Maroon 5 - Animals

  • Published on Sep 29, 2014
  • Maroon 5 - Animals
    Director: Samuel Bayer
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  • DaZombie Lynx
    DaZombie Lynx 5 hours ago

    This to me seems a lot about just straight up stalking a human woman and the video doesn’t help

  • Fox Trotin5
    Fox Trotin5 5 hours ago

    ok but is anyone going to ask what drugs this producer was on

  • Its Spooky
    Its Spooky 5 hours ago

    I remember when this song was super new.. I feel old now-

  • YoBYoung 04
    YoBYoung 04 5 hours ago

    This is low-key stalking tho...

  • Black cat Lover
    Black cat Lover 7 hours ago

    Is this scary for me or am I just a scarycat? And I am watching it at night so....

  • Cesar Olivares Lira
    Cesar Olivares Lira 11 hours ago

    Es la mejor

  • Lex orma tous
    Lex orma tous 12 hours ago

    damn after 5 years the song is still just perfect

  • Danidu Fernando
    Danidu Fernando 12 hours ago

    i want to kamikaze into his home for this...........................(but i dont have a plane...)

  • adilson pereira
    adilson pereira 15 hours ago +1

    I love animals

  • Ashok chatterjee
    Ashok chatterjee 15 hours ago

    This song so seductive

  • AsSaS!n GAMING
    AsSaS!n GAMING 15 hours ago

    Why this is not 1 billion till now

  • Rhonda Nolan-Bryant
    Rhonda Nolan-Bryant 15 hours ago

    Adam Levine is my only link to this bad ass chick I used to work with a couple of years ago.

  • Ye Htet Aung Ba
    Ye Htet Aung Ba 15 hours ago

    Watching this music video is like watching pron

  • Jerónimo Podestá
    Jerónimo Podestá 16 hours ago

    maroon 55555 lol

  • Eshkin Cot
    Eshkin Cot 17 hours ago

    Отличное видео и музыка необычная в темпе.! Спасибо за прекрасный ролик - подписка и Респект

  • •rosa•
    •rosa• 18 hours ago


  • Ulatan Klangsah
    Ulatan Klangsah 20 hours ago +1

    listening in 12 november 2019

  • Fnαƒ gαcнα :3
    Fnαƒ gαcнα :3 20 hours ago

    Entendi, ele é um pscopata por varne humana ;-;

  • Antônio Teixeira
    Antônio Teixeira 20 hours ago

    very good

  • Sebastian Devia
    Sebastian Devia 20 hours ago

    I liked the song

  • Chaima Chamell
    Chaima Chamell 22 hours ago

    November 2019 ??✌✌

  • DrIfTy BoI
    DrIfTy BoI 23 hours ago

    *Roblox why are you still using this*

  • Ronald Dias
    Ronald Dias Day ago +1

    where is the age restriction

    LOL DOI Day ago +2

    before: aye good music
    now: hold on a sec-

  • teddysphotos
    teddysphotos Day ago +1

    This is where the inspiration for the Netflix show "YOU" came from. 😂

  • Partha Chowdhury

    still damnnnnn! *-*

  • Music Lyrics
    Music Lyrics Day ago

    there are 18+ -_-

  • Rosangela Amorim
    Rosangela Amorim Day ago +1

    Ta parabens ksksksk muito bom msm

  • Snehil Kumar Rajput

    This video should be taken out of TheXvid it is not a good video for viewers youth young people.. so cheap and violence..

  • Woo&Chunk
    Woo&Chunk Day ago


  • Riska Basri
    Riska Basri Day ago

    I remember my cousin told me to never watch this, she said adam looks hideous here, and 5 years later i came here cuz i'm an adult now and can handle my fear, but nothing scared me, instead it's cool tho, turns out she is a HEMOPHOBIA 🙄

  • zFireeCore
    zFireeCore Day ago

    nice music

  • Thicc Mood
    Thicc Mood Day ago

    i used to be deathly afraid of this music video.

  • cotton candycane

    Everybody else singing: 0.o


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    ALEXO_ PLAYZ Day ago

    4:39 T H I C C

  • AntonioB
    AntonioB Day ago

    if you want to see me sniffing some of my friends butts subscribe

  • Batuhan
    Batuhan Day ago

    #Saltbae Adam😁

  • Uya Vlog
    Uya Vlog Day ago +3

    It’s like the series “You” in a music video

  • Мария Вейнер

    And I still watch it every day

  • samiah samiah
    samiah samiah Day ago

    No one cares what year you're watching this.

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Day ago +2

    How to stalk 101

  • Rubens FerreIra
    Rubens FerreIra Day ago +39

    "If you listening to this in 2019 you have very good taste for music."

  • Laasagnaa
    Laasagnaa 2 days ago +89

    5th grade me: oh no she wear underwear, don’t look just listen
    now: wow this guy is really creepy

    • Zoya Dsouza
      Zoya Dsouza 17 hours ago

      Legit who on earth hugs or u know clings on to a dead animal and it's not just that
      P.S this I a joke

    • Zoya Dsouza
      Zoya Dsouza 17 hours ago


    • cotton candycane
      cotton candycane Day ago


  • บักโปก โบก สบัด

    เทอทำเราเยี่ยงสัตว์เทอๆม่เคยเห็นใจเรา...เทอทรมานกายเรา เทอทรมาณใจเรา แต่เราก้าวผ่านมันมาได่เราจะ🙂จดจำตลอดไป

  • Alriya Mella
    Alriya Mella 2 days ago +1

    Adam is too hot to handle

  • Akshith Bellare
    Akshith Bellare 2 days ago +6

    The official song of stalker's union.

  • Mother Land
    Mother Land 2 days ago

    What a psycho

  • Malhar Savale
    Malhar Savale 2 days ago

    Now I realize, doesn't he give the vibes of Dr. Thredson, in AHS Asylum?

  • Mark Kang
    Mark Kang 2 days ago

    What the fuck is this video

  • Gina SanYu
    Gina SanYu 2 days ago

    Frank Manera Intensifies~

  • BigBoyGang
    BigBoyGang 2 days ago +14

    Did no one else think he looked like Lucifer Morningstar?

  • patates adam
    patates adam 2 days ago

    Bu klibi ne zaman izlesem aklıma barış özcan geliyo aq

  • Mery Kartal
    Mery Kartal 2 days ago +2

    *2020?* 🤧🦋

    XxNIRZONxX 2 days ago +1

    I can finally say I grew up
    Because I have questions listening to this song :)

  • Neev Mistry
    Neev Mistry 2 days ago

    3:27 taps in hindi

  • evillian
    evillian 2 days ago +1

    You; Joe and beck? Anımsattı.

  • evillian
    evillian 2 days ago

    Woah.. mükemmel.

  • sreetama datta
    sreetama datta 2 days ago

    This feels like worse than blurred lines