Azealia Banks Talks New Single, The State Of Female Rap, RZA, Donald Trump + More


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  • TDxCTv
    TDxCTv 6 hours ago

    “i dew...what’s wrong with that?, what now” azealia sksksksks

  • Marra L
    Marra L 2 days ago

    Her grill is irritating to look at!

  • Vorname Name
    Vorname Name 2 days ago +1

    If you watch the interview... you'll realize that she came *#PREPARED*

  • Vorname Name
    Vorname Name 2 days ago

    Y'all realize that she didn't apologize for calling Charlamagne a "coon"...?

  • MisterZ3r0
    MisterZ3r0 2 days ago

    Look at those tits! I wish banks would bounce on my dick.

  • Solo2201
    Solo2201 3 days ago

    still a fucking racist

  • donald hickman
    donald hickman 3 days ago

    I apologize for giving you donkey of the day YOU ARE NOW DONKEY OF THE CENTURY AZEALIA BANKS!!!

  • dino andn
    dino andn 3 days ago

    someone get there mom

  • Andy Gulyassy
    Andy Gulyassy 4 days ago

    She can’t speak on no racism she is a blatant racist everything she does is based in race she’s obsessed.

  • Frank The Bunny
    Frank The Bunny 4 days ago

    24:01 she did say "smelled"

  • Gharian Price
    Gharian Price 4 days ago

    Not really a fan of hers but I kinda respect her more after watching this.....

  • Joy Leath
    Joy Leath 4 days ago +1

    I think she’s a bit delusional like she doesn’t really take responsibility for her actions and doesn’t like to get in trouble after she fucks up.

  • Nick
    Nick 5 days ago

    Dumb ugly skank

  • Heihachi Honda
    Heihachi Honda 5 days ago

    "I just played a show in Tel Aviv to almost a thousand people" .... That ain't a lot sweetheart .... Put it this way, every artist you have beef with does more than that with only a days worth of promotion.

  • Heihachi Honda
    Heihachi Honda 5 days ago

    "Who's a lot of people?" .......... Literally everybody

  • Mannequin Skywalker
    Mannequin Skywalker 5 days ago


  • Royal Rich
    Royal Rich 5 days ago

    9.57 is clearly the reason she attack that little girl who is only 14 years , azalea your cold and them edges fake af

  • Royal Rich
    Royal Rich 5 days ago

    Almost A Thousand People!!!.........................
    Sips Tea

    I thought she was about to say she sold out a concert , keep thinking/Dreaming🙃

  • Alvin Comer
    Alvin Comer 5 days ago

    She's a disgrace to the chosen people.soul sold for fame.what a shame.

  • Geti Gekas
    Geti Gekas 5 days ago +1

    i enjoyed the interview. azealia is a really smart and extremly funny Person. i could listen to her all day Talking.
    the interview went so fast.

  • Anayah Harris
    Anayah Harris 5 days ago

    I fuckin hate Charlemagne..

  • Jeffrey DC
    Jeffrey DC 5 days ago +2

    her bad rep is just what happens when they try to put someone in a box whos come here to break the box.
    US media has always had problems hearing smart people; they dont like nuances that much.

  • JakeMeesce
    JakeMeesce 5 days ago +2

    Such a unique, intelligent, talented, creative individual! She's definitely said some things that I can't forgive but I hope she's happy in life.

  • Anna Lisa
    Anna Lisa 7 days ago +1

    She's takes no responsibility for her own behavior. She fucked herself out of money. I find her behavior strange. Why would RZA try to paint you as "crazy" and tell everyone you were seeing a psychiatrist when you admitted you were is because you're behavior was sick AF. She threatened to cut people at the table and make them bleed causeshe didn't like the song Russell Crowe put on! Then she got up like she was ganna act on it! She fucked up her own reputation, and that was RZAs movie that HE CAST HER IN. It wasn't "her movie" or "her moment". I can go on and on, I think she's delusional. Seriously, maybe schizophrenic or bipolar.

  • Rebecca Ocasio
    Rebecca Ocasio 7 days ago

    U a show tryna make everybody believe in your education when u jus want clout like youngest does your soul feel when you betray your own baby girl when you spend that money whore...ctfu stop calming you know more or you are better than anyone cause you supposedly came out ghetto...cuz plenty of us never sold out other girls women what have you ...from our hood and plus I don't know who you

  • Lara Miller
    Lara Miller 8 days ago

    they gassed her on in n out ihate this girl

  • Yahweh Yahushua
    Yahweh Yahushua 9 days ago

    Please turn from your sin and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Finger banging Your mom

    If you’re black and this is what you look up too, you’re the problem

  • Jackson Perkins
    Jackson Perkins 10 days ago

    I feel that she hate Cardi B

  • D. Mrls
    D. Mrls 10 days ago

    Char must if had tongue in his butt kuz he was agree as if he knows 😄

  • Joseph Ivey
    Joseph Ivey 10 days ago +2

    "So...what now?" is a MOOD!

