Developer Update | Overwatch Archives | Overwatch

  • Published on Apr 2, 2018
  • Game director Jeff Kaplan and lead engineer Tim Ford discuss our upcoming event: Overwatch Archives!
    ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood, Use of Tobacco, Violence.
    00:13 - The Uprising mission is coming back!
    00:22 - Experience the King’s Row Uprising mission with two modes
    01:24 - We’re changing the event this year
    02:06 - Archives Loot Boxes will contain last year’s Uprising content…
    02:12 - …Plus brand-new content
    02:20 - Hear Jeff’s hint at a new skin
    02:35 - Tune into the Overwatch League stream to hear more about Overwatch Archives
    02:50 - We hope you’re ready for the Retribution!
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Comments • 7 893

  • therealsamtheman
    therealsamtheman 7 days ago

    WHOA They need to add a fourth omnic hero, then add an achievement for all heroes Uprising call "Kill Your Kin" by using that team... We already have an omnic tank and support, Bastion is DPS, so it could be anyone!

  • Rossomebob123 Official
    Rossomebob123 Official 10 days ago +4

    Archives 2019? Anyone

  • SharkDa TigerFart
    SharkDa TigerFart 20 days ago

    Jeff should multiply three times this year’s developer update

  • Slamburger The Hamburger

    If they don’t bring a third developer for this year’s archives dev update video i will be upset

  • zerosuitfan91
    zerosuitfan91 6 months ago

    Jeff blinks a lot

  • Yossha Wesh
    Yossha Wesh 7 months ago +1

    I'm Team from the Overwatch Tim

  • ةلن ةتظ
    ةلن ةتظ 8 months ago

    I need playing uprising

  • CallMeSystem
    CallMeSystem 9 months ago +1

    Tim sounds like he constantly has mucus in his throat

  • shay jacobs
    shay jacobs 9 months ago

    can someone please translate jeff’s morse code blinking?

    ÖZLEM TOPRAK GÖKSU 9 months ago

    Cadet oxton

  • reallybeenfar
    reallybeenfar 10 months ago

    I hope this stinking cuntstain contracts full body polio and his family is forced to watch him suffer and slowly die.

  • Quick Kzombie
    Quick Kzombie 10 months ago

    Hi, im tim from da overwatch tim...

  • NixNix Ryder
    NixNix Ryder 11 months ago

    The archives immoval orisa intro is adorable

    • NixNix Ryder
      NixNix Ryder 11 months ago

      Same for zarya gravtion surge intro

  • SwarthyEagle
    SwarthyEagle 11 months ago

    Nice skin Jeff

  • Nate The Great
    Nate The Great 11 months ago

    Ugh call me when the bastion nerf comes out I want him deleted from the godam game

  • Osvaldo Aguilera
    Osvaldo Aguilera 11 months ago

    Give me Tracers anniversary skin or I will hack u

  • BenJamin
    BenJamin 11 months ago

    Because of your laziness overwatch is dying

  • Goatsarecool
    Goatsarecool 11 months ago


  • Łukasz Sorokin
    Łukasz Sorokin 11 months ago

    Jeff i am thinking about new map or champion . Why dont use illusion on map or some traps. And with champion why dont create gravity champion

  • Aida Explorer
    Aida Explorer 11 months ago

    Please, someone tell me how many times Jeff blinked. I LOVE JEFF by the way, not being horrible here, he is the cutest thing.

  • Ploop 40
    Ploop 40 11 months ago +1

    Hey, daddy jeff can you tell us where widow's hook is going to land next

  • L Venga Door
    L Venga Door 11 months ago

    They should keep the Archives running all year long.

  • Joe Valley
    Joe Valley 11 months ago

    a new challenger appears

  • lorewalker cho
    lorewalker cho 11 months ago +1

    Jeff blinked pike 500 times every monute

  • Milnerz
    Milnerz 11 months ago +3

    Who came here from Dinoflask

  • Sunny Eas
    Sunny Eas 11 months ago

    Tim u beast

  • trickledown808
    trickledown808 11 months ago

    I have over 1000 hours as Symmetra and most of the changes that have been leaked sound terrible. Us Symm ,mains don’t want her changed. We want her improved so other players don’t complain.
    The biggest mistake is taking away her Photon Projector. A good Symm uses it to block Roadhog hooks, sleep darts, flashbangs, helix rockets and then close the distance for the kill. Without the Photon Projector she has nothing.
    The other big mistake is taking away her primary fire lock on. That would be like taking away Widow’s sniper rifle and giving her a shotgun instead, ridiculous.

