Azealia Banks Talks New Single, The State Of Female Rap, RZA, Donald Trump + More


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  • DearMsFabulous
    DearMsFabulous 2 hours ago

    AB is very intelligent and intriguing. I cant stop listening to her. She definitely has a platform. I love how she speaks her mind and doesnt apologizes forr it. AB rocks!

  • Plejour Boyd
    Plejour Boyd 3 hours ago

    Controversial Queen

  • RaeShelle Delvalle
    RaeShelle Delvalle 3 hours ago

    Azealia is music gold. Her tremendous talent is truly underrated!

  • RaeShelle Delvalle
    RaeShelle Delvalle 3 hours ago

    I hate what she's wearing

  • Dionnie Smothers
    Dionnie Smothers 4 hours ago

    One of the most boring interviews ever.

  • Natasha
    Natasha 4 hours ago

    It’s funny to see alot of people changing their mind about Azealia Banks now when she was speaking the same truth from the start.

  • DeadlyDre
    DeadlyDre 4 hours ago

    She is sooo annoyingly, sarcastically, condescendingly, "I-Dont'Know-Why-People-Hate-Me" AF! Lots of Oma Rosa vibes...#IDontLikeHer

  • AS R
    AS R 5 hours ago

    Ok. I understand what she's saying about Cardi. She's saying her music/brand is watered down/shallow. That may be confusing to some though because people said that about Lil Kim. Maybe she's giving Kim a pass because Kim is a much better lyricist than Cardi & she was the first female mc to fully embrace her sexuality. Kim led a movement. This is MY interpretation of what Azealia saying.

  • Neil Williams
    Neil Williams 5 hours ago

    I want to dislike her because of social media but this interview makes me think about how aware, intelligent, and sort of relatable she can be.

    • potbotra
      potbotra 5 hours ago

      people are complex, she is more than the 1-dimensional caricature painted by the media. and she hella funny. her talent? undeniable.

  • Kandake Angela Amina
    Kandake Angela Amina 5 hours ago +1

    This young woman is talented lyrically and has an extremely beautiful mind.

  • Mel Jackson
    Mel Jackson 5 hours ago +1

    Intelligent beautiful funny and Black Women. We need more intelligent representation

  • My2goldenhands: Life of a growing stylist

    The 1st Time listing to her.. I like how she thinks something..

  • jRokktheRuler
    jRokktheRuler 5 hours ago

    @44:20 I wouldn't drug Azealia, I'd just sit there and talk to her and then leave... like a normal person.

  • Tharealcmdvet
    Tharealcmdvet 6 hours ago

    Dem fuckin titties is perfect 👀's glue whole vid didn't remember dem like dat wen we dated

  • Glo boy Shaq
    Glo boy Shaq 7 hours ago

    I love her😍

    CHRISTINE CRUZ 7 hours ago

    what happened to her Dominican accent tho. .

  • Nesto Fresh
    Nesto Fresh 8 hours ago

    What! He said Sorry... He said she's a Smart women?! Wack!!!

  • Sean G
    Sean G 8 hours ago


  • Cujo
    Cujo 9 hours ago

    Azealia: what else do I enjoy listening to?
    The sound of your own fucking voice

  • Noodle Chan
    Noodle Chan 10 hours ago +1

    "Complex noting that 'she gets more attention for her public feuds than she does for her music' "

  • chantael johnson
    chantael johnson 10 hours ago

    she boring and to full of herself! I still don't know or care who she is. And clearly she do not care what people think yet wants people to care what she thinks bih get out of here and become relevant another way. Sick of women playing other women just to get some shine. No hunny how about you come up off yourself not talking about people!

  • Amber Nicole
    Amber Nicole 10 hours ago

    and kudos to Charlemagne, he asked great questions and had great convo w her

  • Amber Nicole
    Amber Nicole 10 hours ago

    envy is a "wannabe n" and it annoys me..

  • Ana Acapella
    Ana Acapella 11 hours ago

    Why do they keep referring to her in the third person? 'Azealia. Azealia. Azealia' 😒

  • Geoffrey Kelly
    Geoffrey Kelly 11 hours ago

    You go to K Mart?

  • Geoffrey Kelly
    Geoffrey Kelly 11 hours ago

    Still dont know what she does except hate on people with comments here and there but she is starting to grow on me

  • Eruk Umunuellsun
    Eruk Umunuellsun 12 hours ago

    So nice to see her more and less hatefull.

