Christmas 2019 Ad | John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • Together with Waitrose & Partners, we’re excited to share the festive tale of a little girl and her excitable friend, Edgar. #ExcitableEdgar
    Our story this year is all about the magic of friendship and how one thoughtful gesture can make all the difference. Edgar’s excitement around the festive season can often lead to fiery consequences, but Ava sparks an idea for the perfect present to help him light up Christmas in his own special way 🔥
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    Listen to Bastille ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’ here:
    Song: Can't Fight This Feeling
    Artist: Bastille
    Writer: Kevin Cronin
    Producer / Arranger: Mara Carlyle and Hugh Brunt
    Record Label: Universal Music
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  • zuzqaa
    zuzqaa 14 hours ago

    I recommend the ORIGINAL SOURCE of this story by Jen Campbell - Franklin's Flying Bookshop

  • dannytheman1313
    dannytheman1313 Day ago

    Christmas, Dragons, and Bastille these three things should not mix and yet it totally does.

  • Rizwan Zahoor
    Rizwan Zahoor 8 days ago

    Edger I love this video because
    I love you make some more videos 🤩🤩🤩 from sufiyan

  • craig bryson
    craig bryson 13 days ago

    John Lewis make huge profits and could easily afford the original artists song instead of the usual crappy cover versions they use every year

  • Dance Moms Fan
    Dance Moms Fan 13 days ago +1

    We did a summary of this for Christmas bc we do it every year in English and I wanted to cry but I was in class and the teacher was keeping an eye on all of us

  • RedcarGaming
    RedcarGaming 16 days ago

    I can't fight this feeling anymore popped on my head when i was bored at school so when i got home i searched it and i'm glad i accodentaly found john lewis adverts haha.

  • sutoretia
    sutoretia 20 days ago


  • TheWaspTV _
    TheWaspTV _ 21 day ago +1

    Anyone got the Christmas blues after rewatching this?

  • Yann Lee
    Yann Lee 23 days ago


  • Michelle Burrows
    Michelle Burrows 24 days ago


  • Enrique Bojorges
    Enrique Bojorges 25 days ago

    What does the dragon set on fire? Is it a stone?

    • walterhartwright
      walterhartwright 25 days ago +2

      It's a Christmas Pudding. The tradition, in the UK at least, is to douse it in spirits (usually brandy) and set fire to it, which stops when all the spirit is burned off.

  • Amelia Arnold
    Amelia Arnold 26 days ago


  • roberto espinosa
    roberto espinosa 27 days ago

    Amo este vídeo.

  • Maxine Baker
    Maxine Baker 28 days ago +1

    Can i have a teddy dragon

  • Raftr
    Raftr 28 days ago

    So naff

  • Ivan Aguilar
    Ivan Aguilar 28 days ago +1

    Not gonna lie i came here because of Robbo in the liverpool video

  • Richard Warner
    Richard Warner 28 days ago

    He has to come back next year please please JL bring him back.

  • Claire A
    Claire A 29 days ago +2

    The only ad we actually search for

  • ELWest1000
    ELWest1000 29 days ago

    That's adorable but an odd choice of song.

  • tyappukaido
    tyappukaido 29 days ago

    I always look forward to seeing John Lewis ads.
    2:13 What does it mean? what's this?

    • tyappukaido
      tyappukaido 25 days ago

      First Name
      oh I got it!! it's my first time to see it.

    • First Name
      First Name 25 days ago +1

      It's a Christmas pudding, you cover it in whiskey before serving and then set it alight

  • Competition Secretary
    Competition Secretary Month ago +1

    This would make a great short story film if padded out little e.g. The Snowman. Edgar and his little friend are both very appealing

  • AngelDiamond11 X
    AngelDiamond11 X Month ago

    I love you Edgar 😢😢😢

  • michelle casado
    michelle casado Month ago

    I love the video

  • michelle casado
    michelle casado Month ago +1

    I love it

  • Anant Varman
    Anant Varman Month ago

    Here because of Robbo😂

  • Rajani Girish
    Rajani Girish Month ago

    So cute

  • Anilkumar Y
    Anilkumar Y Month ago

    **Happy Christmas**

  • Blake N
    Blake N Month ago

    This ad sucked. Way downhill from the Elton John one.

