Azealia Banks Talks New Single, The State Of Female Rap, RZA, Donald Trump + More


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  • Jess Chavez
    Jess Chavez 8 minutes ago

    she's a bird

  • Theresa Snyder
    Theresa Snyder 4 hours ago

    She has learned to speak well and has been educated by some real individuals but the wisdom is not her own and she only half way knows what she talking about. Wants to be seen superior. Humble is missing from the recipe and she is only superior intelligence next to low IQ individuals. Would have respect if she didn’t get her power from degrading stealing the light from others

  • Francho Prada
    Francho Prada 8 hours ago

    She is boring fo real

    KAL-LELL 14 hours ago

    Yoo she mad mad about RZA for real real lmao I don't think she as bad as they paint her and the fact that shes trying to better herself makes me want to like her.. though I literally only know her for all her drama and that was starting to irritate me so looked her up and realized I do know that one song she did in black and white years ago that goes "Ayo ayo"

  • Barbie Pena
    Barbie Pena 17 hours ago

    I love her gloves! I would rock those.

  • Melinda Hanna
    Melinda Hanna 18 hours ago

    Blahhh Azealia lost her fire....... she's so obsessed with her race and gender it's old and boring now

  • MegaKyky2468
    MegaKyky2468 19 hours ago

    Ain’t she cold?

  • Seek Olivares
    Seek Olivares 20 hours ago


  • Seek Olivares
    Seek Olivares 20 hours ago

    I have a feeling he has history with a witch. He is MAD scared of AB.....

  • A.ivy The Dame
    A.ivy The Dame Day ago +1

    There's a difference between having an opinion and being insulting to others. She is insulting. She brings this shit onto herself... She should let the talent speak for itself. All this ugliness isn't conducive to success. Be humble!!

  • O Ih
    O Ih 2 days ago

    This was one of the best shows!

  • Leshaun Clayton
    Leshaun Clayton 2 days ago

    This woman crazy lol

  • Laurance Street
    Laurance Street 3 days ago

    She looks like someone's aunt

  • Joseph Schaffer
    Joseph Schaffer 3 days ago

    Azealia: “I highly doubt a black guy would drug me”
    Cthagod: “bill Cosby tho”
    Azealia: “......”

  • Aldeeezyy
    Aldeeezyy 3 days ago

    No wonder DC made her cry she’s crazy

  • Blake Lisser
    Blake Lisser 3 days ago +1

    Are you sure your respected Azealia banks in the music industry let’s see 🤔🤔🤔
    Feud :
    • Remy ma
    • Iggy azalea
    • lil Kim
    • wild n out
    • Nicki Minaj
    • Cardi b
    • Lana del Rey
    • Ti
    • security at club
    • Beyoncé
    • Rihanna
    • Skia Jackson
    • Zayn malik
    • Lily Allen
    • mia
    • Pharrell Williams
    • Eminem
    • Kendrick Lamar
    • Tiny
    • Asap rocky
    • Rita ora

  • Adam Heller
    Adam Heller 4 days ago

    incredible artist and smart person , I support and admire you !

  • frick face
    frick face 4 days ago

    i pity this chaotic negative soul

    SANDRA SCOTT 5 days ago

    The female Kanye West is in the bldg!!! We love and hate her AT THE SAME DAMN TIME🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yall will hate her again tomorrow lol!!! Where's Angie Yee???

  • toby Golding
    toby Golding 5 days ago

    She used the 50 yr old till she got a leg up/ she seems to blame ever1 but herself ! She should write song i never made the final cut w Gaga or any1 else no wonder mom beat her w that attitude or did she get attitude from beatings or is she just another crazy gemini like Kanye and Trump they all believe they are the best

  • toby Golding
    toby Golding 5 days ago

    she didn't get drugged she was drunk kept drinking they went up to room more drinks.. she was naked his tongue in ass ]!who does that ? bullshit she is crazy = gemini

  • toby Golding
    toby Golding 5 days ago

    She thinks Cardi was stripper w no class huh she was also stripper and has no class mirror mirror

  • toby Golding
    toby Golding 5 days ago

    liked her look better w no boobs

  • toby Golding
    toby Golding 5 days ago

    Her problem is she will be going back to stripping or playboy w that class she has

  • toby Golding
    toby Golding 5 days ago

    Doctor messed up right tit bigger poor Charlamagne trying not to look but 1 is sticking out

  • Katie Guillemin
    Katie Guillemin 5 days ago

    How is this chick still relevant? She’s blatantly prejudiced

  • toby Golding
    toby Golding 5 days ago

    She bought some tits shame shame.. yet she talk on Lana

  • ItsTara 215
    ItsTara 215 5 days ago

    I completely understand what she is saying about Cardi B . Cardi acts a particular way and it's crazy that she is even this famous.

  • ItsTara 215
    ItsTara 215 5 days ago

    Verbal stream of conciousness. Love that

  • Dean Quinn
    Dean Quinn 7 days ago

    Love her or hate her, she has your attention as she is intriguing.

