Ruswai Episode 7 | 12th Nov 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

  • Published on Nov 12, 2019
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    Ruswai Is An Incident That Changes Lives Of Many
    Ruswai depicts how a tragedy can change relationships and people’s perception of the victim. The concept of watta satta is an integral theme of Ruswai, as it shows how problems in one marriage can have a huge effect on the other.
    Sana Javed as Sameera is a beautiful and intelligent girl. She is a doctor by profession. Her life is perfect until a tragedy strikes.
    Mikaal Zulfiqar as Captain Salman is a complete charmer. He is a pilot by profession. He loves Sameera who is his childhood friend and wants to get married to her.
    Minna Javed as Wardah is the younger sister of Salman. She is a simple girl who is in love with Hamza, Sameera’s brother.
    Osama Tahir as Hamza is the older brother of Sameera. He is a very straightforward guy who is close to his family. He takes all his responsibilities seriously.
    Sameera and Salman who loved each other immensely slowly start drifting apart as Salman is not able to accept Sameera after the tragedy.
    The bitterness in Salman and Sameera’s relationship also affected Wardah and Hamza’s relationship because of their watta satta marriage.
    Mohammed Ahmed as Mehmood and Seemi Raheel as Zakiya are the parents of Sameera. Mehmood loves Sameera the most amongst his children.
    Natalia Awais as Rohina is the younger sister of Sameera. She was a cheerful girl, but her personality gets changed after the huge incident with Sameera.
    Usman Peerzada as Ariz Khan and Irsa Ghazal as Salma are the parents of Salman and Wardah. They have strong family ties with Mehmood and Zakiya, Sameera’s parents.
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    Sameera who was once very close to her father blames him for the incident that happened to her. Their relation turns sour from then onwards.
    Shermeen Ali as Pinky is the friend of Salman.
    Adnan Jafar as Dr. Feroze is Sameera’s friend and doctor who helps her come out of the mental trauma after the incident.
    Directed By: Rubina Ashraf
    Written By: Naila Ansari
    Sana Javed as Sameera
    Mikaal Zulfiqar as Captain Salman
    Osama Tahir as Hamza
    Minna Tariq as Wardah
    Mohammad Ahmed
    Seemi Raheel
    Irsa Ghazal
    Usman Peerzada
    Shermeen Ali
    Adnan Jafar
    Durdana Butt
    Natalia Awais
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  • Farhan Tahir
    Farhan Tahir 2 hours ago

    Salman apni maa ka beta hi lga km'zrf...

  • Farhan Tahir
    Farhan Tahir 2 hours ago

    ALLAH PAK hr aurat ki izzat-o-aabru ki hfazat frmae Ameen... Sana javed ki r us k father ki kmal acting h.. R hmza is a great bro in ds drama...

  • Pinky Das can i contact u sir in ph

    warda ki dressing senses is vry bad

  • Hifza Sheikh
    Hifza Sheikh 2 days ago

    I hate that boy..literally..

  • Fahad Ullah
    Fahad Ullah 2 days ago

    Every girl should carry pepper spray, especially in Pakistan. Protect yourself if the law isn't good enough to protect you.

  • qweety advanced
    qweety advanced 3 days ago

    Suna ha js dua py bht sy log ameen kry wo dua jldi qabool ho jati ha plz sb ameen boly k ma Jo chahti hu wo mjy mil Jaye.ameen

  • AR Rahman khan
    AR Rahman khan 3 days ago +1

    Mujhe tum par fakhar hai hamza . I love u ,kash mera b esa bhai ho

  • Nabeel Shakoor
    Nabeel Shakoor 4 days ago

    Ak ye colgate waly koi sence ata h mazy ga ye a jaty h.....

  • Rabia Taseer
    Rabia Taseer 4 days ago +1

    My favorite characters are Hamza and Warda.

  • Mahnoor Iram Malik
    Mahnoor Iram Malik 5 days ago +1

    *Salman Ki Maa T0u Hai He Phappy Kuttni, Aisi Aurtein Mujhe Zahar Lagtin Hain Churailein Na H0n T0u.. Allah Pak Aisi Phappy Kuttni0n Se Tamam Betiy0n K0 Bachaaey...* 😢😢😢🤔🤔🤔😞😞😞😳😳😳

  • Unki Shehzadi
    Unki Shehzadi 7 days ago +1

    Sana Javeed👍👍👍

  • Abdul Rahim
    Abdul Rahim 8 days ago

    Sir par dupatta chadar na rakhny ki saza din aur dunya may hee milti hai

  • Nez
    Nez 8 days ago

    That doctor will help her now!

