What sort of country will post-Brexit Britain be? - BBC Newsnight

  • Published on Sep 5, 2019
  • Emily Maitlis speaks to Lord William Waldegrave, former Conservative Chief Secretary to the Treasury and author of Three Circles into One.
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    He says Britain must be “realistic” about the sort of country it is now.
    “Why can’t we be a middle-ranking, proud country?" he asks, before adding that he believes the UK could live in or out of Europe “perfectly well”.
    Lord Waldegrave is Provost of Eton College, the school that Boris Johsnon and fellow Conservatives David Cameron, Jacob Rees Mogg and Rory Stewart all attended.
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  • Mark H
    Mark H Day ago

    This guy sounds like he's been reading Fintan O'Toole's book 'Heroic Failure: Brexit and the Politics of Pain'.....

  • Martin Breton
    Martin Breton Day ago

    Very lucid.

    A DIFFERENT RID 4 days ago

    Unless you speak English and lick Wastemonster butt!
    Surely it speaks volumes that they want to leave the EU,Do you really think the rest of us are going to get hugs and kisses???

  • Anton Antonson
    Anton Antonson 5 days ago

    A very free and great country! Brexit means freedom! Just look how hard freedom is to come by after 3 years of stopping Brexit.... EU is not democracy and we need to get out!

    • Anton Antonson
      Anton Antonson 2 days ago

      @Darren Flynn Ok! You can learn more on the internet. Just surf around and listen to different people. SOme people might talk about Agenda 21...or Agenda 2030 (the new one) as something good - and others can see through the real reason why. Also learn about George Soros and the Open society.

    • Darren Flynn
      Darren Flynn 2 days ago

      @Anton Antonson I started but stopped about 1 minute in to go read Agenda 21 for myself first to form my own opinion by reflecting on it, before listening to Ms Koire's opinion. Once I'm finished reading it, I'll go back to the video.

    • Anton Antonson
      Anton Antonson 2 days ago

      @Darren Flynn Did you watch the video?

    • Darren Flynn
      Darren Flynn 2 days ago

      @Anton Antonson Thanks for your replies I apologise if any of the terms I used offended you, it was never my intention. My aim was to understand your position and while I may not agree with some of what you've said I do respect that it is your position. I'm actually Irish and not from the UK, best of luck with Brexit I hope the December elections break the parliamentary deadlock.

    • Anton Antonson
      Anton Antonson 2 days ago

      @Darren Flynn You wrote: "no obligation to give you an overly fair deal".
      The deal EU came up with is far, far, far from "overly fair deal" - so never use that term again, thank you!
      You wrote: "Britain has been the single greatest obstacle to greater unity since they joined."
      What EU wants from their slave-countries is for them NOT to be protesting the undemocratic and unfair concentrating of power to Bruxelles, power stolen from national states. Yes, EU wants to lure and fool europeans to give them all the power.
      You wrote: "If it was easy for you to leave what would deter other countries from leaving".
      Yes, exactly! Sooner or later more countries want to leave - because that will probably happen - and therefor EU wants to set an example with UK by saying: "Look! Just look at all the problems UK had with leaving the EU...should you go through the same problems...no stay in EU!" That is the message from EU. BUT the only thing this lengthy Brexit-period is showing to the europeans IS THIS: EU does everyhinn they can to jail UK for as long as possible to EU - and that is a proof of the difficulties with this political union and how extremely undemocratic and disrespectful EU really is.
      You wrote: "EU had the stronger bargaining position than the UK".
      No, I will say they want to do trade with eachother and EU is selling goods for billions and billions to UK. Just think how much wine from Italy and France etc UK imports!!! Millions of tons of it to give an example.
      The reason you believe that EU has a advantage is wrong...it is not because of UK needing Europe more than otherway around. It has to do with that The British Parlament and Theresa May first and foremost - is standing on EU:s side when it comes to the idea of Britain in or out. The majority of the parlament has never been intrrested in leaving the EU - THERE YOU HAVE THE TRUTH!
      The thing is that Northern Irland might have been one of the points in the agreement beacuse there is no physical border between Northern and Southern Irland - but all this is small things in the bigger picture. Not much more to say there.
      Trust me, you are wrong about EU. Eu is not heaven! EU is undemocratic and when you are a part of EU you are not deciding over your own country. A frenchman might have more to say about how your street in your UK hometown will look like - than yourself.
      To say that we need to be in EU to do deals with EU is also wrong. Look at countries like Norway and Switzerland - 2 of the richest countries in Europe, if not THE richest? - they have no problems doing business with EU...from the outside. Most countries in the world is not part of EU, but do business there.
      Small companies have less change of succeding in EU because if you have a product and want to sell it on the EU-market then you have to pay for many EU-tests (quality-tests, allergi-tests, safety-tests etc). Even if tests are good to A CERTAIN POINT then it is too much and too expensive in EU. These EU-acceptance test cost so much that many times small companies go bankrupt before being able to realize them on the market. Bigger companies are protected because they have the financial means to go through all these tests. In fact big companies LOVE EU just because of this - EU: effective killings of smaller firms and businesses.

