• Published on Mar 6, 2018

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    Peanut Butter & Jelly Bacon Burger
    with bacon jam
    400g minced beef chuck
    11/2 tsp smoked garlic powder
    ½ onion powder
    ½ Cayenne
    salt & pepper
    8 rashers of smoked streaky
    250ml sweet chili sauce
    4 brioche burger buns
    Heritage beef tomato
    Baby gem
    Shallots diced
    Flat leaf parsley
    Peanut Butter
    500g Raw shelled peanuts
    ½ tbsp. Honey
    ½ tbsp. Peanut oil
    1. Place the peanuts into a blitzer and pulse for a minute. Take out a third if you want
    chunky peanut butter. Then blitz again for another minute, use a spatula to push all
    the mixture back down into the processor. Then blitz again until you get a smooth
    paste. Add the peanut oil, salt and honey and the rough peanuts
    2. Make patty by combining all the ingredients. Divide the mixture into 4 then slap the
    meat into your hands to squeeze out the air. Once formed set aside to rest for an
    hour, take out 30 mins before you cook.
    3. Cook the bacon until crispy, then dice and blitz with the chili sauce
    4. Cook burgers on a high heat griddle pan or BBQ till medium rare
    5. Combine the parsley, finely diced shallots and mayo
    6. Assemble this tower of beauty garnish with shallot mayo, tomato and salad.

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  • Amanda Verwer
    Amanda Verwer 3 months ago

    The audio sure is messed up

  • 88PZ1
    88PZ1 4 months ago

    You're English, it's called jam you nob

  • Chris
    Chris 9 months ago

    missing the cheese !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • K -Ray
    K -Ray Year ago

    lmao the Beavis and Butthead track

  • DeCiBeL81
    DeCiBeL81 Year ago

    I had tried this with my own homemade baconjam... tastes so amazing!!! Thx for sharing

  • T.C.J B
    T.C.J B Year ago

    Jelly? Thats Jam mate, what you on about?

  • Marky
    Marky Year ago

    Were they roasted peanuts???

  • Apocalyps
    Apocalyps Year ago

    Did you seriously just grill your salad? Stop it, man. Stop it. btw, I'd pay £8.

  • Marc Roy
    Marc Roy Year ago

    the subtle beavis and butthead was hilarious

  • Joe meats
    Joe meats Year ago

    In new york that burgers $14-$16 easy

  • Anteater23
    Anteater23 Year ago


  • Kiran Ahmad
    Kiran Ahmad Year ago

    It would be better if you added coconut oil and instead of salt you add pretzels

  • Osama Alajlouni
    Osama Alajlouni Year ago

    You could've roasted the peanuts first. Roasting enhances their flavor, helps the peanuts release their oil and removes any bitterness. Other than that, I'll definitely give this a try!

  • roger robie
    roger robie Year ago

    I had to check my other tabs, I thought a beavis and butthead clip was open in one of them, lmafo

  • roger robie
    roger robie Year ago

    guy on right sounds like f'ing Bruno

  • roger robie
    roger robie Year ago

    why did it take so long to discover your channel ....

  • F A
    F A Year ago

    Why are you still only 170k subs?? Come on Internet people!

  • Derakk12062
    Derakk12062 Year ago

    It's a dish that makes you question the perceptions about food, but also reminds you of why flavors work. Love it. Would pay at least $9.50 in the USA.

  • Andre
    Andre Year ago

    Can someone give me a little hint on how his petties stay this flat? my petties always blow up and end like meat balls in the pan.

  • udcaps
    udcaps Year ago

    back othe net

  • Lan Nguyen
    Lan Nguyen Year ago

    Can you roast the peanuts beforehand?

  • Flannel Guy DIY
    Flannel Guy DIY Year ago +1

    I love PB&J and I love burgers! Subscribed.. Hopefully you will like the recipes in my channel enough to do the same.

  • alexdcb
    alexdcb Year ago

    Did you really grill that salad on the top?

  • Sora
    Sora Year ago

    That song we used to hear in ShotMechanics video lol 😂

  • Parizhealton GamingVids

    my name is peanut, and im jelly of this burger

  • Gone pie4
    Gone pie4 Year ago


  • Borkubus
    Borkubus Year ago

    Audio was Kinda Fucked

  • DariusDaro
    DariusDaro Year ago

    I try it. It doesnt work. 😒

  • Liv Paez
    Liv Paez Year ago

    Really u are a genius John.. that burger is not just a typical one but u made it beautifully with a peanut butter... 😉😄

  • Karl Delavigne
    Karl Delavigne Year ago

    You need to give your nails a good scrub. Better still, cut them.

