Why Your Tesla is Falling Apart

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
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    I take a trip to The Electrified Garage to see all of the issue that can occur with your Tesla Model X, including the infamous front end vibration issue.
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  • Rich Rebuilds
    Rich Rebuilds  Month ago +35

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    • Daniel Lantos
      Daniel Lantos 25 days ago

      You will never see this in a Mercedes or a german car

    • Mr. GTO
      Mr. GTO 29 days ago +1

      It is funny to see what goof ball designs the Tesla Palo Alto engineers created and then the poor workmanship in the Fremont plant. Overall these are still very good cars..!! The first ones out the door always have quality, fit and finish problems.

    • Shekhar Moona
      Shekhar Moona 29 days ago

      What happens to you if Tesla runs out of money?

    • Jimmy James
      Jimmy James Month ago

      Great video but next time put a mic on your guy 😂

    • Tim Ort
      Tim Ort Month ago

      Still enjoying your video rich. But Turo..... dude...

  • James Kim
    James Kim 2 hours ago

    What a junk.

  • johnnyf99 Music
    johnnyf99 Music 7 hours ago

    Technology run RAMPANT!!.. The whole thing is silly!

  • Peter Forbes
    Peter Forbes 8 hours ago

    sorry you lost me with you doing your coffee drive-thru & "the gum you chew" wtf!!!
    you might be the greatest mechanic on TheXvid but man the likes of moi arent gonna hang around long enough to find out

  • Garry Coates
    Garry Coates 20 hours ago

    I am glad somebody likes these cars. I will not be buying electric until it is mandatory. Get woke go broke. Love your work Rich.

  • Max Meier
    Max Meier 21 hour ago

    tesla is just a technology development company disguised as a car company.
    The way people had to pay a lot for a Ferrari engine and got the car for free is just like tesla is doing it.
    Ultimately I am not even sure Musk cares about being a car company at all. if they go broke he still has all the patents, all the technology that will be relevant either way. tesla to him might just be a proof of concept, a vehicle for his technology development and also happens to be an enjoyable toy, to him.
    I cant blame him, he is out there and doing his thing, always walking a fine line between genius and madness.

  • Bob3519
    Bob3519 22 hours ago

    Another great one. Thanks Rich.

  • not left blank not left blank

    Step 1: Buy a brand new Tesla.
    Step 2: Insure it.
    Step 3: Take it directly to The Electrified Garage to have all the manufacturing defects sorted.

  • not left blank not left blank

    Adverts until 3:00.

  • thipps87
    thipps87 Day ago

    maybe if people were not such "fans" and more of a traditional customer they would not put up with this stuff. the same person would rip cadillac, bmw or anyone else for these same issues

  • SuperXygote
    SuperXygote Day ago

    Also, Shine Armor smells like grapes.

  • Patrick Mason
    Patrick Mason Day ago

    fitting that you both call it a "hummer" and have one with 'supply' vinyled to the window

  • MH0709
    MH0709 Day ago

    This is one car to avoid. Badly engineered and, just to compound the issues, badly built. Given the price, this is disgusting. The Company should be sued for letting this pile of crap on the market.

  • 11234231423423
    11234231423423 2 days ago

    Videos have become ads sprinkled with content

  • JustLiveInPeace
    JustLiveInPeace 2 days ago

    What a heap of crap. Think I'll stick with my BMW

  • Vega Motor Werkz
    Vega Motor Werkz 3 days ago

    That mechanic is wearing a pretty sweet shirt, I wonder where I could get 1...

  • NoNamesLeftFuk
    NoNamesLeftFuk 3 days ago

    So good, is there a problem overview of the Model 3?

  • Neal Schwartz
    Neal Schwartz 3 days ago

    So glad I watched your tech go over some of the issues with these cars. Conclusion, they are crap engineered and lousy production. I will stick to my flawless 2011 Genesis.

  • TheTimeTraveler2025
    TheTimeTraveler2025 3 days ago

    So if you use your door it will break... hmmm 🤔

  • MothWizzard
    MothWizzard 3 days ago

    are there simmilar reviews for 3 and S?

  • DariusDaro
    DariusDaro 3 days ago

    Wow never knew Tesla would have sooo many issues. Did you ever thought writing user manual for it.

  • Daniel Bentley
    Daniel Bentley 4 days ago

    I literally been watching this video for like 3 mins I’m sure all I’ve just watched is commercials and some garbage. Not impressed. I guess onto other video it is.

  • Gerg C
    Gerg C 4 days ago

    Mine isn't.

  • CamberwellCarrot
    CamberwellCarrot 4 days ago

    Nothing like paying to be Elon's beta tester.

  • vampire64
    vampire64 4 days ago

    That's why I will not buy Tesla. If I am buying a 6-figure vehicle, it better be quality build.

  • JoshCraver9000
    JoshCraver9000 4 days ago

    I think poor build quality is a characteristic of American cars. Also, I don't know why Tesla feels the need to overcomplicate everything.

  • John Oneill
    John Oneill 4 days ago

    This is appalling build quality! Unacceptably sloppy. 1980's 'recession mobiles' XD Ford Falcons had better build quality...

