Xbox Scarlett & PS5 INSANE 600% BOOST | Next Gen Power TESTED By Reliable Source Build Show

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • INSANE 600% BOOST | PS5 VS Xbox Scarlett Next Gen Power TESTED Via Reliable Source Build And the Results Are IMPRESSIVE! If you weren't looking forward to the next gen consoles before, you are now!
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  • Dealer - Gaming
    Dealer - Gaming  28 days ago +44

    I clearly Said i get why they use 3700X from an architecture standpoint. People need to listen more closely lol IM SAYING that it will not be quite the same thing. Just thought they could have stressed it more is all. Overall, great video by DF.

    • AleXiz Luna
      AleXiz Luna 22 days ago

      @Anime Classroom Mkay!👍

    • Anime Classroom
      Anime Classroom 22 days ago

      @AleXiz Luna at least he's not fake

    • Fafski11
      Fafski11 23 days ago

      @Jakobe_BryantGaming Who knows? the only 'hardware' solution that I know about, that's sounds remotely like it, is Intel's Optane, which is memory combined with a SSD. The only problem is it's extremely expensive (like $1100 for 1Tb). However, if you ask me, it's likely to be mostly a 'software' solution (less costly), where a 1TB SSD, is working along side the StoreMi feature, built into the Zen CPU's. This could be in conjunction, with using a few Gb's of the SSD's storage space, as virtual memory (like Windows on PC)

    • Jakobe_BryantGaming
      Jakobe_BryantGaming 23 days ago

      Fafski11 when it comes to ram arent they developing an ssd that can be doubletasked as ram? in both consoles?

    • Ace D
      Ace D 26 days ago

      Fafski11 I agree with you on this. That said, they clocked down similar hardware for the ps4/x1 numbers and got exactly the results they got on the actual consoles. Yes there will still be some differences and some of them will even out without the overhead needs of running Windows. But the results they are getting could be very close to the real numbers. The cpu architecture change WILL make the new consoles capable of AI and physics that Jaguar just couldn't do, and the bottleneck will be gone this time around. It really all comes down to the GPU cores and clocks as to how good the graphics will be. If they have double the cores the ps4 had and over double the speed, that would lead to 4x better performance

  • B4D-W0LF
    B4D-W0LF 10 days ago

    We are in a Graphical Age. Tera-flops don't matter. We Already MAXXED those out!

    MOONLIGHT SHADOW 10 days ago

    Just wait until next year.
    Stop hyping over a little leak here and a little leak there. When it happens... It happens. Don't worry... There will still be campers to piss everyone off. Yay.

  • Darren Gartlan
    Darren Gartlan 11 days ago

    Ps4 is better than the original xbox one but the xbox one x is 3 times the power of ps4 pro the new xbox is going to be 4 times the power of the one x and the ps5 is only twice the power... So xbox scarlet Cleary is winning this battle

  • Kwarkusmodius
    Kwarkusmodius 14 days ago

    The price is wrong. I don't think the console will be lower than 600 dollars.

  • Crazyd2403
    Crazyd2403 14 days ago +1

    what game was being played at 1:36

  • Duke107
    Duke107 14 days ago

    And these numbers and it's still not fucking with entry level gaming PC sony and xbox get your shyt together

  • FinalCionide
    FinalCionide 14 days ago

    all this gobbledy gook, just chuck an xeon in it.

  • Beetlejuice
    Beetlejuice 14 days ago

    I was going to buy a PS4 Pro today but will wait for PS5. Looks like it will be amazing.

  • BoogieKimX
    BoogieKimX 15 days ago

    Those are gonna be some noisy consoles2😂😂😂😂

  • Seizon Sha
    Seizon Sha 15 days ago

    I truly believe next gen consoles will do 4k/60 as consoles will optimize. It doesn't matter which console is more powerful the exclusives is what matters....last but not least the next Navi mid range cards will be more powerful than the consoles. So pc gamers will always have the most powerful tech but it doesn't come at $500.

