NOIR | S5 E6 Interview: Jesse James Talks Guns

  • Published on Nov 17, 2016
  • Colion Noir chats with West Coast Choppers founder Jesse James in his Austin, TX workshop.
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  • James Scott
    James Scott 12 hours ago

    Great interview! Jesse seems like a totally humble dude.

  • krrrruptidsoless
    krrrruptidsoless 7 days ago

    Gussets & engraving
    Strength & beauty
    So are these guns motorcycle accessory jewelry?

  • richard rosario
    richard rosario 7 days ago

    I went to an art museum in new York. There's was a blank canvas slashed in the middle. If that was called art, the things this man makes is beyond art.

  • Cory Sheda
    Cory Sheda 10 days ago

    Jesse James the great American

  • 1212goose
    1212goose 10 days ago

    No matter what anyone thinks of Jesse. That's one old school rough hands made of grit pure American mother fucker!

  • John Hicks
    John Hicks 14 days ago

    That was a really cool thing to hear from Jesse re: his letter to Albert Paley!

  • Screaming Chickens
    Screaming Chickens 14 days ago

    Jesse is amazing artist so much talent.

  • robert larson
    robert larson 15 days ago +9

    I love the 45 the Jesse made President Trump, very Badass!!!

    JAMES COOPER 17 days ago

    We can end all gun crime by banning all guns. But that wouldn't stop violent crime. Murderers will still use knives and trucks to commit their evil acts. And I would rather be shot by a criminal while I had a gun and a chance to fight back than to be crushed by a truck or stabbed by a knife and had no chance to resist.

  • will Roland
    will Roland 17 days ago +1

    I get the keeping it real thing, but Jessie is selling himself and his work short there...from these eyes, it's definitely art.

  • MR Nice Shoes
    MR Nice Shoes 18 days ago

    This is some tight work on multiple levels starting with the video quality.... great show Colin!!

  • Michael Short
    Michael Short 18 days ago

    I left the communist state of Ca in 1998 and I will never be a part of that garbage again. People like Jesse built this country, I've watched him grow business wise and as a man through the years and we should all aspire to achieve greatness through hard work. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • John Smith
    John Smith 20 days ago

    Jesse James is the biggest bull shitter in history. He's a spoiled Long Beach brat who makes out like he's a hardcore street punk turned biker gang member. Very skilled and successful but habitual liar.

  • Dennis Long
    Dennis Long 21 day ago

    Well said from 951 formally 714!

  • Dave Kiss
    Dave Kiss 23 days ago


  • Doug Stanley
    Doug Stanley 24 days ago

    Jesse is an artist in every since of the word.The work is does is miles above the stuff that comes out of others shops that have been in the business for many years.By the way great interview Colion,I think you are doing a great service for the 2A and the gun culture in America....

  • Chris Spivey
    Chris Spivey 29 days ago

    Jesse is a really cool dude. Thanks for giving him an Avenue to get his new brand noticed. Thanks for your vids

  • Antonio Est.
    Antonio Est. Month ago

    Jesse James for president the only true savior of this country

  • geeftw69
    geeftw69 Month ago

    ull always b bad ass brother in anything u make it's from the heart

  • joe8075
    joe8075 Month ago

    Watching these two guys talk so naturally. It's the America I admired while growing up. Sadly this is the exception today, versus the ruler everyone strived for back in the day. Peace from 🇨🇦

  • pierre lebrasseur
    pierre lebrasseur Month ago

    25000 dollars for an handgun

  • RockCrushing777
    RockCrushing777 Month ago +1

    I like the way Jessy reinvents cool ways too.

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith Month ago

    If everyone could make their living like Jesse...working, learning, and evolving, I can only imagine the world would be a very different place. Jesse is a living evolution of self-expression! Kudos and deep respect!

  • 2011 SHO Kona
    2011 SHO Kona Month ago

    Jesse loves 3 things. Motorcycles, guns, and chicks dressed like Hitler putting stuff in his butt. AMERICA F YEAH!!!!!

  • AussieBlokeGordo
    AussieBlokeGordo Month ago +5

    "They'll be 25 grand a piece!"
    "I meant $50k"

  • Matt Harvey
    Matt Harvey Month ago

    He hasn't aged well

  • let's do it RENO'S Vallee

    Camara guy needs to get fired

  • Eddie Gargias
    Eddie Gargias Month ago

    Well I can say this I'm not a fan of Jesse James never have been. But I am impressed that he went from one craft to another. So I want to thank Colin for bringing this do TheXvid and I have a better understanding of Jesse James still not a fan but I condone what he's doing he's on the right track God bless stay vigilant keep your powder dry.

