FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: RuPaul's Drag Race UK Series 1 Episode 3

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • Raja and Raven (and drag baby Rubbish) are back to toot and boot the looks from RuPaul's Drag Race UK Episode 3!
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    From World of Wonder, the producers of The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Party Monster, The Strange History of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, The Last Beekeeper, RuPaul's Drag Race, Life With La Toya, and Million Dollar Listing.
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Comments • 972

  • Kevin Barry
    Kevin Barry 4 days ago

    They boot vinegar but toot some other dumb cheap looks. They don't even give him a chance I'm noticing a pattern

  • Wencer Segura
    Wencer Segura 16 days ago

    They hate Cheryl lol

  • Alison Roberts
    Alison Roberts 24 days ago

    God I love to look at Raja

  • Baron Janvier
    Baron Janvier 25 days ago

    What is Raja wearing omg

  • Tucker Plum
    Tucker Plum 28 days ago

    Crystal should have been "Top Toot." (Much better than Blu Hydrangea.)

  • Teo Castro Santiago

    I love me some Raven in a blonde bob

  • Kyle Sanchez
    Kyle Sanchez Month ago

    I actually really like the blocky red bands on the eyes and lips

  • Ezequiel Vergara
    Ezequiel Vergara Month ago

    why does Raven look like one of those IMVU's character

  • Daniel Melgar
    Daniel Melgar Month ago

    For me, Crystal won that challenge.,

  • Brandon Young
    Brandon Young Month ago

    Baga getting a free pass in this challenge just proves how much favoritism / scripting goes into this show for views.

  • Jared Cook
    Jared Cook Month ago

    IMO: Cheryl should’ve been safe, Baga should’ve been bottom, Viv should have been safe, Blu should’ve been top

  • Viviana Fernandez
    Viviana Fernandez Month ago

    Raven looks gorgeous!

  • Kevin
    Kevin Month ago

    ok but can we talk about rajas look. stonnen

  • kismetbnd
    kismetbnd Month ago

    Blu's look reminds me of Chad Michaels allstars look! Don't you think?

  • Shortay
    Shortay Month ago

    did they get the UNHhhh editor😂😂😂

  • Hobbes
    Hobbes Month ago

    raja dont forget about the "tulle favric" situation

  • Tracy Nawara
    Tracy Nawara Month ago

    The viviennes look looks like Emilia fart

  • kyle nicholson
    kyle nicholson Month ago


  • Darrie-L Rajbally
    Darrie-L Rajbally Month ago

    I’m just tryna be rubbish

  • LAB-Lil' Angry B!tch

    The assignment was "Posh on a Penny". Crystal was the only outfit that looked Posh. Divina looked very high fashion and avant gard but not exactly posh.

  • BlueSix100
    BlueSix100 Month ago

    Love this review - so honest yet kind!

  • Benny Boo
    Benny Boo Month ago

    I absolutely loooooove what they are both wearing and how they are painted today!!! I mean Raven pretty much always has it spot in but Raja 9/10 for me looks like a boring house wife that has just woken up and more times then not looks far far far from what one would consider as a Drag Queen. I think she likes to be off beat and doesnt like to follow the 'norm' so to speak. Sometimes though she is so far off beat she is just 'OFF' the one thing that is always on point though is Raja's personality, you can tell she has such a beautiful soul while Raven is half Satan himself lol. Raja looks stunning today though and is Drag personafied!!!! We can all be critics sitting comfy in our chairs at home though cant we xx

  • FormEEh Ohyeah
    FormEEh Ohyeah Month ago

    Sorry Baga Chips but I rather like the Sponge dress🤪🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣

  • Xiao Cheng
    Xiao Cheng Month ago +1

    Baga should have lipsynced

  • Johnny Truong
    Johnny Truong Month ago

    It’s amazing how low the standards are for Drag Race UK.

  • Johnny Truong
    Johnny Truong Month ago

    Baga literally had THE WORST look in all of Drag Race history. Literally. Not even exaggerating.

  • Megan Petitto
    Megan Petitto Month ago

    The Superstar reference.😂 "Sometimes when I get nervous I take my hands and go like this." *snifffffff* I love that fucking movie. 💫⭐✨

  • Boitumelo M
    Boitumelo M Month ago

    Raven looks amazing 😍

  • Poppy Goodburn
    Poppy Goodburn Month ago

    When is the next review for episode 4?!

