The ULTIMATE $30,000 Gaming PC Setup


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  9 days ago +927

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  • Wol ff
    Wol ff 28 minutes ago

    Damn i wish i had that gaming set

  • Typical Landon
    Typical Landon 41 minute ago

    We call it.. "The Weighter Gainer"

  • Beans Adventures
    Beans Adventures 47 minutes ago

    He's the DJ Khalid of gaming

  • TGuyen
    TGuyen Hour ago

    I kinda want to make a gaming pod where I just go in and I have stashed of snacks and drinks and WiFi and just a bunch of games so I have this secret bunker that’s super dark and decked out with rgb

  • Dave Riley
    Dave Riley Hour ago

    or you could get an oculus rift

  • smoke dank
    smoke dank Hour ago

    Uneven lines. Literally unusable.

  • AnesthesiaOG
    AnesthesiaOG Hour ago

    if i had that setup first I need to kill my mom or else she would interrupt me all the time

  • ArsyiGaming With Arsyi

    But Still... *You Can't buy Skill*

  • Ohlong Johnson
    Ohlong Johnson Hour ago

    I've seen better

  • XXEcho LukeXX
    XXEcho LukeXX 2 hours ago

    That’s so cool 😎, great job man

  • Daniel Akinyemi
    Daniel Akinyemi 2 hours ago

    “Your not allowed to sit here Jack”😂😂😂😂👌🏽

  • alex the xbox gamer
    alex the xbox gamer 3 hours ago +1

    do a 1000$ gameing set up

  • Dina Chan
    Dina Chan 3 hours ago

    how can pewdiepie dont have this?

  • Faizan T
    Faizan T 4 hours ago

    And my ass sittin here
    Cracked screen iphone 6
    Slow ass broken ass ps4
    Pc has intel pentium cancer ass
    Broke ass me

  • VoidGames
    VoidGames 4 hours ago

    my $10 laptop is better than this

  • Kendryk Arevalo
    Kendryk Arevalo 4 hours ago +1

    But can it run video games???

  • smart tv
    smart tv 4 hours ago

    the ultimate getting fat setup

  • Osman Yasin Oz
    Osman Yasin Oz 4 hours ago


  • C L
    C L 4 hours ago +1

    I thought you were going to test it with a real game. You made no justice.

  • God Ofcooking
    God Ofcooking 5 hours ago

    Oiiii!!!!!! The chair!!!! It’s out of stock!

  • God Ofcooking
    God Ofcooking 5 hours ago

    Love da vid and love the set and yep I want one

  • Brain Kimchi
    Brain Kimchi 5 hours ago

    he lost to someone named 2dicksinaboat lol

  • Gavin Dow
    Gavin Dow 5 hours ago

    If only it could drive around

  • Sceptical FOX
    Sceptical FOX 6 hours ago

    He literally recked it bye playing fortnite as a big noob

  • Sceptical FOX
    Sceptical FOX 6 hours ago

    If I get 200 subs I will buy one of them no joke

  • Kyle Turek
    Kyle Turek 6 hours ago

    That setup looks mad comfy

  • Run4kova
    Run4kova 6 hours ago

    I want one just to check my emails

  • Street Dog
    Street Dog 7 hours ago

    30.000 usd and the monitor is not at least 120hz ?

  • Weeb- Desu
    Weeb- Desu 7 hours ago

    If you play fortnut in that setup thats an insult to me and all the gamers

  • Monster Slushy
    Monster Slushy 7 hours ago

    I have seen the face of God. And its beautiful

  • Gerberger
    Gerberger 7 hours ago

    This is low live.

  • papo papi
    papo papi 7 hours ago

    MY PC SPEND $800

  • Riley Walters
    Riley Walters 7 hours ago

    DrLupo’s set up is crazier

  • Julio Herculano Santiago Barros

    this SETUP GAMER of 30,000 dollars in my country that is Brazil is worth 90,700 reais, which are the Brazilian currencies and do not take this setup to consertesa you will be stolen :)

  • عبدالله عامر الكندي 711

    It can't run minecraft مرحبا شبااااااب

  • craig melberg
    craig melberg 8 hours ago

    Review some tablets Lew something I can afford on a budget bro 😉

  • LiamTheBearOfFire
    LiamTheBearOfFire 8 hours ago

    Please donate his to me.

  • Nacho Dude
    Nacho Dude 8 hours ago

    Of course this guy. A complete noob ends up with setup like this when gods like some of my friends play on cardboard boxes

  • Alfred Holt
    Alfred Holt 8 hours ago

    For fat people.

    IIGGII 8 hours ago +1

    Do a wall of monitors

  • Ghostproyolo
    Ghostproyolo 8 hours ago

    but can it play minecraft?

  • Ghostproyolo
    Ghostproyolo 8 hours ago

    if i buy this ill die in it... I'm in

  • weed2009S
    weed2009S 8 hours ago

    Putain 30 000 dollars pr un écran déguelasse ..., a ce prix la tu peut te payer un ecran de cette taille qui fait le mode trille ecran inclu dedans pour ne pas avoir des bord déguelasse ...

  • akele cara la
    akele cara la 8 hours ago

    Unbox Therapy: "Fortnite, PUBG, Far Cry 5? Which game would you play on this gaming PC setup?"


  • Rubics
    Rubics 8 hours ago

    You buy that to play mfing minecraft

  • brad wilkinson
    brad wilkinson 8 hours ago

    why why u playing fortnite on dat u sould be playing pubg

  • Tom Farrington
    Tom Farrington 9 hours ago

    Yea but you can't play halo

  • Zarii
    Zarii 9 hours ago

    PLEASE dont show me this.

