MANDY - Official Trailer

  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
  • In Theaters September 14th
    Starring Nicolas Cage, Andrea Riseborough, Linus Roache, Ned Dennehy, Olwen Fouéré with Richard Brake and Bill Duke
    Directed by Panos Cosmatos
    Written by Panos Cosmatos and Aaron Stewart-Ahn
    Music by Jóhann Jóhannsson
    Pacific Northwest. 1983 AD. Outsiders Red Miller and Mandy Bloom lead a loving and peaceful existence. When their pine-scented haven is savagely destroyed by a cult led by the sadistic Jeremiah Sand, Red is catapulted into a phantasmagoric journey filled with bloody vengeance and laced with fire.
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  • radiosandrayguns
    radiosandrayguns Hour ago

    chainsaw fight

  • Cyril Szecsko
    Cyril Szecsko 2 hours ago

    Blowing mind

  • Jake Niehaus
    Jake Niehaus 3 hours ago

    2018’s Best Movie.

    VIDEOS 5 hours ago

    Movie looks disturbing and crazy. I'm down to watch it

  • Fluorescent Tip
    Fluorescent Tip 5 hours ago


  • Kalervo Gummola
    Kalervo Gummola 5 hours ago

    Celtic Frost F-letter as a weapon...shut up and take my money!

  • E Hernandez
    E Hernandez 7 hours ago

    Watch it last night... HOLLY. MANDY. This movie is like entering a vision...or a really lucid dream that slowly turns into a nightmare. No doubt, a classic. For the first time in a long time I want to watch a movie in a theatre for a second time. Yea, go watch it!

  • txhypnotist
    txhypnotist 7 hours ago

    Another way to pay the bills.

  • 2eganja1
    2eganja1 7 hours ago

    Ghost rider is maddddddd!!!!

  • Hugh Tahoob
    Hugh Tahoob 8 hours ago

    *Hobo with a Shotgun* director?

  • Roderic Hall
    Roderic Hall 8 hours ago

    The bathroom scene is going to make a great addition to the Nicolas Cage freak out compilations.

  • Mark Andersen
    Mark Andersen 9 hours ago

    He's back! Bug-eyed, bat shit crazy Nick Cage, can't wait to see this.

  • Alma Lucero
    Alma Lucero 10 hours ago

    Y don u just become ghostrider n kick their ass

  • Bava 72
    Bava 72 11 hours ago

    Amazing immersive visuals and soundtrack.

  • Da'k!DD
    Da'k!DD 15 hours ago +1

    He sure has came a long ways from when I first seen him in the movie "Raising Arizona"😎

  • Maric Vernon
    Maric Vernon 15 hours ago

    When does this come out in Australia!!!?!? PLEASE!!!!!! WHEN!?!?!?!?!

  • Vapornotsmoke
    Vapornotsmoke 15 hours ago

    This movie was fucking weird. His wife gets kidnapped, he avenges her death by fucking up the other people in the cult. No what the fuck is all that bullshit cartoonish cut scenes and weird faces and acting throughout? It was very hard to follow along and understand the concept of the movie. By far the weirdest movie I’ve seen within a decade.

  • Chris Corley
    Chris Corley 16 hours ago

    Definitely checking this out. MANDY looks cool and freaky fun like SUSPIRIA. Both new horror trailers play amazingly well. ☕

  • Paul Roberts
    Paul Roberts 16 hours ago

    Get the drugs out, you'll need them to go trippin with nick.

  • navin praveen
    navin praveen 18 hours ago


  • RadMartigan
    RadMartigan 19 hours ago

    The trailer already had me sold, and I didn't even know what the fuck was going on, then the logo turned into something a Black Metal band would have, it was that moment I knew I need to see this movie!!

  • Kath Beck
    Kath Beck 19 hours ago

    Why is Nicko McBrain in this movie?

  • Blueprints For Headaches _

    Dayum bruh i can't wait to watch this

  • BonesTheCat
    BonesTheCat 19 hours ago


  • z0f0draz
    z0f0draz 20 hours ago

    Masterpiece! It’s been advised watching this film on acid! Bad acid

  • Extreme Cinema
    Extreme Cinema 21 hour ago

    In my humble opinion I think this is the greatest film ever made.

  • Ali Naji
    Ali Naji Day ago

    I think Cage is back !
    what you think ?

  • tsrnfy
    tsrnfy Day ago

    One of the worst movies I've ever seen. Story is boring, slow edits, visuals are mediocre, violence and gore is below avarage and "already done million times". Nothing original and interesting. Waste of 2 hours. I want my money back even though I torrented it. I have blacklisted this director Panas Cosmatas guy and I'll avoid his movies. Sooooooo uninteresting.

