21 Secret Messages In Disney Movies Kids Won't Get

  • Published on Jun 15, 2018
  • Parents might understand these Disney messages, but they'll definitely go over most kids' heads! Subscribe to ScreenRant: goo.gl/ho3Hg6
    Disney has always brought amazing fairy tales and story to theatres and our homes alike. As children and adults, we get different messages from the classic films. Disney has planted great hidden and secret messages throughout their films that surely kids won’t get. Parents can watch their movies and see a deeper meaning than youngins can. The long list of incredible classics such as, “Snow White,” “Cinderella,” “Jungle Book,” “Alice in Wonderland,” “The Little Mermaid,” “The Beauty and the Beast,” and “Bambi” all have secret messages throughout the stories.
    What does “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and “Moana” have in common messages about who we are? Is “Frozen” keeping Elsa from revealing her true self? What is the political message in “The Incredibles” and “Toy Story 2”? The directors of “Coco” share their secrets from the film, while “101 Dalmatians” teaches parents a simple lesson about pets. “The BFG” has a secret personal connection to Roald Dahl and “Lilo and Stitch” has a sad secret revolving around a peanut butter sandwich and Pudge the fish. “Hercules” may be avoiding a deep issue in Greek Mythology and “Tangled” has a secret plot point that makes Gothel’s death impossible! As for “Finding Nemo,” “Aladdin,” “The Lion King,” “Aladdin and the King of Thieves,” and “Zootopia.”
    Watch this video as we reveal all the secret messages in Walt Disney’s films that kids won’t get! See how many you may have picked up and new ones to look for on your next watch! Let’s fly off on our magic carpet and begin!
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  • Genisis Castillo
    Genisis Castillo Hour ago

    That ruined some the movies i used to watch😔

  • Julia LaBuda
    Julia LaBuda 3 hours ago

    You do understand that not only kids don't understand that but also adults don't because NONE OF THESE ARE TRUE!!!!

  • Deborah Herrera
    Deborah Herrera 22 hours ago

    Umm...the Quasimodo one is definitely not true 🙄

  • Itzel Morales
    Itzel Morales Day ago

    It was my B day when this was made

  • What Is A Soul
    What Is A Soul Day ago

    The Lion King is based on the African story of Sundiata

  • TheOtakuTheory
    TheOtakuTheory Day ago

    Some of these "messages" stretched a little far

  • maryam shaheed
    maryam shaheed Day ago

    honestly, who would go up to a random dead body, and kiss it???

  • The cannabis referral

    If you like I have video footage or I can tell you the time on the video to go to him play and listen for yourself

  • The cannabis referral

    As you talk about Frozen you failed to mention that even the girl says I'm gay in one of the scenes scenes

  • Lana .M Daniels
    Lana .M Daniels Day ago

    Uh... #12 tangled doesn't work. Gothel can be dead bcz she's been useing the flower/repunzles power for a REALLY long time making her who knows how many years old And she also fell from the tower which was sure to kill her considering her old age.

  • A Really Shy Gachatuber

    *I Picked It Up, I Was 10.*

  • kitkatmews
    kitkatmews Day ago

    I thought Rapunzel's powers ended up to only work on people she loved

  • kim flawless
    kim flawless Day ago

    The theory of Alice of wonderland and lilo and stitch seem good

  • Bastet Poppy & Darrell

    Is anyone else here a kid watching this to get the better of adults😹

  • JustPeachy YT
    JustPeachy YT 2 days ago


    *Racism!* :')

  • GalaxyGamerTuber
    GalaxyGamerTuber 2 days ago

    U know my freind read hamlet and romeo and juliet and they died at the end...

  • Naomi
    Naomi 2 days ago

    Just because Elsa didn't fall in love with a guy, it doesn't mean she's lesbian. True, she could be, but saying 'I love you' to her sister is just family love. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with it if she *is* lesbian, but I'm just saying that she could be any sexuality, and to not just assume it because of one 'I love you' with a family member.

  • Sapphire Dawn
    Sapphire Dawn 3 days ago

    1) Elsa is NOT confirmed gay, it was just talked about as a possibility
    2) People don’t want Elsa to be gay because she loves her sister. That’s a normal thing. People want her to be gay because she wasn’t set up with some dude so hey look there’s a possibility for Disney to make _one_ of their main characters not straight

  • Eliyanah Williams
    Eliyanah Williams 3 days ago

    omg I haven't seen whale rider in ages😩 any kiwis here?