  • Most Unique
    Most Unique 15 days ago

    I’ve had an Xbox 1 since it came out. Works great, has served me well.
    Really looking forward to the new gen

  • Tennis Toad
    Tennis Toad 17 days ago

    Just remember all games will be base coded for the least powerful system with just a few bells and whistles for the better system.. So Pray that the worst of them is insanely powered!

  • MrOrangeonion
    MrOrangeonion 17 days ago

    Lol believe the lies, its alreadt worse than my current pc, and yes i have ps4 but they lied about how well the games would play on that aswell, they down graphics like its xmas and still dont hit 60 fps while here i am at 180... but i got 240 hz monitor so im not at full potential yet;[

  • LnX
    LnX 17 days ago +1

    I just want more fps. I'm fine with how graphics are now.

    • LnX
      LnX 15 days ago

      Didnt they say xbox scarlett was gonna do 120 fps ?

    • Devil'sAdvocate
      Devil'sAdvocate 16 days ago

      @LnX meh. They probably won't shoot for that as 90% of people only have 60hz TVs or monitors. I have a 60hz 55" LG OLED and a 165hz 27" ASUS RoG Swift 1440p monitor, so, it's whatever to me. As long as I don't see one dip below 60, I'm good

    • LnX
      LnX 16 days ago

      60fps Is nothing. I want at least 85 fps locked

    • Devil'sAdvocate
      Devil'sAdvocate 16 days ago

      Yup. I want one thing for next gen. 60fps+ solid. NEVER dropping. I don't even care if they have to drop the res down to 900p or 1080p in the most demanding games. 60fps. Not one single frame less. Locked. That is what next gen means to me.

  • Craig Simpson
    Craig Simpson 17 days ago

    Don't be so sure Dealer. The 3700x is the cpu the ps5 / xbox scarlett will have. True It will probably be underclocked to 3ghz instead of the 3.6- 4.4ghz to bring down the APU package to about a total of 100w but even at 3ghz it will be a brute. The 36 core chiplet will be right where the second chiplet is on the 12 core 3900x. While Sony and MS say they do their own customisations it really won't be necessary in this case. The difference will be that the PS5 has a Navi GPU and scarlett is going to have a Navi 2 GPU. On the rx5700xt it is the Gddr6 that is the big power hog.

  • Edward Hess
    Edward Hess 18 days ago

    You don''t have to do a test from Xbox scarlet and. playstation 5
    They are not out yet .
    And you can not make a desisions for you first play them .
    It not always the software that Game's beautifull or good but .
    The investment to make Games.
    Game makers have a big deal to to make a good game.
    You can have a high tech console but if game makers make shit game's and bad grafics you have notting if you have high tech console.
    The game makers are most importend to what they use for grafics.
    Don't let you mislead by what in a console are for tech its all bulshit.

  • Tolga Kuyubasi
    Tolga Kuyubasi 18 days ago +1

    You would even believe, that Jesus himself builded the next gen consoles

  • Guy Fawkes
    Guy Fawkes 18 days ago

    so there will be no 600% boost, none. People go watch digital foundry for actual analysis by experts.

  • Roberto Di Paolo
    Roberto Di Paolo 19 days ago

    Sixteen.....t...hreads!sorry toad...

  • Ava & Anna Games
    Ava & Anna Games 19 days ago +1

    Ugggh, the music is annoying.... can't concentrate on what you're saying for the crappy music................. otherwise, decent video and information.

  • obito uciha
    obito uciha 20 days ago

    Whats the point and xbox don't have any AAA games 😂

  • xSerinkayAx
    xSerinkayAx 20 days ago

    Bulls......t do you know why ? Ps5 fat, ps5 slim, ps5 pro........ bla bla bla lest slowing down ps5 fat and slim guyz so we start to seling ps5 pro so many 💵 💵 💵✌️

  • Michael Holman
    Michael Holman 20 days ago

    I want to see videos that show what games next gen consoles can actually handle. It's cool to hear the specs, but I want to see actual next gen game play.