  • Bill K
    Bill K Month ago

    Awesome I love all your hard work you are truly blessed thanks for sharing

  • Mark Peyton
    Mark Peyton Month ago

    Stop saying like....I had to stop watching....

  • Larry Sayre
    Larry Sayre Month ago

    Great interview wish I would have had his drive would love to see his work up close and 25k for a custom piece never going to happen

  • Billy Doyle
    Billy Doyle Month ago


  • Manny's Vlog
    Manny's Vlog Month ago


  • Will Dwyer
    Will Dwyer Month ago

    What reputation? He has to borrow the name of a wild wild west outlaw who's been dead for 137 years because he doesn't have a reputation of his own.

  • John Brown
    John Brown Month ago

    Thanks Jess for not being a Coward and running to another state instead of fight for rights...

    • John Brown
      John Brown Month ago

      @Fresh Oxygen WE ALL AMERICANS. We dying over here by criminals. Police and Druggies. What defines a coward? I'm a coward and I live here. I'm a deployed Veteran that returned home to be Brady Law and denied a firearm to protect self and family. Jesse not at fault. I was just saying he a coward like me. Any reason you don't do the right thing you a coward. If I had a celebrity platform I would start an American Revolution. I'm a Constitutionalism at heart and our rights are being violated cause people wanna be with their family and carve out corner for self.

    • Fresh Oxygen
      Fresh Oxygen Month ago +1

      John Brown: I don’t know man. Tough argument to make. Kinda saying every time I don’t like something and I don’t champion the fight against it I’m a coward. That would be an impossible code of ethics to live by in my opinion. But I appreciate having civil discourse on TheXvid. Also I don’t think the move to Texas was about gun laws but rather to create some space between him and his massive company he built so he could get back to working with his hands and not managing. Plus his wife lives in Texas. Not sure the timeline of each event chronologically but really don’t think it was a run from shitty gun laws. Anyway. Sorry about the shitty laws. I actually moved out of the northeast for work reasons but enjoy way better laws here down south.

    • John Brown
      John Brown Month ago

      @Fresh Oxygen Jesse in Politics.. 😆😂🤣

    • John Brown
      John Brown Month ago

      @Fresh Oxygen Kinda, He ran from California and let all of us have no rights. Not all his fault but cheap to run.

    • Fresh Oxygen
      Fresh Oxygen Month ago +1

      John Brown : sincerely asking is this a sarcastic comment?

  • Rodney Miller
    Rodney Miller Month ago

    Ok....I love what you stand for and back you 100%. You have to do something with your hat bill. Curve it a little. The flat bill is out like the Musket.

  • David Gutierrez
    David Gutierrez Month ago +1

    Tolstoy on art...

  • Benjamin Daly
    Benjamin Daly Month ago

    Great interviews and content. Jessie rocks because he’s genuine.

  • Shawn F.
    Shawn F. Month ago

    As a craftman myself I really appricate this interview.

  • tom Ford
    tom Ford Month ago

    i customised an airsoft 1911 when i was 14 , ive still got it . im thinking of gluing a seesaw target to my bedroom light switch so i can shoot the lights on & off

  • Stan Webb
    Stan Webb Month ago

    Met Jesse briefly in the past... A real down to Earth Dude...Go Jesse!!!!!!!!!!

  • (Unvevo)
    (Unvevo) Month ago

    I hate when im always tripping over the mini gun in the middle of the shop.

  • Andy Keenan
    Andy Keenan Month ago

    on another note if I ever become loaded enough to contract someone to build a functioning weapon from one of my favorite games i know who to call

  • Andy Keenan
    Andy Keenan Month ago

    I think Jesse James is an artist, regardless of what he thinks. Art is a unique talent that may require an unusual thought process to accomplish in a certain way. There is a massive multitude of art forms tied to every trade, craft or thing we do. Everything from something visual like sculpting, painting and drawing, to cooking and crafting something or laying the smackdown on someone or something in a special way (ever hear the term 'martial arts'). That being said, I can understand his reservation with identifying as that as it can often imply a level of pretentiousness, and he appears to be a humble guy, which humility is an art form in and of itself.

  • J w
    J w 2 months ago

    Sorry Mr. James. You've created for more art in your day than most "artists" have.

