DeepSpar DDI4 Western Digital Remapping Heads

  • Published on Feb 2, 2016
  • Data Recovery Training: Using the DeepSpar Disk Imager 4 we have a Western Digital 1TB hard drive which is not recognized by a computer or the DDI4. Using the Head Map utility we will remap the heads to attempt to gain access to the drive for data recovery or imaging the platters under the good heads.
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  • Data Recovery Factory Productions India.

    After head map a media test can also be done where in which head will not give data can be known, then we can stop those heads which show errors on media test.This is another way to save time on DeepSpar.

    • Data Recovery Factory Productions India.
      Data Recovery Factory Productions India. 6 months ago +1

      @Gefund-IT Datenrettung Sure. The fun begins when WD SED + SA Locked drives which are usually fallen with misalignment. Their headmap can be done too nicely. But not directly. One has to Unlock all the flags and then only head map is possibl.e Then lock the flags again (02) to get decypted data. This way one can image decrypted data on the fly...have fun.. some more additional tips for your suscribers.

    • Gefund-IT Datenrettung
      Gefund-IT Datenrettung  7 months ago

      Thank you for the additional information. This was just to show how to use the head map to get the drive running. There are many more actions that should be taken!

  • trumanhw
    trumanhw Year ago +1

    AWESOME! I will totally use this. I hadn't thought about doing this before! :D
    I wish they were more explicit about the ability uses for:
    Are there other tricks from the VSF ...? (Or any you're willing to share?
    These are a huge help.
    Is there any chance you'd do an analysis of the one good feature I've heard of for MRT ... in that, it images quickly? (I have a PC-3K, Atola, DDI and MRT).

    • Gefund-IT Datenrettung
      Gefund-IT Datenrettung  Year ago

      Hello Truman, The manuals the vendors provide are OK as you have already realized and they only cover the basics of the tool. One has to dig around to fing the good features. As with anything, if you do not know what question to ask, it is difficult to find the answer (or feature available).
      I will look around at the various VSF, but if one of is interest to you, then I can look into it further.
      I do not have the MRT, so I can not talk about the Pro or Cons of the tool.
      Let me know what you are interested in.