Azealia Banks Talks New Single, The State Of Female Rap, RZA, Donald Trump + More


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  • 1 mONKEY
    1 mONKEY 5 hours ago

    she is like a kid that knows when to behave in public or in certain situations and people be like hoooo she is such a nice person I can't believe why people say those things about her but when she comes back home...........

  • Celia H.
    Celia H. 7 hours ago

    I really dont like her. I tried to but her whole defensive, "I'm always right," stuck up attitude is a turn off. I think she's hella insecure and probably doesn't have a lot of friends...but she is definitely arrogant in the worst way. She thinks she's better than everyone else and looks down on others.

  • million dollar
    million dollar 15 hours ago

    She a hater.... she keep saying"beyonce" and beyonce not a rapper plus she been in the game forever she had to evolve just like everyone else just like cardi will if she lasts the test of time

  • Jonathan M
    Jonathan M 4 days ago +1

    When she spoke patois I got turned on no cap

  • Cardell Henigan
    Cardell Henigan 4 days ago +1

    Shes super smart low key, Very Underrated!!!!!!!! I see her getting along with city girls cause of her attitude lmaoo

  • DesMone Ketron
    DesMone Ketron 5 days ago


  • Chason Dixon
    Chason Dixon 5 days ago +1

    I watch this and her hot97 interview almost every other month. The truth.

  • Anonim Groove
    Anonim Groove 6 days ago +1

    25:25 haha Charlamange looking at her boobs whole interview

  • Mik K R
    Mik K R 10 days ago

    that presenter doesn't know whats trance music ? Where are you living ???

  • B A
    B A 10 days ago

    You shouldn't feel like a dorky black girl, you ARE a dorky black girl. You look like the female version of Steve Urkel! LOL I didn't even know wtf she was until the Cardi B beef.

  • Rebecca Dee
    Rebecca Dee 13 days ago

    well I believe some one flashed her their breast's,,at a concert dude so my cat loves her too. bamboo dazzling beauty! rey janky a s h

  • Rebecca Dee
    Rebecca Dee 13 days ago

    more than just a beauty, I love her and my heart is trapped by her, enlightenment, intelligents and mere cuteness, seeking the truth of she is my dream gal pal ...farhanna habibi j williams

  • Laterra Woods
    Laterra Woods 13 days ago

    She smart

  • Haruhiist number5
    Haruhiist number5 14 days ago +1

    THE VERY DEFINITION OF UNDERRATED. This woman is a legit genius.

  • Derek A. B.
    Derek A. B. 14 days ago +1

    One wrong move and we would have had a janet jackson situation on our hands lol

  • Retardosaurusrex
    Retardosaurusrex 14 days ago

    Yo, watching this I started to think Azealia is a lot more sane than people say but then at a certain point I started thinking she's fucking insane but by the end I don't think she's sane or crazy. She's is the twilight zone or she has like Schrodinger's sanity, she is both sane and completely insane at the same time but nowhere in between.

  • Mike P
    Mike P 14 days ago

    Soo..she 'Pro Black'? But yet only, date white guys and trash, black men? Maybe I'm missing something...

  • Steven Arrasmith
    Steven Arrasmith 19 days ago

    I wish fake bitches like this would talk shit to someones face she won't though

  • Cynthia Davis
    Cynthia Davis 19 days ago

    they are telling the truth, she isnt backing down

  • sjsk veryvery
    sjsk veryvery 19 days ago

    that part about "he start eat my ass" was UNNECESSARY

  • Gigi Velez
    Gigi Velez 20 days ago

    She hating on bardi 🤣 period

  • Italy T
    Italy T 20 days ago +1

    SAY WAT U WANNNNNT but shes highly intelligent , slightly misunderstood because she sees society for what it is ,if you disagree with the masses then your labeled "weird" being on "drugs" etc wen its really opposite

  • Tatiana Correia
    Tatiana Correia 20 days ago

    I appreciate her not being scared to divulge some of the unpleasant moments she already has had in life. The stuff was really personal but she spits it out from a place of power.

  • Tatiana Correia
    Tatiana Correia 20 days ago

    Listen Azaelia has SO MUCH going for her but she is also her worst enemy industrywise because she is not reliable. She is to "independent" obviously in an ideal world she is great!!

  • Von Morris
    Von Morris 21 day ago

    What y’all can’t take away for her is that she is always willing to tell the truth. I like the fact that she remains honest whether it’s via her social media presence, music, or otherwise. But her wig and glasses are wrong. Lol. But she’s cute and seems cool.

  • Ginger Harris
    Ginger Harris 21 day ago +1

    This Azealia can’t be the Twitter villain... she’s so sweet...