  • day mada
    day mada 12 hours ago

    i wish she could’ve kept talking straight into the microphone i couldn’t hear some of the stuff she said 🙄

  • Tasha Harrell
    Tasha Harrell 13 hours ago


  • Tasha Harrell
    Tasha Harrell 13 hours ago


  • Tasha Harrell
    Tasha Harrell 13 hours ago


  • Tasha Harrell
    Tasha Harrell 13 hours ago

    its her own vibe and ora .. no one will like this bich coming around no matter who it is .. she is getting on my last nerve!

  • LyfestyleStar
    LyfestyleStar 13 hours ago

    First time I actually found her sexy was this interview

  • Tasha Harrell
    Tasha Harrell 13 hours ago


  • Good Kat
    Good Kat 13 hours ago +1

    She is a much needed balance for the world. Russell Crowe spit on a Black Goddess and call her a Nigg*+, admits it and except the black dollar to fatten his pockets.....that fool is crazy. Fux him and RZA wack azz

  • Tasha Harrell
    Tasha Harrell 13 hours ago

    CHARLAMAGNE is looking bored AF! why is she on here again?? LOL

    • Panamanian Muffin Garrison
      Panamanian Muffin Garrison 8 hours ago

      Tasha Harrell lol you're so upset 😂😂

    • Tasha Harrell
      Tasha Harrell 8 hours ago

      it took Charlamagne a LIL minute to get into the stupid conversation with this not so cute girl. girl bye! nobody hating im just critiquing the dam interview and this one SUCKS! AND SO DO U !

    • Panamanian Muffin Garrison
      Panamanian Muffin Garrison 11 hours ago

      Tasha Harrell bored? But he was talking g the whole time? Lol. You and your forced hate. 😂😂😂

  • Orlando Ennis
    Orlando Ennis 14 hours ago

    Shes so articulate she needs to quit music and go into media, possibly a talk show

  • 1markdc
    1markdc 15 hours ago

    I wouldnt let her touch me with those gloves LOL!

  • Pink Kweenie
    Pink Kweenie 16 hours ago

    Queen til the end

  • The 1 above all
    The 1 above all 16 hours ago

    Nunchuck throwing shit lol wow

  • Osman M
    Osman M 17 hours ago

    She’s full of shit

  • Lion-O Richie
    Lion-O Richie 18 hours ago +1

    ... Azealia Reminds Me Of Eartha Kitt...

    • potbotra
      potbotra 5 hours ago

      ...eartha was intensely hate too cos the media demonized her..... parallels

  • Akash Chand
    Akash Chand 19 hours ago

    Came here to dislike

  • Linda Moniky
    Linda Moniky 20 hours ago

    Im quoting Right now : *People are so beguiled by false intellectualism and Fake „wokeness“ its alarming !*
    When beyonces Album lemonade dropped, azelia was dissing her for dropping this Album which she is praising so high in this interview now for masking her jealousy.
    Azelia might be a talented musician but she is also trying to uplift herself by dissing all These black women on their social Media accounts years before.
    Lets not forget the attention shes got through this Beef with cardi ;)

  • skepboo
    skepboo 21 hour ago

    She messed up her own moment for the money when she was drunk at that party. She always puts blame on everybody else....she has major issues. Smh

  • skepboo
    skepboo 21 hour ago

    She was blacklisted for being reckless. She always talks crap about female artists & when they show receipts she back steps. This woman has issues. Her accent all of a sudden changed. She focuses so much on internet trolling than her own “music” & it shows.

  • kbg12ila
    kbg12ila 23 hours ago

    Her music is amazing. I think she should save all her drama for her music. That way the pill is easier to swallow.

  • Jared M
    Jared M 23 hours ago

    Listen to the Music she makes and judge from that because honestly the music is so different and Amaze balls!!!

  • SSiCk official channel


  • mask-n-gloves
    mask-n-gloves Day ago

    Azealia banks: " I was gonna kick this guy out of my room but he kept sticking his tongue in my a__"
    Envy: "ya pants was down"😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Puff Huffle
    Puff Huffle Day ago

    Azealia Banks must be the most insecure creature to ever walk this Earth, she hates white people, she hates gay people, she has insulted a million celebrities for absolutely no reason, she is a tragic, racist, homophobic waste of space. She may have a catchy tune or two, but her soul is pure garbage. This kind of venomous, bitter attitude and spitefulness will get you nowhere, girl.

    • Tyler Tells
      Tyler Tells Day ago

      Has she used homophobic language? Yes! She doesnt hate gay people! How does a openly bisexual woman hates gay people???

  • Nala Nal
    Nala Nal Day ago

    shes still so salty and sour, she needs to perceive things differently so shes not angry and stressed. She needs a real Chill Pill

  • HTHTV3
    HTHTV3 Day ago +1

    @40:00 #CTG, did you ever ask any of #BillCosby's accusers Y didn't they 'press charges' BACK THEN??

