BTS ignoring big hit's rules: a jinful compilation

  • Published on Dec 10, 2018
  • A lot of hair dye lol. This is a compilation i made of bts not giving a shit about bighits rules, just waiting for jinhit at this point. I would love it if yall could sub and just watch it tbh :')
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  • hopemonod
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    Thank y’all for 3.5 Million!! Im trying to reach 20,000 subs before the end of August, if yall could sub that would mean the world to me!!
    ( why is highschool so hard I’m taking 7 AP classes senior year and I’m applying to college and if I don’t get a 1500 on my SAT my life will be over so please subscribe in case this will be my only source of income in the future, but also I don’t make money off of this account hahaha we can be friends though)

    • Sara Ramos
      Sara Ramos 28 days ago

      Oh wait, it is on V Live so I'll look for it by myself but thx anyways qwq

    • Sara Ramos
      Sara Ramos 28 days ago

      Hey can you send me the link of the last picture of Jk saying to put his pic in our profile please?
      I would be very happy if you did that QwQ

    • Lovely Cries
      Lovely Cries Month ago

      hopemonod your only in the thousands though.
      Did you loose subscribers?

    • Rania Abdelaziz
      Rania Abdelaziz Month ago

      Hopemonod I wish you be have more subscriber

    • Rania Abdelaziz
      Rania Abdelaziz Month ago

      I love your channel best channel and I will subscribe

  • Shar's Pluppy
    Shar's Pluppy Day ago

    Literally whenever my mom hears jin laugh she would look out the window to see if anyone was there ..............playing with the windows

  • ryuphoria
    ryuphoria Day ago


  • good MoRnInGg mochi


  • Michelle Palma
    Michelle Palma Day ago


  • Tab Cothren
    Tab Cothren 2 days ago

    Why do I love them so much more for this?

  • •Šälėm• ÙwÚ

    Big Hit??
    JIN HIT >:v

  • Kirxti
    Kirxti 3 days ago

    BigHit is such a good company compared to *cough cough* well.. Nevermind

  • Fanny lu. Urrutia Flores

    Big Hit: Jin no puedes cortarte el cabello tu solo
    Jin: No? Ah bueno teme cuidas ;v
    Jajajajaja Jin Hit próximamente

  • Chxerii
    Chxerii 3 days ago


  • Christian Guevarra
    Christian Guevarra 3 days ago

    bang pjin

  • Kiwi
    Kiwi 4 days ago +1

    Jin: Bon Voyage is for people over the age of 19.
    My little brother who is three: who are those people you keep watching

  • jimins jams
    jimins jams 4 days ago +1

    Bighit:Gives Jin rules
    Jin: *HEY STOHB IT*

  • Sofia KKW
    Sofia KKW 4 days ago

    no one :
    really no one :
    jin: 0:53 hee hee hee hee

  • Min Yoongles
    Min Yoongles 4 days ago

    Something me and Seokjin have in common: *both have a w i n d s h e i l d w i p e l a u g h*

  • Kawaii Potato
    Kawaii Potato 4 days ago

    It is kinda sad knowing that the staffs of big hit had a 1 hour meeting discussing if Jin should dye his hair or not. Like. lmao. the life of a k-idol u know 😂😂

  • aloquial
    aloquial 6 days ago

    Most of them are JIN

  • flowr r
    flowr r 8 days ago

    [ Jin dying his hair into a half n' half ]
    Me: *Well, It's his power.*

  • Gummy Suga
    Gummy Suga 9 days ago +2

    *jinful life*
    best life

  • liz xo
    liz xo 10 days ago +1


  • Ayessa Mangasakan
    Ayessa Mangasakan 11 days ago +1

    So there cr has a camera?

  • Navinavnavs !!!
    Navinavnavs !!! 11 days ago +1

    Jin is like:
    *what you gonna do huh? FIRE ME?*

  • ciao ciao
    ciao ciao 11 days ago +1


  • Batul Bw
    Batul Bw 11 days ago +1

    0:44 pls don't drink alcohol .T_T.