    • Zarii
      Zarii 9 hours ago

      The fucking Fridge, realtalk

  • la freak
    la freak 9 hours ago

    Can you make an video 360 degrees when you site here please for your fan???

    Like to make this comment one of the top

  • One Edge
    One Edge 9 hours ago

    Can it run Paint tho?

  • Dellahunti
    Dellahunti 9 hours ago

    I thumb loved your mom last night

  • Lesters Selma
    Lesters Selma 9 hours ago

    I'm soooo jelous huhuhuhu😭someday i will have that setup

  • TROY
    TROY 10 hours ago

    its realkly really good but still need to be more customise bigger desk first off

  • mr skeletor
    mr skeletor 10 hours ago

    Get good mang

  • Hank Austin
    Hank Austin 10 hours ago

    Why America is Fat.

  • Al Rifat Hossain
    Al Rifat Hossain 10 hours ago

    so beautiful this makes me wanna cry

  • Jayden Simpson
    Jayden Simpson 10 hours ago

    best ultimate setup ever😀

  • Grumpa YT
    Grumpa YT 10 hours ago

    80-90fps on Fortnite for 30k?

  • Borek Klep
    Borek Klep 10 hours ago

    It cant get any better can it?

  • Arnick
    Arnick 10 hours ago +1

    How only 80 FPS?

  • Boss of Games
    Boss of Games 10 hours ago

    Can it run GTA 5?

  • Yoat 69
    Yoat 69 11 hours ago

    Has the best gamikg setup ever with a 4k monutor and plays fortnite with it lmao

  • Abinash Rabha
    Abinash Rabha 11 hours ago


  • Lu
    Lu 11 hours ago

    still cant handle 2chrome tabs

  • Dolph3n
    Dolph3n 11 hours ago


  • Snake crawler
    Snake crawler 11 hours ago

    okk so i have a laptop 4 GB ram and what the fuck is this

  • Hkm Saharan
    Hkm Saharan 11 hours ago +1

    Fortnite ❤️

  • Hkm Saharan
    Hkm Saharan 11 hours ago +1

    This is R E A L

  • Hkm Saharan
    Hkm Saharan 11 hours ago


  • Andrew Mascioli
    Andrew Mascioli 12 hours ago

    Enjoy my channel and have a laugh come check it out

  • Adam Legacy
    Adam Legacy 12 hours ago

    it s must have a WC i mean if i seat there i won't go anywhere so it must have a wc

  • iSammax
    iSammax 12 hours ago

    - 30k gaming pc
    - over 80 fps mostly in potato game
    - no space for mouse movements whatsoever
    - ?????????????

  • dave thegreat
    dave thegreat 12 hours ago

    no mouse room , screens are too big for pc gaming but looks dope :>

  • Trit ian
    Trit ian 13 hours ago

    why not just have 3 of the main 4k monitors? the two 24 inch are a waste.

  • Léo Campos
    Léo Campos 13 hours ago +1

    Edu kk

    • ツDaviid
      ツDaviid 13 hours ago

      APENAS MAIS UM kkkkkkk up

  • fortnite radical
    fortnite radical 13 hours ago

    I want it so much :c

  • forza1sra
    forza1sra 13 hours ago

    Called ultimate gaming setup, doesn't have a high refresh rate display.

  • Elias Mackrodt
    Elias Mackrodt 13 hours ago

    but does it run crysis ?

  • Ouya Gamer
    Ouya Gamer 14 hours ago

    Fuck PC. Play some real games like i do lol (see my channel)

  • Mike Domingo
    Mike Domingo 14 hours ago

    play PUBG

  • kitkat
    kitkat 14 hours ago

    no thinking cap..

  • Ruchir Yewale
    Ruchir Yewale 14 hours ago

    Hey Lew Do more crazy set ups then this

  • Nirmala Lama
    Nirmala Lama 15 hours ago

    Can it play super mario bros

    JUST EVERYTHING! 15 hours ago

    his 1 monitor means my 4 monitors

  • Kenshin Lim
    Kenshin Lim 15 hours ago

    Oh well, another dream I'll never able to achieve in this life... Damn Lou, that's one dope, epic, crazy, AWESOME seat right there!!! LOL

    WOLVERiNE 15 hours ago

    Just can't bear see a guy that has a 30k build and still has to look at the keyboard to find the right key.

  • valeriano blanco navarrete


  • Joowa 99
    Joowa 99 16 hours ago

    Far cry 5

  • Drack Gaming
    Drack Gaming 16 hours ago

    This is so fucking fake he's only getting like 70 fps

  • K1 A1
    K1 A1 17 hours ago

    How about Ready Player One's Gaming Chair 🤔

  • Yup Pretty Much
    Yup Pretty Much 17 hours ago

    What have you guys done to stephen hawking

  • NigWard
    NigWard 17 hours ago

    ill trade you a slice of pizza for the setup

  • ιѕн ѕαναgє
    ιѕн ѕαναgє 19 hours ago

    I wish have a setup like these 😑😧

  • Andreu Navarro
    Andreu Navarro 20 hours ago

    Tanto pc para terminar jugando al Fornite xd

  • Alex Traza
    Alex Traza 21 hour ago

    Buys a $30k gaming setup
    plays fortnite on it

  • Dylan Brabant
    Dylan Brabant 21 hour ago

    $30k set up and cant even afford pubg.. that's a damn shame

  • Carpio TMC
    Carpio TMC 21 hour ago

    Para que tenia una compu tan grosa si nada mas iva a jugar al fornite

  • Dude Monord
    Dude Monord 21 hour ago

    Shut Up And Take My Money..!!

    Oh Wait I Don't Have Any Money :(

  • Baconer
    Baconer 21 hour ago

    When you pay $30k to be able to see opponents in fortnite besides you