  • Yasmeen Khan
    Yasmeen Khan 8 days ago

    Ladki ki kya Galti h Uske sath rape hoa Ghar walo ko uska support Karna chaye police case karo insaf dilana chaye

  • Reya Butt
    Reya Butt 9 days ago

    I don't know the name of the actress playing warda but she is simply Rubina ashraf's carbon her looks
    The only difference is she speaks softly😂

  • Qundeel Junaid
    Qundeel Junaid 9 days ago

    koi bty ga ka sameera ka rape howa ka ni usski.izzat bach gi

  • Hamda Kath
    Hamda Kath 11 days ago

    I cried so much ahh it’s so touching 🥺🥺

  • Top skyvpn
    Top skyvpn 11 days ago

    Agr ap ko zong pr Free internet chalana chate ho Free Drema movie dakna chate ho to #Topskyvpn TheXvid channel wazit kro

    BILAL HAIDER 11 days ago

    Sameeraa don't know that
    Dagh too achew hotaii haiin

  • Sahil Jadhao
    Sahil Jadhao 11 days ago +1

    O ho doctor ka name Feroze hai
    Sana Feroze Khan ko miss karti hogi bohot

  • H S
    H S 11 days ago +1

    Hamza 💕🙏🏼

  • Wafa Abbas
    Wafa Abbas 13 days ago

    Right warda

  • dolly doll
    dolly doll 13 days ago

    Bhai ho to hamza jesa💕...

  • Iqra Khan
    Iqra Khan 14 days ago


  • Almira Amin
    Almira Amin 14 days ago +1

    Hamza became one of my favorite actor after watching ruswai. 😍

  • kiran khan
    kiran khan 14 days ago

    So sad😥

  • Anam Shaikh
    Anam Shaikh 15 days ago

    Are yar is me sameera ke bap ki kya galti h

  • Meethi B
    Meethi B 15 days ago

    I really like Varda, she is lovely human being. Aisi bitch maa ki itni acchi Beti .

  • Sk G
    Sk G 15 days ago +2

    younger sister looks like alia bhat

  • Sahiba Sahiba
    Sahiba Sahiba 16 days ago


  • Touqeer Dar
    Touqeer Dar 17 days ago

    Warda sb sy best hai

  • Sara Raeesa
    Sara Raeesa 17 days ago

    Sameera ko job krni chahye 🙄 manah krna ghalt ha

  • fair conscience
    fair conscience 18 days ago

    Aksar mardon ka dil chudun main aur dil chadi bara main hota hai

  • Lajme Azfar
    Lajme Azfar 18 days ago

    Salman to hain hi Handsome... But yea Hamza ka kya kare? 😝

  • Maryam Sikander
    Maryam Sikander 19 days ago

    Hamza best brother ha bap k sath aisa behave krna bht h glat ha ... bap k koi kasur nhe ha bas situation aise the k smjh h nahe lage.... mateen shab ko...

  • trust only1
    trust only1 19 days ago

    Allah hr behn.ko Hamzaa jesa bhai de Aameen

  • Saif Bardi
    Saif Bardi 19 days ago

    Agar sameera ko bahar jane se sab ko khatra mehsoos horaha hai to usko burkha pehnade......... Bepardagi waise bhi islam mein jayaz nahi

  • Adnan Rafique
    Adnan Rafique 20 days ago +1

    Humza is great brother I like his role like as bhai ❤️❤️

  • M Ali
    M Ali 20 days ago

    Salman boht galt kar raha h sameera k sth

  • unknown82 _
    unknown82 _ 20 days ago


  • Roohia Shahzad
    Roohia Shahzad 20 days ago


  • M Qasim ansari
    M Qasim ansari 21 day ago

    Wardah buht achi behan he hamza eak acha bahi he

  • kumari kumari
    kumari kumari 21 day ago

    Salman ki Ami acting ayse karti h Jase shemail ho Jo Jo es bat se agree karta h like kare

  • Malik Adnan
    Malik Adnan 22 days ago

    I like drama

  • sweet candy
    sweet candy 22 days ago

    Sameera’s father acting is fantastic

  • Recycle Reduce Reuse
    Recycle Reduce Reuse 22 days ago

    Sameera baji aap bahut achchhi ho

  • Sadia Rehman
    Sadia Rehman 23 days ago

    I love hamza

  • Kabir Khan
    Kabir Khan 23 days ago +1

  • Kabir Khan
    Kabir Khan 23 days ago +1


  • Farzana yousuf
    Farzana yousuf 23 days ago

    Warda ki acting bht achi hy or awaz tu or b piyari so nice and butyful gril

  • Jabin Begom
    Jabin Begom 24 days ago

    Salman got his moms attitude.....Thts y he is being selfish.....and not caring her💯🦶🏾

  • Sadif Shahzadi
    Sadif Shahzadi 24 days ago

    Mehmod uncle you are best father

  • Farhana Khan
    Farhana Khan 24 days ago

    Plse mujay ek aulad kai liya duva karay

  • Aim Harry
    Aim Harry 24 days ago +2

    You’re such a disappointment salman 🤬

  • The Batman
    The Batman 25 days ago


  • Maliha Aamir
    Maliha Aamir 25 days ago

    Samèera is right but it's father is wrong he should help her

  • Samar Arif
    Samar Arif 25 days ago

    I like warda she is so polite innocent 😊😊

  • Chem Student
    Chem Student 25 days ago

    Chader dy de batee ko ache bat ha lakin pent ke jaga shalwar ya trouser phna dyty to ye us sy b ache bat hote

  • Atif Hussain
    Atif Hussain 25 days ago

    Horrible kidnap scene, Kindly aisya dramay mt banaya karo sara mood kharab kar dia

  • Fahad 240v gamar
    Fahad 240v gamar 25 days ago

    Bohat hi acha Bhai humzah