  • pixpusha
    pixpusha 10 days ago +2

    For a quick sec I was thinking maybe she's been doing work and unlearning some of the chaos she learned to thrive on. Then 39:45 where she says "You ruined my moment." Nah, she's not there yet. She may be on the way, but she's not ready.

  • Tracie Howard
    Tracie Howard 11 days ago +1

    Ewwwwwwww shit that thumbnail😆

  • Raheem Sabastian
    Raheem Sabastian 11 days ago

    Real talk, she's always been like this. The reality of the business may have been traumatic and will send the most solid mind stir-crazy.

  • stephen evans
    stephen evans 11 days ago +2

    Amazing woman & Artist shes the bomb love her music

  • Crystal hopkins
    Crystal hopkins 11 days ago +6

    But she has a point about the Cardi B comment 🤷🏾‍♀️ if a black woman had that same character with the platform cardi b has then they would be dragged and canceled in a second.

  • mericana iguana
    mericana iguana 12 days ago +1

    she hates on people and then acts like a victim. they're all Satanic fame chasers, lol @ trying to play some kind of moral authority against each other. oh theres never been an "uncouth" female rapper? um, remember Lil Kim??? Black music has always been uncouth thats what is so fun about it. Pimps and hoes anyone? she is acting brand fucking new. i love the drama though. she knows how she is perceived and she plays her cards.

  • YB
    YB 12 days ago

    No one respects you hoe! Fix your teeth!!!!!

  • Cortez Taylor
    Cortez Taylor 12 days ago

    I love her fucking dirty underwear

  • Dj Munchie
    Dj Munchie 12 days ago

    Why is this Bicth wearing leather gloves?

  • Cortez Taylor
    Cortez Taylor 12 days ago

    I love her

  • bigcat99100
    bigcat99100 12 days ago

    Nas wasnt talking bout her talent ( . )( . ) >.> "full package"

  • Pablo Escobar's Search Block

    I love her face

  • metsän noita
    metsän noita 12 days ago

    Thanks for shouting out Finland🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • roz L.
    roz L. 12 days ago

    Cthagod looks like he is high ass shit

  • Louie Estrada
    Louie Estrada 12 days ago +1

    I’ll always remember her for disgusting Homophobic rant.

  • pj whetstone
    pj whetstone 13 days ago

    I wanna lick them titties 😋

  • Whail idris
    Whail idris 13 days ago +1

    She is beautiful I like her boobs

  • Isupk Imadah
    Isupk Imadah 14 days ago

    Where's the accent?

  • Kale Houchens
    Kale Houchens 14 days ago

    stiff wha?

  • Mike Girard
    Mike Girard 15 days ago +2

    She's so smart and so likeable in a setting like this. I have trouble squaring this person with the nitwit that spews hate on Twitter.

  • Opeyemi Opeyemi
    Opeyemi Opeyemi 15 days ago

    love her boobs

  • Jayceon Williams
    Jayceon Williams 15 days ago

    Maybe i was watching the wrong interview compared to majority of these comments😂😂😂💯💯💯

  • Jason Leonard
    Jason Leonard 16 days ago

    Damn she’s weird

  • Randi Shalise
    Randi Shalise 16 days ago

    She seems kool but her music is trash.... 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • James Monroe
    James Monroe 16 days ago

    When Azealia Banks said “it’s kinda disarming when someone is sticking their tongue in your butt, what are you gonna do?” Why did Charlemagne keep saying “true true” 😂 is he coming out 😂

  • datboiD
    datboiD 16 days ago +1

    She took her meds today thank God, she’s actually talented but that bipolar shit throws a lot of people off, she crazy but she can’t help it so cut her some slack

  • Nate Nails
    Nate Nails 16 days ago +1

    Ima be honest I like her now and she is turning me on in a interesting way

  • tony d
    tony d 16 days ago +1

    That's just weird who drugs you and eat your ass!! Not funny but LMAO!!

  • Super Marco
    Super Marco 16 days ago

    Cthagod, coked out!!! Keeps rubbing his nose haha

  • JustAri94
    JustAri94 17 days ago +2

    i’m just confused how she can say AWFUL things about virtually everyone else .... but then complains when other people do it to her .. or how she can judge other people for saying ugly things to other people ... lmfao

  • shakeera davis
    shakeera davis 17 days ago

    I just want to say that azealia banks has really pretty skin.. why she always talking about lightskin women etc.. I’m sorry but it’s nothing to do with her skin colour , she’s just ugly. Sue me. Just look at her teeth .. I know I ain’t tripping. You guys can all be in denial but she isn’t exactly Nicki minaj.. I think if she fixed her teeth she would get ALOT of bookings because her figure and that complexion could really sell 🔥 it’s sad but women are judged in the creative industry by their appearance and you have to look the part to get views 🤷🏽‍♀️ sue me fucking again ! 😂 #truth

  • Dead visuals
    Dead visuals 18 days ago

    she a good artist but she dont put shit out

    • music lover
      music lover 17 days ago

      Dead visuals yes she does lol.

