Lana Del Rey - Doin’ Time (Official Video)

  • Published on Aug 29, 2019
  • Lana Del Rey - Norman Fucking Rockwell - Out Now
    Directed by Rich Lee
    Contains a clip of “Harem Silks From Bombay” Performed & Composed by Les Baxter, Published by Bax Music (ASCAP), master used courtesy of UME.
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  • Julia Demeter
    Julia Demeter 28 minutes ago

    Lana singing Sublime, so perfect!

  • Paola Lorete
    Paola Lorete 35 minutes ago

    foi publicada no dia do meu aniversário

  • William T Walker
    William T Walker Hour ago

    Sexy video!

  • aesthetic angel
    aesthetic angel Hour ago

    Lana is so mf pretty😍❤️

  • maddyy.x
    maddyy.x Hour ago

    1:03 i bet her 🐱 smelt of pepsi cola lolllll

  • Isabela De Almeida Luciano

    My Queen

  • Samer Salih
    Samer Salih 2 hours ago

    مصطفى خرب بضميرك لانا ذكرتني بيك وين انت هسة مشتاقلك

  • Manuel Lopez
    Manuel Lopez 2 hours ago

    name minuto 1:47?

  • Demian Vidau
    Demian Vidau 2 hours ago

    Te la rifas morra

  • Mike Petterson
    Mike Petterson 2 hours ago

    She's from Long Beach like me

  • Nikol Poučová
    Nikol Poučová 2 hours ago +1


  • Nevajno Sovsem
    Nevajno Sovsem 3 hours ago

    *Вот сука. Запретила Россиянам смотреть этот клип. Русофобский зомби продукт*

  • Nicholas Barralaga
    Nicholas Barralaga 3 hours ago

    Who thinks she looks like Amanda from vines with lele pons

  • Noel Edmondson
    Noel Edmondson 3 hours ago

    this is art

  • MrBubu300
    MrBubu300 3 hours ago

    She will be verry nominated at the Grammy. Will be a honor for Grammy to

  • Moonlight Lotus
    Moonlight Lotus 3 hours ago +1

    I love Sublime.
    So happy to come across this remake, especially coming from Lana Del Ray.
    “All the people in the dance will agree,
    That we’re well qualified to represent the LbC.”

  • Логист Сходня

    В оригинале гораздо приятнее слышать, а в этом кавере лезбийские нотки...

  • Bertha juana Dzul Mazun

    que perro asco, ojalá y se muera

  • El Solitario George
    El Solitario George 5 hours ago

    1:00 that's a big Pepsi cola!!

  • Jim Morrison
    Jim Morrison 5 hours ago

    она очаровательна!

  • Booby Hill
    Booby Hill 5 hours ago


  • Anastasya Pavlosky :P
    Anastasya Pavlosky :P 5 hours ago

    Now when I tell my echo to play Doin’ Time, I have to say sublime bc it’ll play this first 🤔

  • sam schoby
    sam schoby 5 hours ago

    Well I’m in love now. Thanks Lana

  • Benedetto Mandolini
    Benedetto Mandolini 6 hours ago

    This video was copied to The Rolling Stones. The song is LOVE IS STRONG

  • Shre k
    Shre k 6 hours ago

    The original is so much better

  • Farhan Arif
    Farhan Arif 7 hours ago

    Here for @bennydrama7

  • Susanne Six
    Susanne Six 7 hours ago

    I Love your music Lana ❤

  • Ichinavi
    Ichinavi 7 hours ago

    She is looking for where to shit and piss.

  • Giancarlo Giraldo
    Giancarlo Giraldo 8 hours ago

    Lana Del Rey is so cute/adorable in a wig ☺️

  • Karina Maksimova
    Karina Maksimova 8 hours ago +2

    She's a musical genius, every song she makes is like ear porn. Her voice is one of a kind ♡

  • Clementine Sky
    Clementine Sky 8 hours ago

    Who's watching the Charlie's Angels commercial? Damn Kristen is hot.

  • lolita
    lolita 8 hours ago

    Lana del rey - Doin' Time (Official Video)
    0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 4:25

  • Mickeias Lourran
    Mickeias Lourran 9 hours ago

  • Mickeias Lourran
    Mickeias Lourran 9 hours ago

  • sam schoby
    sam schoby 9 hours ago


  • Аксель Монтен

    Решил от Шевцова зайти сюда) Надеюь, что понравится

  • greene choe
    greene choe 10 hours ago +1

    1:02 drivers : ??!!

  • Роман Шевяков

    Шевцов,сука,почему теперь я ищу кадры с твоих видосов?

  • Андрей Нагорный

    1945 повторим?

  • A guy from the Internet

    I tried to remember where have I heard it. Sublime.

  • frazzl
    frazzl 12 hours ago

    What a boring, unadventurous cover. I'll stick to the original thanks!

  • Amit Bisht
    Amit Bisht 12 hours ago

    4:08 i saw that

  • Badmaa Badmaa
    Badmaa Badmaa 13 hours ago


  • Nemo
    Nemo 13 hours ago +1

    *Кто от Шевцова?*

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow 14 hours ago +1

    Кто от Шевцова?)
    А музыкальный вкус у нашего очказавра ничё;)

  • Angel Miguel Tzuc Canche


  • Mukthyar Baig
    Mukthyar Baig 16 hours ago

    I Hope She Has Them Panties ON !!!!

  • Nelson Segotso
    Nelson Segotso 16 hours ago


  • Abigail Holbrook
    Abigail Holbrook 16 hours ago

    ugh incredible

  • Cassidy De Sousa
    Cassidy De Sousa 16 hours ago

    I love sublime but lana KILLS this song

  • aaron nava
    aaron nava 17 hours ago

    Lana lana lana when will you learn men think small- short term

  • D Martinez
    D Martinez 17 hours ago

    Something about this doesn't feel right. Her singing a Sublime song? What in the world does she have in common with Sublime? Is she a hardcore rapper or something? Did she spend time in jail? Yes, her voice is gorgeous and she is an important artist. She gonna cover Tupac now? haha

  • Chate Jackson
    Chate Jackson 18 hours ago

    My daughter...

  • Chase Hohle
    Chase Hohle 18 hours ago

    Btw this is sublime song, fun fact

  • Deivys Mendez
    Deivys Mendez 18 hours ago +1

    De mis favoritas❤️

  • Evan Chloe
    Evan Chloe 19 hours ago

    Sounds just like Miley Cyrus

  • - i n R e v e r i e -
    - i n R e v e r i e - 19 hours ago

    In love with this song so much

  • TheTheratfarmer
    TheTheratfarmer 19 hours ago

    i love ty ebass/

  • C.A. K,S
    C.A. K,S 19 hours ago +1

    RIVER WESTIN, the 20 something "male Lana Del Rey" with two EP's , just listen & see if you don't agree

    • C.A. K,S
      C.A. K,S 19 hours ago +1

  • Theo Koukopoulos
    Theo Koukopoulos 19 hours ago

    imagine just driving on the freeway and looking up and seeing lana del ray’s juicy ass cooch