The ULTIMATE $30,000 Gaming PC Setup


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    • Paulie Walnuts
      Paulie Walnuts Day ago


    • TomKasp
      TomKasp Day ago

      My dreams never gonna hapens.

    • Justin Rodriguez
      Justin Rodriguez 8 days ago

      star citizen please!!!!!

    • Hunter Jackson
      Hunter Jackson 12 days ago

      I have a setup like this too!!! But its the only type of setup you won't find elsewhere the only " One Of a Kind" homemade version.

    LOTRSAURON 20 hours ago

    The healthy diet snacks cart, lol.

  • Subscribe to ZachTGD
    Subscribe to ZachTGD 22 hours ago

    I would waste this all just to play minecraft

  • The Gamerade
    The Gamerade 23 hours ago

    But all of a need to go to the bathroom: (

  • Fantum
    Fantum Day ago +1

    You have a 30k setup.
    Why not play Minecraft 😂😂😂😂

  • Gavry Animations

    Amazing setup
    Not amazing fortnite player

  • Challenger I
    Challenger I Day ago +1


  • [RNG] Nightmare
    [RNG] Nightmare Day ago +1

    I aM nOw SaD, mOm BuY mE a GaMiNg Pc Im BrOkE

  • Ansito Mancebo
    Ansito Mancebo Day ago

    Plays 2 games and gets a seizure

  • Travis Pfeifer
    Travis Pfeifer Day ago

    Looks like it’s designed for handi-capped people

  • Kausar Lala
    Kausar Lala Day ago

    What a coincidence, i got myself built the exact same setup. Although i now have nowhere to take a deuce, totally homeless and bare naked with this fucker.

  • Waveuligion
    Waveuligion Day ago

    dude that looks like a goddamn alien warship

  • Gourav Passi
    Gourav Passi Day ago

    One thing is missing
    VR... 🤑

  • KingCarlos
    KingCarlos Day ago

    You have a 30k gaming pc but you trash at fortnite😂

  • 3ZIX
    3ZIX Day ago


  • 3ZIX
    3ZIX Day ago


  • 3ZIX
    3ZIX Day ago


  • Eclipse source
    Eclipse source Day ago

    Say byebye to ur eye

  • Yasuo - The Unforgiven


  • Impulses
    Impulses Day ago +1

    The setup alone costs the amount of my house

  • DarkieFluff xX
    DarkieFluff xX Day ago

    If you’re a poor, broke, weirdo like me like the comment ;) *im dead inside*

  • South Side
    South Side Day ago

    And I was thinking my Xbox one x was alot

  • Tenetica
    Tenetica Day ago

    Default lol

  • Tenetica
    Tenetica Day ago

    Wtf are you like the money man

  • • Yuanoke •
    • Yuanoke • Day ago +1

    But can it run Minecraft?

  • Nouman Jamali
    Nouman Jamali Day ago

    hAhAhA HeY dUdE eVen WiTh uLtImAtE gAMiNg SeTuP yOu'Re STiLL a PoOr GaMeR aS yOU LoUgHs A LoT aFtEr sOmEonE KiLLs YoU sTaRt AAaHaHAhaH.

  • DS Gaming
    DS Gaming Day ago

    Dad! buy me this!!!

  • Haider Ali Shah
    Haider Ali Shah Day ago

    My Dream is to buy a Gaming Setup like this in life.

  • bcgb
    bcgb Day ago

    i gained 30 kg watching this video

  • fabrizio francucci


  • Meghnil Chatterjee


  • TiN MaN
    TiN MaN Day ago

    Not worth 30k

  • son-goku kun
    son-goku kun Day ago

    you look like tyler in dude perfect but you lack skills

  • Go13M_ Gaming
    Go13M_ Gaming Day ago

    Would be better if he had more mouse space

  • JuaDietty _
    JuaDietty _ 2 days ago

    if a genius of a lamp told me that I could ask for three wishes that one of these would ask, and if he tells me that very expensive I tell him to divide it into 3 and use my three wishes, then tell him, without interest and I tell him my address . :)

  • scrappyfagan1
    scrappyfagan1 2 days ago

    I wish I could build that!!!!

  • Metal Frame
    Metal Frame 2 days ago

    But can it run Minecraft ?

  • Daniel Winters
    Daniel Winters 2 days ago

    Step 1 to get one of thoes steal your moms credit card step 2 go to wallmar buy one

  • Daniel Winters
    Daniel Winters 2 days ago

    My set up is hell this is heaven

  • osmr_thn _U
    osmr_thn _U 2 days ago

    4:42 RIP revolver lol

  • Okt - Ali
    Okt - Ali 2 days ago

    Give me that please

  • Taha Zubair
    Taha Zubair 2 days ago

    When u have money and no skills no offense

  • Gaming With Sarthak
    Gaming With Sarthak 2 days ago

    This setup is amazing

  • Mathias nordström
    Mathias nordström 2 days ago

    I've only got one question. How do you flush?

  • tban1
    tban1 2 days ago

    Que asco... Se arma un setup de 30 mil para jugar FORNITE? que imbecil...

  • DemonPie
    DemonPie 2 days ago +3

    I clicked this video on earth
    Now I am in heaven

  • DefaultMeNoob
    DefaultMeNoob 2 days ago

    Really cool setup bro! I wish i had such money

  • #Ultimate Gaming
    #Ultimate Gaming 2 days ago


  • Adrian Dinu
    Adrian Dinu 2 days ago

    nice i like it a lot. Nice for game and relax. Good work. kip it up.

