Harrison Ford Speech at Mark Hamill’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Unveiling

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018
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    Broll footage: Harrison Ford speech at the Mark Hamill’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star unveiling ceremony held in front of the El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles, California USA on March 8, 2018
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Comments • 661

  • Roman S
    Roman S 12 days ago

    Hans solo and Luke Skywalker...After so many years...my chilhood...fantastic!!!! R.i.p. carrie and...may the force be with you...

  • Caleb Dominikovich
    Caleb Dominikovich Month ago

    Ignorant star wars fans laughing as Harrison has a beautiful moment honoring carrie. Stupid geeks.

  • sackchief
    sackchief Month ago

    3:31 you can see George Lucas in the corner.

  • TheXtro101
    TheXtro101 Month ago

    The thumbs down are from the Intergalactic Imperial Empire.

  • Fred Flinstone
    Fred Flinstone Month ago

    I just saw Harrison Ford showing emotion during a speech. He doesn't do that very often, he likes to keep his emotions private, actually I've never seen him this emotional in public. The hug says it all. He sincerly respects Mark. :)

  • Kath Gibbs
    Kath Gibbs Month ago

    I felt like Harrison was gonna cry

  • Mr. SEA
    Mr. SEA Month ago

    Fantastic to see support from old casting friends.

  • CC 07
    CC 07 Month ago +1

    Seeing these 2 together makes me happy

  • Thomas Gray
    Thomas Gray Month ago

    How did it take so long for marks star

  • Jean Valjean
    Jean Valjean Month ago

    Se ve mucho más joven aquí que en las películas. Increíble lo bien que está

  • Federico Marino
    Federico Marino Month ago

    He’s drunk

  • IsMorgzz
    IsMorgzz Month ago

    See You Around Kid

  • Isaiah Marquez
    Isaiah Marquez Month ago

    This reunion could have been SO GREAT in the new Star Wars movies. Something we’ll never get now.
    One of them throwing out one of the old lines like “Together again” or “How are we doing?” “Same as always.” “That bad, huh?”

  • J. Haynes
    J. Haynes Month ago

    After watching, I Googled "Does Harrison Ford have dementia"... (many people would seem to agree that the 76 year old's speech and overall behavior the last few years has been quite odd)

  • stdpozer
    stdpozer Month ago

    He's not giddy as a schoolboy!!!!!!!

  • Jay See
    Jay See Month ago

    Does he have dementia?

  • Dread Wolf
    Dread Wolf Month ago

    God there getting so old

  • Jakub Mike
    Jakub Mike Month ago +2

    He is a friend I do not see very often.
    Read: He is not my friend.
    Our paths have diverged.
    Read: I became famous actor and he is a one trick pony who voiced cartoons.

  • Jo Fox
    Jo Fox Month ago +2

    Mark, you are awesome. So many of us love you, for the joy you gave us, and continue to give us on the silver screen!

  • Joshua Davis
    Joshua Davis Month ago +2

    Harrison doesn’t seem to be a great public speaker. This holds true for a lot of actors. But one thing we can tell is he is trying very hard and you can feel the emotion coming from him.

    • KutWrite
      KutWrite Month ago

      Yeah. I had a complex reaction to it.
      He seemed so tired (or stoned), at a loss for words either through emotion or fatigue... or memories flooding back.
      Nice to see, no matter what his reasons or condition.

  • jmiogo
    jmiogo Month ago

    Weed is a hell of a drug.

  • Mike X
    Mike X Month ago +1

    That's an awful speech. Harrison's really showing his age here. Or he's terrible at winging it.

  • mr31337
    mr31337 Month ago

    This is my favorite episode of Star Trek.

  • Jonathon Battiest
    Jonathon Battiest Month ago

    More serious than Im used to him being,kudos Han.

  • D B
    D B Month ago +1

    The fact that he didn't get a star until 2018 says everything about the fakeness of Hollywood.