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  • vrshowdown
    vrshowdown 21 day ago

    PC gaming is becoming less and less impressive in the future.... Noticable differences over console may end up only to be seen in 8k, if consoles can maintain a good framerates.

  • John Schwab
    John Schwab 21 day ago

    I just hope PS5 goes the Xbox route and also does exclusives on PC even if I have to wait a year for them.

  • Jacob ferg
    Jacob ferg 21 day ago +1

    yeah but whats the point when tv's don't have 144hz


    • Tyler
      Tyler 19 days ago

      Jacob ferg yes and no. 4K 60hz on OLED is amazing. Ps5/Scarlett even compared to today’s tech ain’t that fast anyway to be perfectly honest.
      144hz is amazing for fps games. Surprising how much of a difference keyboard and mouse makes vs a controller for aiming in such games.
      Controller and say 4K 60hz on RPG type games on OLED hdr is by far superior to standard monitor regardless of frame rate.

  • george richer
    george richer 21 day ago

    How can majority be wanting scarlet ffs 😂 think of the 2 story exclusives

  • Brian Kelly
    Brian Kelly 21 day ago +3

    Im still saving for a Sega mega drive.

  • yolo swag
    yolo swag 21 day ago

    I don't know why they are focusing on 4k 60 fps so much. Why not focus on providing insane gaming experiences in VR??

  • Raitzi
    Raitzi 22 days ago

    Funny fact. Scarlet GPU is still unknown.

  • Adam Lawrence
    Adam Lawrence 22 days ago

    so these next gen system will be equivalent to low-mid range gaming PC?

  • Chezwick Cheese
    Chezwick Cheese 22 days ago

    Can't wait for the next consoles. The current generation is struggling and it's hurting the gaming experience. It's going to be awesome

  • jaron8500
    jaron8500 22 days ago

    can it run crysis?

  • warcrab cyber
    warcrab cyber 22 days ago

    The new Xbox and PlayStation will be solid. Just by using zen 2 and Navi it will be a major upgrade. Even if they don't utilize the full amount of cache and clock speeds.
    So far laptops based on zen + have been good for gaming, and zen 2 is much better than zen +.
    Xbox and PlayStation will be using 7nm vs 28nm on the Xbox one and PlayStation 4. So even down to a silicon level the new Xbox and PlayStation is superior. 7nm will be crazy efficient vs 28nm.

    The Xbox one and ps4 was based on jaguar which was derived from bulldozer. It was a terrible CPU architecture at lower clock speeds. You had to overclock the bulldozer to 5ghz just to be useful. Vs zen 2 that works good even at lower clock speeds.
    The Xbox one x gpu is based on Polaris equivalent to an RX580 vs Navi that the Xbox one Scarlett is based off. Navi gives almost double the performance of Polaris at the same clock speeds.
    So overall Xbox scarlet and PlayStation 5 is a proper next gen console upgrade. The nvme drive they come with will be amazing In boot and load times.

  • StarFox85
    StarFox85 22 days ago


  • Nicolas Grasslin
    Nicolas Grasslin 22 days ago

    They didn't say it would have that CPU, it's just the CPU they think will most compare to what is going into the new consoles.

  • EternalAtake870
    EternalAtake870 22 days ago

    I can’t wait to get that scarlettt

  • Ted Joseph
    Ted Joseph 22 days ago

    PS5 will be my last console. I am also getting Stadia next month. Reason why PS5 will be my last is the simple fact that Google hit is spot on. Having a massive complex of computer architecture and letting it do it on its own, and be able to STACK for performance, this is the future!!!!. Sony and Microsoft have been stated to be partnering up to do the same. Cant WAIT for the future of gaming both on 2D screen and VR!