  • Etienne Le Nigen
    Etienne Le Nigen 2 days ago

    Were you allowed to keep it? ;-)

  • Rittick Prasad
    Rittick Prasad 2 days ago +1

    Wasting the gaming setup by playing a cartoon game

  • patrick butler
    patrick butler 2 days ago

    Lol I can’t even afford the keyboard and mouse :(

  • Faisaru
    Faisaru 2 days ago

    6:06 smoother than my life.

    HAREM KING 2 days ago

    The ultimate gaming rig doesn't let you get any better at games...... lol

  • Bois Gamer
    Bois Gamer 2 days ago

    When u have 1000000000Billion dollars and u don't know what to buy....

  • mr rendangz
    mr rendangz 2 days ago

    How many kidney do you have?

    YABOIGAB 2 days ago

    Im really jelous 'cause I have a mac.

  • Sammy Sam
    Sammy Sam 2 days ago

    It should have Xbox also

  • Falcon-Gaming
    Falcon-Gaming 2 days ago

    Please Give Me That Gaming PC.♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Celts Channel
    Celts Channel 3 days ago

    People fighting for fort nite in the comments😂

  • XIBeRz X
    XIBeRz X 3 days ago +2

    Just gotta sell myself then I think I might have a quarter of the price to buy this

  • a c
    a c 3 days ago

    Literally wall-E

  • The shrimp queen
    The shrimp queen 3 days ago

    im so jello that you can get all this coold shit lmao xDD
    love ur vids

  • Android Gamer
    Android Gamer 3 days ago

    its a nice setup but dont play bad games on that pc

  • Master of gaming
    Master of gaming 3 days ago

    why would anyone want to but a computer for that much money

  • Niac
    Niac 3 days ago

    I'd trade those 3 monitors for a wide curved monitor any day of the week

  • GreenBeast
    GreenBeast 3 days ago

    If I had something like this, I won't eat anything, just for that i won't lose time in the toilet.

  • Kyurem Bael
    Kyurem Bael 3 days ago

    I can finally use my Extreme Shaders and Conquest pack in Minecraft.

  • nagendra vashist
    nagendra vashist 3 days ago

    More advanced the tech... More lazy the people will become.

  • Razor Hawk
    Razor Hawk 3 days ago

    Who needs that while you can buy console for 300$ that can play almost everything

  • begu lu pendo cuki mai


  • CHAK.1 official channel

    I want to try gta 6 on it hhhhh

  • Adnan Andersson
    Adnan Andersson 3 days ago

    The screens are shit

  • Alpha Technologies 360

    aaaand where to buy this?

  • Mitchell Vaughn
    Mitchell Vaughn 4 days ago

    Every gamer envies this rig

  • smoki loek
    smoki loek 4 days ago

    what cost 30000 doll?

    JR VIDEOZ 4 days ago


  • Marc willson
    Marc willson 4 days ago


  • Ascadsds YT
    Ascadsds YT 4 days ago

    Puta este vídeo me hace sentir mas pobre de lo que soy :,v

  • Pim_Gamer
    Pim_Gamer 4 days ago

    I would play minecraft

  • mohamad hafiz
    mohamad hafiz 4 days ago

    i prefer normal setup than this piece of shit

  • Sadman Sakib
    Sadman Sakib 4 days ago

    Give me any of your gaming keyboard

  • Rafael Prates
    Rafael Prates 4 days ago

    Eu prefiro gastar 30k em um setup desse do quem gastar comprando moto e essas coisas

  • T e l e
    T e l e 4 days ago

    Sure... I can afford that

  • Dank Chicken
    Dank Chicken 4 days ago

    no scuff?

  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar 4 days ago

    That was Stephen hawking in starting?

  • superdibo
    superdibo 4 days ago

    Someone buy me a laptop me brokey

  • despacito
    despacito 4 days ago

    Also this sucks its for gaming so 144hz or 240hz would be better

  • despacito
    despacito 4 days ago

    Do a refresh with 3 of the predator x27 monitors and an rtx 2080ti sli build

  • Airwreck 14
    Airwreck 14 4 days ago

    How to be a couch potato101

  • Anthony Limun
    Anthony Limun 5 days ago

    That's cool

  • Wade Douglas Coon
    Wade Douglas Coon 5 days ago

    Amazing hit a like if you argee

  • The Hacking Rabbit
    The Hacking Rabbit 5 days ago

    Ur a noob at fortnite

  • Pootis Bird
    Pootis Bird 5 days ago

    Yup. Flagging cause fortnite. Its trash and cancer. Play Other games, like Warframe.
    Jesus...that kind of setup. Youre a dissapointment and scum.

  • Ferdi Ferdi
    Ferdi Ferdi 5 days ago

    You. Forgot .the. scuf controller.

  • Bro Honest
    Bro Honest 5 days ago


  • Rafeah Suparman
    Rafeah Suparman 5 days ago

    i Buy i buy 1 00009973608000000 🎧💵💵💵💵💵💵

  • Arindam Dubey
    Arindam Dubey 5 days ago

    whoa man.... thats huge

  • Sockmanexpress
    Sockmanexpress 5 days ago

    But how do you play local multiplayer with that setup?

  • H3II O_O
    H3II O_O 5 days ago

    Can u Give me Some PC :D