Gordon Ramsay | Before they were famous | Lobster Ravioli | Marco | 1989


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  • StarlightKY
    StarlightKY Hour ago

    It's so weird seeing Gordon Ramsay all shy and quiet.

  • jigarzasu
    jigarzasu Hour ago

    Anyone saying that Gordon is a beta in this vid doesn’t know shit about kitchen chain of command. Gordon is still learning and absorbing, still a pupil, and even so at this phase he’s a greater cook than any of you fucks in this comment section.

  • DDrey
    DDrey Hour ago

    Gordon ramsay use cheat codes!

  • [AP-STUDENT] Jieco Andres Lao

    Gordon Ramsay looks so innocent there

  • Boofy Sniffs
    Boofy Sniffs 2 hours ago

    Gordons come up story no joke i see why he get mad at other people for shit cooking

    DOMAT 2 hours ago

    Gordon looks like a donkey

  • Seros Rosales
    Seros Rosales 3 hours ago


  • strony
    strony 3 hours ago

    So, when does he update?

  • Vihvd Designs
    Vihvd Designs 3 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay | before they had a large ego and even larger forehead wrinkles

  • Bridgett Holman
    Bridgett Holman 4 hours ago

    Wow 30yrs. ago!

  • Hubert Cumberdale
    Hubert Cumberdale 5 hours ago

    Try find the one where they were fishing. The young Ramsay bully to be was an embarrassing,peeheeing,cowtowing, obsequious,toady bastard. Loved it.

    • Hubert Cumberdale
      Hubert Cumberdale 5 hours ago

      Oh, did I not mention, I've met the cunt, he's a fuckin' pretentious prick.

  • Yena Hwang
    Yena Hwang 6 hours ago

    Ramsay was young? NO WAY!

  • Deevie Corteezie Devo
    Deevie Corteezie Devo 7 hours ago

    This was when gordan used to kiss ass

  • emsie76
    emsie76 8 hours ago

    To be the best, you learn from the best. Now he is the Best.

  • Alex Homer
    Alex Homer 8 hours ago


  • victor beast
    victor beast 8 hours ago

    The weaker alpha male becomes the beta in the presence of the more dominant alpha.

  • Cos mos
    Cos mos 9 hours ago

    I want to see the talking guy now 😉

  • shreechan chitrakar
    shreechan chitrakar 9 hours ago

    did he just taste that and put the spoon back in bowl????

  • Rahmina Puspa
    Rahmina Puspa 9 hours ago

    Good teacher will result good students....I see that on this video

  • islandbee
    islandbee 11 hours ago

    I miss that old Thames intro. It always reminds me of Benny Hill. I'm American and it was a childhood favorite.

  • Ckoh23
    Ckoh23 11 hours ago

    He looks so subdued. Well, knowing his mentor’s reputation in those days...

  • Steven Nieves
    Steven Nieves 13 hours ago

    Before he created the idiot sandwich

  • Tracey Ezell
    Tracey Ezell 13 hours ago

    He need to cover his nasty ass hair yuck gordan hair nice and clean trim good job Gordon

  • Tai Mir
    Tai Mir 15 hours ago

    Nice to see Gordon being someone elses bitch.

  • Paul Liu
    Paul Liu 16 hours ago

    it must've been tough for him to start working in the kitchen after getting an injury as a professional football player

  • Anthony Ali Sharhom Nirou

    Money changed him

  • Skinner31
    Skinner31 17 hours ago

    Would love that shaggy messy hair over my food yum

  • Hasan Hasan
    Hasan Hasan 22 hours ago

    White once made Gordon Ramsay cry when Ramsay worked for him in Harveys early in Ramsay's career. "I don't recall what he'd done wrong but I yelled at him and he lost it. Gordon crouched down in the corner of the kitchen, buried his head in his hands and started sobbing."

  • deerturkeyfishgbaker
    deerturkeyfishgbaker 23 hours ago

    I bet deep inside he wanted to take all of the ravioli and throw it at everyone and slap the guy talking

  • R. Bushmann
    R. Bushmann 23 hours ago

    Rich kids.

  • Annie Lariviere
    Annie Lariviere Day ago


  • Arlife GM
    Arlife GM Day ago +1

    Ravioli Ravioli dont lewd the fugging loli

  • Imran Athallah
    Imran Athallah Day ago

    where is the fuckin F word?

  • Abhishek Biswas
    Abhishek Biswas Day ago

    Lol Gordon was a shrimp back then hahah!!! Is the other guy Joe bastianich by any chance?

  • Lorenzo Pagani
    Lorenzo Pagani Day ago

    Nigga looks likw Pyrocynical lol

  • Caa Crystal
    Caa Crystal Day ago

    The still raw Gordon 😂

  • Class tilton
    Class tilton Day ago

    Was anyone else expecting or hoping for the head chef was going to go off at gordon? Lol

  • Antonio Manzella

    His hair is long and his voice is the same

  • مايا الهاشمي

    It's bland

  • Don Alejo
    Don Alejo Day ago


  • Blaster Man
    Blaster Man Day ago

    I didn’t see no hair net. Unprofessional

  • m3luk h
    m3luk h Day ago

    Still rocking that bed head look

  • RobotThunder 1
    RobotThunder 1 Day ago

    Gordon Ramsey before Nino

  • Daakusutepsu1
    Daakusutepsu1 Day ago

    Time to make the donuts cry.

  • yeeterus my cliterus

    That hair is raw. Back in the oven it goes.

  • Cha Cha
    Cha Cha Day ago

    I really want Gordon to react to these videos and see how much he changed.

  • Grilli Smi
    Grilli Smi Day ago

    Before the lamb sauce was missing...