  • Jameel Spradley
    Jameel Spradley 18 days ago

    Charlamagne is a child molester I do not know this this is crazy

  • Thomas Powell
    Thomas Powell 19 days ago

    Charlemagne keep lookin at them nice titties

  • Karen Chin
    Karen Chin 19 days ago

    a thousand people?? is that a lot for an artist in those regions??

  • Malik Brown
    Malik Brown 19 days ago

    she is ugly and her voice is so fake an annoying

  • Terrie T
    Terrie T 19 days ago

    This was a boring interview, next

  • Niggas gone Wildd
    Niggas gone Wildd 19 days ago

    She trash

  • Downic10
    Downic10 19 days ago

    I love AB!

  • Eric Bell
    Eric Bell 19 days ago

    Bitter at 15 y.o.

  • Knoweth Zani
    Knoweth Zani 20 days ago the end,
    "what that thang smell like girl"
    lmao Im dead!!

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson 20 days ago

    She is one of those people who thinks she is smarter than she really is lol

  • fatsotv
    fatsotv 20 days ago

    Those two teeth be killing me. Thank you

  • Savage GameZ
    Savage GameZ 20 days ago

    Did he just apologize to Azalea? Azalea Banks is a complete disgrace to humanity

  • יוליה גורן
    יוליה גורן 21 day ago +1

    horrible personality.

  • Marcus K
    Marcus K 21 day ago

    What music is she talking about? lol that career must be so crazy...ffs
    She's so dull to interview my jesus christ

  • J J
    J J 22 days ago

    anyone seen that movie?

  • Angel Boma Ye
    Angel Boma Ye 22 days ago

    Can't stop staring at that giant under bite

  • George Bol
    George Bol 22 days ago

    Charl da god be hitting that i bet

  • ConsciousThought
    ConsciousThought 22 days ago

    Her feet fire ;)

  • Lalo Rich
    Lalo Rich 22 days ago +1

    Omg she reminds me of Edna from the incredibles!

  • Millsy Kooksy
    Millsy Kooksy 23 days ago

    He can’t stop staring at her breasts

  • Millsy Kooksy
    Millsy Kooksy 23 days ago

    I love Azealia

  • Mike Tatum
    Mike Tatum 23 days ago +2

    i like the fact that she's fearless and speaks her mind, no matter what people say

  • Damary Guillen
    Damary Guillen 23 days ago +1

    10:55. Love that! Why do they keep instigating all this nonsense on her. No wonder this girl needs to have her punches ready , damn lol she doesn’t take shit and doesn’t need validation from anyone.. the media is hurtinnn

  • Raquel Clark
    Raquel Clark 23 days ago +2

    This is a different side of her. I'd like to see this side more often. I was shocked when I heard her music. She's very talented and I was impressed.

  • Chris Grissom
    Chris Grissom 23 days ago +2

    She's badass, talented, and intelligent.. I dig her, big time.

  • kevin walston
    kevin walston 23 days ago

    im white as a light and i love the bitchiness,lol.i just now stumbled onto the same way,most dont like when i its only words,idgf about what people think.unless they come personal like 69 does.

  • applebug
    applebug 24 days ago +1

    She's too real for the music industry, that's all.

    CFCMAMO1 24 days ago +2

    love this lady!! also fiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt

  • jasmine sanchez
    jasmine sanchez 25 days ago +2

    This interview made her more likeable
    I'm diggin it

  • Effi Bussy
    Effi Bussy 25 days ago +1

    36:07 ICON

  • amere720
    amere720 25 days ago

    To me this interview is boring and she sounds dumb. She has yet to say anything remotely smart. She got an ugly face but that chest area kept me watching. I gotta cut this short and come back to it when I’m bored. Also her laugh reminds me of Fran Drescher eww.

    • alanmac36
      alanmac36 24 days ago +4

      amere720 you so pressed you edited your comment 😂😂 lmao

  • EHIZ
    EHIZ 25 days ago

    Azalea Banks is so problematic but her music is poppin I can’t lie

  • Google User
    Google User 25 days ago

    So you just like the rest of all the black people you put down, you voted for Trump because of money. Now her dumb ass is seeing the outcome of what it is to have Trump in office. Her conversation has no educational facts and her outlook on female rap makes no sense because she keeps bringing up women artists that aren't even rappers......dido, but some of her followers tend to think she's intelligent. Obviously there's more than one idiot missing from their village

  • Google User
    Google User 25 days ago

    This chick is straight trash, she is as fake as that proper ass conversation. She may have talent but she stay riding other female rapper coat tails and then she tries to talk shit about them....Smh, no wonder her career hasn't been great because her energy is on other artists doing better than her.

  • Gabriel Peza
    Gabriel Peza 25 days ago

    Oh shit! So, apparently this is the interview that caused the whole beef b/t Cardi B and A B!

  • Duskysky88
    Duskysky88 26 days ago

    Azealia your voice is soulful the music is great, complex, such a vibe. Judging by the art stuff, she is great!
    Also, gotta be careful of being thought police, it's easy to judge and get caught up in controlling and monitoring others.

  • Nesiannn Blue
    Nesiannn Blue 26 days ago

    did she enlarge her breasts?