I'm Gay - Eugene Lee Yang

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
  • Eugene comes out as gay in his original, deeply personal music video, featuring music by ODESZA.
    Written, Directed, & Choreographed by Eugene Lee Yang
    A Moment Apart” & “Intro Instrumental” - listen now at odesza.lnk.to/amaYT
    Set Photography by JD Renes Photography
    Co-produced by EVERYBODYNEEDSUS
    Executive Producer - Cathleen Cher
    Producer - Sally Sujin Oh
    Director of Photography - Adam Lee
    Production Designer - Matt Soko
    Editor - Jonas Thorhallsson
    Colorist - Jakob Thorhallsson
    Hair - David Dang
    Makeup - Arianna Chaylene Bean
    Stylist - Farren Jean Andrèa
    Stylist Assistant - Kali Mackay
    Hair for Ensemble - Cayla Solomon
    Makeup for Ensemble - Kasha Lassien
    Oscar Utiérre
    Farren Jean Andrèa
    Malan Breton
    Eugene Lee Yang
    Sister - Grace Yoo
    Brother - Intae Kim
    Mother - Terumi Shimazu
    Father - Gary Murakami
    Girl - Sophia Oddi
    Boy - Joshua Blaine
    Kim Chi
    Jazzmyne Jay
    Rhea Litré
    Mayhem Miller
    Curly Velasquez
    Arisce Wanzer
    Jason Beaubien, Ryan Blake, Sol Deleo, Mitchell Flores, William Fryt, Mario Godiva, Delaney Goodman, Carter Lee, Jake Mason, Ava Minett, Loretta Minett, Rene Punzalan, Hector Sanchez, Donavan Sanders, Daniel Suarez, Aus Wang, Roman Young
    Hind Boa, Justin Chen, Isaac Chu, Felicia Coito, Maiquel Denee, Kate Duffy, Alexandria Herring, Gideon Jacob, Samuel Johnson, Dyan Jong, Aris Kakkis, Danny Lam, Jeremy Lam, Shantell Lamb, Doinelle Macabugao, Lesha McBride, Annie Nguyen, Pat Nguyen, Robyin Nguyen, Devin Parker, Nick Rufca, Alyssa Santos, Zain Shami
    Assistant Director - Clyde Goins
    2nd AD - Dolly Gray
    Music Supervisor - Cathleen Cher
    1st AC - Dawson Taylor
    2nd AC - Oscar Martinez
    Gaffer - Devon Wilson
    Best Boy Electric - Vince Valentin
    Key Grip - Huan Manton
    Best Boy Grip - Justin Lee
    Art Director - Spencer Trent
    Set Dresser - Devin Parker
    Crane Operators - Ryan Elliott, Mike Pusatere
    Production Assistants - Delaney Goodman, Izzy Mojamiid, Sergio Ochoa
    Catering - Humberto's Catering
    Weho Dodgeball
    Now More Than Ever Artists
    East West Players
    Virtual World Arcade
    Adam Foley & Ninja Tune
    Special Thanks To!
    Thanks to all of our Gold Level Patrons! AJ S., Amy Fleming, Ana Camba, Cat Hicks, Elisa Proust, Emma Godfrey, Erica Rao, Jared Aarons, Kelsey Bock, Kourtney Wong, Loretta Wen, Matthew Tadros, Miha, Paulus, Sarah Waxman, Traci Lew, Wendy Tran, Lily
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  • Gaming Chronicles
    Gaming Chronicles 15 minutes ago

    fug yeah dude he's hot as fuck

  • bug bugbug
    bug bugbug 21 minute ago

    We are beautiful stand together; stand strong.

  • krnflash
    krnflash 55 minutes ago

    Forzon Horizon 4 anyone?

