10 year iPhone user switches to Galaxy S10 Plus! Here's why.

  • Published on Apr 8, 2019
  • Check out why I ditched my iPhone XS Max and left the Apple Ecosystem after 10 years! I am officially Team #GalaxyS10Plus now!
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  • Lukas
    Lukas 21 minute ago

    I switch my iphone 5 to a Xiaomi mi 9...
    Its fucking Amazing

  • Youtube Kullanıcısı
    Youtube Kullanıcısı 53 minutes ago

    When you are rich and buy every iPhone released, if you switch to an Android phone, iPhone's would feel like it's a useless product. But when you are already familiar with both sides, you generally want an iPhone. I myself am a Xiaomi user (cuz I'm broke) and I've previously used an iPhone 6, and I can only say one thing: People who buy an iPhone instead of an Android shouldn't regret it.
    If you want to download a paid product for free, then we know you are already poor or don't think paying for apps is logical, but if you want a GOOD phone, buy an iPhone. I would definitely buy an iPhone 7 Plus instead of a brand-new Chinese product (unless other options have REALLY good and futurisric features).

  • Michael Benedicto
    Michael Benedicto 59 minutes ago

    Hi.where did you get your nice wall paper...i like it also...please tell me where dis you get.ty.god bless.

  • clarendan ADIWAR
    clarendan ADIWAR Hour ago

    Soon apple will die and nobody will care about them.fuck ios

  • Slippy’s Slid
    Slippy’s Slid Hour ago

    Every 8 years old apple fan “well at least everyone has apples at school”

  • Space
    Space 2 hours ago

    (*but the S10 has a notch, the worst type of notch, the hole*)

  • powerfullest killer
    powerfullest killer 2 hours ago

    What the fuck dude you said you were gonna make more videos

  • xthen rx
    xthen rx 2 hours ago +1

    dump the iphone pick the samsung

  • Mike az
    Mike az 2 hours ago

    Great review, subscribed

  • Shadow Soul
    Shadow Soul 3 hours ago

    Because he can get the ikonik skin and scenario

  • SaberToothSL
    SaberToothSL 4 hours ago

    Were you able to migrate your whatsapp chats, media over to the s10?

  • l
    l 4 hours ago

    SiMpLe ReaSoN...Sold his ass to another company...For MoNeY...

  • ssenyos Daviee
    ssenyos Daviee 4 hours ago

    great intro... you earned a sub..lol

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 4 hours ago

    another ignorant apple user. Also, so many comments in your video are incorrect, in relation to past comparisons of android and apple products.

  • Chase McDowell
    Chase McDowell 4 hours ago

    ......The I Phone screen is a Samsung display..........

  • Chase McDowell
    Chase McDowell 4 hours ago

    At least with Apple you get software updates....... Samsung only gives maybe 2-3 software updates, and it can take up to a year update. So, you buy an $800+ phone, but only get a few software updates... Around 2 updates Google starts the process of not supporting your OS. Android does do things better than apple, but apple is reliable Android is not... I might spend $1,100 on a phone, but I’ll be able to use that phone with apples eco system in 3-5 years, because they push out updates.... I was an android user since the begging of time, until I could afford something that simply just works. Everything you pick apart is simply not everyday things that would hiccup the everyday persons use.

  • review channel
    review channel 4 hours ago

    im also moving to s10 plus

  • Aadil Farooqui
    Aadil Farooqui 5 hours ago

    Awesome Job Dude, Loved the way you explained everything as it happened

  • Young Supreme
    Young Supreme 5 hours ago

    Wish i could see a phone I want then wake up an buy it the very next morning

  • A Wes
    A Wes 5 hours ago

    Happy you woke up. But some of that iPhone fanboy is still there......Samsung has passed Apple in hardware & camera for years now.

  • Adu Dadu
    Adu Dadu 6 hours ago

    08:41 in display fingerprint SISTERRR!!!

  • Aditya Gogoi
    Aditya Gogoi 7 hours ago

    Please give me an iphone which you don't use now

  • Colonel Moustache
    Colonel Moustache 7 hours ago +1

    Apple is simplicity, Android is liberty

  • Jamie Le'scot
    Jamie Le'scot 7 hours ago

    great vid, note 9 user here but love my iPad Pro, gotta find the right balance....

  • Raijinn
    Raijinn 8 hours ago

    In other words you were like all the other apple fan boys out there, willfully ignorant. Congrats on waking up.
    You also think s10 is the first time an android surpassed iphone? still willfully ignorant lol. How can you expect people to follow your channel when you're that stupid?

  • AdAm KhAn
    AdAm KhAn 8 hours ago

    You choose the best choice and customise your world enjoy

  • pyro
    pyro 11 hours ago

    Dude I never really searched or looked at the things apple has done but watching the first few minutes of this video just made me so confused on why they would do most of the things they did

  • Emanski Modz
    Emanski Modz 12 hours ago

    i wanna switch from my iPhone X to this phone now. 😂

  • pineapplefork
    pineapplefork 12 hours ago

    I don't know about the newer models, but the thing that always bothered me about Android was the fact that there is always a significant drop in performance and speed after half a year or a year of usage. I have had my iPhone for almost three years now and, except for normal issues that come up, the performance is just as on point as ever.