  • Edward Brink
    Edward Brink Month ago

    Why the feck wasnt this reunion in the damn movies? I swear Disney is so retarded when it comes to making star wars movies

  • I'm On Your Roof
    I'm On Your Roof Month ago +1

    Of all the films Harrison Ford made as a serious actor and artist ever perfecting his craft, the dismay in his voice is testament to the realization that he can never do anything publicly without facing throngs of adults in silly costumes reliving their collective childhood.

  • Climate C. Heretic
    Climate C. Heretic Month ago

    The moment when someone you don't really know (or care about) speaks on your behalf because that is how Hollywood rolls. Utterly pathetic.

  • Neil Cole
    Neil Cole Month ago

    What a dour man Ford is!

  • Cardinal Sin
    Cardinal Sin Month ago

    ....” And he’s one hell of an actor.“

  • iwannaseenow1
    iwannaseenow1 Month ago

    He admits they haven't spent any time together recently, yrs... kinda awkward, he had to look at his notes/cards to remember what he wanted to say. If you know someone well, you do not need to have cards.
    Imagine working with someone 35+ yrs ago, then being asked to speak about him.

  • Joseph Kang
    Joseph Kang Month ago

    dude hates himself rn

  • Stephen Kennedy
    Stephen Kennedy Month ago +1

    Speech could cure insomnia

  • Matthew Terry
    Matthew Terry Month ago

    All I wanted was to see them reunited. At last.

  • TraceguyRune
    TraceguyRune Month ago

    Everyone claps that Carrie Fisher is dead??? WTF?

  • Michael Nivens
    Michael Nivens Month ago +2

    rest In peace , Carrie

  • I_Nvade
    I_Nvade Month ago

    That's a great speech. I wish Harrison would give a speech for me.

  • BATMAN5051
    BATMAN5051 Month ago +23

    3:31 you can see George Lucas regretting his life in the bottom right corner

  • CT2507
    CT2507 Month ago +1

    Mark gets that young boyish look on his face when he is in the company of Harrison. ;)

  • ilovehouse888
    ilovehouse888 Month ago +1

    Rude how that person laughed when he brought up Carrie.

  • TS
    TS Month ago

    If you've ever wondered what the phrase "damned by faint praise" means, this is it.

  • TopShonuff
    TopShonuff Month ago

    190 years old? You look Great!!

  • TopShonuff
    TopShonuff Month ago +1

    “You call him Dr. Jones, Doll!”

  • Misha Gameek G
    Misha Gameek G Month ago

    I'm not crying, you're crying!!

  • Dan Norman
    Dan Norman Month ago

    A fantastic speech.

  • Annette
    Annette Month ago

    Fall asleep halfway

  • fw1421
    fw1421 Month ago

    Has Harrison gotten Alzheimer’s? Sure sounded slow and somewhat confused?

    • Rushy
      Rushy Month ago

      Social anxiety

  • B. Randal
    B. Randal Month ago

    In a culture that is often dominated by vitriolic has-beens like Robert De Niro, who deliver hateful diatribes to a public that has little interest in red-faced hysteria - upstanding and solid human beings like Hamil and Ford are welcome role models. Where De Niro (and others) will disfigure, defaced and taint their own life's mediocre work via childish acts and foolishness, the careers of the men featured in this post will stand as images to be remembered with honor. Well done and kudos.

  • Trix Bunny
    Trix Bunny Month ago

    Mark is like a kid in a candy store

  • Rick Jasper
    Rick Jasper Month ago

    Is Harrison having a problem with his thought process now?

  • dumdrop17 dumdrop17

    if history has something to say, wouldnt it be odd at who is looking at it from gestalt? is the pendulum broken?

  • LHF Inatl
    LHF Inatl Month ago

    Of all that mumbling, probably the most profound words that could be squeezed from Ford were that 'Mark has forged and mastered his own destiny'. We may not have seen much of him after Star Wars but if you've ever watched a cartoon or played a video game in the 90's to present, you've most definitely heard him and has become the defining voice of many iconic characters. He's always been humbled by his fans never felt out of reach.