  • Ashleigh Powell
    Ashleigh Powell Hour ago

    So beautiful. Ive lost count of how many times ive watched this

  • we are all a little gay in a Gerard way

    omg that felt like a movie it was beautiful

  • Harold Tucker
    Harold Tucker 2 hours ago

    I am happy for him

  • Madeleine Reonas
    Madeleine Reonas 3 hours ago +1

    I actually cried at how beautifully expressive this was. There were so many emotions that Eugene portrayed, hopeful, scared, trapped, some without even saying a single word. It is truly amazing what you were able to show us, and how much feeling you put into this. Thank you. This really means so much to me. Congratulations. Please know that you are making a wonderful impact on the world by sharing your acceptance in the midst of hate. Please always know though, that although people who hate may sometimes have louder voices, they do not outnumber those who choose to love.

  • captain26
    captain26 4 hours ago

    Art. It speaks for itself. Just f**king art at its finest. Well done.

    KPOP LOVE 4 hours ago

    This all has a BUTIFUL meaning

  • Sabrina Muto
    Sabrina Muto 4 hours ago

    this was SO POWERFUL.

  • Ima Weirdo
    Ima Weirdo 5 hours ago

    No one: ...
    Literally no one: ...
    All the LGBTQ+ (AND ALLIES too!): *cries and applause by PRIDE and even now*
    Me: *finds out about this now*
    I love the song and it is a work of art and beauty. I just wish to add it everywhere and listen to it on repeat while replying all the dances it in my head when in a car ride 💜💜💜💜💜

  • Derm Merd
    Derm Merd 5 hours ago

    Hmm... I think Eugene might be gay

  • TheDutchBanana
    TheDutchBanana 5 hours ago

    im as straight as one could be, and i think eugene is hot as fuck. and i really fucking respect you for doing this. i have a lot of appreciation. i can't imagine what you are going trough. but i want wish you could come to realisation that the small group of so said "haters" is what makes the big group of supporters invisible. respect dude....

  • Anna Panagos
    Anna Panagos 5 hours ago

    I have watched this video so many times and it still leaves me with goosebumbs - it makes me feel all the emotions

  • Kirakirabosh69
    Kirakirabosh69 6 hours ago

    James Charles looking at video, 😳

  • sara grainger
    sara grainger 6 hours ago

    I support you all the way your awesome eugene

  • Nat D
    Nat D 7 hours ago +1

    Sorry but all I can think of is Forza Horizon 4

    Good video btw!

  • belzitagurgel
    belzitagurgel 10 hours ago

    This video is amazing! So beautiful, deep and powerful! Congrats Eugene, you're brilliant! I'm sorry that you and so many others had experienced the worst of the human kind

  • Julie Davis
    Julie Davis 10 hours ago

    wow! so beautiful! So amazing! So inspiring!

  • Lolgical
    Lolgical 11 hours ago

    Cant help but feel so freakin happy for him and sad that he had to go through so many hard situations because he had a different perspective

  • MrsChattyCathy
    MrsChattyCathy 11 hours ago

    The most wonderful thing that I have seen on this subject. Love yourself. Love each other.

  • The Architect
    The Architect 13 hours ago

    Stop praising the gays, and stop making a big deal about coming out.

  • Samantha Oranchak
    Samantha Oranchak 14 hours ago

    Oh I loved this so very much!! So beautiful!!

  • Yuan Miguel Curan
    Yuan Miguel Curan 14 hours ago

    I'm a 13 year old boy and I'm straight but why does supporting LGBTQ community feel's right
    Is it because I'm broken ?😕

    • Bella Garson
      Bella Garson 7 hours ago +2

      Yuan Miguel Curan nope you’re normal, people who think it’s wrong are the broken ones ❤️

  • ShrimpOJP
    ShrimpOJP 15 hours ago

    I've watched this three times now and each time I come away having noticed something different and with new interpretations, but each time it never fails to move me. This is a stunningly beautiful and emotionally weighty piece of art which achieves so much in such a short space of time even without clear spoken word. This is an inspiring display of talent which leaves me thinking 'I want to make something that good'. The attention to detail really makes you feel the importance of the messages the video presents and I especially love the inclusivity, the fresh takes on colour symbolism and striking cinematography. Simply outstanding work from everyone involved and massive props to Eugene for being able to be this emotionally vulnerable with his audience.