  • samstterhamstteer
    samstterhamstteer 2 months ago

    What a fucking bad ass dude . Very intelligent guy

  • Danny Mcclure
    Danny Mcclure 2 months ago

    Cant deny his talent,but i wish he would lose the word "like" makes him sound very unintelligent

  • Michael Judah
    Michael Judah 2 months ago

    Thank you!! Colion and Jesse.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 2 months ago

    I like Jesse but I can't stand his California accent. Ya know? It's like every statement he makes is made in the inquisitive?

  • Jered Fowler
    Jered Fowler 2 months ago

    I love what Jesse says about work I have noticed more people spend more time and effort trying to cut a corner or simplify what they are doing than just getting the job done

  • Tink Ertime
    Tink Ertime 2 months ago

    Yes hard work is hard! That's why the left will never successfully run this Country! Run It into the ground like a bad business owner maybe, but not until they literally kill every freethinking person first! Got guns?

  • Tink Ertime
    Tink Ertime 2 months ago

    Art IS subjective, so why can't I sell my pictures of Hilary Clinton??? Was told they'd be worth more when she's dead!

  • Lee Watkins
    Lee Watkins 2 months ago

    Hes a POS for cheating on Sandra Bullock

  • Garrett
    Garrett 2 months ago

    Jesse might never see this, but thanks for everything youve done for us

  • hugdeath929
    hugdeath929 3 months ago

    Great talk. Always liked Jessie for his passion and candidness.

  • jebusm86
    jebusm86 3 months ago

    It's not art. Art is the engraving done on the gun. Jesse is a master craftsman. Says a lot about jesse to admit that.

  • TericNoah
    TericNoah 3 months ago

    In order for something to be considered art, it must have no purpose other than itself.

  • 69NOMAN69 noman
    69NOMAN69 noman 3 months ago

    not many of us manual machinists left.

  • Antonio Bocanegra
    Antonio Bocanegra 3 months ago

    Let me know how to buy one I'll start saving up I love guns that don't look the same o

  • Cary Schroeder
    Cary Schroeder 3 months ago

    I don’t understand why there are liberals in the comment section of this video flipping out?! This is obviously not directed towards them! So they decided to maybe hear the other side maybe get informed and try to understand the gun culture but then get angry when a bunch of gun loving right wing republicans are praising the two men and their ideology and culture, so what they just came to pick a fight to start more division between both side? If you want to get informed shut the fuck up watch the video take it in and move on because if you came looking for a fight this is probably the wrong place that’s like bringing a water gun to a real gun fight!

  • Mungas Yuge
    Mungas Yuge 4 months ago

    Pew Pew.

  • The Ringmaster
    The Ringmaster 4 months ago +4

    I want his guns and Jay lenos cars, I don't ask for much in life! Lol!😀

  • Steeltoedboots
    Steeltoedboots 4 months ago

    Anything can be art , it is the level that you take it to that makes it art.
    He knows he is an artist but doesn’t like the connotation associated with what blue collar society thinks of as artist.

  • Steeltoedboots
    Steeltoedboots 4 months ago

    Jesse is oppressed , lol 😎

  • Steeltoedboots
    Steeltoedboots 4 months ago

    Jesse is oppressed , lol 😎

  • Ryan Lewis
    Ryan Lewis 4 months ago +1

    Whether you like Jesse or not as a person,
    You can't deny his talent.
    He is a true craftsman

  • eolson1964
    eolson1964 4 months ago

    I noticed Jesse never answered why so much. Why would one of his pistols cost $25,000?

  • Cooper Bradford
    Cooper Bradford 4 months ago

    You could have a nice lawnmower I tell you hwat

  • Harper Welding
    Harper Welding 4 months ago

    Jesse is an amazing human being! I believe the work he does is art. A true example of hard work and passion.

  • aolesnevich
    aolesnevich 4 months ago

    Dillon Aero in the background... love it!

  • Alvaro Pablo
    Alvaro Pablo 4 months ago

    All he does do is great. Styleesh and fonctional.

  • Darth Soldier
    Darth Soldier 4 months ago

    Holy hell, I need one of those guns in my life

  • I Am Maximus
    I Am Maximus 4 months ago

    Sticktuitiveness 🛠😅

  • James mcquoid
    James mcquoid 4 months ago

    Great to see Jesse James making unreal guns.very cool

  • mr31337
    mr31337 4 months ago

    TL;DW useless jessie james