with Joanna

    Ima get this for sure ima save up

  • Alan Martinez
    Alan Martinez 6 months ago

    Erika is nothing to that girl

  • Brice Schrenkel
    Brice Schrenkel 6 months ago

    Rise rise rise!! 🔥

  • Ted Meyer
    Ted Meyer 6 months ago

    Jake are you and her dating please tell me now because I'll be sad and I love Jerica I want you guys to break up but you already did probably I don't know

  • Mobile games inJustice
    Mobile games inJustice 6 months ago

    I opened the video because of eyes color

  • Adam And haris Fortnite

    Jake love rnbo fire

  • gacha/ Logan paul vlog queen

    Jake is that your new girl 😏😏

  • Rose Quiatchon
    Rose Quiatchon 6 months ago

    Nice music

  • RHOHEEM Mcgawn
    RHOHEEM Mcgawn 6 months ago


  • Amielia Acyy fiz
    Amielia Acyy fiz 6 months ago

    Jake will date her

  • Allison 1941
    Allison 1941 6 months ago


  • Josephine Garcia
    Josephine Garcia 6 months ago

    Off brand Erika costell

  • Jessica Keeney
    Jessica Keeney 6 months ago

    Yes!!! I love Jake!!!

  • BbyYoshi
    BbyYoshi 6 months ago

    Wow jake not wearing his own mearch

  • Desi Dawn
    Desi Dawn 6 months ago

    That should be your new girlfriend

  • Ethan Myers
    Ethan Myers 6 months ago


  • Bubble Wrap
    Bubble Wrap 6 months ago

    I don’t get it.. it’s a black shirt with white words on it ..... that’s it lmao

  • jay&M Gonsalez
    jay&M Gonsalez 6 months ago

    Are you still dating Erica

  • Angela Reyes
    Angela Reyes 6 months ago

    Big moves 💪🏼🤩

  • Fairy Tales
    Fairy Tales 6 months ago

    Can you do a contest where whoever wins gets to come see you for a day

  • Adam Halpert
    Adam Halpert 6 months ago

    Is that girl your new girlfriend

  • Cool Wpix
    Cool Wpix 6 months ago

    Jake always do this when he needs money. Not surprised he wants this to be GUCCI or Supreme.

  • Cool Wpix
    Cool Wpix 6 months ago


  • Bryan Sanchez
    Bryan Sanchez 6 months ago

    Are they any long sleeves because I would totally cop if they are some

  • TacoTung
    TacoTung 6 months ago

    0:17 the face i make when i realise its monday tommorow.

  • Im Trying
    Im Trying 6 months ago +1

    Im choosing to rise because I'm pretty short for my age

  • Samantha Lauffer
    Samantha Lauffer 6 months ago

    So dope!

  • Naobi Yaikhom
    Naobi Yaikhom 6 months ago

    Is it the same girl that you brother hired for his music video?

  • Zoey Rose
    Zoey Rose 6 months ago


  • Liquid Captain
    Liquid Captain 6 months ago

    I saw xxx at the end rip to him

  • Kassandra Cortes
    Kassandra Cortes 6 months ago +1

    I’m not getting it because u kicked Erika out just like Alissa and because she not the model for this

  • Slowed CaRegger
    Slowed CaRegger 6 months ago +1

    For all y’all Dumb ass children that is NOT his girlfriend! ITS A 16 year old MODEL! IF YOU CHECKED HIS LAST DAMN VIDEO!

  • mark 1000 gacha
    mark 1000 gacha 6 months ago

    Jake paulll😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Lizzie DiGiovanni
    Lizzie DiGiovanni 6 months ago +2

    or you could have just used erika for your model :(

  • catherine moad
    catherine moad 6 months ago

    Is that jakes new girlfriend

  • cthfungen
    cthfungen 6 months ago

    Rainbow is the symbol of the

  • Wheelzyyy
    Wheelzyyy 6 months ago

    Who remembers where they got that bike from?? 🧐😏

  • Kami Tenchi
    Kami Tenchi 6 months ago

    Yawn... Nothing specials here. Its just humans acting like humans.