  • Long Night Moon
    Long Night Moon Day ago

    comin on up here ole miss college professor poison ivy sex goddess yes

  • Robinson Mertilus

    She was blackballed, for a time, in the music industry. She was vocally supportive of Trump, for a time. Two things that are connected.

  • DerekMusic57
    DerekMusic57 Day ago +1

    I am so sorry I laugh at you in the past Azealia your a very intelligent lady much success to you

  • Ro
    Ro Day ago

    Btw @t @24:01 she did say 'Smelled' instead of 'spelled' 😹🤣 sorry Azealia but karma got you there lol

  • Alexus Lauren
    Alexus Lauren Day ago +1

    She's a good example of "don't judge a book by social media" lmaooo.
    I hear you girlll!!! Outfit crazy but yes girl I hear you.. 💯

  • Dee Litty
    Dee Litty Day ago

    Is she really saying anything intelligent? Or is she just confident? Because everything she’s saying is opinions. She’s a child. She has a very child like manipulative mindset. But go off.

  • Dee Litty
    Dee Litty Day ago

    She’s crazy as fucking shit

  • Susie Smith
    Susie Smith Day ago

    CTG, it is, have you spoken, not "have you spoke." Damn, you wrote a book. Study basic English, please.

  • Susie Smith
    Susie Smith Day ago

    She must have some Caribbean in her--smart and beautiful.

  • Susie Smith
    Susie Smith Day ago

    I don't know AB''s music, but she speaks very well. I wished more black American women spoke as well as she does.

    • potbotra
      potbotra 5 hours ago

      ooo you got a huge catalog to jump into, sure you'll find at least a few gems, guaranteed - gives a better picture of azealia too

  • key key
    key key Day ago

    ok, you have heard her speak now listen to her music

  • Kyle Henderson
    Kyle Henderson Day ago

    Damn she is beautiful

  • wuzzy
    wuzzy Day ago +1

    I was gonna pass @ about 10min in but decided to understand her, I like her sense of humor, I get her and I like her. People cant handle the truth and fans ride to hard for Celebs that will never give them the time or day.

  • Edd Eddy
    Edd Eddy Day ago

    Female version of coonye pest.
    I guess trump grabbed her by the wussy.

  • ShayDene'
    ShayDene' Day ago

    Who is she💁like I've seen her name in a lot of shit but still don't know wtf she is smh

    • potbotra
      potbotra 5 hours ago

      literally, move eyes from feed, google azealia, click on an MV. hope the list of steps help you stop drinking that media kool aid

  • bananapie
    bananapie Day ago

    Dem tits

  • Joseph Meastas
    Joseph Meastas Day ago

    azealia held her own! she was getting grilled by charlamagne AND envy

  • Belinda
    Belinda Day ago

    My heart honestly goes out to her. She's been through so much

  • Robin Ryan
    Robin Ryan Day ago

    Where is her grammy? MY FANTASY....Is that banks collaborates with a someone unexpected gets huge hit..come on banks get it done... She needs talk show...

  • RayJ-HT
    RayJ-HT Day ago +1

    I don't really know who she is, but I have to say she has a BEAUTIFUL chest.....structure.....thing. You dig? Also her fav 5 is so dope I love them all also.

  • Sigrafix
    Sigrafix Day ago

    This was a good interview.. I admit, I had a negative perception of Azealia Banks.. but I kind of like her after this.

  • Daniella
    Daniella Day ago

    I'm sorry but he had 3 opportunities within a sentence to get it right yet said music "induskry" with a "K" - ummm @ 3:50

  • Bella Debs
    Bella Debs Day ago +1

    I actually like her now. She was so miss understood! She's so intelligent and very woke!

    • potbotra
      potbotra 5 hours ago

      she insists on being a full complex human being and that includes messing up in real time and in public! that takes courage and honesty. most others too scared to hurt their brand and are never honest, and the music industry wants it that way, that's why they've tried to pain AB as a 1-dimensional crazy black woman.

  • King Shabazz
    King Shabazz Day ago +1

    Did she bleach her skin?

  • Xapis A
    Xapis A Day ago

    I like her boobs.

  • Nicole West
    Nicole West Day ago +2

    Wow I love her, eye opening 😍😘😘😍

  • Check Mate
    Check Mate Day ago

    Isn’t Cardi B half black? So that makes her not black anymore? And giving support to mixed a black woman is a disgrace to full black women? Of course colorism is alive and kicking, but let’s not forget the people who also hold grudges against black people in the first place. She was one of them, continuously attacking her own, as well as other cultures. Y’all are blind. Go look at her old rants though.