    'No one is ever really gone'

  • Tanya Sellick
    Tanya Sellick Month ago

    I love Harrison's dry sense if humor

  • Tanya Sellick
    Tanya Sellick Month ago +1

    I just love to see these 2 brilliant actors together again....

  • sleeperawaken36
    sleeperawaken36 Month ago

    Harrison doesnt really like to do a lot of public speaking. He likes acting, but not so much public speaking as himself... he's mostly pretty private... But when he does, he likes to be funny in his own way, with a dry humor, a bit of trolling, and tries to make it so people have no idea what he is going to say next. He's always kind of been that way.... But he is completely alert... The man is a pilot, flies air planes and helicopters, has even rescued a few people he came across while flying a helicopter around. I think public persona is largely an act to keep himself more private... Hence I really think if you knew him as a friend, and visited him at his house, he'd probably still mess with you, cause he likes doing that... But you'd also see him converse in a more regular way.

  • Tommy O'Rourke
    Tommy O'Rourke Month ago +1

    Hey Mark ... TRUMP2020 !!! LOL

  • coran
    coran Month ago

    well that was a long 3 minutes 40 seconds sheez

  • Henrik Schmidt
    Henrik Schmidt Month ago

    Goddamn, Ford sure takes his time getting through this.

  • Retrova
    Retrova Month ago

    It's sad people feel the need to be disrespectful to him here. Harrison likely has an anxiety disorder so he struggles to find the words as he talks. I don't think he is stoned, senile or finding it hard to say nice things. He's just nervous under the pressure of giving a speech in front of a big crowd. Give him a break.

  • swamisalami3000
    swamisalami3000 Month ago +1

    Boy Ford looks bloody cool as hell

  • Professor Fez
    Professor Fez Month ago

    Blimey! Is that the TARDIS BEHIND HIM?

  • Eddie Burton
    Eddie Burton Month ago +2

    Harrison Ford is literally Severus snape come to life 😂😂

  • Mona Lisa
    Mona Lisa Month ago +1

    Why is feeling her presence funny? I think it was a beautiful thing to say amongst other wonderful accolades.

    • Jack Fredricks
      Jack Fredricks Month ago

      It is a "Force" joke, if you take it that way, which I don't think he meant.

  • julie doll
    julie doll Month ago

    Harrison needs to lay off the pot.

  • ltyr2001 1
    ltyr2001 1 Month ago +2

    This looks like a tortured speech, read off of notes, by a guy who is nice, but doesn't have a lot of praise to shower.
    Harrison may like Mark, but there's precious little before or since to offer up as great work.

  • Ed Melendez
    Ed Melendez Month ago


  • DanRage47
    DanRage47 Month ago

    He just looks absolutely lost! "What the hell am I doing here?"
    Love the man!

  • For The Love of Music
    For The Love of Music Month ago +3

    I keep having this experience of actors being kind of boring in real life. Same thing when I watch award ceremonies with Jack Nicholson. Even Sean Connery.
    I think it comes from watching them for so many years reacting perfectly in difficult situations with the perfect words that have been written for their characters and using elevated emotions. In contrast, they seem surprisingly dull in life.
    Not knocking them, grateful for the great stories and their professional skill. Just something I’m struck by.

    • Rushy
      Rushy Month ago

      Well, they're actors, not comedians.

  • A Friend
    A Friend Month ago +2

    Leia! They never forgot her!! Carrie Fisher hello to heaven! 🙂

  • MK6
    MK6 Month ago +2

    I have never understood why Mark Hamill has been so underrated...and not treated with the fullest respect he deserves in this speech. It's patronising beyond belief

    • Jakub Mike
      Jakub Mike Month ago

      @MK6 Yeah...scoring the role in the biggest franchise till Marvel.
      But Ityr is right, Mark may be a great guy but he is not on the same level as Harrison in terms of skills.
      Just look at their lives... they started from the same level, hell Mark was younger and played a lead!

