The ULTIMATE $30,000 Gaming PC Setup


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  8 months ago +1513

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    • mike mack
      mike mack 16 days ago

      id never leave that seat lol

    • milan bubonja
      milan bubonja 20 days ago


    • Peter Gaming
      Peter Gaming 21 day ago

      Unbox Therapy if I can buy this off u and u come to the uk and help me set it up with the ppl that work with me I am willing to pay $15000 plz get back to me via instagram pete.colllins

    • Rivaille AMV 夢
      Rivaille AMV 夢 22 days ago

      sa porra vai voarrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thumli koben2.0
      Thumli koben2.0 26 days ago

      It sucks

  • PuRpLe CooLAiD
    PuRpLe CooLAiD 14 hours ago

    No just kidding

  • PuRpLe CooLAiD
    PuRpLe CooLAiD 14 hours ago

    Noob in fortnite dont deserve a 30.000 gaming setup

  • RaptorGamingYT _
    RaptorGamingYT _ 17 hours ago

    Where can i buy it

  • RaptorGamingYT _
    RaptorGamingYT _ 17 hours ago

    You"re crazy

  • •Heraze •
    •Heraze • 19 hours ago +1

    But can it run crysis?

  • Nigger
    Nigger 21 hour ago

    i waant it to play paint.exe

    OYUNCULAR KANALI 21 hour ago

    bu ne olum helal

    INDIAN Day ago

    His portrait monitors are bigger than my monitor.

  • Lil Sid
    Lil Sid Day ago

    Rip Steve Hawkins

  • Sergio III Pasia

    You are nad at fortnite

  • Pedro Paiva
    Pedro Paiva Day ago +1

    PornHub forever

  • Vincent Yohanes
    Vincent Yohanes Day ago

    Can it run crysis?

  • David Nelson
    David Nelson Day ago

    Ur mum gay

  • Freshdollar VEVO

    One word: WOW

  • chippledon1
    chippledon1 Day ago +1

    What more does a man need really!

  • The Haggleboys
    The Haggleboys Day ago


  • Siraf 123
    Siraf 123 Day ago

    Bad mouse

  • fardhin harry
    fardhin harry Day ago

    Buys a 3000$ setup,and gets killed by some "below than me" users.

  • GentleMan MCPE
    GentleMan MCPE Day ago


  • KING I
    KING I Day ago

    With bigger screens and better performance

  • KING I
    KING I Day ago

    You can buy this in a few months for 10k

    TSNLEGEND Day ago

    Soooo... You gonna give it away or what?

  • will adams
    will adams Day ago

    Pay all this money just to be trash at fortnite

  • JC PVP
    JC PVP 2 days ago


  • Random Person
    Random Person 2 days ago

    I would play some Roblox in that setup...

  • SmokeAlot nd6
    SmokeAlot nd6 2 days ago

    Not fortnite, now cmon

  • Jesus Gil
    Jesus Gil 2 days ago

    Doesn't top CXC Simulations....

  • Ali Saber
    Ali Saber 2 days ago

    I have a 8,000 dollar pc

  • luc1f3r_rog
    luc1f3r_rog 2 days ago

    Omg he's a default and he laughs when he dies

  • Michael
    Michael 2 days ago

    Ugh just just take my money

  • hjalte Henriksen
    hjalte Henriksen 2 days ago +1

    put this beast on some wheels

  • menda-gamer
    menda-gamer 2 days ago


  • Naylofu! *
    Naylofu! * 2 days ago +1

    But it isn’t 30,000.

  • werqa123
    werqa123 2 days ago

    Meanwhile many ppls dying from starvation.

  • eliran heftzadi
    eliran heftzadi 2 days ago

    but can you pee without getting up from the chair?

  • Francisco Ulrich
    Francisco Ulrich 3 days ago

    I prefer my 512mb vram nvidia 310M...
    You inferior being

  • Rock-i Mac
    Rock-i Mac 3 days ago

    This hurts my virgin boner. Ouch.

  • jakob p
    jakob p 3 days ago


  • Ε1 τρελό
    Ε1 τρελό 3 days ago

    l need tnis

  • kat rad
    kat rad 3 days ago

    i dont got a 4k pc but i able to watch it in 4k

  • Vasile T
    Vasile T 3 days ago

    Acer build one, it's better and it cost $10k"by the way, those monitors are shit for gaming"

  • N0LifeRada
    N0LifeRada 4 days ago +3

    I can imagine the screens falling off the stand and landing on his face somehow... :thonk:

  • Darcy Campbell
    Darcy Campbell 4 days ago +1

    maybe a real game would be cool to see.....

  • Jack Averill
    Jack Averill 4 days ago +1

    $30000 on a gaming setup and you play fucking FORTNITE

  • Thank u next bitch sister

    *why am I here? Just to suffer?* **cries in poor**

  • Thank u next bitch sister

    Yeah yeah, it can run high power games so and so, but can it run roblox? Hmm...

  • Thank u next bitch sister

    *cries in poor*

  • Mr Cheese
    Mr Cheese 4 days ago

    Y u here?

  • Mr Cheese
    Mr Cheese 4 days ago

    3098 called

    They want their setup back

  • Adreas KMLT'
    Adreas KMLT' 4 days ago

    I think the pirate cookies is over the top..

  • Garnelle Pineda
    Garnelle Pineda 4 days ago

    Wow nice computer! Can you give it away?