  • Jay Gavin Biloune
    Jay Gavin Biloune Day ago +1

    This girl is the complete package! What a stunner

  • The Nightingale Tarot

    oh my god she's so smart, so funny, she's really radiating in this video. can you imagine that the media blows up this thing with azealia and cardi b when she actually called trump america's cartman :P

  • black person
    black person 2 days ago

    26:20 Shes talking about female rap like lil kim and foxy brown wasnt naked

  • Another One
    Another One 2 days ago

    She tried so hard to pretty up petty ass words she said about another female rapper. Maybe if she shut up and pay attention to herself she would be famous for her work rather than riding on the coattails of other female celebs by fighting with them.

  • Kay Bellz
    Kay Bellz 2 days ago +2

    Yeah yeah, Azaelia is misunderstood just like Kanye...😐

  • Lauren Simon
    Lauren Simon 2 days ago +15

    I'm on your side, Azealia. I support you.

  • meron Kesete
    meron Kesete 2 days ago +3

    Magawd this is 1 of the best interviews by the club as always funny interesting points deep talk nice conversation about the way of thinking open dialogue. She just made me a new fan of her.

  • meron Kesete
    meron Kesete 2 days ago +2

    Hahaha drugs just 2 taste that ass

  • meron Kesete
    meron Kesete 2 days ago +2

    Hahaha she funny when she did the Bill Cosby shit

  • Schondra The Writer
    Schondra The Writer 2 days ago

    Okay ima say this because I really do feel for Azealia Banks but at the same time homegirl needs a reality check.
    My sister, Azealia has a classic case of Angry black woman. This is not a bad thing, bc every black woman can identify with the experience of working hard and not getting any recognition. Azealia lashing out at other artists particularly other black women is a release of the societal and discriminatory build up that she is facing as a black woman, and her experience particularly is likely more polarizing and intense because she’s an artist.

    While it is okay to not accept the music industry or system as it is and it’s specific discriminatory practices and limiting tendencies against women of color you can’t just go after Cardi B.
    Given the history and significant intersectionality of female rappers, Azealia recognizes that the system is benefitting from Cardi B and with Cardi B being such an influential woman in Hip-Hop Azealia sees how that could distort the progression of what Beyoncé did with Lemonade or Solange did with ASAT. I agree with Azealia that the discussion about the narrative of a black woman in America was being challenged with an album like LEMONADE, BUT THAT IS NOT CARDI’S FAULT.
    And what’s the saddest fact about Azealia is that her music is probably the most refreshing, and creative stuff I’ve ever heard but she won’t get anywhere if she’s tearing down every successful black woman. Plus she’s tearing down black women in front of the white gaze.
    I get it. There is an over saturation of “Lazy Art” when it comes to Hip Hop, and Azealia isnt completely insane to group Cardi B in that group. I think to a degree Cardi recognizes that she is a certain kind of artist.
    Still the oversaturation of mediocre rap is not Cardis fault. Blame theses industry execs and multi million dollar companies. Not Cardi B.
    In the words of the honorable fresh prince- to beat the system you have to understand it first.
    Get it together sis💁🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️

  • TheCeddyboy
    TheCeddyboy 2 days ago +1

    I'm digging the hell out of AB.

  • Courtney Smith
    Courtney Smith 2 days ago +1

    I am in love with this woman, she is so smart, honest and beautiful. America needs more of her

  • COCO K
    COCO K 2 days ago

    look at her shes so ugly shes a nobody
    bitter boots

    • Panamanian Muffin Garrison
      Panamanian Muffin Garrison Day ago

      COCO K she's been wearing gloves since forever lol. But ok girlllllaaa

    • COCO K
      COCO K Day ago

      if she would focus more on herself than other woman then she could be on their same playin field someday ... even her outfit look like a cardi copy cat from her breakfast cub interview with the gloves and bra smh

    • Panamanian Muffin Garrison
      Panamanian Muffin Garrison 2 days ago

      COCO K lol you sound mad 😂😂

  • Cj Jamal
    Cj Jamal 2 days ago +1

    She was about to say “we’re bleaching sisters” 💀 18:00

  • Aline Desiree Kezetmin
    Aline Desiree Kezetmin 2 days ago +2

    What a beautiful woman

  • Melissa Dale
    Melissa Dale 2 days ago

    She is such a bully smh.

  • God_ YNWA
    God_ YNWA 2 days ago

    A face like that needs great boobs!

  • Malikah Brown-Henry
    Malikah Brown-Henry 2 days ago +1

    She reminds me so much of Nicki Minaj

  • Damon Williams
    Damon Williams 2 days ago

    She’s sounds hella snobby

  • The Ambivalent PS2 Bloke

    Charlemagne starring at her tits 75% of this interview
    ( . )( . ) 👀