  • Julie H
    Julie H 6 months ago

    Wow this is so amazing 💗😍

  • Riada Balla
    Riada Balla 6 months ago

    He is gettin this v serious

  • Bleona Muja
    Bleona Muja 6 months ago

    Wow this is the coolest thing I have ever seen every this just perfect 👌 ❤️❤️❤️🍒😘😘😘😘😘😫❤️❤️

  • itz wangie playz :3
    itz wangie playz :3 6 months ago

    Oooo :3

  • Payton Bordeaux
    Payton Bordeaux 6 months ago

    I'm risen

  • Gameplay Boy
    Gameplay Boy 6 months ago


  • Pamela DM
    Pamela DM 6 months ago

    Hottest merch in the game ♥

  • V Ś
    V Ś 6 months ago

    Im getting dat merchhh🔥🔥

  • Sophie Andersson
    Sophie Andersson 6 months ago

    Rise ‘n’ Be Original.
    Storms before rainbows ⛈🌈

  • Sophie Andersson
    Sophie Andersson 6 months ago

    I think that you should restock them instead of letting them sell out all the time.

  • Sophie Andersson
    Sophie Andersson 6 months ago


  • 22BB55
    22BB55 6 months ago


  • BRONN Esteva
    BRONN Esteva 6 months ago

    Who is the girl model??

  • emman Evangelista
    emman Evangelista 6 months ago

    Jake do you have a another girlfriend??✨🔥🔥🔥

  • Renee Xoxo
    Renee Xoxo 6 months ago


  • Pointless Blog fan page


  • אל תקרא את תמונת הפרופיל שלי

    אל תקרא את השם שלי

  • Nadia Herrera
    Nadia Herrera 6 months ago

    Also what is rnbo lmao 😆

  • Nadia Herrera
    Nadia Herrera 6 months ago +1

    I hey Jake are you also going to sleep with this girl too lmao 🤣🤣🤣 sry not sry

  • Jodie Hill
    Jodie Hill 6 months ago

    Love this I’m rising everyday

  • nbayoungboy never broke Angie

    It good Jake

  • ahmed hz
    ahmed hz 6 months ago


  • ahmed hz
    ahmed hz 6 months ago

    جمييل ... صراحه

  • Abi Sears
    Abi Sears 6 months ago

    OMG I love this so much ❤️❤️💜🖤🖤💙💙💙💜💜💙💙💙💙💙 You've achieved so much we're all proud of u xx

  • Prince_Taryn
    Prince_Taryn 6 months ago +1

    Wassup Jake paulers

  • Lorelle VM
    Lorelle VM 6 months ago

    And op he’s found another model to mess up their life agian

    HASSAN NABBACH 6 months ago

    Can their be RNBO pyjamas. Like if you agree

  • Kiki Schipp
    Kiki Schipp 6 months ago

    Do you do shipment to Fiji
    Cause I want one but y'all are to far 😭😪😢
    This line is dope af

  • yeehaw
    yeehaw 6 months ago

    Ari did an amazing job!

  • Sabine Gomez
    Sabine Gomez 6 months ago +1

    I am the 202 comment so Jake remember me when this becomes a brand

  • VincenttVerweij
    VincenttVerweij 6 months ago


  • Antonia D
    Antonia D 6 months ago +1

    This is so freaking dope this video is lit

  • Fox GIRL
    Fox GIRL 6 months ago

    The 198 comment.....

    Feelsbadman 😔

  • Suzy Mae
    Suzy Mae 6 months ago

    Really cool promo. Literally waiting for a drop with coloured graphics - inspired by this vid. (Next time lose the mops).

  • vegan meat
    vegan meat 6 months ago

    It’s too early