  • Sia Liu
    Sia Liu 13 hours ago

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  • Santiago Garcia
    Santiago Garcia 13 hours ago

    I'm switching from the Galaxy s9+ to iPhone. I guess for me it'll be a refreshing change since I've been on Android for so long.

  • daniel kim
    daniel kim 15 hours ago

    could endgame change everything lmao

  • Nqobi maseko
    Nqobi maseko 15 hours ago


  • Siddharth Rajvanshi
    Siddharth Rajvanshi 15 hours ago

    😂😂 Amazing

  • p a r a d o x
    p a r a d o x 15 hours ago

    The Samsung is so far behind the iPhone. what people don’t realize is that the Samsung has better specs but a lot slower os which is not showing the potential of the Samsung. Other than that I’m considering getting a s10.

  • Janith Jannat
    Janith Jannat 15 hours ago

    he is watching MKBHD s review 🤩

  • Rutger Moore
    Rutger Moore 16 hours ago

    Watching this on my s10 5g it's amazing, and I'm pretty sure samsung made the screens for apple.

  • Shawn Miller
    Shawn Miller 16 hours ago

    I've got the s10 5G and it has face I.d. I love this phone

  • Rei San
    Rei San 17 hours ago

    Heck yeah #teamsamsung

  • Rei San
    Rei San 17 hours ago

    Welcome to our world mate

  • Antonio Jjohnson
    Antonio Jjohnson 18 hours ago +1

    Also switched from iPhone to s10 plus. It's the best phone. Keeping my macbook though

  • Hull Pop
    Hull Pop 18 hours ago

    You can root it two if you want more access

  • Bal Drum bunker
    Bal Drum bunker 19 hours ago

    I bought an apple iPad to play games bc I stream
    Edit: I stopped streaming due to age restrictions. I play fortnite mobile. 👇
    Name is Chećkpoint with an accent on the c

  • Christian Kamondi
    Christian Kamondi 20 hours ago

    Never owned a Android phone but pretty much all iPhones. Switched from an X to 1+ 7 Pro two weeks ago.

  • Willliam Hammond
    Willliam Hammond 21 hour ago

    Good choice, young Padowan.

  • Willliam Hammond
    Willliam Hammond 21 hour ago

    It's because Thanos did it.

  • Daniela Mendez
    Daniela Mendez 22 hours ago

    there is also face recognition

  • oaxaca3000
    oaxaca3000 22 hours ago

    Instead of switching to Samsung, I chang to huawei p30 no joke is the best phone.

  • Hehdf Hbjewh
    Hehdf Hbjewh 22 hours ago

    But people make fun of you especially in school

  • Johanna
    Johanna Day ago

    I switched once, 2 months and im back with apple. Nonono.

  • Vincenzo Lubrano

    I'm not calling it a mistake, because oh my God, you've stayed with Apple for so long, everyone gets bored sooner or later (same with Android). So it's a change that you had to do and feel by yourself. But my personal opinion is that you'll want to go back to Apple.. There are some aspects that other companies still struggle to stand up to.

  • Andrej Stakne
    Andrej Stakne Day ago

    wallpaper on s10?

  • FreakingPikachu
    FreakingPikachu Day ago

    Good decision

  • Hraklis Michael
    Hraklis Michael Day ago

    Jealous Iphone this girl hahahaha

  • Kitty Mittens • 82 years ago

    Its quote nice yes, but for some reason everywhere on the internet, if i say i don’t like samsung/android i get called an apple fanboy who likes to be babied??

  • jerzapapa
    jerzapapa Day ago

    I want to chane from iphone 6s to Realme 3 pro

  • Danz
    Danz Day ago

    phones today are fuckin scam...

  • emik-fail
    emik-fail Day ago

    I made the same decision a month ago, but I went with S10e ;-)

  • User From GA
    User From GA Day ago

    Should I get s10e are lg g8 thin q ? On stylo 4 looking to upgrade very soon..

  • Lachlan Barr
    Lachlan Barr Day ago

    I love the Avengers references!

  • Chill Bill
    Chill Bill Day ago

    To be fair, Apple users do receive updates immediately compared to when android takes months or weeks. But still. I live in Canada and and s10+ is more powerful yet about $100 cheaper. Lol people only get apple because of the “apple swag” hype like lol enjoy your fossil. Sorry I mean phone.

  • jolli moves
    jolli moves Day ago +1

    Youre now free for being itune prisoner

  • hulkpayne
    hulkpayne Day ago

    Warning. This guy is definitely pais by sansung,....


    I dont feel so good, Tim cook

  • Aadhil Rizwan
    Aadhil Rizwan Day ago

    You stopped becoming the slave, and choosed to become the master.

  • TonyTru
    TonyTru Day ago

    Actually iPhone was behind on hardware for years an they just caught up . It was never the other way around .