  • Chung Hang Liu
    Chung Hang Liu 14 days ago +1

    Hey jimin you said for nineteen and under but I’m nine

  • Nilufa kumkum
    Nilufa kumkum 16 days ago

    Bighit : you can't cut your hair on your own
    Jin : I just did.. what are you gonna do? Fire me huhh..
    Bighit : ....

  • Its Icy Hot
    Its Icy Hot 16 days ago

    at 1:34 Jungkook looks like Todoroki from my hero academia

  • Satokishi
    Satokishi 17 days ago +1


  • Nirupama Deshpande
    Nirupama Deshpande 17 days ago

    Jin probably breaks rules cause bigdickhead cant respect him

  • Panda Express
    Panda Express 18 days ago

    I didn't get the last one !

  • Gaby Samudio
    Gaby Samudio 18 days ago

    Jin, la mala influencia

    SHALINI PARASHAR 22 days ago

    Jin believes in DIY 😂 😂

  • i dont use thumbnails
    i dont use thumbnails 23 days ago

    Okay but...

    1:35 Why is there a camera in the bathroom in the first place...?

  • Olive the Snek
    Olive the Snek 24 days ago

    Jimin: We can’t drink on Vlive.
    Jin: >:(

  • 주시Jucie
    주시Jucie 25 days ago

    여태까지 이런아이돌은 없었다.

  • Ruchir Rawat
    Ruchir Rawat 26 days ago +1

    Bighit : sees that bts broke rules
    Also Bighit : Happily makes an episode about it

  • Ramita Joshi
    Ramita Joshi 26 days ago +1

    Lol jin cutting hair was tòo funnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyy

  • nikola tesla
    nikola tesla 26 days ago

    what is the lat music

  • Sakura Kushinada
    Sakura Kushinada 26 days ago

    1:21 is this from v live?

  • JeniceCR
    JeniceCR 27 days ago

    Omfg Jin’s pjs 😂😂😂😭😭

  • vincy chua
    vincy chua 27 days ago

    therefore there should be a jin hit entertainment

  • Jeon Abril
    Jeon Abril 27 days ago

    es que es jin hit por eso rompe las reglas

  • Firefang Edits
    Firefang Edits 27 days ago

    Lol jk learned that savage attitude from probably Jin

  • Joice Menezes
    Joice Menezes 27 days ago

    2:05 "hu" KSKSKSK não supero

  • Dimitra Fotopoulou
    Dimitra Fotopoulou 27 days ago

    Big Hit says that BTS mustn't kill anyone😐.


  • NamNamJams s
    NamNamJams s 27 days ago


  • Unicornio Celestial :v

    2:01 "me-"
    2:05 x2

    BTS ARMY 28 days ago +1

    TÜRK yokmu Türk Türkler buradamıııııııııııı gençlik video açıklaması Türkçe yorumlar ingilizce hiç Türk göremedim 😂xbxvgxbdgxbxhxhxnnsjsjkz


    jajajaj i like jungkook ...❤❤❤ and V jajaja jin y sus propias reglas XDXDXD

  • Neptune Nightcore
    Neptune Nightcore 29 days ago

    *windshield wiper laugh commences*

  • mikel
    mikel 29 days ago

    jin’s laugh is literally what keeps me going

  • Bangtan’s Army •ᄉ•

    Big Hit:what’s a rule for?
    Jin:for us to break😎
    Bit Hit:😐->😧->😠->😤*triggered*

  • Agnes Tibon
    Agnes Tibon 29 days ago


  • SomeoneLikesRamen
    SomeoneLikesRamen Month ago

    Jungkook looks like todoroki in the thumbnail

  • Baecon Chim-Chim
    Baecon Chim-Chim Month ago

    I love you Jin

  • Surprise mdf
    Surprise mdf Month ago +1

    Manager: So how many rules have you guys broken?

    Bts: Yes

  • Yasmim GamePoket
    Yasmim GamePoket Month ago

    Meu Deus que vídeo maravilhoso!😍😍😍😍

  • Kpop Multifandom
    Kpop Multifandom Month ago

    its so funny cause what they gonna do FIRE HIM?

  • Leena Lee
    Leena Lee Month ago

    Jin being the oldest acts like the youngest spoiled sibling who gets away wid everything ❤️❤️💀💀

  • Alice flor
    Alice flor Month ago