    • MK6
      MK6 Month ago

      @ltyr2001 1 He must be doing something right to get a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

    • ltyr2001 1
      ltyr2001 1 Month ago

      Because he's a very mediocre actor.
      He never did, before or after, anything meaningful on stage or screen. I'm sure he's a nice guy!
      But he just landed a plum role on an unexpected hit and made history. Happy for him!

  • Bub Gaming
    Bub Gaming Month ago

    Hollywood walk of fame is like the America version of the British Knight hood.

  • Sandra Bennett
    Sandra Bennett Month ago +1

    Harrison must have smoked a joint before he made his speech.

  • Andre Cubano
    Andre Cubano Month ago

    Get to the point man!!!!

  • Shane Thomson
    Shane Thomson Month ago

    Any slower he’d be going backwards

  • Buster Hyman
    Buster Hyman Month ago +1

    Damn , it took 42 years for Mark Hamill to finally get a star on that sesspool Hollywood Walk Of Shame lol ? That's crazy . I think Carrie Fisher got her star along time ago and she didn't have a great Hollywood career .

    • Riku
      Riku Month ago

      Did she? When she died I remember some new video mentioning how fans made an improvised star because she didn't have one and someone mentioned there is time after an actor's death when a star can't be given.

  • Leonard Wong
    Leonard Wong Month ago

    hides something sad.

  • Alex P
    Alex P Month ago


  • bryan isr
    bryan isr Month ago

    i can feel his anxiety.

  • kevin r.
    kevin r. Month ago +5

    A movie about Leonard Bernstein is way overdue. Ford looks the part of Lenny at his older stage. Hollywood, for those of us who don't give two shits about 50 more comic book movies, get on it.

  • kobeno1
    kobeno1 Month ago

    It took THIS long for Hollywood to pull their heads out of the asses and give this iconic actor a star?! Wow.

  • mark harmon
    mark harmon Month ago

    harrison seems like he's searching for things to say about mark. what can you say about an actor who is known for one role

    • Jack Fredricks
      Jack Fredricks Month ago +1

      He did more than just the Joker, he's also known for his portrayal of Luke, son of Vader...

  • chippledon1
    chippledon1 Month ago

    Not the most engaging speaker!

  • DamnSkippy1
    DamnSkippy1 Month ago

    Harrison Ford sounds like a feeble old f**k. So many actors are nothing but, empty vessels without lines written for them. It was like listening to the constipated trying to negotiate for something resembling a shit.

  • Joe Sycamore
    Joe Sycamore Month ago

    He sounds totally stoned. Not impressed

    • Ted Jamieson
      Ted Jamieson Month ago +1

      It's called Social Anxiety. He has admitted that he doesn't do well with speaking to big crowds. He does way better with small groups or 1 on 1.

  • drinkingpoolwater
    drinkingpoolwater Month ago

    wow harrison really got into the feels here.

  • ThePhoenixSpaz
    ThePhoenixSpaz Month ago +44

    The reunion we were denied but finally got!!

  • Morten
    Morten Month ago +3

    "Listen kid. You got me up here"

  • Stu
    Stu Month ago +4

    Nice moment for two actors who's lives were transformed by the roles they inhabited to perfection.

  • CAVlogs121
    CAVlogs121 Month ago +7

    That’s about as warm as Harrison gets. He clearly loves Mark.