  • Kyron Wilson
    Kyron Wilson 21 day ago

    This woman is a liar and something is clearly wrong with her lol. She gets rape with a condom. Really

  • Tony b
    Tony b 22 days ago

    it sound like she been through some things and just don't give A fc about opinion of others

  • Kyron Wilson
    Kyron Wilson 22 days ago

    This woman is clearly bias of the nicki Minaj. And cardi b beef. Cause both of them are clearly terrible female rappers and dont be talking about shit. I ve been saying this since 2010 about nickii Minaj and far as cardi b. She just an updated clone of nickii but a lil bit better

  • James Allaire
    James Allaire 22 days ago +1

    Wow. She’s very smart and talented; she should play Ertha Kit in a biopic. She should be writing for the N.Y. Times and producing in Hollywood. What a waste of talent that someone this smart and well educated isn’t in charge.

  • Dee Michelle
    Dee Michelle 23 days ago +1

    She has a beautiful speaking voice.

  • Brien Farmer
    Brien Farmer 23 days ago

    She's dope n woke

  • Community Healing Project

    Underrated Queen of Rap! TRUE music fans know this girl's official and unofficial discography is LEGENDARY!

  • SnozBerryQueen
    SnozBerryQueen 24 days ago

    Yeah I hate when I try to kick guys out of my room but their tongue keeps ending up in my ass too. The struggle is real lol I cant with her. But I love her.

  • Jay80
    Jay80 25 days ago

    shes very intelligent shes very misunderstood

  • Ty I
    Ty I 26 days ago

    Or maybe if everyone's saying she was in the wrong and not Russell Crowe, then she's the fucking idiot and ruined it for herself. RZA and Russell are both established. Just because you're not and because you fucked yourself out of money doesn't mean RZA should lie for you and say something he doesn't believe. This shit is the exact reason why people can say #metoo is bullshit. Because someone like Azalea thinks that she should be able to do whatever she wants and then when she gets the reaction she was looking for she thinks everyone should have her back solely because Russell is already established. So they should all take her side and ruin that man's reputation and his future projects and plans because he has more than you so you think you should be able to treat him like shit and act like an ass and he should just take it? Gtfoh.

  • Nakama93
    Nakama93 27 days ago


  • gray
    gray 28 days ago


  • Luke Mason
    Luke Mason 29 days ago +1

    Is her cunt still gettin eaten?

  • Chad Wilson
    Chad Wilson Month ago

    Tha god keeps looking at those tittie's

  • Diego A
    Diego A Month ago

    fucking heterosexual people!!

    UNDER SOUND Month ago

    she already have a porn name if rap not working, O WELL!!!!!

  • CzechRiot
    CzechRiot Month ago

    What does she say at 13:03? What's the word that sounds like precedence or _pressness_ _prestness_ or what, when she says "state of pressness" or whatever ?

    • CzechRiot
      CzechRiot 28 days ago

      Right. So it was not an actual official dictionary type of term.

    • potbotra
      potbotra 29 days ago


  • Vandell Workman
    Vandell Workman Month ago

    😭😂😂💀 her ass got roasted by DC YOUNG FLY

  • Keninfo
    Keninfo Month ago

    37:37 Talks About RZA

  • Jordon Johnson
    Jordon Johnson Month ago

    What kinda of noise did she make @ 26:30?

  • David Vogelsang
    David Vogelsang Month ago +1

    26:58 took me out 😭😭

  • Harry A
    Harry A Month ago +3

    30:43 to 30:48 was all about the fact that hillary was ON THE BREAKFAST show talking about hot sauce in her bag. When Azealia said "she's literally talking to us like we are idiots" the camera panned away from Charlamagne's face! He and Envy were the actual idiots that Azealia was referring to! BRILLIANT move :-)

  • SuperUkuleleGirl
    SuperUkuleleGirl Month ago

    Zay needs to chill tf out. Constantly railing against other female performers (esp. in the rap game where so few achieve mainstream success) isn't helping the cause. I get her objections Iggy Azaelea and thought that it needed to be said, but her catty tone and the very public nature in which she does it just perpetuates the trope of women bitching and in-fighting.
    Yeah, cardi is biracial, but her latinx identity does not negate her blackness.
    The issue of blaxploitation by black and non blacks is a prescient one, but one to be had in a more engaged, articulate and compassionate way.
    The more that marginalised groups of people tear each other down, the less strength they have as a united front to fight the people with REAL power ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻

  • Clara
    Clara Month ago

    Sad to hear the part where she said was roofied :/

  • marc dennis
    marc dennis Month ago +2

    Those breast are absolutely beautiful. A fresh flower blossoming in the sun. Damn.