  • Alicornian Queen
    Alicornian Queen 4 days ago

    Im still mad about Elsa being gay. In the original she had a *BOYFRIEND* who dumped her. not a girlfriend. People these days.

  • Rodolfo Sanchez
    Rodolfo Sanchez 4 days ago

    Zootopia has a lot of hidden messages like the one you said of rasessem one I found is about wat you are or whoever you like people will always juge you technically it's offend anyone who supports the lgbt couples with most kids wouldn't pick up

  • Galactic Alpha
    Galactic Alpha 4 days ago

    Also, Cinderella says that a woman needs a man to save her. This is a horrible message to send kids.

  • Sasha Minimoore
    Sasha Minimoore 4 days ago

    Elsa doesnt need a girlfriend
    She doesnt need a boyfriend
    She doesnt need anyone

  • saltsman
    saltsman 4 days ago

    good guys finish last? is this video edited by a nice guy?

  • Najwa Yusof
    Najwa Yusof 4 days ago

    After i watched zootopia, i all ready know what they r going to sy

  • Emily Didier
    Emily Didier 4 days ago

    What the hell?! Every time i watch Aladdin i never heard him say that!

  • Amy Ford
    Amy Ford 5 days ago

    #14 is total bullshit. You're reaching. He clearly says what he clearly says. Jesus. Tbh, MOST of these are total bullshit but especially #14. C'mon SR ffs...

  • Karoline Dahl
    Karoline Dahl 5 days ago

    What does Hunchback of Notredame and Moana have in common? Both held back at repetitive somewhat at times tedious routine by close peers in their social group. In a nutshell. Kindness

  • Karoline Dahl
    Karoline Dahl 5 days ago

    Jesus thatbit about Cinderella i get completely!! I still love the cartoon ofc 😍

  • Lexi mouse B
    Lexi mouse B 6 days ago

    This is the definition of LOOKING TO FAR INTO MOVIES!!!!😠 and non of this is true

  • Gamer Cadance
    Gamer Cadance 7 days ago

    6:42 isn't even from the original Beauty and the Beast! It's from Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas!

  • happy fox 93
    happy fox 93 8 days ago


  • Montana
    Montana 8 days ago

    Someone actually proved that beauty and the beast isn't Stockholm Syndrome.

  • Zyden
    Zyden 8 days ago +1

    No strong handsome prince does not = a lesbian princess. Give it a rest.
    Also, Quasimodo was not friend-zoned because he was a nice guy who finished last. He was a deformed hunchback and at the end of the day, you can not force a person to romantically love you just because you love them. But romance is not the best and only love. He instead earned the respect of the city people and was seen as a human. This whole "win the girl, you deserve her" is sexiest; women are not objects that exist solely for male acquisition. P.S note Quasi grew as a person and accepted it, he didn't waste his time pouting over the free-will of others to love who they love. RESPECT

  • -RainyGirl- 15-
    -RainyGirl- 15- 8 days ago

    Not only that but the book of life and coco are a little but differnt but at the same time almost identical
    Similarities: playing guitar, Family that doesn’t support music, going to the land of the remembered
    Differences: in the book of life it’s a love story and coco is a ... well idk what it is I’m too tired to think rn

  • Monica Cunningham
    Monica Cunningham 8 days ago

    I heard good keeners take off come on

  • Anastasia Papadopoulos

    Gothel died cuz she fell of a crazy tall tower duh

  • John Ballard
    John Ballard 8 days ago

    1. I believe the more important hidden message in Nemo is always listen to ur parents
    2. Coco does y’all about achieving one’s dream regardless of family, but in the end, it changes to being one should never disregard family, and dreams are far less important than family

  • Christine Samaan
    Christine Samaan 8 days ago +1


  • TheBlackWidoWolf
    TheBlackWidoWolf 9 days ago

    Elsa is her sister though

  • Adriana Thomson
    Adriana Thomson 9 days ago

    Puh-LEASE! Who cares if your dogs have some puppies -_-

  • Adriana Thomson
    Adriana Thomson 9 days ago

    who else thinks the "Pomsies" ad is SOOOOOOOO GOSH DARN ANNOYING

  • Jocelyn 105
    Jocelyn 105 9 days ago

    5:06 is that from Beauty and the Beast. There a rose or flower on that table

  • Bet you never saw this username before

    "Elsa is gay because she told her sister she loves her"
    "Living with fellow humans rather than animals means you're promoting racism"

    What are you doing, buddy...?