      More information for you: Why do rich globalist for EU to grow and why do they hate Brexit.
      It is the Open Society and Bilderbergsgroup that is doing this.
      They released 2015 info-pamphlets - in Africa and Middle east - of how to seek asylum in Europe.
      Why you may ask.
      Because if european countries receive economical migrants they have to pay for them (welfare money) and that will cost enormous money. (Because Open society KNOW that most of the immigrants will live on welfare.)
      Soon the european countries will be poor and start to borrow money from private banks - owned by these rich globalists.
      When european countries have problems paying back the money - then the globalists can put up demands to Europe remove borders for gods and people - "otherwise we need or money back now".
      EU-contries can not pay and have to agree on the terms. When the borders are open then the globalists can make much more money and even more people come into Europe.
      Read more about it Open Society and Bilderbergsgroup.
      Look at this video and learn something you did not know before. The true evil of Agenda 2030 and what they are trying to do to Europe and the whole world. See the video: UN Agenda 2030 exposed: thexvid.com/video/3PrY7nFbwAY/video.html

  • daniel sabum
    daniel sabum 7 days ago +2

    The union as you know is under Threat

  • daniel sabum
    daniel sabum 7 days ago +2

    Devided Kingdom!

  • Ralf Rath
    Ralf Rath 7 days ago +3

    Post Brexit Britain will be a US Trump colony - what else?

  • Tom Richards
    Tom Richards 10 days ago +1

    It won't be any sort of country.
    Britain is NOT a country! To suggest that it is is highly offensive.

  • colin mccarthy
    colin mccarthy 11 days ago

    There is a saying,Britain rules the Waves.
    We had an Empire once,and that gone.Some
    countries in the UK want Independence.
    Once we have Post-Brexit,we can get no
    lower than that.We will be completely on
    our own.(Remember these words :-,”WE
    This is democracy.I wonder what
    communistic countries in the world say
    about all of this.I wonder.

  • there fore
    there fore 27 days ago

    people of that kind.........

  • Mike Scharding
    Mike Scharding Month ago

    Believe it when I see it

  • Alfie Quirke
    Alfie Quirke Month ago

    What a wanker this guy is

  • james mcbride
    james mcbride Month ago

    Post brexit borders up who cares about the rest of the wotld? Who are we to tell others what to do?

  • harryzero 156
    harryzero 156 Month ago

    This man from the first sentence has no sense of the geopolitical degradation of the failing european federal experiment. In the coming months there will probably be no global power, each country will have to resolve sovereign and corporate debt issues? Maybe even undertake debt jubilees for student and other personal debts.

  • Alexander Simpson
    Alexander Simpson Month ago

    What a defeatist prick, where are still the 5th biggest player in the world.. If you don’t want to believe in the UK, go fcuk off... You... prick!