  • imani williams
    imani williams 7 days ago

    Hands down most boring interview I've ever watched

  • Alex Danelle
    Alex Danelle 7 days ago

    She comes off as arrogant and defensive at first, but i'll keep watching 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Guilito Torres
    Guilito Torres 7 days ago

    She doesnt know how to accept things for what they are. People follow her for her gossip not that wack ass music. Its a sad way to live and almost always ends in depression lol

  • Bellum IsTree
    Bellum IsTree 8 days ago

    She said Smelled quit jackin.

  • Mashael Alotaibi
    Mashael Alotaibi 8 days ago

    "Israel" and its "people" can suck my cock.

  • jamilagirl22
    jamilagirl22 8 days ago +6

    She stands up for her self...... I respect that

  • Ajas sis
    Ajas sis 9 days ago +1

    So.... What now?

    CANDID PETS 11 days ago +1

    i noticed the god is scared of her like he wont mess with her and be super rude he puts up bounderies lol

  • foe sev
    foe sev 11 days ago +3

    She not as bad as they made her seem..She iight to me *shrug life*

  • Lanada Lanada
    Lanada Lanada 12 days ago +2

    See... they clipped the Cardi B part out of this interview and ran w it on a negative note. When you watch the whole conversation, the negative part gets into context and she really wasn't bashing her.

  • azysheff
    azysheff 13 days ago

    She’s despicable not just in her personality but her looks too...

  • Olowa Segun
    Olowa Segun 14 days ago

    Is Charla mane dumb , he’s saying for names and incriminating stuff.

  • dann mrtz
    dann mrtz 15 days ago

    this girl is definitely weird

  • Erin Branson
    Erin Branson 16 days ago

    Charlemagne is having the hardest time not looking at her boobs. You can see him struggling 😂😂😂

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 16 days ago +5

    Have a deep level of respect for this young woman after this interview.

  • A P
    A P 16 days ago

    Hi I'm azealia banks, I'm just gonna shit on everyone more successful then me and then I'm gonna murder some chickens in my closet.

  • A P
    A P 16 days ago

    She kills chickens in her closet tho. Worst celebrity ever.

  • Melan Models
    Melan Models 17 days ago +3

    Love her!

  • Bianca Elise
    Bianca Elise 17 days ago +10

    I like how she knows that she's a troll, and she's just like, "Well why does my opinion matter to you anyways?" TRUUUUUE

    NTUNKNOWN 18 days ago +1

    Im so glad she mentioned lil mama

  • Raneir Pollard
    Raneir Pollard 18 days ago

    She’s made comments I want her to apologize for and I’ve said I won’t support her until I hear that apology. That said, I always come back. She intrigued me and I do like her musical talent and interviews. I’m ashamed of myself for it tho...

    • Dee Bolton
      Dee Bolton 7 days ago +1

      Don't be ashamed. Humans are imperfect.

  • Dominic Talarico
    Dominic Talarico 18 days ago +1

    This is one of my favorite interviews of all time. Id actually watch them interview anyone. Wish yee was there!

  • Smiley Adventures
    Smiley Adventures 19 days ago +4

    Love me some Azealia through good and bad.

  • Yo Nunu
    Yo Nunu 19 days ago


  • Molly Rasmussen
    Molly Rasmussen 20 days ago +4

    I love her.... I’ve always loved her.

  • Dank
    Dank 21 day ago +1

    "Present yourself as an ideal"

  • tommy toucan
    tommy toucan 22 days ago +1

    44:45, comedy gold...

    GARYDOS 22 days ago +1

    So...... what now?

  • Niecey Nine
    Niecey Nine 22 days ago +1

    Aww he eating ass ass

  • remarkably weird Marcus
    remarkably weird Marcus 23 days ago +2

    Azelia #bluntbob looks like Edna from the INCREDIBLES 🔥

  • remarkably weird Marcus
    remarkably weird Marcus 23 days ago +3

    I honestly like Azelia Banks political views

  • MsC Starz
    MsC Starz 23 days ago

    She must pay for the followers and positive comments. You don't talk about people the way she does. You hella ugly in real life

  • Justin Alexander
    Justin Alexander 23 days ago +1

    OH! @49:39 ahahah

  • Leeleegotbeauty leegotbeauty

    Is she a rapper?

  • Lann lann
    Lann lann 25 days ago

    She his daughter 😂

  • Lann lann
    Lann lann 25 days ago

    It’s a clone 😂

  • Lann lann
    Lann lann 25 days ago

    What 😂

  • Cheyenne Eve
    Cheyenne Eve 25 days ago

    Her shirt makes me uncomfortable lol

  • bdebramo
    bdebramo 25 days ago

    cant get over her slaughtering chickens in her house... Does she adress that anywhere?