  • Kargon TheDestroyer
    Kargon TheDestroyer 11 months ago +1

    Why do they look so uncomfortable.

  • SayWut
    SayWut Year ago

    The game balance right now is stupid. You guys are just changing things thats not needed and based off baby cries on the community. Also, the game intention is to be “fun”, but all the changes and focus are for competitive scenes, and the casual changes are based on baby cries. This is just making this game a mess in general.

  • Perfectdon 12
    Perfectdon 12 Year ago +2


  • Bob Will
    Bob Will Year ago

    Jeff Kaplan is James Halliday from ready player one

  • One Client334
    One Client334 Year ago

    Archives is my p😑

  • Hydra
    Hydra Year ago

    ok jeff from the overwatch team is one thing but TIM from the overwatch team is too many legends to handle at once holy big mamma

  • WoodyNationGames
    WoodyNationGames Year ago +1

    This is getting out of hand... there are two of them now!

  • PNKeo
    PNKeo Year ago

    Dude I’m happy for not only one but two events at once and I never got to live the uprising event before thanks😁

  • fsfs ban
    fsfs ban Year ago

    fking 14gb update...

  • ريانه فهيد

    Oh he is

  • Moonjune 20
    Moonjune 20 Year ago

    I wish u can make an android game like this

  • Jesus Espinoza
    Jesus Espinoza Year ago

    Daddy jeef kaplan why aren't you giving me luck i have 9 epics out of 10 boxes but no legendary man

  • dNLq
    dNLq Year ago

    from 2:30 to 2:50 Tim looks like his face got stunned by a flashbang or something

  • Barney Miller
    Barney Miller Year ago

    They said there would be 9 new skins but I’ve only found 8

  • Golden Popo
    Golden Popo Year ago

    ohh got a scape goat do ya now jeff?

    H3LLSING KING Year ago

    Jeff nerf Brigitte stun it’s a pain to try to us ult but she stuns u every time

  • Antonio Bush
    Antonio Bush Year ago +1

    I don't accept this new god of overwatch with the name of "TIM"

  • NegitiveMC
    NegitiveMC Year ago

    lol bad

  • Aidan Harris
    Aidan Harris Year ago

    Tim is looking into your soul the entire video

  • Himax9
    Himax9 Year ago

    Does this mean we get to KEEP the co-op modes? And that they'll keep making more?
    Frankly, the PvE missions are the only reasons I play the game.
    I am not ADHD enough to Overwatch.

  • Tor Ivan Boine
    Tor Ivan Boine Year ago

    Fixing 21:9 any time soon?

  • Bilal Ahmed
    Bilal Ahmed Year ago

    Ow is dead

  • Blimblam
    Blimblam Year ago

    PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE let these missions be available forever and PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE add more pve content or a single player campaign

  • FBI
    FBI Year ago

    Can’t wait for this bro

  • Theoddballguy
    Theoddballguy Year ago +1

    Fortnite’s gotta have a story mode. Seriously it has to. It’d work so well. All these limited time missions just aren’t enough. Come on. Do it like fortnite. It’s got a story mode and a pvp. Overwatch’s only got a pvp and limited pves*.

    • Theoddballguy
      Theoddballguy Year ago

      Bobofett 72 a lot of people do.

    • Theoddballguy
      Theoddballguy Year ago

      Bobofett 72 ik Ik. And what do you mean no one cares about the forniste story mode it has less players. But people play it.

  • Lucked
    Lucked Year ago

    Thats awesome they let nick swardson in the interview.

  • David Jackson
    David Jackson Year ago

    I ship it

  • Vlesh
    Vlesh Year ago

    They should just keep the PVE i mean, not have to wait till next year. BOTS is just BOTS, but STORY or should i say CO-OP it brings out the better side, like Left 4 Dead did. it can give you a break from all the PVP focused Cancer that is Comp (and some QP)and open up on more of the lore. the IN GAME ENGINE CINEMATIC (Retribution) was amazing. LIKE IF THEY SHOULD KEEP ARCHIVES AND RELEASE MORE CO-OP STORY CONTENT.

  • Matt R6s
    Matt R6s Year ago

    Wait how do you play the uprising instead of retribution?

  • Matan Kribus
    Matan Kribus Year ago

    who is this guy and who gave him permission to speak?

  • Bearshark
    Bearshark Year ago

    Tim looks like Ryan "The Goose is Loose" Gosling

  • Explosive509er
    Explosive509er Year ago

    Jeff and back to the future Jeff

  • Finn
    Finn Year ago

    Jeffs eyelids have adhd

  • Ezra
    Ezra Year ago

    lol so much wtf

  • Animated Mayhem
    Animated Mayhem Year ago

    Was it bring your son to work day at Blizzard?

