• Published on Jan 12, 2022

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  • Bribe
    Bribe 14 hours ago +82

    I’m so happy Spencer Can enjoy himself after being on this house building journey…

  • YouTube
    YouTube 14 hours ago +102

    that storm was no joke! stay safe out there ❤

  • miss me
    miss me 12 hours ago +10

    a man and his wife, with kids and dogs...building together :) through struggles, challenges, through two pregnancies....a wonderful home filled with love. Thank you guys, for bringing us along this beautiful journey of yours, filling our lives one video at a time with joy and heartwarming smiles <3

  • muchoniceone
    muchoniceone 14 hours ago +25

    This needs to be a permanent part of your videos where every once in a while there’s a series of calm nature shots and then Spencer goes flying by on his bike. That cracked me up.

  • Michael 702
    Michael 702 14 hours ago +7

    i love to watch you guys work on the house, i feel my stress go away and a calm while i watch, thank you for letting all of us be a part of your family each week

  • GoodmanDevon
    GoodmanDevon 14 hours ago +11

    I’m so happy Spencer Can enjoy himself after being on this house building journey…

  • Jenn Johnson-Richards
    Jenn Johnson-Richards 16 hours ago +401

    Ever time, ever single time, they don't post weekly I start to worry. Love this family!

  • Ken Whitney
    Ken Whitney 12 hours ago +14

    I hope the locks on the bathroom doors have a way to unlock from the outside. Kids have a way of figuring out how to lock themselves into places.

  • Vic Wei
    Vic Wei 14 hours ago +4

    I love how Spencer has become so comfortable in front of the camera. Thank you Spencer for sharing the inner workings of a Renaissance man’s mind.

  • Denise Prince
    Denise Prince 14 hours ago +3

    You guys have come such a long, long way. Great job on everything.

  • Sarita Sowell
    Sarita Sowell 14 hours ago +45

    I’m so happy Spencer Can enjoy himself after being on this house building journey…

  • Sandy Miller
    Sandy Miller 9 hours ago +2

    I haven’t been watching you for years, but when I saw one video I was hooked and did a Life Uncontained weekend marathon until I was caught up. Now watch every new one posted. You are an inspirational family. I love when you make the baby laugh nothing better than a baby’s giggle.

  • Meredith Smith
    Meredith Smith 16 hours ago +356

    I think we were all wondering and worrying about you all since it was over a week since the last post. But in that time there was Christmas and New Years, and you deserve a bit of a break! Although we all love you and can’t wait to see what is next, take time for yourselves! You are doing s great job! PS, Next big project is going to be an underground storm shelter.

  • Zackarias Vinterhed
    Zackarias Vinterhed 14 hours ago +5

    I love seeing Spencer working on other stuff too! Can't get enough of this channel!

  • Kathy Lawson
    Kathy Lawson 14 hours ago +5

    As much as I enjoy seeing each room come together, I hope your never truly finished. I have been watching since the beginning, and have enjoyed watching your little family grow, fur babies and all. Stay safe out there in that wild weather. Can't wait until next video 😊

  • Richard Compton
    Richard Compton 14 hours ago +12

    I had to laugh at "you're yoked". OMG your little girl is simply beautiful. A combination of the two of you. And I had a good laugh at the "Inventory" of stuff in the bench.

  • Larry Primm
    Larry Primm 14 hours ago +12

    Spencer you're absolutely amazing. And the bathrooms looking good so far, enjoy your bike be safe! The kids are looking great!

  • Carol M
    Carol M 16 hours ago +17

    I’m Glad y’all are alright!🥰. We had heavy rain storms and strong winds last week! Spencer is like a kid on that motor bike!🤣. You deserve having fun!😁. You’re a hard worker!😁. Beau is so big now....riding on a bicycle already!🥰 Y’all are always in my prayers!🥰

  • Charlene Richardson
    Charlene Richardson 16 hours ago +440

    I look at how big your kids are getting and I can’t believe I have been watching from the beginning. What a crazy ride it has been!

  • William Ruddell
    William Ruddell 14 hours ago +18

    That sound was the “collective sigh of relief” from a gazillion folks who are thankful to know y’all are Okay!