Ciarán, Memeulous & James Marriott watch SAMURAI COP

  • Published on Oct 31, 2021
  • Big @GeorgeM made me watch Alvin and the Chipmunks and Ancient Aliens so I thought I'd force him and @James Marriott to watch the entirety of Samurai Cop. The best worst film ever created. Better than the Room.
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Comments • 270

  • Ciarán Carlin

    What else should me and the boys watch??

  • Kacey Clarke

    i love that james is constantly subjected to watching bad things with his friends

  • xBytez
    xBytez  +509

    You really did well picking important scenes so the story still made sense. I can't imagine it's easy to shorten a movie by 1hr

  • Queeks Headtaker

    Sure hope no one clips James saying "keep the meatloaf warm for daddy!" Out of context and it becomes a recurring meme among his fans....that sure would suck!

  • Joshua Fearon

    In a movie called samurai cop, the titular cop does no samurai-ing and only once holds a sword, which he throws at someone

  • a banana
    a banana  +228

    you really said 'no u' when george asked to watch something with him

  • Jackanaitor250

    This has got to be one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen. More please mr Carlin

  • Zack Green
    Zack Green  +120

    Ciaran, if you think that's good, then you and the boys would love Samurai Cop 2!! that's right Joe is back and this time with Tommy Wiseau...

  • Ben Pienaar

    ngl ciarán I was in a horrible mood after a shit day and not being able to sleep but this made me so so happy hahahaha you 3 are genuinely my favourite people that still make videos on here, keep up the good work boys

  • B E
    B E  +54

    i love this! i want these 3 more often

  • Paxton pomykal

    A 30+ minute video on the Ciaran Carlin channel?

  • MrFrye!
    MrFrye!  +10

    The hospital scene is the funniest shit ever, classic scene. This scene also contains several shots repeated!

  • Reanu keaves

    This is so good. Please keep up the good work!

  • chrisi m
    chrisi m  +27

    ciarán: "i thought i'd get my two good friends, mr george memeulous and mr james marriott"

  • Zee
    Zee  +46

    Really needed a laugh today. I appreciate this upload so much

  • BattleCryy

    I remember going on a first date with a lad back when I was 18, he put this on, then tried to woo me with his black/doom/stoner metal mix playlist

  • Isabelle Lockett

    I’ve never cried laughed so hard at a TheXvid video before 😭😭 the fucking dog running after the bad man honestly killed me 😂😭

  • Brianne H

    I was in literal tears watching this, I was laughing so hard. Thank you. I’ve been having a really bad year, like everyone else I guess, and this was the first time this year I laughed that hard. Thank you. ❤️

  • Annie Cross

    this is my current comfort video. i'm watching it a lot in the evenings to try and quieten my anxiety and intrusive thoughts. happy to say it's working, i physically feel myself relax when you say "sit back and enjoy a half hour special on the ciaran carlin channel". Thank you so much Ciaran!! xx

  • themccats

    Sometimes with Georges videos he cuts to much of the important parts and just leaves the funny bits, I still enjoy both videos but it was cool to feel like I actually knew what was all going on as well. Great video Ciaran, admittedly I dont watch all your vids but do find your sarcastic humor hilarious and have been rooting for you since you stopped editing for Will.