  • Event Horizon Productions

    With the utmost reverence and respect, Harrison Ford's speech made me realize why more men go senile in old age than women.
    It stemmed from my awareness of my own struggles in society. I can see him pushing to find the absolute perfect words and structure to express his thoughts. As we lose our mental prowess in older and older age, as we depart from our mental prime, we are less able to achieve PERFECTION of expression. Thusly we take longer and longer to seek out perfection. And this dwindles into sayong nuthing; because we are ever seeking.
    So. As men in our twilight, we delve into a trap of internally pursuing deeper depths and more perfect perfection - which increasingly exceeds our physiological ability to do. And this appears outwardly to be a reduction of mental capacity. But in total it is merely due to our choice of ASPIRATIONS beyond ourselves, rather than our true abilities.
    We could remain; if we were not so inclined tp reach for more.

  • Auggy Bendoggy
    Auggy Bendoggy Month ago +1

    I love HF but I actually think MH is every bit as talented. Dude seriously can act. I tend to believe he just didn't have the GQ look that Ford had and thus was passed up.

  • Jeffrey Ottinger
    Jeffrey Ottinger 2 months ago +1

    When you remember that Harrison Ford showed up in a episode of Kung Fu with David Carradine. You can see age a bit there lol

    • kamuelalee
      kamuelalee 2 months ago +1

      American Graffiti and The Conversation too.

  • Mr. Wrong
    Mr. Wrong 4 months ago

    I think he is so taken back by having to say nice things about somebody

  • Abby Dietz
    Abby Dietz 4 months ago

    Wow! Great actor, but apparently cannot speak in real life... sad

  • The Oz-Zone
    The Oz-Zone 5 months ago +1

    "I had alot more people at my star." Classic Harrison Ford. Dry & sarcastic wit always gets me.

  • Flacid House
    Flacid House 5 months ago +1

    I just watched to see if Harrison Ford would ever be nice to someone.

    • kamuelalee
      kamuelalee 2 months ago +1

      Seemed nice here...though he was having to put in the extra effort.

  • J B
    J B 6 months ago

    Some celebrities don’t have a star because they refuse to pay for it themselves. You have to apply and It’s like 40k to the City

  • Foxy313
    Foxy313 7 months ago

    Harrison Ford :-). What a gracious man and a successful actor :-). Harrison does sound fairly shy in some ways when he was making his speech at the Hollywood Walk of Fame and what a deeply modest person he is :-). Despite sounding fairly shy he appeared to be very friendly and nice and certainly said some really nice things about Mark Hamill and it's really nice to see Mark Hamill standing next to Harrison Ford at the event they attended together like friendly old buddies :-). Plus it's really good to see that Harrison Ford is still acting even though he's over 75 now and still looks similar to how he did when he starred in Indiana Jones and Star Wars :-). He still looks handsome despite he's getting on in age and still acting and a remarkable part of Hollywood as of 2018 :-). I hope Harrison Ford lasts with Hollywood for years and years and years from 2018 onwards because he is such a successful man :-). He seems to have more friendliness in himself than I though he really did because in some of his successful films he appeared to be really tough and strict when acting as some of his well reknowned roles Harrison Ford did but oh well :-). I hope we still have him for many more years and what a great video :-). Thanks for sharing :-).
    From Foxy :-).

  • pan!
    pan! 8 months ago

    See now that's all we wanted to see in a new star wars movie. It would have been more exciting to see them together with the new cast. "then" give us a continuation of the new cast as they lose the old cast....it would have been epic if the scene in TLJ would have happened in the last film.
    They ruined Kylo IMO the sad story arc made his character feel so animated. he has no interest out side the new order. Even Vader had other interest out side of the Empire. His hate for sand people and revenge on all living Jedi. Kylo doesn't fight monsters or anything. He's never in any parole like the original characters...he's not adventurous. It's as though they didn't consider his life as a child...what lol, did he pop out of the princess a 20 year old!?! Even
    When he fought Snokes guards he never seem to be in any trouble. Also he never displayed anything that should have Luke fear him in the way he did. it was just a bad direction to take.

  • Longi1974
    Longi1974 9 months ago

    It was such a waste to bring these two fabulous guys back for Star Wars after 30 years, and not have them share a scene together