  • Andrej nikto
    Andrej nikto 4 days ago

    I play

  • TFocysGaming
    TFocysGaming 4 days ago

    I would break it in 5 minutes

  • yamamoto genryusai
    yamamoto genryusai 4 days ago

    the desk is so small for me

    FORTNITE GAMMER 4 days ago


  • دوست پسر کوثر

    I don't have money to get a

  • ZB Playz
    ZB Playz 4 days ago

    Should of got the thronos

  • Wolf Dragon
    Wolf Dragon 5 days ago

    That gives me a boner just looking at it I wish I had that but I’d be blind playing every day LOL
    This is my dream setup like mines only cost 899.99 but I still like it

  • MrGyrian
    MrGyrian 5 days ago

    i only have 2$ .........

  • 1Shot
    1Shot 5 days ago

    You can be there for a week bruh i can be in there for months

    ATHARV REGE 5 days ago +1

    I envy you Lewis. I very much Envy you.

  • Jux W
    Jux W 5 days ago

    I would have more mice for more comfort. Thats why I have 3 mice but other than that amazing!!

  • Jake Casken
    Jake Casken 5 days ago

    I love how he has this setup and he is a default 🥴

    LESCHOK33 5 days ago

    I could be there forever

  • Brainz_ Dylan
    Brainz_ Dylan 5 days ago +1

    What if you rage

  • the investigator
    the investigator 5 days ago

    Dream of every gamer

  • Saqib Alam
    Saqib Alam 5 days ago

    has the ultimate gaming pc setup, plays Fortnite on it. :)

  • D
    D 5 days ago

    Out of all games you choose to show off on this amazing setup you choose fortnite🤦🏻‍♂️👎

  • Adam Linder
    Adam Linder 5 days ago

    He does not deserve that

  • xXOtaku_EntertainmentXx

    for me its a foot to close and it would mess up my aim because of that fact

  • Alex M
    Alex M 6 days ago

    Cool but light years away from being practical... and playing fortnite!?!? Really? From all the games that are on the market... dissapointing

  • Jose Callejas
    Jose Callejas 6 days ago

    Is it for sell?

  • Patrycja Strug
    Patrycja Strug 6 days ago

    They have the access to 203 gaming technology

  • can I reach 100 subscribes with one video.

    The real question is can it run pong?

  • ThatMemeGuy69
    ThatMemeGuy69 6 days ago +2

    They have gotten the early access to 2030 gaming technology

  • 5000 Gamerscore
    5000 Gamerscore 6 days ago +1

    **insert crysis meme**

  • Boda Nagaraju
    Boda Nagaraju 6 days ago +1

    Stefen hawkinh

  • Som Gupta
    Som Gupta 6 days ago +2

    can it run gta vice city

    I'M ABOUT TO SPLOOGE 6 days ago +1

    I can literally visualize a tech nerd sitting here 24/7, 10 days a week, 365.

  • Usama Javed
    Usama Javed 6 days ago +5

    Expensive setup doesn't make you pro player

  • Utkarsh Aryan
    Utkarsh Aryan 7 days ago +8

    The ultimate chair of virginity.

  • Greg Macias
    Greg Macias 7 days ago +1

    Best setup to turn fat

  • Benja Un Gamer
    Benja Un Gamer 7 days ago +1

    I just have a shiti windows 10 and I need 26000 pesos

  • Aura1
    Aura1 7 days ago +4

    Its more like 10000 at most

  • Dont Mind Me
    Dont Mind Me 7 days ago +4

    Who came here after watching linus tech tips?

    • Dont Mind Me
      Dont Mind Me 6 days ago +1

      +Atir Ahmad thats enough for me 😂

    • Dont Mind Me
      Dont Mind Me 6 days ago +1

      +Atir Ahmad lmao i only just want a simple gaming set up

    • Atir Ahmad
      Atir Ahmad 6 days ago

      This is for enthusiasts gamer or person who love over the top

    • Atir Ahmad
      Atir Ahmad 6 days ago

      But I think the predator thronos has better cost to value

    • Dont Mind Me
      Dont Mind Me 6 days ago

      +Atir Ahmad me too but i think it's only the rgb

  • Tere, me oleme Richard ja Juhan

    DUDE! That'll be the best thing for me!!

  • Vincenzo Bertelloni
    Vincenzo Bertelloni 7 days ago

    When you buy something and the only imperator thing I can see here is the throne position u have when you sit down ...and that's it. Another expensive useless shit.

  • Jemsean Dalingay
    Jemsean Dalingay 7 days ago

    Your set up is so cool but your noob too

  • Vage on Amazon
    Vage on Amazon 7 days ago


  • kid_on_da_internet
    kid_on_da_internet 7 days ago

    Acer made the same thing for 10,000

  • BenSavage
    BenSavage 7 days ago

    This guy is a tool. Not an authentic gamer
    Not authentic as a person in these videos.

  • Blackwidow
    Blackwidow 7 days ago

    only 3.5 K $ for this chair hmm

  • danielsjohnson
    danielsjohnson 7 days ago

    Putting a compact keyboard in this over-the-top setup makes little sense.

  • PelaajaW
    PelaajaW 7 days ago


  • Ahmed Seckinov
    Ahmed Seckinov 7 days ago

    My yearly income is $30,000 😢😫

  • International νideos

    30.000$ pc and play fortnite. Fuck logic.

  • Snake crawler
    Snake crawler 7 days ago

    i would play this game porn hub i mean imagine jacking off in that chair

  • Muzaffer Sümer
    Muzaffer Sümer 7 days ago

    öyle bir sistem kurup fortnite bile oynayamamak :D

  • Eelx 0.
    Eelx 0. 7 days ago

    I wanna have it !