  • Roz Sa
    Roz Sa Year ago

    The texture, color and general look of that 'bacon jelly' is just horrendous. Sorry Food busker.

  • QE ornotQE
    QE ornotQE Year ago

    One of your finest ever creations, Chef Quilter.

  • Ricky Cunningham
    Ricky Cunningham Year ago

    Beef for burgers is not minced it is ground hence the name ground beef. Minced is a finer grind which is not what you had there. Never understood why brits call it minced when it is not. Just like the term smart when it is not applied to someone's intelligence. No hate just find it strange to call something it is not. Guess all countries have them though lol.

  • LoopMo
    LoopMo Year ago

    Bro this masterpiece is worth at least 10 quid. Ohh looks so juicy, sticky, lovely ahhh

  • This Fat Girl Runs

    I said 6 pounds before you did, John. Do I win a prize!?

  • Peter william Roosevelt

    jam!!! not jelly.. unsubscribe coz your trying to be American

  • Arnold Stipsits
    Arnold Stipsits Year ago

    4-0, deserved as always

  • Arnold Stipsits
    Arnold Stipsits Year ago

    i hear beavis and butthead, must be hallucinating from the peanut butter, jam and bacon

  • Arnold Stipsits
    Arnold Stipsits Year ago

    awesome combo, dude! it makes TOTAL sense (Y)

  • Roy S.
    Roy S. Year ago +1

    I bet if you toast the peanuts before its even better!

  • Jan RT
    Jan RT Year ago +1

    At least 10£. Looks great and super delicious :)

  • Alex Rosenleaf
    Alex Rosenleaf Year ago +1

    The Bevis and Butthead track makes it art!

  • Andrej Vujkovac
    Andrej Vujkovac Year ago +1

    Worth at least 9£

  • Mersay W.
    Mersay W. Year ago +1

    Easily I would pay £7.00!!!!! I am definitely going to make this burger!!!!

  • Korn Panpitakpan
    Korn Panpitakpan Year ago

    Is that a Takeda Stainless Clad Gyuto 240mm Medium on your knife racks??

  • Daniel Lim
    Daniel Lim Year ago +1

    Been waiting for this recipe video since you posted on Instagram! I would pay £8 for this bad boy!

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  Year ago +1

      Nice one Daniel! I hope it didn't disappoint

  • dxelson
    dxelson Year ago +1

    Nice burger

  • Brian Gallagher
    Brian Gallagher Year ago +1

    The market manager has the best job! Always available for a taste test! Boom!

  • hundrei
    hundrei Year ago +1

    10€ easy

  • Andrew Prior
    Andrew Prior Year ago +1

    Yum, drool, yum, need to go outside and exercise now after looking at this.

  • TheHairyKarl
    TheHairyKarl Year ago +1

    Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • The beer journal
    The beer journal Year ago +1

    Awesome video, I'm famous amongst friends for my peanut butter and chilli jam burgers. I and everyone else loves them especially paired with a beautiful IPA on a hot summers day around the BBQ! Increase the peace! Collab soon I hope!

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  Year ago

      What an image chef. Making me dream of summer times

  • Ari Ruck
    Ari Ruck Year ago +1

    8 pound!! bro

  • Jeroen Gruijters
    Jeroen Gruijters Year ago +1

    Why are there grillmarks on his lettuce? Does it do a lot for the flavour?

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  Year ago

      It adds that little bit extra chef, just a little bit... but it's worth it

  • Zee Devil
    Zee Devil Year ago +1

    Mad man

  • David Pumpkini
    David Pumpkini Year ago +1

    At first when he said peanut butter and jelly (and burger), i wanted to be sick in my mouth but watch on, it's not your regular PB&J.

  • Wayne Byrne
    Wayne Byrne Year ago +1

    New subscribers from Alex #spreaditlikebutter video.
    Great first video for me, and so glad I subscribed.
    £12 restaurant £6 on the street for me. 👍

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  Year ago +1

      WAYNE my man! This is what I luv to hear! Thanks for subscribing chef

  • Alain Williams
    Alain Williams Year ago

    nothing at all mate

  • Theam Kok Ming
    Theam Kok Ming Year ago +1

    Liked at 0:44 !

  • Dwayne Wladyka
    Dwayne Wladyka Year ago +1

    Genius. That's an understatement. I thought 8 £ and 50 pence. It is a work of art. Cheers!