Reacting to SCARY ANIMATIONS (Do NOT watch at night)

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
  • Reacting to SCARY ANIMATIONS... do not watch at night! Today we're watching some real scary stories animated, comment what you think! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications
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Comments • 6 984

  • Charles Michael Schmitt

    I once heard a noise from under my bed and checked the livingroom were my cat was .my cat likes to go under the bed ,soo it couldn't be him. But nobody else was there

  • messi loinel
    messi loinel Hour ago

    I watch scary horror stuth at night

  • Sergio Gaitan
    Sergio Gaitan 7 hours ago

    Well I did watch this at night after i came back from the store also for me its october well halloween

  • gacha girl
    gacha girl 8 hours ago

    Ok, this is scary girl, i love you 😗😘🙂

  • latavia reid
    latavia reid 9 hours ago

    My sister always bother me bout buggy man omg i did not know he looks like that

  • Kiaya Smitha
    Kiaya Smitha 9 hours ago

    Oh no a van!!!

  • ysvelia munoz
    ysvelia munoz 11 hours ago

    2:24 Sirius Black is that you?

  • Joanna Guzman
    Joanna Guzman 12 hours ago

    there is the same guy n a nother story

  • Victoria Crawford
    Victoria Crawford 14 hours ago

    1.I go camping ,scary
    2.I'm not just checking everything I'm going to lock everything

  • Boomshakalaka productions
    Boomshakalaka productions 15 hours ago +1

    I almost passed out

  • Tia Morgan
    Tia Morgan 15 hours ago

    The other night I heard a taping noise on my wall and window after watching a video of dear David on TheXvid

  • Keisha Welch
    Keisha Welch 15 hours ago +1

    That’s creepy I swear to god

  • Rheanna L.
    Rheanna L. 15 hours ago

    I watched all of them and the first one you missed a part the part you missed was the older brother steping on the mans face 6 times SAVAGE thats one big OOF

  • Carrie Janus
    Carrie Janus 16 hours ago

    I'm home alone right now and this is scary

  • Cassidy Saunders
    Cassidy Saunders 17 hours ago

    it soccer not basball

  • Steve Tang
    Steve Tang 23 hours ago

    Based on the first story

    I'd be so terrified i'd kick his face outta my insanity.

  • Taleni Mabakeng
    Taleni Mabakeng Day ago

    How old are you??? 😘😘

  • Scribble Sconez
    Scribble Sconez Day ago

    I just moved so I’m sleeping on a twin size air mattress that’s sitting on the floor of my cramped room so no one could possibly hide under my bed unless they were Flat Stanley👌😆

  • GachaKillerPotato wezle

    F yea I'm like super spooked I keep looking back at my closet

  • Olivia Rose
    Olivia Rose Day ago

    Lmao jokes on you my closet has no door and my bead is is on the ground...

  • Aolani&aliyah Fawcett


  • SquareTypical Cheyenne

    Ok I screamed at the person in the closet one it scared the crap out of me

  • Leviathan YT
    Leviathan YT Day ago

    Heeeell naaw

  • Giselle Abigail
    Giselle Abigail Day ago

    Why did i even wacth this 😭😭😭. Now i have nightmare for year's

  • Wild Fackz
    Wild Fackz 2 days ago +1

    Me: * sees video on recommended*
    Also me: "do not watch this at night* pfffft TRY ME

  • Xxkami_lemonadeXx
    Xxkami_lemonadeXx 2 days ago

    To bad it's 10:00 pm

  • kermit the frog 682
    kermit the frog 682 2 days ago

    3rd story like IT chapter 2 kid gets bored

  • Silver Star666
    Silver Star666 2 days ago

    Welp...TOO LATE i took a nap and is watching this for the 3rd time ._.

  • Rose L
    Rose L 2 days ago

    Okay- I’m pretty sure the first one about the dude in the closet was about a child molester probably.

  • Legend_ girl_302
    Legend_ girl_302 2 days ago

    I watched it at night!
    Why do people get scared of this stuff?
    Are you need not to get scared as a bucket of popcorn!

  • Suhaanie Nanhoe
    Suhaanie Nanhoe 2 days ago


  • Th e Pizza Man
    Th e Pizza Man 2 days ago

    FBI, 911!!! We got some psychopaths here!!!!

  • Th e Pizza Man
    Th e Pizza Man 2 days ago

    What the freak!!!!

  • Lps Girls
    Lps Girls 2 days ago

    I watching this alone at nigth...😰😰

  • Vivienne Ruby
    Vivienne Ruby 3 days ago +1

    I’m watching this at night...

  • Lovey Sunflower Twin
    Lovey Sunflower Twin 3 days ago +2

    My 15 year old brother is almost 16 and he is taller than my mom..

  • Shlioh MacKaine
    Shlioh MacKaine 3 days ago

    I'll be sleeping with my katana tonight

  • Embarrassing Studios
    Embarrassing Studios 3 days ago +1

    Anyone watching this in spooktober?

  • GJ Film
    GJ Film 3 days ago

    This vid made 16 September & i'm exactly witching it for the 1st on this night 16 October, but I have no clue on what this cartoon characteristic animation story is tryna tell so idiotic dude, closety dude with captured duck face

  • Oliwier Janczkowski
    Oliwier Janczkowski 3 days ago

    Second video-the old guy looks like a normal Mexican person


    Ever seems I have to check my closet

  • 我很小
    我很小 3 days ago

    Yep idk why but I'm watching this at night.. let's hope I don't regret this..

  • Holly Lane
    Holly Lane 4 days ago

    stop it now

  • Holly Lane
    Holly Lane 4 days ago


  • Holly Lane
    Holly Lane 4 days ago

    i am 8 and this is scary

  • Aurora Bell
    Aurora Bell 4 days ago +1

    Snifer(sniper)wolf: dOnT wAtCh At NiGhT
    Me:haha your mortal i shall watch this at night

  • yaceli Soto
    yaceli Soto 4 days ago

    I wached this in night its 9 10 p.m 😰😰

  • Breslin Ortega
    Breslin Ortega 4 days ago

    I watched this at night oh no

  • Yo gurl Nevaeh
    Yo gurl Nevaeh 4 days ago


  • Trottier Kids
    Trottier Kids 4 days ago +1

    Who ever is watch this at night? Like then doggo will keep you safe

  • Maria Uvalles
    Maria Uvalles 4 days ago

    Why does the man from the first animation look like Aizawa from My Hero Acadamia

  • Ridger Edge
    Ridger Edge 4 days ago

    2:24 it's Keanu Reaves though!

  • Its Bunny
    Its Bunny 4 days ago

    I dont have to check my closet or under my bed

  • Anindita Hassan
    Anindita Hassan 5 days ago

    Y I watch this at night

  • Zion Taurima
    Zion Taurima 5 days ago +2

    Sssniper wolf makes me feel safe when i watch scary vids

  • Corey Xiong
    Corey Xiong 5 days ago

    Damn we aint ever taking no motherflippin' chances!

  • Nikrin X
    Nikrin X 5 days ago

    Is it just me or does the boogie man look like keanu reeves

  • Yana Saad
    Yana Saad 5 days ago

    Mwa.. I don’t get nightmares from horror ._.

  • Spencer Heston
    Spencer Heston 5 days ago

    I'm only 10 and it 5pm a nd I'm scared to go in my bed

  • Sonee Johnson
    Sonee Johnson 5 days ago

    I watched this last night like at 3:04 and my bed is like right beside my closet but lucky me and my sister have to share a room and she was still awake.