This might be the best watercooling case I've EVER seen!

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
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Comments • 3 961

  • Michael Rudiger
    Michael Rudiger 2 hours ago


  • Securitydude83
    Securitydude83 6 hours ago

    Can I sleep in your case? I promise to sweep up the dust bunnies on a regular basis.

  • 22lalen
    22lalen 15 hours ago

    Black and gold

  • Kamen Minkov
    Kamen Minkov 19 hours ago

    12:30 To truly learn about a chassis, you gotta... you know, read its specs?

  • twinbornnut
    twinbornnut 19 hours ago

    Most OP Q6600 water-cooled overclocked god with 2 sli Titans

  • Todjlet
    Todjlet Day ago

    Just bought one of these after searching for a decent case to fit a 420 alphacool monsta in Which was quite a search until I came across this video. Only minor thing about the case is the magnets on the fan filters came as bare metal in contact with the case and as they stick rather well to the case trying to remove them can result in minor scratches so taking them out carefully and taping them over just enough so they still stick but also dont scratch the paint is a quick and easy remedy.

  • Rocky Asteria
    Rocky Asteria Day ago

    double water cooled build.. AMD 3900X ITX? and I9900K for the big board? mix it up have fun?

  • Rafael Azevedo
    Rafael Azevedo Day ago

    is this case still ok for air cooling? no experience in water cooling

    • Justin Lemieux
      Justin Lemieux 18 hours ago

      yes of course since you can fit lots and lots of fans.

  • Skinner
    Skinner 2 days ago

    Yes! Make my day and fill that bitch up with water, and I second the Fire and Ice build. Shit, MSI even has the three dragons for you, Z390 Godlike, 2080 TI Lightning Z and I guess you could make it four dragons and do both builds MSI.

  • Cal Vital
    Cal Vital 2 days ago

    I really need to graduate so I can get a teaching job so I can afford to make a great pc

  • Jooosh
    Jooosh 2 days ago


  • Thomas Wilson
    Thomas Wilson 3 days ago

    Yes build in it!!!!!

  • Yash Mehta
    Yash Mehta 3 days ago

    Wat was the first motherboard he tried putting in the case

  • Hodad3000
    Hodad3000 3 days ago

    Doubles as a Tiny House.

  • bobgrmi21
    bobgrmi21 4 days ago


  • Julian Dominguez
    Julian Dominguez 4 days ago

    I subscribed because of this. PLZ MAKE A BUILD IN IT!!! Water cooled x570 w/ amd ryzen 3950x, completely watercooled 2080ti’s in SLI! Omg this build wood look SO GOOD

  • sniperlif3
    sniperlif3 4 days ago

    Please make a overkill watercooling build in this!!!!

  • Prem Nikam
    Prem Nikam 4 days ago

    Your biceps are getting big jayz, try ISO pure is the best😇

  • sizzam960
    sizzam960 5 days ago

    i bet you could fit more rads in a thermaltake core x70 still and its older and cheaper but its worse build quality wise

  • gr82bAnAUTiger
    gr82bAnAUTiger 5 days ago +1

    This case supposedly DOES support the EEB boards (like Dominus Extreme), you'd just have to take that top radiator out to get it mounted. I think you could put a radiator back in afterwards though.

  • Mountain Rat
    Mountain Rat 5 days ago

    Build in it. The biggest, best, watercooled system to date.. OVERKILL the hell out of it until it hurts.

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 5 days ago

    Could you fit the 011D distro plate G1 on the side?
    If you could.. imagine having have along with the Phanteks D140 distribution plate also..
    No need for a res or pump ... :D

  • Mad_explorer Gaming
    Mad_explorer Gaming 6 days ago

    I have watched this 5 times now. Thanks to this video I will be putting my next build in this case. Now the real question is do I put a streaming set in it as well?

  • SketchyAd
    SketchyAd 6 days ago

    Dude, after I watched this over a week ago then I just bought that case yesterday and will be at my house tomorrow. Thanks for entertained me and I fell in love with that case.

  • SimiamiDrew
    SimiamiDrew 7 days ago

    Max that baby out!

  • Andrew Vaughan
    Andrew Vaughan 7 days ago

    When is this build coming?! Would love to see what you do. I picked up this case literally right after you did the review of it and would love to see ideas on how to make my first custom water cooled loop

  • S. Stallone
    S. Stallone 7 days ago

    This is my case of the year.
    You get a Primo and a Elite case all rolled into one.
    At a price of only $189.? Take my money!

  • ActionmanZero
    ActionmanZero 7 days ago +1

    I've been waiting to see this case in action but Jay why? Why are you teasing me?

  • Ryan Agnew
    Ryan Agnew 7 days ago

    Im looking a good air flow case for my first build

  • Grantly
    Grantly 8 days ago +1

    A little large for my liking

  • emichos erit
    emichos erit 9 days ago

    I still own my primo. I see nothing worth "upgrading" to yet lol.

    • Gareth
      Gareth 5 days ago

      It's a Primo and Elite rolled into one. It has what's in the Elite, that the Primo doesn't have. It's worth buying.