  • J B
    J B Day ago

    *Marco this pasta is rawwwww!!!*

  • Michelle Rose
    Michelle Rose Day ago

    Gordon is so quiet here....it is freaking me out!

  • *SlickySlickDo *

    When you watch your first porn video

  • Garfield Vevo
    Garfield Vevo Day ago

    Fuck gordon was hot, would sit on his lap any day.

  • Ringo Jiro Nicolas

    From this , to - You, you, you, you, fuk off, fuk off, fuk off, fuk off

  • mr T
    mr T Day ago

    now he.s rich n swearz people for fun

  • 01emercado01
    01emercado01 Day ago +3

    I had to turn up my volume all the way up and use 3 speakers to hear that "yes"


    Nino Level Ramsey

  • Fenne Verrecas
    Fenne Verrecas Day ago

    His names makes it sound like his accent would be different

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith Day ago

    I didn’t know Gordon worked with Dennis from ‘Its always sunny in Philadelphia’!

  • G.O A.T
    G.O A.T Day ago

    Ios 7

  • kahea2018
    kahea2018 Day ago

    I would love to know what Gordon's thinking. Lol

  • MrEnony
    MrEnony Day ago

    I wonder what he will say once he sees this? 🤔

  • Swirly Kalen
    Swirly Kalen Day ago

    He looks like a f**king donkey! 😂 JK, I love Gorden!

  • Stéphane Surprenant

    Ponder this for a moment. They shot this scene, probably unaware they were standing in front of two of the most remarkable and famous chefs we know today.

  • softbatch!
    softbatch! 2 days ago

    He's so cute! I love how he's paying attention and respectfully silent.

  • Max Lorge
    Max Lorge 2 days ago

    What the fuck, I had no idea that gordon worked with marco

  • Eddierob
    Eddierob 2 days ago

    Before Dormammu came to Bargain.

  • JetPax
    JetPax 2 days ago

    In this video he’s just like an extra
    BUT now!!! He’s freaking famous!!!

  • elephystry
    elephystry 2 days ago

    I didn’t even know that this guy was young once.

  • Gali Rodriguez
    Gali Rodriguez 2 days ago +3

    Longest time without him yelling or complaining

  • oni
    oni 2 days ago

    My boi was 22 and still had wrinkles

  • ethan aurelius
    ethan aurelius 2 days ago

    White looks cute

  • Abraham Redhead
    Abraham Redhead 2 days ago

    He really did look like a footballer.

  • SYNIKAL1989
    SYNIKAL1989 2 days ago +2

    For those of us who aren’t 14. What is the “level 1” or “max level boss” referring to. It’s everywhere, quite played out.

    • smitten kitten
      smitten kitten 2 days ago +1

      Its a meme that comes from the "Mafia" mobile game ads.... Look up the ads here on youtube they are actually pretty hilarious

  • Hugo Jaime
    Hugo Jaime 2 days ago

    Everything is different after cocaine x)

  • jason9022
    jason9022 2 days ago

    Always been a rich little punk

  • osu5inarow
    osu5inarow 2 days ago

    This was where ravioli became his trigger word.

  • Charles Fuller
    Charles Fuller 2 days ago

    Best cooks are cruelty free cooks.

  • Ivan Corts
    Ivan Corts 2 days ago

    With that discipline, now i understand why is he so hard with his pupils

  • Connor Mcgee
    Connor Mcgee 2 days ago

    The video got rise up huh??

  • Just Bored
    Just Bored 2 days ago

    gordon ramsey before is so calm and cool with everything

    now gordon be like: YOU ARE A F!@#ING IDIOT

  • Ich bin eine potato
    Ich bin eine potato 2 days ago

    Oh, I thought the long haired guy was Gordon. Wow he was so quiet I didn't notice him, diffrent from today's Gordon

  • Devine Devine
    Devine Devine 2 days ago

    Aww look at Ramsay ♡

  • Tokyolightts
    Tokyolightts 2 days ago


  • In This Life I lead
    In This Life I lead 2 days ago


  • Antonis V
    Antonis V 2 days ago

    when the video started i thought that he was playing in benny hill show

  • Andrez Hernandez
    Andrez Hernandez 2 days ago

    Ramsay is a beast

  • Darwin Sacay
    Darwin Sacay 2 days ago

    i dont like his attitude..

  • biffalump
    biffalump 2 days ago

    How meek and quiet he is is slightly unnerving, I don’t like it 🙄👀I like the new gorden 🤬

  • 49 49 49 49 49 49
    49 49 49 49 49 49 2 days ago

    Ramsey before and after coke

  • Thaqif Muhamad
    Thaqif Muhamad 2 days ago

    No f word. Hahaha.

  • Jonathan C
    Jonathan C 2 days ago

    “Its fookin rawhhh”

  • BrickerBlocky
    BrickerBlocky 2 days ago

    Ravioli ravioli whats in the pocketoli

  • Mannerton
    Mannerton 2 days ago

    quiet and smiley before

  • George R
    George R 2 days ago

    This was after his professional soccer career?

  • Abdur Rehman
    Abdur Rehman 2 days ago +1


  • Merfolk
    Merfolk 2 days ago


  • James Novick
    James Novick 2 days ago

    He was so babyfaced... When the chef asked him "have we put it through twice?" Gordon was so humble and quiet, answering with his head down. The exact opposite of the Chef Ramsey we've all come to know from Kitchen Nightmares and Hells Kitchen.

  • Jazz Jeshin
    Jazz Jeshin 2 days ago

    i am really curious if Gordon's childrens watch these videos and laugh all the time.

  • Ruvik
    Ruvik 2 days ago

    Pyrocynical’s father

  • Lay Bagas
    Lay Bagas 2 days ago

    He havent acquired the skill "curse alot"

  • Magic Mike
    Magic Mike 2 days ago

    is he any relation to Gordon Bennett?