  • fred wicked
    fred wicked Year ago

    20G though its gonna take hours

  • x Dolomite
    x Dolomite Year ago

    noobs will enjoy this update

  • MadaraUchiha069
    MadaraUchiha069 Year ago

    Hey Jeff i havent played Overwatch for long but i bet hanzo can still super easily one shot some heroes with a bad aimshot from the split arrows skill . and i bet the sniper hitbox is still super generous (made for noobs, friendly to noobs, my grandma could do it if she would be alive) , so until you decide to make your game a real thing , i will play other games .

  • Gangplank
    Gangplank Year ago

    Still in half in the update ;(

  • waiora
    waiora Year ago

    You forgot to add the awesome 14gb patch that comes with it........

  • As Crônicas do Tio Will

    Bring it back Uprising and KEEP IT IN THE GAME along with retribuition. I know Overwatch is made for competitive, but please, this mode is amazing, keep it so we can play it again anytime.

  • SheikaDeivie
    SheikaDeivie Year ago


  • Jia LIU
    Jia LIU Year ago

    14g to update? really???

  • Porthie
    Porthie Year ago

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue.
    Give us the event now,
    Or we'll go back to TF2.

  • Nellowz
    Nellowz Year ago

    i didnt had a chance tonplay because i didnr had overwatch that time... (am lvl 70 now)

  • idesofmars
    idesofmars Year ago

    for someone who probably has more money than he'll ever need, jeff caplan always looks like he just started up blizzard in his garage circa 1985

  • South ParkDVDreviews and unboxing

    All the Skins be half price right they were on the all the other updates

  • Lola pants the dog


  • Genji Main
    Genji Main Year ago

    Does the event come Tuesday or Wednesday

  • karmix
    karmix Year ago

    when the uprising start ???

  • Sensibility
    Sensibility Year ago

    I wanna know what's going on in this video. Something underneath or behind the camera? Something on the script? Something snorted up their noses?

  • Barry The Bee
    Barry The Bee Year ago

    TriHard 14

  • Jeffy killer_gamer

    That mean is coming Tomorrow right?

  • Connors Coin
    Connors Coin Year ago

    Wait so is it coming out today at 6pm? Or early this morning? Someone please help me! Thanks

  • Mythical Beast
    Mythical Beast Year ago

    Jeff blinks 196 times in this video

  • SizurpTheWizardsPortalPreview

    I can’t wait to play this event and get me some loot!

  • Dustin Graham
    Dustin Graham Year ago

    This is getting out of hand. Now there's two of them!

  • RivenDawn
    RivenDawn Year ago

    again meme?

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith Year ago

    good idea releasing this limited time event during Finals. Im sure everyone is going to happy about that

  • oh no no 124
    oh no no 124 Year ago

    Thanks blizzard for 10th april uprising event 10th april ITS MINE BIRTHDAY

  • Roee Avisar
    Roee Avisar Year ago


  • Waleed Al Jabi
    Waleed Al Jabi Year ago

    Buff mercy plz like add something to her ultimate I use to really like the double Rez when Valkyrie is on

  • Sans
    Sans Year ago

    Jeff I have a large question, Please can you tell me why Roadhog, who is a fat man without any muscle, has more health than reindhart,
    Who’s as big, with more muscle, German engineered armour, and a rocket hammer. Please could you tell me

  • HanK Chan
    HanK Chan Year ago


  • Jarod Rossi
    Jarod Rossi Year ago


  • Nicholas William
    Nicholas William Year ago

    My Mei is ready.

  • the medic doge
    the medic doge Year ago

    Ur mum giey

    SAYA OW Year ago

    Please jeff nerf brigitte she is just so annoying she is taking away the fun in playing overwatch.

  • Mikel lawrence
    Mikel lawrence Year ago

    Whats jeff dying from?

  • Lil Cumstain
    Lil Cumstain Year ago


  • Marcel Edeko
    Marcel Edeko Year ago

    for story mode do u need ps4 plus

  • Bubs Bubbles
    Bubs Bubbles Year ago

    Jeff, a developer update YOU should make is lucio to have more like a knock back ultimate like pharah’s ability like when you capturing a point and the enemy is just coming and your team is very low lucio can knock the off for a couple of seconds and that can give lucio or another healer to get everyone set to have another battle I mean briggite has her armour ultimate and zen has tranquility and I just feel like lucio is now a less played character since his ultimate is kind of useless... heh anyways don’t know what I’m saying I’m just really bored😂😂😂

  • TM21
    TM21 Year ago

    Please make it possible for console players to play in Korean