The ULTIMATE $30,000 Gaming PC Setup


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  3 months ago +1239

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    • Insan3 Gaming
      Insan3 Gaming 2 days ago

      i really want to buy that!

    • N4 NEPAL
      N4 NEPAL 3 days ago

      Unbox Therapy how many $

      TSE_RIPPA 12 days ago

      Unbox Therapy please don’t sing

    • ToxicTryHard
      ToxicTryHard 17 days ago

      Unbox Therapy I have $ 26,987.13 Im starting to buy the stuff

    • jason couch
      jason couch 20 days ago

      i need a gaming pc im so broke its unreal

  • CT DiNoia
    CT DiNoia Hour ago

    But can you use a calculator?

  • Dark Axcel
    Dark Axcel 2 hours ago

    why am i not an american

  • Papa Mugz
    Papa Mugz 2 hours ago

    why would a man that would have a $30,000 PC wear camo cargo shorts

  • Optikks
    Optikks 3 hours ago


  • 卐Das卐Nobel卐Führer卐

    I love all these filthy casuals complaining about his skills in Fortnite, I bet none of them are even good, so unless I see any of you in the pro leagues, kindly piss off. As for all those sassy minecraft players who say "I'm better than you" - I don't play it so it's not really much of an accomplishment.

  • iDinDoNuffin
    iDinDoNuffin 4 hours ago

    30,000$ to play fortnite. Money well spent.

  • Linneboi
    Linneboi 5 hours ago


  • Joshua Park
    Joshua Park 12 hours ago

    Everybody roasting him in the comment section... but in reality he's having fun and obviously has the money to do so. I wish I could be this guys friend

  • Ga Me
    Ga Me 15 hours ago

    Pretty cool except the monitor setup... This is like THE case for curved displays. I'd slap a curved display in the middle. Or perhaps even an ultra-wide - the largest ultra-wide display out there? For this price, I'd make sure I had the absolute best monitor setup possible. I do like the side monitors though. I'd just rather have an ultra-wide screen wrap around for the main gaming display and the side displays for chat windows, browsers etc. Would be nice to have a browser right there to look stuff up on for crafting, help or whatever in your games.
    Also, wireless headphones. You don't need masterful audiophile wired headphone sound for games. I wouldn't want to worry about a headphone cable in that setup.

  • LeoTheSquid
    LeoTheSquid 16 hours ago

    That beginning sounds a lot like Fitter Happier

    GOD FATHER 20 hours ago

    Ultimate gaming setup and you play fortnite........... smh

  • Jack Buchanan
    Jack Buchanan 21 hour ago

    Got to love the out of tune singing to Semisonic lol

  • writam15 Chatterjee
    writam15 Chatterjee 22 hours ago

    Nother way to tell that you are a drug diller

  • Jolonto khalil's work

    boroloker baccha

    CHONE GUZMAN Day ago

    If anyone’s a pc gamer you can agree playing in this would be awful you have no mouse space and can’t angle ur keyboard plus ur monitors are to low and close to ur face

  • Ali Sumatra
    Ali Sumatra Day ago

    Shit! Ur god of the gaming!

  • Hameed Raziq
    Hameed Raziq Day ago

    Playing fortnight

  • Harry Moses
    Harry Moses Day ago

    if I saw ninja playing fortnite with that and I lost, idont know what I would do

  • Madmaxito
    Madmaxito Day ago


  • Sumer Singh Meena

    Loser I made much better investment lol XD 😝

  • alecaceres06
    alecaceres06 Day ago

    A ultímate setup with a desafío tu boii

  • Tristin Davis
    Tristin Davis Day ago

    Can I buy this LOl

  • rinchu9
    rinchu9 Day ago

    Why am I watching this? I’m torturing myself because I know I’ll never be able to afford that lol

  • Turzilla
    Turzilla Day ago +1

    Why did I have a sex ad b4 this.