  • Anthony Valdez
    Anthony Valdez Month ago

    This the woman who called Zayn Malik a “sand ni***r” right?

    • Latoya Ward
      Latoya Ward 28 days ago

      And also apologized for it.....

    • Jessey Boe
      Jessey Boe Month ago

      Anthony Valdez yup 💀💀💀

  • Sienna Jerome
    Sienna Jerome Month ago +1

    Why would you have her on? The amount of racism that seeps through this disgusting individual shouldn't be brought to anyone's attention.

    • Jessey Boe
      Jessey Boe Month ago +3

      Sienna Jerome well hurt people, hurt people. Same reason why black America feels some type of ways towards white people

    • Sienna Jerome
      Sienna Jerome Month ago +1

      +Jessey Boe I think you just did make an excuse for her. If she's suffered racism herself then she should know how abhorrently wrong it is. But instead she manifests herself into a racist. That's not how you fight hatred. When you have that much hatred for others within you, no amount of "talent" can hide that much ugliness.

    • Jessey Boe
      Jessey Boe Month ago +5

      Sienna Jerome because she’s an artist. Very creative I personally love her music myself. It’s hella different and modern at the same time. She’s faced a lot of racism herself so Maybe that’s why she’s racist to others or lashes out at others? Not making excuses for her but ijs

  • arnold diaz
    arnold diaz Month ago

    charlamane gonna hate anyway

  • Jessey Boe
    Jessey Boe Month ago

    She's so pretty.....if you look past the crazy

  • ben richards
    ben richards Month ago

    41:24 woah

  • Jessey Boe
    Jessey Boe Month ago


  • Jessey Boe
    Jessey Boe Month ago +1

    My favorite problematic musician lmfao i love her ARTISTICNESS. her personality is something else though :-/ sucks that it overshadows her TALENT because im seriously in love with her music, and uniqueness, her vision. i hope she seeks the help she NEEDS

  • Jamaal Curry
    Jamaal Curry Month ago +3

    she's a freedom fighter

  • Mia Nicole
    Mia Nicole Month ago

    You're not a grown man when you're in your twenties and on the radio?

  • Mrs.Nickadeemus
    Mrs.Nickadeemus Month ago +5

    Cardi B talks like she is legit slow, and everyone seems to be eating it up calling it "real". The stupid noises, talking about her vagina and everything else she puts on social media, the fighting - it's just pathetic.

  • Lio Lio
    Lio Lio Month ago +1

    "You did you fucking piece of shit"

  • Sweet Peas
    Sweet Peas Month ago

    Sooooooooooo, EVE was a stripper, pink isn't black but was a stripper, lots of strippers emerged into the industry. Like a strip club not liking escorts , azealia is saying black womens culture doesn't like strippers. The Only stripper we except is Lisa Raye as Diamond in the playas club. Cardi b is a thorn in black womens culture side, on purpose. Toby Walters aka cardi b, @deltatupresident was here and Azealia is looking down her nose at cardi b which might not be right but it's fun!

    • Latoya Ward
      Latoya Ward 28 days ago

      Sweet Peas I think her point was that Cardi was more so promoting negative shit, like in her rolling stone interview she talked about how she doesn’t use condoms and things like that, which is very careless considering most of Cardi fans are young girls; Azealia even recently PUBLICLY apologized to Cardi, no one acknowledges when she apologizes only when she’s going on rants so it says a lot about what ppl pay attention to.

  • theresa webb
    theresa webb Month ago

    She sounds like omarosa to me defebding not voting for hillary clinton

  • theresa webb
    theresa webb Month ago

    Glad she put cjmharlamagne on defensive.

  • Dan Patrick
    Dan Patrick Month ago

    She sounds like the female version of 69

  • Filip Trpevski
    Filip Trpevski Month ago +1

    All love for her

  • La Féte
    La Féte Month ago +3

    There's space for everybody. Let people enjoy who they want to enjoy. A.b is a smart woman and her music bangs

  • Justin Wantou
    Justin Wantou Month ago

    Don't bring her back for an interview until she reduces the size of her forehead and fix her over bite. Unless you sit her in CTG's seat where the camera can see her from a different angle. Her profile is shot! I have never seen someone whose profile is similar to the shape of the letter "S". And the spaces between her teeth, instead of dissing Cardi B, she can learn how to go get her teeth fixed instead. I never heard any of her music before, and so i just TheXvid'd some of it, and listened to "The Big Big Beat", "Anna Wintour", "1991" and some other shit she made - she raps and "sings" over "House Music" beats. At least from the 4 or 5 songs I just listened to. And not for nothing The Big Beat and Anna Wintour sounds similar. Not all that impressed with her because of her "personality" and the fact that she's bringing back an underground culture of sound that was at it's height in the early 90's.