  • Crying Jordan Face
    Crying Jordan Face Day ago +3

    Crazy ass movie and the visuals were phenomenal

  • Funkadelic Threads

    Starring Nic Cages worst acting yet, looks pretty metal though

  • bilany2003
    bilany2003 Day ago

    the worst movie ever

  • misstinwhistle1
    misstinwhistle1 Day ago

    i want to see this, but I would be in a dark place for a long time afterward.. not sure.

  • LeonBelmont
    LeonBelmont Day ago

    I loved this movie so amazing and definitely my favorite movie for 2018 (:

  • brock12003
    brock12003 Day ago

    The greatest Ghost Rider movie never made!

  • Bernando A
    Bernando A Day ago

    Looks amazing

  • He Richard
    He Richard Day ago +1

    I have such ......delicious pain show you ..........

  • Neo Payne
    Neo Payne 2 days ago

    it remind me the japan manga/anime

  • The lying liar who lies a lot.

    Nicolas Cage as Nicolas Cage in...

    *Nicolas Cage*

  • Sabat
    Sabat 2 days ago

    Finally his back. Bravo

  • cyberjack
    cyberjack 2 days ago

    grate more Nic Cage rubbish movie ..why does he even bother ? .... God this movie sucks ass

    • Mikutai
      Mikutai 2 days ago

      cyberjack have you seen it

  • Dark Suns
    Dark Suns 2 days ago

    Is Cage playing Billy? Who's the actor starting as Grim?

  • MrAlloy70
    MrAlloy70 2 days ago +5

    I really enjoyed it.I expected the usual Nicolas Cage Hamm B movie acting and budget,but it's actually a good revenge horror movie.

  • Zack Strand
    Zack Strand 2 days ago +2

    I heard the cheddar goblin was here

  • TomsLV
    TomsLV 2 days ago

    Saw it yesterday. This is just pure masterpiece.

  • Tylor Smith
    Tylor Smith 2 days ago +1

    When you make a man create a weapon to hunt you down, you've fucked up royally.

  • Kaneda Lionheart
    Kaneda Lionheart 2 days ago

    Toda una sorpresa. Experiencia alucinante. Recomendada!

  • Mr. Sprinklez
    Mr. Sprinklez 2 days ago

    I watched this movie.. Holy shit... I love you Nicolas Cage and everyone that made this movie what it is

  • ms. Renee attitude
    ms. Renee attitude 2 days ago

    What in the heck twisted all the boys love mandy going on 😂😂😂

  • Nuclear-Skull87
    Nuclear-Skull87 2 days ago

    I love the visuals in this movie. Particularly all that pink, red, orange and purple.

  • Billy Holmes
    Billy Holmes 2 days ago

    This movie is so dam good I watched it back to back 3x it is the ultimate homage to 80's horror movies when it takes it 10 steps further and just amazes you with the acting ,camera work , top notch acting and audio score , Nicolas Cage was at his best being Nicolas Cage,the other actors also gave Stelter performance, to bad the academy awards people will over look this masterpiece of cinema and not give it its just credit , the director needs to make more movies , if you like horror and are a fan of 80's horror you cannot o wrong ,WHEN I DIE BURRY ME DEEP LAY TWO SPEAKERS AT MY FEET WRAP SOME HEADPHONES AROUND MY HEAD AND ROCK AND ROLL ME WHEN I'M DEAD

  • Ngudi Rejeki Again
    Ngudi Rejeki Again 2 days ago

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  • ivan
    ivan 2 days ago

    I spelled madny into the seach instead of mandy on accident, wow. just wow lmao.

  • Mbah Paero
    Mbah Paero 2 days ago

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  • B. Stone
    B. Stone 2 days ago


  • JackJackKcajify
    JackJackKcajify 2 days ago

    I had high expectations because this trailer made the film look amazing. I watched it, and its complete utter trash. the beginning is mystical allegory that is rendered meaningless because of no context( which may be the point). the plot is basically this. some hippie physchos kidnap him and his girlfriend after summoning 3 bikers. they burn her alive, he wakes up and hunts them down and kills them. that's literally it. theres 2 instances of a cartoon depicting mandy. this film I sso fucking horrible its disgusting. im a huge fan of pychadelic surreal dark film, and this is a disgrace. all the components don't work. the plot is meaningless, and there is literaly no connection to anything in the film. the scene where he cries and tries to grieve mandies death isn't believable. the film is literaly him just waking up drinking bad lsd and killing this cult. its sad and pathetic. the fact this has a 90% + score on Metacritic is evidence the rest of the world are fools. the beach with leo dicaprio is a film that's a better representation of surreal nihilism. this is just a physchadelic mesh of nonsense and violence. its short meaningless nonsense. the violence and fight scenes are underwhelming. its a disgrace. if you want nihilism then watch the beach

    • Elevatorhead05
      Elevatorhead05 2 days ago

      As I am a huge fan of psychedelic dark surreal film too, I believe you. If you think Inland Empire from David Lynch is one of the best movie on Earth, I'll don't watch this. Inland Empire is my fave.