  • K M
    K M 26 days ago +3

    Azealia is right about her opinion. Her opinion is hers. That is her. Nobody else has anything to do with that. Yes you can get triggered but then from that moment it is your stuff to deal with. Nobody else's responsibility what and how you are reacting or responding on "life". This is one of the biggest spiritual teachings in the Universe! Let's be open to learn and stretch those "old and rusty believe systems", we are limiting ourselves into...still! That's why I like Azealia! Go Girl! 🙂😃😎

  • Adrian
    Adrian 26 days ago

    She has a lot to say on racial injustice yet she came out in support of Trump before he was president... When Trump publicly announced his candidacy he said some really inflammatory racist things, her message is so incongruous with who she purports to be

  • Lety Jay
    Lety Jay 26 days ago

    I just wish this interview was after the Elon mask situation. She’s very thorough with her incident reporting . No holding back

  • Lisa Poole
    Lisa Poole 26 days ago +6

    Wait russell crow chocked this woman n spat at her....ive NEVER heard this but TRUST i will investigate! Cuz the thought makes me so uneasy! Also, its really GROSS that RZA put her on blast for him giving money for theorapy. Dont pretend like your trying to help someone....and then put her on blast for excepting the help! That hurt my soul, she was let down so many times by these BLACK so many times!

  • Lisa Poole
    Lisa Poole 26 days ago +1

    Whats with the gloves ALL the time? Also, are her n CTheG brother and sisters, or lovers?!?! I cant figure it out!

    • Ivan G.
      Ivan G. 6 days ago

      She wears them to protect herself from having any negative energies attach to her from shaking random ppl hands

  • MEP
    MEP 27 days ago +1

    I support you Azealia.

  • Austin Bradley
    Austin Bradley 27 days ago

    1:30 that face i CAN'T!!😂😂

  • Sez B
    Sez B 27 days ago

    "AB's really comfortable in her own skin"
    * awkward silent look to camera * LOL

  • Ken Sniffey JR
    Ken Sniffey JR 28 days ago

    She can get it off rip but the gloves add more to it like she gonna lather up with oil and get freaky

  • Enrique Garcia Escabi
    Enrique Garcia Escabi 28 days ago

    Shes mental!

  • ayo30s
    ayo30s 28 days ago

    Q- How were ur conversations with Kanye?
    A- Scattered...
    Wow, 👊🏾🇳🇬🇺🇸

  • Eric Northmen
    Eric Northmen 28 days ago +2

    Envy really liked saying he wanted a dick in butt or tongue

  • Brandon And Jessie
    Brandon And Jessie 28 days ago +3

    She had Charlemagne scared to talk shit first time seeing him like I’m sorry 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Eric Northmen
    Eric Northmen Month ago

    So happy the little mama interview was brought up! (Which now cant be viewed through their channel but still on TheXvid)

  • K. Jean
    K. Jean Month ago +2

    Azealia is a genius/beautiful goddess! Why focus upon the people who don't love her personality or her brilliant music? Her smile is the absolute prettiest! It's refreshing to hear such an intelligent woman speak.

  • nichole thomas
    nichole thomas Month ago

    She's very narcissistic as well. She has so much polishing to do to herself. In general she's too much work for other people to babysit.

  • nichole thomas
    nichole thomas Month ago

    I do think she is a very smart woman but she needs to work on her anger issues and couth in situations and delivery. All you can see or hear are her insecurities and anger. And they are complimenting her and she's eating it up so it makes her more likeable.

  • Kash Kidd
    Kash Kidd Month ago

    Boring stop judging people acting like you so much better then these woman you speak of

  • Appolonia Santiago
    Appolonia Santiago Month ago +1

    Dj Envy shut up...he always taking cardi b side...he is team light skinned..with his corny vanilla waffer ass...

  • Preye Yinkore
    Preye Yinkore Month ago +1

    She understands the system. Smart lady and unique musician also.

  • lola lane
    lola lane Month ago

    envy is a joke I wish he would be replaced

  • Lisa bb
    Lisa bb Month ago

    with those glasses and her bob shes like a young Oprah

  • Vanna G
    Vanna G Month ago

    hhhmmm 25:58

  • J_C
    J_C Month ago +14

    You can tell she's really trying to keep it together and grow and change but they keep wanting to pull her back into the drama.

    • ayo30s
      ayo30s 28 days ago

      J_C No Doubt, 👍🏾👊🏾✌🏾🇳🇬🇺🇸

  • Podcast Fan
    Podcast Fan Month ago

    Seems like these two have a history

  • Ashley P
    Ashley P Month ago +6

    I like her. She's def misunderstood

  • MissElite
    MissElite Month ago +2

    Who is she to try to down grade someone. She is going hard trying to explain her thoughts about cardi that is truly disrespectful if she is trying to promote African American women (black women ) she prolly is only hating on her bc she wants to be up under Nicki Minaj. I am not feeling her energy. She isn’t relatable. She really needs to humble herself and stop acting like she is better anyone and everyone.

    • Music4TheSoul
      Music4TheSoul 27 days ago

      She can say whatever she wants about Cardi B. She IS illiterate.

  • Chris Merrill
    Chris Merrill Month ago

    Someone please kill that hoe

  • Nthern Star
    Nthern Star Month ago


  • George Walsh
    George Walsh Month ago

    I wish Angela Yee was involved in this conversation!

    THE RAY SHOW Month ago +1

    Who is she😂