  • Yehboi
    Yehboi 9 days ago

    8:30 is clearly "good tiger, take off, c'mon!" like the supposed 'teenagers' sounds like teeners and we dont call teens that XD

    MASTER GAMER 10 days ago

    whats with Frozen this days?! Elsa having a girlfriend???? What is she gay? Lesbian? ALIEN??

    MASTER GAMER 10 days ago

    Fudge: * attacked by seagulls*
    Lilo: *helping Fudge*
    Stitch: *just watching while smiling*

    Savage alert!

  • Nico Davis
    Nico Davis 10 days ago +1

    Um. Okay, first off. THBON was not supposed to be romantic. In the original story, Quasimodo never saw Esmeralda as a love interest, but a mutual friend that was not accepted into society because of their appearance in that era. Because Quasimodo was a hunchback, and because Esmeralda was a gypsy, they were both seen as outcast, a monster and a witch. But both had a heart of gold and were nothing like they were portrayed as. The whole point of the movie was to show that diversity was accepted and appearance does not define who someone is as a person.

  • Eamina
    Eamina 10 days ago

    Half of the movies are NOT Disney. Pixar is an other studio. You should correct this.

    WILLIAM FOX 10 days ago

    Press f to pay respects

  • It's_Magic 2003
    It's_Magic 2003 10 days ago

    I personally think the message for Hunchback Of Notre Dame is to accept deformity & disability. Even though Quasi was unlucky enough to be deformed, he's still human inside. In our society today we often turn away from outcasts that need our help just because of their appearance, condition or disability. A deformed person might look hideous on the outside but on the inside he can be just like quasi, just longing to be accepted into the world and live a normal life

  • Kiera Davis
    Kiera Davis 10 days ago

    Yeah no...I heard "good tiger, take off now"

  • hayjacker2002
    hayjacker2002 10 days ago

    What i got from cinderella was that if you want a better life you better make yourself pretty and marry a rich guy XD

  • Iparrot
    Iparrot 11 days ago

    If the messages were to be true, even adults wouldn't be able to catch it either, not only kids.

  • LilyAnn Mullins
    LilyAnn Mullins 11 days ago

    i saw smile dog in the zootobia section.

  • Kaelin J
    Kaelin J 11 days ago +2

    Alice is high

  • Bluebythehour
    Bluebythehour 11 days ago

    wow 21 is a lot

  • Lesey Allen
    Lesey Allen 11 days ago

    Just cuz ur spending your every free second trying to ruin years-old story tales just to entertain strangers online, doesn’t means that’s what Disney was thinking.

  • HannatheNightwing Orta

    HOLY HANNA BANANA! Me: you called?

  • katherine price
    katherine price 11 days ago


  • Lulu Sh
    Lulu Sh 11 days ago

    I literally did not understand anything

  • Elladora
    Elladora 11 days ago

    It's zootroplis not zootropia
    Do ya research mate

  • Vampire Jackie
    Vampire Jackie 11 days ago

    Y’all motherfuckers need to learn how to say Moana. Mo-ah-nah

  • Bekuska
    Bekuska 11 days ago

    Nooooo when Mufasa came on I started automatically crying T_T

  • revbalchi
    revbalchi 11 days ago

    This video is all rubbish

  • noni Vlogs
    noni Vlogs 12 days ago

    A lot of this is bs. It said good kitty then something else not good teenagers take off your clothes. Most of these really are just good ol movies

  • henlee
    henlee 12 days ago

    the elsa and anna one is very disturbing because everyone knows this is one of the first disney movies that DIDNT have to have a love relationship to save the day. it was family.

  • Littleladybug 14
    Littleladybug 14 12 days ago

    We can’t just enjoy Disney films without looking for these “hidden messages” or “innuendos” can we?

  • Love Yourself
    Love Yourself 12 days ago

    In Aladdin it says "Good tigers don't eat clothes"...

  • Imani Stevenson
    Imani Stevenson 12 days ago

    Why does someone always have to save a princess why can’t she/he save herself

  • Dancemomd Queen
    Dancemomd Queen 12 days ago +1


  • NightWolf Avenger
    NightWolf Avenger 13 days ago

    One thing about Coco: It dealt with both murder and plagiarism. Ya know, for kids!

  • thatoneundertalefan1123

    Okay, well, for the rapunzel one, it wasnt that her hair lost the power, it was because mother gothel was touching the hair as it was losing her power, in the beginning, when she was being kidnapped, mother gothel thought she just needed to cut a piece of hair off, but she healed herself before cutting the hair, but after she cut the piece of hair she w as s touching, she aged back to a old women again, TL;DR it wasnt because her hair lost power, i te was because she was touching the hair as it was losung power

  • Wolfy Doge
    Wolfy Doge 13 days ago

    Huh.....in tangled it looked like there was no body in the cloak while it was falling.