  • Adam Campbell
    Adam Campbell Month ago

    It'll be Great....Britain

  • Green Rachel
    Green Rachel Month ago +2

    A divided, poor, little influence, small power, third world country with riots and terrorist attacks everywhere. Scotland will be independent, Northern Ireland will be taken back by Ireland and finally be united. Huge inflation and food shortage, property price drop half. EU people leave, labour shortage, big company moves out. NHS queue 10 years to see a doctor... Good luck for hard brexit

  • xrx0R 9
    xrx0R 9 Month ago +5

    Britain will be a small unimportant island to the north west of the european continent.

    Non eu migrants will flood into the country, to fix the mess and labour shortages caused by a no deal, the demographics will change rapidly,.
    The British will probably be around 60 percent of the population then.

    the tories and labour will continue to fool the british public, pretending they are hard on immigration.

    Nigel farage and his lot, will have been gone by now, probably to some eu country, to enjoy life with the money they made through brexit.

    • james mcbride
      james mcbride Month ago

      Very true, Enhland id fckd anyway, make hay while pasteur green old bean. Brexit good.

  • MA Ellis
    MA Ellis Month ago

    Out of the ashes rises the Pheonix. Lets hope UK is that Pheonix. EU are bullies, if we don't bide by their rules and regulations we're out. So UK obliges. Our little country is humble and talented, ingenious and strategically clever. Sure the starting out will be a bumpy ride, but not unlike the grounds we have trod many times before. We were great once before and we will be again. We run a vast network globally financial banking institutes and many great minds. We most dare to think Post Brexit, it will happen. Why doesn't everyone grow up and realise that this is not the end of the world. It's however the start of a new post Brexit world for UK. We have got what it takes to make the break, just those in power have to take back the governing power back to uk government, so once again we shall rise and blossom as not just a country, but a confident player in all the sectors globally. Theirs bern no single market for years its all changed, so it was time and is time for Uk to go forth and prove itself and we will, i feel more than sure..

  • John McCord
    John McCord Month ago

    Proud of the Brits for getting their confidence back.....stay strong....3 weeks to go! This guy sounds like loser Barry Obama.

    • stenka razin
      stenka razin 8 days ago

      You belong in the nineteenth century.

  • Roxana Andrews
    Roxana Andrews Month ago +1

    This guy talks the truth and with common sense !!! The "Great " is gone out of Britain a long time ago and we are a laughing stock of the world !!! So embarrassing !!!

  • Benjamin Martins
    Benjamin Martins Month ago

    The United Kingdom will be breaking up y’all are fucked

  • Steve Webb
    Steve Webb Month ago

    I live in the UK this man is talking rubbish the heseltines along with the rest of the dead wood in the party was the problem. Also being interviewed by the BBC i rest my case?

  • Terry Moore
    Terry Moore Month ago

    Better than ever!

  • British LA
    British LA Month ago

    bbc please interview one person who is not an immigrant or Jewish. I promise the UK will be a bigger world player and trader post brexit and prices for most commodities including food will fall dramatically almost overnight. many millionaires will lose money and business but life will be much easier for small businesses and families who currently struggle to get by.

  • Simon Garlick House Truck Builder

    Another EU man thinking I didn't know what I voted for. we voted to leave. End of.

  • marshalllucky
    marshalllucky Month ago

    at last we will have our full British Brexit, no more meddling from the eurocrats telling us how bendy our bananas have to be our how powerful our hoovers can be. We should be organising street parties , erecting a statue of Sir Nigel Farage and donning those little pork pie union jack hats and partying like Prince`s 1989 song :-)

  • Ralf Rath
    Ralf Rath Month ago +1

    How Boris changed Britain is impressive. There is no future for British democracy. The UK is destroyed and Britain can not survive. The British people will pay the price for the next 500 years.

  • Peekle
    Peekle Month ago +3

    Its called reality and this man has stayed real

  • royal24
    royal24 Month ago

    Lord William Waldegrave is the worst kind of masochistic leftie. Why do they hate themselves and their country?