  • Corey Kedey
    Corey Kedey Month ago +1

    Why is this so late after the show has aired. Its really annoying. Since it airs in America on Thursday you could try posting this video the following day.

  • OrangeXenon54
    OrangeXenon54 Month ago

    I loved Blu’s look. It reminds me of Chad Michaels’s All Stars 1 promo look.

  • lie 996
    lie 996 Month ago

    My fav duo ❤❤💕❤💕❤❤💕❤❤💕❤💕

  • h d
    h d Month ago

    Raja should BOOT herself! He style choices are always HORRIBLE and unflattering.

  • Eruyt
    Eruyt Month ago

    In love with the Sherlock look!

  • Jonny Larson
    Jonny Larson Month ago

    Blu and Crystal... incredible. Raja was visibly shook over crystals outfit lol

  • Alina G
    Alina G Month ago

    finally we have our judges serving LOOKS again

  • Ryann Cooper
    Ryann Cooper Month ago

    I’m just so glad Raja & Raven are back together. No shade to Aquaria. Things just weren’t the same without Raven 😩

  • Hannah G
    Hannah G Month ago

    Blu should have been in the top.

  • Zadokite 7 eyes
    Zadokite 7 eyes Month ago

    The UK show IS TERRIBLE, 1 season wonder

  • Laura Lopez Entable

    Trend alert was fringes

  • YaboiDrizzyDrew
    YaboiDrizzyDrew Month ago

    Rupaul is definitely favoring Baga and Vivienne

  • Marisol Ferreira Simões

    Oh man, I miss them!!

  • Emily Xx
    Emily Xx Month ago +1

    dida ritz entrance look is better than bagas

  • B G
    B G Month ago

    Thank God Raven is back.

  • Full On
    Full On Month ago

    I was so happy that they tooted Sum Ting but then the happiness turned to confusion when they gave Blu top toot of the week. Seriously? The challenge was to create a high fashion look from the crap they gave them. The colours of Blu's look were great but the chaps, streamers and styling did not add up to a high fashion look.

  • DylanHopo
    DylanHopo Month ago

    Raven needs to stop acting like its the first time shes seeing all these outfits, she does Ru's makeup, shes there every episode

  • Angel Hernandez
    Angel Hernandez Month ago

    When Raven didn't get the Bowie inspiration from Divina's makeup.🙄

  • wamo
    wamo Month ago

    Ru wanted to make sure Baga Chips would make it to snatch game coz it's going to be hilarious whatever she does, even though if she would have been in the bottom two I can see her sending home Vinegar!

  • AJ Ugenti
    AJ Ugenti Month ago

    Poor Blu. The producers are really shoving Baga and Vivienne down our throats. Definitely think she deserved a top spot for the past two episodes

  • Kitty K
    Kitty K Month ago

    TREND ALERT!!! The whole ass point of this challenge!

  • W Oin
    W Oin Month ago

    Raja seems kinder today and looks fab too - toot! Haha

  • O V H
    O V H Month ago

    i especially LOVED Divinas makeup! it gave the outfit an edge that otherwise would have made the whole outfit a bit pedestrian...

  • Annette Kin
    Annette Kin Month ago

    Bagga walking is so annoying. can't she strut a bit? Loved The Viviane, Divina and Crystal

  • G Clever
    G Clever Month ago +1

    Most of Baga outfits are tasteless with no shape but she got a nice personality.

  • Austin Bradley
    Austin Bradley Month ago +1

    THIS is what we wanted, please keep raja and raven together

  • J T
    J T Month ago

    Seeing these toots and boots alongside these comments gives me hope. Mama Ru forgot her contacts for that episode

  • Osvaldo Guzman
    Osvaldo Guzman Month ago +3

    Raja: is she thou, let me take a closer look...
    RAVEN:She is not.

  • Lolo Future
    Lolo Future Month ago

    Skipping the real show because I can’t be bothered but love Fashion Photo Ruview!

  • J. Alexander Langley

    Baga being safe is giving me Silky Ganache teas...😒

  • Frikka3
    Frikka3 Month ago

    As a Korean, I have to say (or in Kim Chi’s case-lisp), Baga’s outfit is terrible, but at least she embraced the materials? 😆 Sum’s was tailored, but Baga really embraced the materials. Also, she embraced the materials.