  • tessasniper Wolfgang
    tessasniper Wolfgang 13 days ago

    I agree with you dorothy b

  • Paetyn Spielmacher
    Paetyn Spielmacher 13 days ago

    hidden meaning in lion king: Scar wasn't actually that bad. it was the fact his brother was favored over him, most likely making him more of the runt. He got less food, less love, and just less of everything. So why aren't we rooting for him? well, his abusive past still doesn't justify what he had done, but I certainly take pity on him. (No I have not watched any of the new lion king series, I feel like those were made to cushion the actual meaning on kids. and while I stand by that I do not personally enjoy watching it)

  • Danielle French
    Danielle French 13 days ago

    Ok half if these are a stretch. And a few just aren't correct

  • Dulce Abril
    Dulce Abril 13 days ago

    Brave was the first princess to not be with a man and not marry in a young age why isn't she getting more credit she was super tough!

  • Evans reviews
    Evans reviews 13 days ago

    Massive g

  • Steve Horton
    Steve Horton 13 days ago

    LOL. #8, tho. I disagree. I believe the idea that "makeovers fix everything" IS a positive message.

  • Simon Storm
    Simon Storm 13 days ago


  • Caseys Chance
    Caseys Chance 13 days ago

    Btw. The reason most characters don't have mothers is because the original stories characters also don't have mothers, not because of Disney's mother.

  • Nikola Mae Peens
    Nikola Mae Peens 13 days ago

    Aladdin said Good Tiger, Take Off Your Claws

  • ALoveHeartUnicorn
    ALoveHeartUnicorn 13 days ago +1

    He pronounced Moana’s name wrong multiple times. You would think that if someone is talking about a movie, they would know the characters. 😶

  • MrDanielpknott
    MrDanielpknott 13 days ago

    wow so many cluched straws....good thing they are now banned

  • Sasha
    Sasha 13 days ago

    Honestly , kids understand the racism metaphor trust me. Especially pic kids sadly because it resonate with their actual life...

  • Purple Wolf
    Purple Wolf 13 days ago

    F you screen rant.

  • Ruach Duer
    Ruach Duer 13 days ago

    OK good teenager take off your clothes LOL

  • Steph PlayzSomeGamez
    Steph PlayzSomeGamez 14 days ago

    Wow... everything with Disney either has to be dark or sexual HUH.... stop ruining kids childhood!

  • Drake  Goble
    Drake Goble 14 days ago


  • Munch Morrissey
    Munch Morrissey 14 days ago

    What Aladdin actually said is "good kitty now back off"

  • Jellyb0716
    Jellyb0716 14 days ago

    12:26 at this exact moment I got an add for tictoc that had something to do with coco

  • Bare Bearz
    Bare Bearz 14 days ago +2

    0:05 this reminds me of when in “We Bare Bears” when one of the episodes, I think it was called “Theater ninjas” or something like that when Panda was Ariel 😄

  • Madelynn Dickinson
    Madelynn Dickinson 14 days ago

    He said “ Notre Dame” so wrong

  • moustik31
    moustik31 14 days ago +1

    Come on, stop feeling sorry for Quasimodo. he loves Esmeralda because she is beautiful, don't blame her for loving Phoebus for the exact same reason 🙄

  • hi bye
    hi bye 14 days ago

    AYEEEEEEEEEE I FOUND AN EASTER EGG (I think that is what its called in this shot) AT 10:06 IT SAYS ZNN YEEET I WIN! for those who don't know what I am talking about their is a news station called CNN10 and the host of CNN10 is carl azuz. yw

  • Hope Eliza
    Hope Eliza 14 days ago

    wth elsa is lesbian? xD

  • Commenter
    Commenter 14 days ago

    Pause on 9:18. I’m dead

  • Sonata Bilyte
    Sonata Bilyte 14 days ago

    I love the fact that everybody Is just beating up the person who said these lines XD ~(In the comments)~

  • dj tt
    dj tt 14 days ago

    someone else posited this and i'm just echoing it but a lot of disney films have elitist messages like the incredibles and the lion king, it is not enough to be smart and ambitious in reaching for the things you want, in fact both scar and syndrom are demonized for these traits. only chosen people with inborn rights and abilities deserve good things in life, in the incredibles that's the supers in the lion king that's mufasa and simba. you are either born special or you're nothing. even tiana couldn't get a real prince until she attains the status of princess