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget Day ago

    I once had a Samsung but the layout confuses me way to much for me to use them

  • Jacob Sebastien
    Jacob Sebastien Day ago

    Android 💪

  • Rachlust
    Rachlust Day ago

    Wake me if there are android phones with the size of iPhone se again

  • Markees Foster
    Markees Foster Day ago


  • xAngel
    xAngel Day ago

    finnaly a youtuber i like switches to android

  • AkA SamS
    AkA SamS Day ago

    Good choice

  • HelloThere131313

    2:23 how tf is apples hard ware top of the line? My phone is twice as powerful as the iPhone X for roughly £200 less!

  • HelloThere131313

    Pretty sure apple are the bad guys lmao, overpriced shit plus treating factory workers like shit makes them that way

  • Max rux
    Max rux Day ago

    wait this guy only has 1 video!?!?!?!?!? thats insane. 1 vid and its got 2.3 mil views and now he has 30k subs

  • xD3bdullahxD
    xD3bdullahxD Day ago

    but the Ipads are good one the Everythin but the Build quality is SHIT

  • Calwpow
    Calwpow Day ago

    Hey guys I’m gonna save up for the galaxy a70 and switch from my iPhone SE, I’m superrrr excited

  • Brandon Daimmler Weissman

    I was apple user since iPhone 2G! This year one month ago I sold my iPhone 8 plus cos I didn't like the X models and guess what? I bought a Samsung S10 plus and idong regret WHAT A CAMERA way faster than any iPhone . I'm not going back to apple

  • DJ D.A.Z
    DJ D.A.Z Day ago

    Using samsung never gets old...

  • Mchik
    Mchik Day ago

    Same thing happened here apple got more useless but i only use my ipad but switched from my iphone 8 to the samsung galaxy s10 and its much better!!

  • Sxuxmansam
    Sxuxmansam Day ago +1

    5:58 - Thats what im doing right now lmao

  • Sky_stider223
    Sky_stider223 Day ago

    This is so ironic and poetic lol it's literally how it is hahaha

  • Grandsome
    Grandsome Day ago

    Yeah, I used to be an iPhone user for about the same time. Tough, I always tried to keep my stuff platform agnostic. Now, I'm an android user, I won't go back unless apple stops treating its users like idiots.

  • Music Vibes
    Music Vibes Day ago

    Omg I switched from apple to the S10 and I'm glad I did

    • Marcus Hanke
      Marcus Hanke 7 hours ago

      Music Vibes I have an iPhone XR and ordered a S10. Not sure if I should make the change.

  • Bobby Lobby
    Bobby Lobby Day ago +1

    200k likes for the intro

  • artstormer L
    artstormer L Day ago

    In order to iPhone to function faster, they remove the features , rather than improve the iOS,

  • Яαιdεη
    Яαιdεη Day ago

    Samsung: *Welcome to the dark side*

  • Darnagian
    Darnagian Day ago

    I was in the same boat. And I officially switched to an S10. And one of the biggest things I've noticed is how much more efficiently the phone is with its battery.

  • Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson Day ago

    bye, Felicia

  • Forbidden Knowledge

    My iphone 7+ broke, I went to Apple Store to fix it, they refused and wanted a replacement so I buy an Android instead.

  • Canon Adams
    Canon Adams Day ago

    Great video and I loved the theme. I was also an long time iPhone user. I got tired of apple high prices and underhanded policies. I have a iMac and iPad that I love. Apple is repeating its olds mistakes.

  • Arsh Dhanju
    Arsh Dhanju Day ago

    I Just Love Samsung and i and my Family members are using only Samsung products becouse we are trust only on SAMSUNG

  • Ali Hakimi
    Ali Hakimi Day ago +1

    I subscribed solely because of the Bluetooth toggle rant.

  • Jitesh Gosar
    Jitesh Gosar Day ago

    You made a wise decision buddy!

  • Phillip Strenger

    Are Samsung phones better than they were in 2015? I loved My Edge+, but it got so damn hot all the time.

  • Alojzije Jozinovic

    same thing happens with mercedes benz. once rulling the car automarket, now being replaced by everything else. lost its "name". world leading i'd say car manufacturer, same paralel as iPhone, from first place heading what currently is i think around with others? what is happening. bring back your character. both!

  • Malicious Asshole

    Apple puts it's users in straight jackets.

    KEY PC GAMING Day ago

    I agree with a lot but Face ID for me is the main reason why I love iPhone. I’m the guy that went from android to iOS. When trying finger print scanner again it felt so horrible. However I do miss the back button that android has and I miss the play store. Face ID for the win though. Also hate curved screens as I have broken my s6 edge and my s7 lol.

  • M. washington
    M. washington Day ago

    Waiting for your next video

  • • SDRGaming
    • SDRGaming 2 days ago

    Not gunna like the extra added functionality over iPhones it is amazing, but I really don’t like my Samsung 😩 just crashes non stop.. 🤷🏼‍♂️ my old iPhone never ever crashed, I had no issues whatsoever, this thing lets me down constantly.. either gps issues, crashing, rebooting for no reason, overheating and I’ve already had two replacements!!