  • Headwind-1
    Headwind-1 Month ago


  • O
    O Month ago

    Poor high unemployment nissan ford Honda all be gone hope you love dole money because that's what Brexit is going to give yourselves enjoy it

    • ferkemall
      ferkemall Month ago

      Imagine a UK free from Renauts puckjoes and shitrons =bliss !

  • Alcathous
    Alcathous Month ago +2

    A deindustrialized deregulated tax haven.

  • mr fuckwit
    mr fuckwit Month ago

    Keep paying the bbc plebs .have a great day in the rat race lmao haha haha want a shithole Muslim state

  • mehfoos
    mehfoos Month ago +2

    Looking at the comments, it seems that even Russian bots don't think it's worth the effort as I don't find the usual Brexit rant and insults.

  • Susse Thrane
    Susse Thrane Month ago

    You have never forgotten that you have been an Empire. Past tense. Give up? There are other countries that will not keep playing into your self-importance. It is norsiating. You have been part, as a super power, of creating the EU. You are responsible for good and worse. And bow you are bitching over how to bog off.

  • TheConversation
    TheConversation Month ago

    From Rory Stewart to JRM. Wow, that it a radical range of thought

  • TheConversation
    TheConversation Month ago

    Each country will take the most power they can get with the least harm. Why would any nation voluntarily give up a security Council seat?

    • ferkemall
      ferkemall Month ago

      Because of the cost =save billions plus the EU is run like the European song contest and we all know how that works !

  • Zana Jarvis
    Zana Jarvis Month ago

    I've stopped watching bias news.....

  • pj moseley
    pj moseley Month ago

    media winding up the public again lol

  • Christian Bohm
    Christian Bohm Month ago +3

    Can we please go back to a reasonable conservatism like that man is representing? As someone of the left I want reason come back to the conservative parties. What happened to them?

  • Christian Bohm
    Christian Bohm Month ago +1

    All the downvoters can't handle the truth. Ignorant Brexiteers of course.

  • kulturfreund66
    kulturfreund66 Month ago

    Great Britain will remain no.1 Rock´n´Roll world power .

  • henk
    henk Month ago +1

    Brexit is a direct result of both misinformation and a kind of British superiority complex. Britain will find out the hard way about the lies about Europe that the public has been fed by the tabloids and TV. And it will soon find out the financial consequences of going rogue economically.

  • Straw Hat
    Straw Hat Month ago +1

    Crazy how hard they’re going to stop unity lol

  • Lee Petty
    Lee Petty Month ago

    Who needs trade deals and freedom of movement when you can wave your flag around and sing rule brittania

  • Matteo Prezioso
    Matteo Prezioso Month ago

    what. a. fucking. mess.

  • Violet Gruner
    Violet Gruner Month ago

    As an American I wish we were not a "powerhouse". Overated. We are always in a war having to pay for an expensive military. As long as England keeps a regular trade economy and keeps the people employed, being 2nd tier country is fine. I wish England well.....

  • James Turner
    James Turner Month ago

    A would be a fuc ing good country with out the Eu and the BBC

  • joe barnes
    joe barnes Month ago

    Here we go again, let's talk down Britain.

  • Ian Williams
    Ian Williams 2 months ago +3

    post-Brexit Britain will be poorer economically, socially, culturally and morally; that's the bad part - but the scary part is that this is what a majority of British voters chose for the country

    • Roland Hawken
      Roland Hawken Month ago

      viva Duetschland " I am a has been" ? weird statement ,but your personal opinion of me is of no interest to me . Try to contribute some thing original or at least interesting to the conversation

    • Josh said
      Josh said Month ago

      @Roland Hawken you're a 'has been' face facts

    • Roland Hawken
      Roland Hawken Month ago

      Ian Williams You are wrong, and so is this lefty sausage being interviewed.Britain is the only country in the world that it's influence has reached into every corner of the world ,only Rome has come close to equalling Britain's influence . Britain was the country that lifted humanity freeing it from the Malthusian trap . The modern world is British . The English speaking peoples will still make and shape history . If they have the will to do so obviously you won't be included lol

  • sqwale7
    sqwale7 2 months ago +24

    I'm glad he recognizes that his will be the realization of England no longer being a global power. And possibly shouldn't have been for quite sometime.