  • Applejack
    Applejack Day ago

    12k dislikes? WTF. :/

  • Fernando Velasquez

    You should do a graphic intensive game like ark survival at max settings to actually put it to the test since fortnite is not a graphic intensive game

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 2 days ago

    Does he game tho?

  • ManningPlayzYT
    ManningPlayzYT 2 days ago

    I think I might cry... I want that...

  • Andres Castillo
    Andres Castillo 2 days ago

    How to get blind in 2 days

  • B
    B 2 days ago

    I hate you. Give me one. Then I will like you.

  • Peantud
    Peantud 2 days ago

    You got killed by 2dicksinaboat ahahhahaha

  • علاء عبدالخالق

    احى احى احى

  • Karine Ladouceur
    Karine Ladouceur 2 days ago

    Why Fortnite? Why that horrible game?

  • Jetinator
    Jetinator 2 days ago

    Can I have $30,000 to buy it?

  • amman baig
    amman baig 2 days ago

    Its my dream setup i can set my goals to built this , For Fortnite

  • ceeday Roy purdy
    ceeday Roy purdy 2 days ago

    Holy shit!

  • Tony
    Tony 2 days ago

    And yet it has no integrated toilet xd Homer did better in the Simpsons.
    BTW, ultimate system plays Fortnite to show case it FacePalm.

  • Kozy Kat
    Kozy Kat 2 days ago

    No offence, but your bad at fortnite

  • paul hudson
    paul hudson 2 days ago


    GRIDLOCK PLAYZ 2 days ago

    What's with the weird wheel less bike???

  • Ben Ward
    Ben Ward 2 days ago

    Has this set up, plays fortshite...............

    RICKIDH GAMERS 2 days ago

    i wish I had that

  • canboon 1970
    canboon 1970 3 days ago

    No way

  • Harbbe
    Harbbe 3 days ago

    *plays original runescape with it

  • TeenEnder 16
    TeenEnder 16 3 days ago

    If anybody has a 30,000 dollars I will gladly take it

  • Deshawn
    Deshawn 3 days ago

    Where should some one buy that

  • Deshawn
    Deshawn 3 days ago

    Wow I wish I had that

  • Alan Reyes
    Alan Reyes 3 days ago

    Devoe's chair

  • j time
    j time 3 days ago


  • V_BLayzX 47
    V_BLayzX 47 3 days ago

    Just imagine someone having this same set up and the only game they play is Roblox XD

  • Joshua Lay
    Joshua Lay 3 days ago

    When I’m an old man...if I can make it to that special day...I will have this...and I will play Skyrim with over 600 day.

  • jan jan
    jan jan 3 days ago

    can you give a gaming pc😢 i love that gaming pc

  • DRIF T
    DRIF T 3 days ago

    I need that

  • nitekrawler
    nitekrawler 3 days ago

    thats not a workstation
    thats a throne

  • Analiser 6969
    Analiser 6969 3 days ago

    Ohh that is my love 😍 right there my dream pc

  • N4 NEPAL
    N4 NEPAL 3 days ago

    how many $

  • Cuttooth
    Cuttooth 3 days ago

    But what FPS does it run Minecraft at

  • Muhammad Ikmal Tawakal

    Its $399 from PewDiePie

  • Glitch Bomb
    Glitch Bomb 3 days ago

    Xidax is a beast of a custom PC company, I own 2 customs the X-8 and the X-10. Top quality with the best customer service.

  • Foxstar the Master
    Foxstar the Master 3 days ago

    i have it

  • Zlugz
    Zlugz 3 days ago

    I need this!

  • Nick Dinh
    Nick Dinh 4 days ago

    Has 30k pc, still uses a default skin..

  • Tech Mind Hacker
    Tech Mind Hacker 4 days ago

    Toh bc tumare subscription भी to kittte hai.

  • V0RT3X_MUS1C
    V0RT3X_MUS1C 4 days ago

    stephan hawkings?