  • Jon-Mark W
    Jon-Mark W 22 days ago +1

    Systems are usually always behind in their tech because the tech is always getting upgraded. I never really cared about the most powerful system, as long as it’s not the slowest and is very fun. Right now Nintendo Switch takes the cake for me.

  • TheManOfFewWords •
    TheManOfFewWords • 22 days ago

    The Xbox colour is green but they call their next console project scarlet. I think I will stick with ps5 thank you very much.

  • World Gaming
    World Gaming 22 days ago

    Getting the ps5 first then the new Xbox

  • J
    J 23 days ago

    When is e3?

    I AM THE MAN I AM 23 days ago +1

    Remember a console will perform significantly higher than an equivalent paper spec Pc as it’s not even close actually as remember John Carmack from Id games whom said a console can deliver upwards of twice the performance of an equal paper spec Pc as a result of ultra low level to the metal console Api, and deep console level developer optimizations so yea these consoles are gonna be insanely fast 💨

  • Jobe B
    Jobe B 23 days ago

    I think people are going to be dumping their TVs to use the next PSVR or Microsoft’s VR when gaming? Gaming on TVs and monitors will become redundant over time.

  • Captain jack the cable guy

    Cant wait for the nintendo sandwich.

  • Vertigo101
    Vertigo101 23 days ago +1

    I still have the launch edition ps4.
    Why upgrade to pro it's not even true 4k lol so I opted out of that bs

    • xXShadowD3monXx X
      xXShadowD3monXx X 18 days ago

      Vertigo101 exactly that’s what I’ve been telling ppl it’s literally a waste of fucking money

  • Thememelord3726
    Thememelord3726 23 days ago

    .....but can it run ark somewhere half decent?

  • Ian Leung
    Ian Leung 23 days ago

    Sounds like amd is just going to up the core count for 4th gen with some architecture improvements. Then on the gpu side if they play there cards right and fix there temp issue then we can expect the second gen Navi to have rx 5700 performance at around 200-300 dollars in the mid range (which is what I want to call the 6600)

  • Since '84
    Since '84 23 days ago

    Wtf is a Tflop?!

  • Greenpewdiepie 420
    Greenpewdiepie 420 23 days ago

    I’m definitely getting the new Xbox. I get into a constant argument with my friend over pc vs console. We all know that pc is better but console is just way more affordable. Yes, it’s true that you always spend another $500 on a new console almost every other year. One, you can sell the old Xbox just like you can sell your old graphics card in a computer. And two, it’s a question of having the money at one time. $500 vs $1000 at once, you’re most likely going with the Xbox or PlayStation. I don’t care about 240 FPS when the only way you see a difference is by spinning in a circle really fast. 120 FPS is just fine.

  • CammiTalbain Shoku
    CammiTalbain Shoku 23 days ago

    0:23 Bro that woman look just like Black Canary

  • Dam Tanker
    Dam Tanker 23 days ago

    Never bought a shitebox since 360, that horrible user interface that looked like a VTech toy...PS forever

  • littleAE86thatcould
    littleAE86thatcould 24 days ago

    I bet, the developers of Gran Turismo are gonna show off something with ray tracing, its going to look stunning

  • Vikings Rape Valhalla
    Vikings Rape Valhalla 24 days ago

    Looks decent jump gap. I hope it's regular ps5. If sony going to release ps4 pro I'll take it even cost a little more money

  • Leo ailva
    Leo ailva 24 days ago

    All i want is to open the playstation menu and not lag cause a games open

  • NinesOwnGoal TouchMe
    NinesOwnGoal TouchMe 24 days ago

    Were already in a point where cpu speeds etc doesnt matter. Its just a matter of who has the better titles. :)

  • ONPY
    ONPY 24 days ago

    PlayStation (might) come out with a (PS5 PRO) 💵☠️

  • Rene Kunnskap
    Rene Kunnskap 25 days ago

    Cyberpunk 2077 release with the Scarlett? Great sales pitch I would think!