    • james mcbride
      james mcbride Month ago

      England does not need to rule the world, in mod tech age oil is redundant, energy markets completely changed with anti-matter, tesla electromagnetic generators, international financiers and centralised banking is a thing of the past. Put horders up, nationalise industry, give ppl good jobs internally.

    • John Buffalo I am 97
      John Buffalo I am 97 Month ago +1

      We should just cancel brexit now and invade china before they overtake us all

  • Tom Bulloch
    Tom Bulloch 2 months ago


  • Rob Kroon
    Rob Kroon 2 months ago

    Britisch GDP is 3,3% of the world GDP.. Almost insignificant... But a part of the (older? English?) Britisch population still thinks that Britain has an empire and rules the waves. How sad.. The reality is that Great Britain is a medium-sized Island on the periphery of Europe, with a rather small influence concerning the economical, social and cultural issues in Europe, let alone the world.. But Farage, Johnson and co. are thinking that GB can do it alone and are still a world power.. How delusional..

    • John Bell
      John Bell 2 months ago

      Will you stop with this British Empire shit. I am 60 and was born in one of the last countries in the BE ( Northern Rhodesia ) and nobody, and I mean NOBODY ) that I have met or known has ever thought that Britain has or had a right to the BE status we had before the war. The war changed everything and we got through it with the help of many countries, if we were such a great empire we should never of had our arses kicked by a few Nazi's! Grow up all of you.

  • Flo morteforet
    Flo morteforet 2 months ago +3

    lol "superpower " invented for UK... LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    HYUKLDER1 2 months ago +1

    British Broadcasting Corporation is a London based European Union propagandist. Funded by mandatory levy, autonomous and non-profit. It provides an EU viewpoint on events. News staff spread partial, biased disinformation and promote campaigns favouring EU objectives.

  • Cowardly Custard
    Cowardly Custard 2 months ago +1

    while average house is 340k and average wages 22k
    its always going to be a dump.

    • Cowardly Custard
      Cowardly Custard Month ago

      lmao. its due to money printing being used to speculate on housing assets. theres no more to it than that.

    • Roland Hawken
      Roland Hawken Month ago

      Russell Hobbs. Countries people are what they make themselves into it is up to them . You remind me of a neighbour I have that moans about litter ,but never picks any up . there are plenty of houses under 60,000 in the country the average price is high because of overseas investment in London property . That is because UK has had a stable house market for over 160 years .

  • tim jones
    tim jones 2 months ago

    bbc bollox, fuck the bbc.

  • john cummings
    john cummings 2 months ago


  • ernest rogen
    ernest rogen 2 months ago +1

    Truth is if we get out under WTO terms we will see lower costs in our shops after a few months due to the removal of EU tariffs on foods etc from the world out side the EU.
    Curently we pay WTO terms on world goods and EU tariffs on top pushing shop prices higher.
    The EU will not want to block UK goods as that will have a knok on effect on their own exports to the UK and they know the bigger world market is ready to fill any gaps the EU create. Filling those gaps at lower costs than the EU and the knok on effect will be EU job losses. Even our Petrol can come down in price as the EU currently charge a tariff of 36ppl on petrol and also take the lions share of Vat on top of that. A great EU money spinner, double tax ie we pay tax on tax all to the EU and most people of the UK dont even know the EU do this.

    • Dan Smith
      Dan Smith 2 months ago

      Sorry but that’s simply nonsense, there are little or no tariffs on anything we import as since most of Europe is part of the EU, EU then has trade deals with most of Africa and the Caribbean, has deals with Canada, Mexico Japan, Singapore and Korea. What you are really saying is we will let in US goods which will be a little bit cheaper but cheap enough to put our farmers out of business.

    • David
      David 2 months ago

      Truth is your chasing unicorns!!!