    • potbotra
      potbotra 29 days ago +2

      keep editing that comment bro, u can do it, and form ur own opinions one day, keep going kid!

  • DezTheQween
    DezTheQween Month ago +1

    Funny how she mentions the intelligent convo surrounding black women when she’s one of the black women that took away from it.. her predominant image that SHE puts out is an ignorant ratchet who obsesses over other women who are more successful than her and tries to tear them down.. this girl is a whole joke. 🙄 she’s always putting people and places down that are over her shit because she’s trying to save face. As soon as she starts trying to discredit someone I look up the history between her and that person and there’s always an incriminating credible story against her and her bullshit. There are plenty of talented intelligent black women that deserve the spotlight more than she does. She’s had opportunity after opportunity and she’s squandered it and spat in the face of everyone who has tried to help her. NEXT!

  • Che Guevara
    Che Guevara Month ago +1

    She's annoying in this interview

  • Alexandria Potato
    Alexandria Potato Month ago

    Booooo she sucks 🤢🤮

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     2 months ago +2


  • R. Jeter
    R. Jeter 2 months ago

    Bill Cosby ain't shit

  • Hafeez Romans
    Hafeez Romans 2 months ago

    Jamaica everywhere.

  • oldmaiden shoes
    oldmaiden shoes 2 months ago

    35:55 i have to scream sksk

  • Special K BMX
    Special K BMX 2 months ago


  • NoIdontWant ToGiveYouMyLastName

    she would be too much stress to deal with but damn she's Hot.

  • Shooter19pro/ScArEd
    Shooter19pro/ScArEd 2 months ago +1

    Azealias the type of girl where you look at her body and be like damn girl until she turns around and you see her face

    • nxrree
      nxrree Month ago

      I love the Straights ™️

    • —
       2 months ago +3

      until you see her face and then you're like damn DAMN DAMN GIRLLL!!!! she has the complete package

  • Greg Bradshaw
    Greg Bradshaw 2 months ago

    shes the Chael Sonnen of rap

  • Leonardo Parra
    Leonardo Parra 2 months ago

    Black girls are qt.

  • Zac Robinson
    Zac Robinson 2 months ago

    Her laugh is so fucking cringy my God

  • isiah ocasio
    isiah ocasio 2 months ago

    An icon .

  • penguin world order
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  • Charles Appiah
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  • Recreate Regine
    Recreate Regine 2 months ago +2

    Damn she’s smart afff.

  • zola Lasmisi
    zola Lasmisi 2 months ago +1

    I enjoyed this interview. Its one of the few that Ive watched until the end.

  • zola Lasmisi
    zola Lasmisi 2 months ago +2

    This girl is actually very intelligent.

  • Nay Nay
    Nay Nay 2 months ago

    She so ugly lol

    • Best Downlow
      Best Downlow Month ago

      U ugly lol and y u doing that face ? Hahahah

    • —
       2 months ago

      she cute af and her tits are massive and beautiful . also she's mad talented and smart

    • Nay Nay
      Nay Nay 2 months ago

      xr2kid yeah she is very. 🤪 okay I’m done 😂😂😂 if you like her then that’s fine 😂

    • xr2kid
      xr2kid 2 months ago +2

      No she not

  • Jevon Sheckles
    Jevon Sheckles 2 months ago +1

    She can be aggressive but I love her!

  • Gladys Alayon
    Gladys Alayon 2 months ago

    She is critical, negative, and delusional.

  • macarion
    macarion 2 months ago

    nice tits

  • ladysaane
    ladysaane 2 months ago +1

    This interview hella humanizes her...

  • J. Vishae
    J. Vishae 2 months ago


  • ibutton
    ibutton 2 months ago

    I totally understand her frustration. Very well handle it Ms Amor!!! Dealing with such a rate of stupid questions per minute takes a lot from energy. Go on! I love your being, Thanks for so much Azealia

  • David Ross
    David Ross 2 months ago

    one self-help book dammit!!! lmao!! lol Funny as hell.

  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady 2 months ago +1

    "I like my racists racist" yet she complains about Isreali's being racist! Shes unhinged for sure, all these people in the comments calling her intelligent are clearly dumber than a bag of dog shit.

    • Nik PJ Koulogeorge
      Nik PJ Koulogeorge Month ago +1

      She doesn't like racists, she just has less respect for covert racists...

    • nxrree
      nxrree Month ago


  • Holly Crite
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  • squad boy
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  • Wais Fieda
    Wais Fieda 2 months ago +1

    She literally takes every conversation or questions to the divide of colourism. She is not so happy with what she looks like. Why can't she just be happy with what she got?