  • HAWAII 808
    HAWAII 808 2 days ago

    Just finished watching this movie and it was awesome 👏.

  • sunny sandhu
    sunny sandhu 3 days ago

    What a piece of crap

  • Laura T.
    Laura T. 3 days ago

    my mother named Mandy ... 🤨 thats strange

  • mqny76nj
    mqny76nj 3 days ago

    Lemme guess, that tiger dies. Sigh...

  • Warchief Swan
    Warchief Swan 3 days ago

    Mandy: Reviewed By A Christian
    I watched this most recent Nick Cage movie, expecting more sanity then I got. In place of what I read in a description (without watching the previews) I got a psychedelic psychology trip-out, attempt, which failed to hide it's anti-Christian attack.
    Two lines stand out to a believer once the initial trauma wares off.
    One is a scene where he goes off to get his crossbow from an old friend.
    "What you huntin?" his friend inquires.
    "Jesus, freaks!" the sobbing, Cage, replies.
    The other was earlier in the film just before: (Spoiler) I wont go there...
    The leader of the Manson Family rejects says: "You know what Christ's biggest mistake was? He didn't offer up a sacrifice in his stead. The cruciform is a constant reminder of that."
    This is the stupidest thing ever uttered about, Christ Jesus.
    Number one is "biggest mistake", implying multiple mistakes in the perfect witness of Christ.
    Secondly, "offer up a sacrifice in his stead", for what? Jesus, didn't offer himself to save himself. There was no need to erase sin in a sinless life. He went to the cross for me and every other sinner born into the inescapable trap of sin and death.
    Once again a movie producer in Unholywood, shows how ignorant they are of salvation and the industry there agrees they should run with it on high octane.
    Not to mention this was blatantly a cult depiction we were dealing with and that true Christian's would be appalled by the action of that cult. Though the movie seems to try and throw it off as an example of Christian insanity. To leave it purely in the twisted psychological realm. That acid trips when mixed with Cristian craziness create unspeakable evil.
    In truth, we aren't just watching Satanism in action. Only staunch Luciferian's would openly decide to mock the cross with such horrid actions. Because they're fully aware who they truly serve. A lying pretender, and the father of it.
    Why not put on one more imaginary display of what isn't the truth? It's church for the anti-church.
    It doesn't go unnoticed by idiots of the faith like myself.
    Nor does it escape the utter genius of my Lord God.
    Anyway, loved the movie aside from those idiot lines accusing Jesus. The Slayer and Sabbath shirt's looked great on, Mandy.

  • SpammerOvTheGods
    SpammerOvTheGods 3 days ago

    You screamed and were taken by psychos
    Now I'm hacking away, oh Mandy

  • Damian Salazar
    Damian Salazar 3 days ago

    I didn't think it was gonna be this good. Maybe at the beginning it was a little boring, but 15 or 20 minutes in the movie and it starts gettin insanely good and Hardcore. Nicolas Cage really nailed it. In my opinion this one of the best movie he's done so far. He became my favorite actor since he did the movie The Rock and Gone in 60 seconds. Anyways this one is also out there with the best ones. It's definitely A MUST WATCH!!!

  • y love michael Jackson

    Je suis tomber sur sa en regardant mon prenom sur google 😭😂

  • DingleBungus
    DingleBungus 3 days ago

    This is actually really good. Just one thing, when the weird part hits you, keep going, it'll pay off.

  • Ryo Saeba
    Ryo Saeba 3 days ago

    I just saw it because I like a lot BTBR from the same director but this one was a total disappointment, I expected an horror movie and I get a poorly scripted comedy with great visuals, shame on Cosmatos.

  • Andrew Tree
    Andrew Tree 3 days ago

    I just saw this movie. It's like nothing you've ever seen and it was insane and incredible. Definitely a must see.

  • Leo Sousa
    Leo Sousa 3 days ago

    This sucks

  • Meh Meh
    Meh Meh 3 days ago

    Bloody movie was bloody fantastic.

  • itWaswritten
    itWaswritten 3 days ago

    Fucking awesome

  • Mummafiedthunderbirds


  • LJ Roos
    LJ Roos 3 days ago

    nicolas cage has always given his performance of a lifetime, you moron critics just NEVER PAID ATTENTION.