  • Micky T
    Micky T Month ago

    Not as good as last year.

  • Norbee E.
    Norbee E. Month ago

    Made in Hungary 😊

  • 9021john
    9021john Month ago

    Feeling sad just look at this ad

  • The Mascot
    The Mascot Month ago

    Edgar’s all well and good. But is there no place in this world for a 10ft snail to find some love?

  • cCiiNdeEr r
    cCiiNdeEr r Month ago

    The best commercial ever, every year without fail, i love this so much, nearly made me cryyyyy :))))))))))))))))

  • Pole Drift
    Pole Drift Month ago

    Will never be as good as the Bear and the Hare

  • louzely
    louzely Month ago

    So much better than last years cow-pat advert

  • Sivaji K
    Sivaji K Month ago +1

    Really touching and as usual best one from John Lewis. Time to show them how much we care.. can't look for another moment..

  • Issey boo Bobs
    Issey boo Bobs Month ago +1

    Edgar is so cute!!!!!!!

  • Cookie_ Playz
    Cookie_ Playz Month ago

    Omg my school has to write about this advert also I know what the dragons name is. His name is Edgar

  • supa hot fire
    supa hot fire Month ago

    what did the dragon burn ? i want to know so badly!!!

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago

    am i the only american here?

  • Romy Flores
    Romy Flores Month ago

    Me encanta😍😍😍🥰💛🎄wow es muy genial . Deberia ser una pelicula . En mi opinion tendria éxito en el cine🎬🎥

  • da96103
    da96103 Month ago

    This year isn't very good. A bit too simple and superficial.

  • Ana
    Ana Month ago

    I really like your video.. Thank you so much

  • martin Rich
    martin Rich Month ago

    must be the winner of the advert this Christmas, but they made a mistake no small Edar for kids stocking

  • Sabrina Joseph
    Sabrina Joseph Month ago +3

    I just love Edgar's over excitable nature and seeing him being accepted for who he is at the end. #happyendings #ExcitableEdgar. Well done John Lewis & Waitrose

  • Jenny wren
    Jenny wren Month ago +3

    How on earth can there be 5.4k dislikes.
    The mind boggles, I haven't taken much notice this year, but found it on here and it's wonderful.
    Well done John Lewis and partners, and all who participated in making it.

  • Dance Moms Fan
    Dance Moms Fan Month ago +10

    Normally I’m not excited for Christmas 🎄 but whenever I see a John Lewis Christmas advert I am soo ready for Christmas! Keep up the good work! 👍🏻👌🏻❤️

  • Christian Griggs
    Christian Griggs Month ago

    Did I spot david walliams throwing water on the flames??

  • Samuel Lin
    Samuel Lin Month ago +2

    Wish everyone a merry Christmas! Long live the Earth and Love!

  • Leanne Romney
    Leanne Romney Month ago

    Edgar... John Lewis, back to their best

  • jules ju
    jules ju Month ago

    The best song I've ever heard

  • Imust iMust
    Imust iMust Month ago +13

    The man on the moon was their best ever Christmas ad.

    • Diane Webb
      Diane Webb Month ago

      Nah. The Hare And the Bear was. And this is too.

    • Darkiie
      Darkiie Month ago

      Lily Allen’s was the best.

  • Jazzy Jo
    Jazzy Jo Month ago +3

    Do you think the dragon is Warwick Davis?

  • USA Latino
    USA Latino Month ago

    Wonderful !

  • Elisha Ali
    Elisha Ali Month ago

    Just want to cry 😢

  • warren wayne
    warren wayne Month ago +1

    Love the cheeks on that little girl when she blows the trumpet lol

    DJZANDERRULEZ01 Month ago +1

    Edgar I Love you, you Are Soooooo Adorable, Love All the Short Adverts Aswell, Keep Seeing New 1’z. BlessYou Edgar.

  • Jennifer Waterfeild

    the best one so fare keep watching each day

  • Santa Dragon
    Santa Dragon Month ago

    Still love the 2013 spot the most from all till now :/

  • trevor garner
    trevor garner Month ago

    xd its sad baby boy edga and ava