  • D Apostol
    D Apostol 4 days ago +1

    Oh my god, massage? *Just have to wait 50 years to be your budget*

  • Titanium
    Titanium 4 days ago

    give me that setup plz

    ALOOKEIR123 4 days ago


    ALOOKEIR123 4 days ago

    He is showing this off and all i have is a razer laptop but it works lol

  • Jubeidono2012
    Jubeidono2012 4 days ago

    Reminds me of the movie Wall-E

  • German Escamilla
    German Escamilla 4 days ago

    Remember that episode from Black Mirror?

  • some user
    some user 4 days ago

    uses 30,000 dollars to play fornite.

  • Gbxit
    Gbxit 4 days ago

    2 hours of gaming later = electric bill of 7,000$ dollars :V

  • The Galaxy
    The Galaxy 4 days ago

    Thanks I think I will buy this one and the other one

  • Dazzus Inc.
    Dazzus Inc. 4 days ago


  • southweststrangla420

    that awesome rig and u freakin play fortnight? might as well play some 8 bit games to show it off

  • Dakorey
    Dakorey 4 days ago

    can i play minecraft on this?

  • JaguarDenkOps
    JaguarDenkOps 4 days ago

    I want To Play Gta Vice City Here Can I?

  • Rajesh Seth
    Rajesh Seth 4 days ago


  • icewallow_come
    icewallow_come 4 days ago

    Where can I buy this

  • Fortnite Gamer
    Fortnite Gamer 4 days ago


  • save animals
    save animals 5 days ago

    30k and barely 80fps... lol nah, but I can only imagine the porn quality!!!

  • SunaVEVO
    SunaVEVO 5 days ago

    This guy has one of the greatest setups on the planet, but he sucks ass at Fortnite

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  • iopa tiadra
    iopa tiadra 5 days ago

    my dream pc

  • Matthew Novy
    Matthew Novy 5 days ago

    it suck that he has prob one of the best gaming setups on earth but still sucks at fortnite but still why is playing fortnite the first thing to come to his mind after buying 30000 dollar setup wtf

  • Digital Dog
    Digital Dog 5 days ago

    its sad to see such a good pc in the hands of terrible players

  • Game Grinder
    Game Grinder 5 days ago

    Far Cry 5

  • Ricudo Sama
    Ricudo Sama 5 days ago

    If I were him I would play GTA V with all ultra pc settings in 4k what a great life!!!!!!

  • Dead Inside
    Dead Inside 5 days ago

    On the movie "Ride Along" Ass Face better gaming setup

  • Tim_y_the_cuber_guy
    Tim_y_the_cuber_guy 5 days ago

    $20,000 PC gets 80 FPS on FORTNITE OF ALL GAMES?!?!?!?!
    What the actual heck though....
    You could probably get more frames on a $200 PC

  • darkwill gg
    darkwill gg 5 days ago +1


  • Andrés León Jiménez

    30,000 dollar set-up but doesn’t has a skin

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 5 days ago

    GTA 5

  • Greg Veggellj
    Greg Veggellj 5 days ago

    totally amazing, butttt hehe (you saw it coming) ::::why use the straight screen when you could have used a super duper wide curved TV screen instead? it's ultimate but I would rather replace 3 screens with one curved screen cuz it would nullify the cuts that happen when you have separate screens :P

  • Chris S85
    Chris S85 5 days ago

    That chair must have a toilet with RGB.

  • S.C.P. dokumentumok
    S.C.P. dokumentumok 5 days ago

    Fuuuuck i want this

  • JMJ 1030
    JMJ 1030 5 days ago

    I’m so glad he doesn’t do let’s plays

  • Kadatuan Jr. Usop
    Kadatuan Jr. Usop 5 days ago


  • Churra TV
    Churra TV 5 days ago

    HOLY SHITT ..... Sexy setup used by worst player xD