  • Mikez _gaming
    Mikez _gaming 15 hours ago

    Oh thats why he lives in la

  • 눈물내
    눈물내 16 hours ago +1

    *happy cowboy noises*

  • HBR
    HBR 17 hours ago +1


  • JO fillM
    JO fillM 19 hours ago

    The most artistic way to come out. Ever

  • Reborn Heart
    Reborn Heart 20 hours ago

    Eugene, I absolutely love what you did with this. Your unique story telling and perspective is something I couldn't help but admire. Everything in this video was pretty powerful ( I also got really excited when all the queens showed up. Bob is bae.) and I think you did an amazing job. Thank you for taking the time to make something like this, your passion really shows!

  • _wade.w
    _wade.w 21 hour ago

    how can so many people have disliked this !?

  • stephaniedancer
    stephaniedancer 21 hour ago

    Just came over from the podcast with Philip Defraco. Didn't know this video existed but thanks for choosing to share this with the world. I found it beautiful, sad and overall powerful.

  • rina
    rina 21 hour ago

    this was so touching .__.

  • Elegant Enemy
    Elegant Enemy 22 hours ago

    This should be the most viewed try guys video

  • emma
    emma 23 hours ago

    true dat

  • Bored Asf :/
    Bored Asf :/ 23 hours ago +2

    This song sounds so calming tbh liked how it.

  • Bobby Capuzziello

    ive watched this 1000000 times by now and love it more each time

  • Da Beef
    Da Beef Day ago

    Honestly, crying

  • Dumb Potato Animations

    Curly....... my heart ❤️ I wanna cry 😭 Eugene this is beautiful!

  • M B
    M B Day ago

    Imagine making a whole video just because you like to take penis in your butt

  • Madison Paige
    Madison Paige Day ago

    What do all the colors represent

  • Flee cy
    Flee cy Day ago

    He’s not gay its just for the video

  • Stefan Henderson

    I'm sorry but you do not look like a girl, but you look completely ridiculous!

  • Elizabeth Mirandi

    I find myself watching this over and over again.
    What an incredible piece of art that moves me to tears every time. It was worth every ounce of effort Eugene ♡

  • PlumberGasfitter

    Yep this is super gay

    • PIG
      PIG Day ago


  • Andrew Cartwright
    Andrew Cartwright Day ago +1

    Im may not agree with his politics but shots were stunning

  • Anaiya- chan
    Anaiya- chan Day ago


  • G_reen_ie xGr_een_ie

    Haven't cried this hard in a long time

  • Ethan Burnell
    Ethan Burnell Day ago

    Insanely good video. Congratulations on having the courage to come out to the world.

  • Lauren Nolen
    Lauren Nolen Day ago

    He deserves a lover ❤

  • Alejandro Robles

    I will never bee the same after experiencing this. Thank you Mr. Lee.
    I hope a trend becomes of all people's coming out of the closet in the future. What a time to be alive.

  • Me H
    Me H Day ago

    Coming back to watch this again, honestly so so beautiful

  • Yahir Garcia
    Yahir Garcia Day ago

    that’s gay

  • Official Miss Fj

    i just love it eugene thank you for supporting lgbt ☺️☺️

  • Marcy Collins
    Marcy Collins Day ago


  • Nuray The Nightguard

    omg, i loved this. im trans, but i cant tell any of my family since they are super religious.. im stuck in a girls body until i move out of my mother's house

  • Lilly Barberie
    Lilly Barberie Day ago

    I get chills every time

  • Kyriana McCoy
    Kyriana McCoy Day ago

    I swear everytime I watch this I bawl my eyes out, literally if I ever truly come out this would be the way I would want to do it.

  • LolaSipsAllTheTea

    I really wish they miked up the people in the last bit to see what they where all saying to each other, I feel like they would be shouting compliments at each other.

  • Zachary Elders
    Zachary Elders Day ago