  • Charmandy Orton
    Charmandy Orton 3 days ago +1

    In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood. Burned by the embers of Armageddon, his soul blistered by the fires of Hell and tainted beyond ascension, he chose the path of perpetual torment. In his ravenous hatred he found no peace; and with boiling blood he scoured the Umbral Plains seeking vengeance against the dark lords who had wronged him. He wore the crown of the Night Sentinels, and those that tasted the bite of his sword named him... *NICOLAS CAGE.*

  • james miller
    james miller 3 days ago +1

    The cult leader looks like David Coverdale...

  • joel woods
    joel woods 3 days ago +1

    Movie of the year for me. It's phenomenal and I'm obsessed with it.

  • Mylifeisa Joke
    Mylifeisa Joke 3 days ago

    is this the real world? the real really real world? is this real?

  • Adam Ashford
    Adam Ashford 3 days ago +1

    SAW IT LAST NIGHT AND IT WAS FUCKING BONKERS!!! My halloween costume for sure

  • Alexander William ZALESKI

    Hmm. Could not bare to watch more than forty-minutes. Andrea Riseborough looks coked-up, throughout the movie (and butt-ass ugly). The entire movie is filmed as if the director was high on acid the entire time.
    Out of a possible five Skunk-cabbage, for rating. One being worth watching. Five being...avoid at all cost. I'll rate it a three. Definitely worth viewing once. Only once.

  • Nick Russel
    Nick Russel 4 days ago

    Get stoned and watch it, you won't regret it. Visuals are insane

  • Mannitherucus
    Mannitherucus 4 days ago

    looks like the cage is outcaging himself in this one

  • Liam McCByrne
    Liam McCByrne 4 days ago

    yeah sure I will watch it but it looks like its just gonna be surreal shit with no substance that everybody will love and defend it to the death with "You just don't get it" and "its open to interpretation" arguments, kinda like killer 7 which everyone praises but its just the ravings of a man Japanese man that hides its total lack of reasons by being overly coy with its answers.

    • Reb3nga
      Reb3nga 3 days ago +1

      Why not just go see and....enjoy it?

  • Nikhil Shettigar
    Nikhil Shettigar 4 days ago +1

    THis is crazy as HELL !!!

  • TrippinInaBox
    TrippinInaBox 4 days ago

    Perturbator or Carpenter Brut needs to be a part of this!

  • Santos Lewynn
    Santos Lewynn 4 days ago

    Can't wait for the theme song by Barry Manilow for this one

  • Derangedxzombie
    Derangedxzombie 4 days ago

    This looks so bizarre that I'm intrigued!

  • Stjepan Neuheimer
    Stjepan Neuheimer 4 days ago

    waste of time,

  • Anjeanette Pastoral
    Anjeanette Pastoral 4 days ago

    Saw it. There were a lot of meme worthy moments.

  • Rigo Legovich
    Rigo Legovich 4 days ago

    Looks like a Mastodon's new music video

  • Dawn Boubong
    Dawn Boubong 4 days ago +1

    so metal!!!!!!!!!!!!! brilliant!

  • Copulaxoxi Ranbooi
    Copulaxoxi Ranbooi 4 days ago

    Looks like Stranger Things met Hellraiser

  • KeshKoKid
    KeshKoKid 4 days ago +4

    I gotta finish doom before I watch this

  • Ryan Voss
    Ryan Voss 4 days ago +1

    It must be good if a Nicolas Cage movie has a 7/10 rating

  • Michael H
    Michael H 4 days ago +10

    respect for colorists! damn that looks great

  • Isojoki
    Isojoki 4 days ago +26

    I saw the movie last night and it didn't disappoint. It's certainly not for everyone, but I fucking loved it. It's unlike anything you've seen.

  • BabyVampireThug
    BabyVampireThug 5 days ago +4

    This is his first high production movie in like a decade lol

  • John Latorre
    John Latorre 5 days ago +1

    Cage is a great actor, his performance in Joe is outstanding and he's just of the few actors who try different characters and interpretations no matter the budget

  • xMiiasma
    xMiiasma 5 days ago +1

    God damn this trailer shows wayyyy too much man.

  • ThatsWhatSheSaid
    ThatsWhatSheSaid 5 days ago +1

    Ok....this film is just wierd. Think I preferred the trailer!!

  • Mick Swann
    Mick Swann 5 days ago

    Needs more Manilow.

    NOVA UFO DISCLOSURE 5 days ago

    Sleep Paralysis Equals Demonic Nightmares.......I'm in, it looks awesome

  • ozeir suhaimi
    ozeir suhaimi 5 days ago +4

    Seen this movie and it's definitely not for everyone but it is me. The movie is really really really bizarre, weird, trippy, awe and very entertaining.