  • Daniel Gabel
    Daniel Gabel 9 days ago

    Jay, I want to build in this case. I currently have the original Luxe case, and I want to upgrade everything, as well as install a dual system to setup as a NAS and to use for other server type purposes. Here are the two PCPartPicker lists I have going... My only hesitation is the AIO's I have picked out for each system. I would love to see you build in this so I can have a better idea of how radiators will fit with all the other hardware so I can pick the right cooling gear. As a note, I'm trying to do a black/white build with "just a little" RGB.

  • Jason Hall
    Jason Hall 9 days ago

    Dual loop dual system build, mini itx gaming and eatx workstation running either esxi or ovirt for running vms

  • DavidTheCatMedia
    DavidTheCatMedia 9 days ago

    One powerful intake fan in the back and maybe one in the bottom, and the air passively exhausts through all the radiators.

  • Christopher walters
    Christopher walters 9 days ago

    Build it to the 9's. Best of everything in one case!

  • Chris Lynch
    Chris Lynch 9 days ago

    Definitely use a water cooled motherboard to top it off. I can’t wait for this build!!!!!

  • Hashirama Senju
    Hashirama Senju 9 days ago

    Still waiting for that build

  • Pielepower
    Pielepower 11 days ago

    Nice Spyderco bro!

  • Rushboard Technologies

    This case is currently £30 cheaper than Corsair's 680X, which is 1/3 smaller... I know the Luxe 2 doesn't come with fans, but that price difference is weird. My only caveat is there's no way to see fans at the front - a solution to this, therefore, might be an alternate panel you can buy, which has a diffused tempered glass version of that vent.
    Perhaps you should call the system "Deux Luxe"?!

  • Matt Andrews
    Matt Andrews 11 days ago

    Start the build already!!!!! :)

  • AllAboutTKK
    AllAboutTKK 12 days ago +3

    Jay, would love to see a dual build on that thing!

  • M.C. Turnt House of Tech
    M.C. Turnt House of Tech 12 days ago +1

    I heard you talk about Lux in a later vid....didnt know it was LuxE. Thought it was the Segotep Lux. lmao smh

  • noxious89123
    noxious89123 12 days ago +2

    That is a lot of case! I have no need for this at all, but damn I want one! Better put it on my hypothetical "lottery win to-buy list".

  • Pritvi Jheengut
    Pritvi Jheengut 12 days ago

    the LTX t-shirt

  • Toby Parsons
    Toby Parsons 12 days ago

    Build the rig! I wanna hear Jay go 'squeeeeeee'!

  • Carl Willows
    Carl Willows 13 days ago

    You know the answer, just do it

  • Jason Doss
    Jason Doss 13 days ago

    Build it!

  • Edoardo Zanin
    Edoardo Zanin 13 days ago

    Where can i buy it?

  • César Rojas
    César Rojas 14 days ago

    Try to fit four rads on that

  • Lane Merrill
    Lane Merrill 14 days ago

    what are the thickest 480mm rads you could use and still fit 2 in there. or would it be more efficient to use a single 84mm thick rad vs 2x30-40mm thick rads?

  • David _
    David _ 14 days ago

    Yes please. I'd love to see a build in that.

  • Naz 727
    Naz 727 15 days ago

    Lian li pc 011 dynamic xl is another lvl... beauty outside beast inside

    • Edward Escamilla
      Edward Escamilla 13 days ago

      I would say that Xl chassis is another level above this just that there are plus & minus to both chassis designs more of a personal choice.
      011 Lian XL Lux 2 Difference Inches Need Priority (1 to 5)
      Height Dimension 513 570 2 Size 5
      Length 470 595 5
      Width 285 240 1.7
      Separate Drive Bay hot plug ability Yes No 5
      Separate power supply bay Yes Yes 3
      2 system capability No Yes 1
      480 Rad No Yes 5
      4 rad capability front/bottom side/top 3 due to (window) Yes 5
      Front Window Yes No 5
      Manifold available yes No 3
      140 fans no yes 3
      Vertical GPU capability yes yes (no bottom support) 5
      No space taken by PS bay Yes no
      SSD Glass Window no yes 5
      Future Mod capabilities size no yes 4
      swing glass door no yes 5
      cable management Yes ok 5
      RGB Front ligiting yes Yes 3

  • Psneary 06
    Psneary 06 15 days ago

    Dual system watercooler build!

  • sneaky tiki
    sneaky tiki 15 days ago

    Can you do a 2 PC rig. stream and gaming PC combo. Both water cooled.

  • MrOnejovic
    MrOnejovic 15 days ago

    Speaking for those who can't afford to buy this case, PLEASE do a "balls to the walls" watercooled build

  • Randy Maas
    Randy Maas 16 days ago

    I’m looking into getring this case to build a semi silent basic OC build with water cooling :-) i am guessing that more rads means fans can blow slower.

  • Björn Linde
    Björn Linde 16 days ago

    Threadripper Gen3 Workstation with simple NAS/DAS

  • SolarAbyss
    SolarAbyss 16 days ago

    When you build in this case you should put a water block on the ram, just because, why not?

  • Cole Towner
    Cole Towner 17 days ago

    make an amd thread ripper eatx gaming build and a intel i9 itx server/ gaming computer and have them run through the same loop with as many radiators as possible!

  • Grey Zabdy
    Grey Zabdy 17 days ago