  • AMP
    AMP 5 days ago

    I love how rich people keep buying this flimsy piece of shit, thinking it will somehow elevate them. It's ridiculous

  • vthreee
    vthreee 5 days ago

    got any links for the foam bag? can we get a diy video? :D

  • Alexander Roberson
    Alexander Roberson 5 days ago

    For those of you harping on Audi. I owned a 2008 Audi A4 for 11 years. For the first 9 years I replaced the tires 3 times and the breaks once, pads and rotors. After 9 years the repairs got expensive. Around $5000 from year 9 to year 11. Otherwise great car. It had 150,000 miles on it and ran like a champ. I just traded it in for another Audi A4. I drove the Tesla model 3 but considering the quality issues, cost, etc I couldn’t pull the trigger. Also and I understand everyone’s different I love the performance of the Audi vs a Tesla

  • Rams Haze
    Rams Haze 5 days ago

    Great video. Scared to buy a Tesla. Time for an e golf.

  • Karlo Moharić
    Karlo Moharić 5 days ago

    Poor engineering

  • frank doster
    frank doster 6 days ago +1

    Tesla spends more on warranty repairs than Mercedes, GM. I am hoping they succeed but they gotta up their game on quality.

  • harley crasher
    harley crasher 7 days ago +1

    Window sticker says it's a 2016. I feel bad for cursing my duaghters 2008 impala with all its issues.

  • Adrian
    Adrian 7 days ago

    All these gimics had been nice, but only if they accualy lasted and didn't turn into a nightmare.

  • Adrian
    Adrian 7 days ago

    I am not impressed by the quality control of Tesla...

  • Adrian
    Adrian 7 days ago

    This isn't a video, it's an ad!

  • Kimoto
    Kimoto 7 days ago +1

    Rich Rebuilds videos are now Ad city.
    It's so odd. I can see the "falcon wings" having issues as they're different (and foolish). Rull #1 in engineering and design when introducing radical changes: Only introduce one major radical concept at a time. The more radical stuff you introduce, the more bugs you're likely to introduce.

  • atenrok
    atenrok 7 days ago

    Advertisement is annoying af... Probably time to stop checking watching these videos 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Manners
    Manners 7 days ago +1

    It looks like that car came from Walmart.

  • Maples01
    Maples01 7 days ago

    Tesla owners, spend $100,000+ for a vehicle half ass assembled and painted and being thrilled, where a regular Joe who purchases a $50,000 car expects more from it, and gets it, any Honda is better made!

  • Adrian W
    Adrian W 8 days ago

    me: watches tesla videos, maintenance, repairing
    also me: could barely aford a $4000 vw golf 6

  • Cypress Thunder
    Cypress Thunder 8 days ago

    Cause Tesla's are made like shit

  • Thiago Keizo
    Thiago Keizo 8 days ago

    the pitfalls of being a early tester

  • Pounce Pounce
    Pounce Pounce 9 days ago

    That early series builds have weak points is normal, that they do not fix easy to fix problems before sale though is plain stupid.

  • Nizar D.
    Nizar D. 9 days ago

    Did the whiners here listen to 19:00-20:00? They’ve come a long, long way since these early cars, the 2019s are hugely improved in a few big ways and a lot of little ways (what’s mostly pointed out in examples in this video that are plastic or trim that everyone is whining about). You don’t realize how immensely difficult it is to design and then build cars? Particularly ones with a shit load of features like this high end costly model X, unless you’ve been doing it since at least WW2? Whiners should just be celebrating that the world has 1 more car maker now, who is smashing the established folks with tech in other areas and they’ve only gotten started. Sorry, I gotta go now cuz a little plastic trim piece is loose on my window area and I gotta hit the bottle out of frustration and madness! And no, I don’t have a Model X despite my avatar lol

  • freddyzdead1
    freddyzdead1 9 days ago

    Not that there was any danger of me buying a Model X, but watching this has made it a certainty.

  • Dominic Mazzitelli
    Dominic Mazzitelli 9 days ago +1

    So many imperfections and yet people spend 100K to buy them, I don't get it.

  • Joan Arc
    Joan Arc 11 days ago

    So even tho these cars are very expensive they are built very cheaply. What a contemporary company.

  • Peter Wakeman
    Peter Wakeman 11 days ago

    x needs an body update?

  • DeerKoden
    DeerKoden 13 days ago

    The complexity on that spoiler is kinda unbelievable

  • Jeffrey Payton
    Jeffrey Payton 13 days ago

    I don’t want a Tesla

  • Jeffrey Payton
    Jeffrey Payton 13 days ago

    The car looks like it is a2016 and my opinion if there having this much problems in 3 year garnet it’s little stiff but it still ads up

  • saferider10
    saferider10 13 days ago

    Since 1987 I 've owned to my best recollection one Russian, two French , four German, three Korean , one Italian , 5 Japanese and one single US car . I do not remember ever having trim falling apart unless the car was in an accident.

  • Jay Lane
    Jay Lane 14 days ago

    Seriously bad quality control.

  • Stu Pidas
    Stu Pidas 14 days ago

    Rich rich rich, three minutes of you pretending to talk about cars when you're really just doing commercials. Please, one per vid is more than enough.

  • Henode Official
    Henode Official 14 days ago

    Tesla is a young company (you all know, idk why I said that). I’m pretty sure from now to 5 years their quality will be as good as Mercedes or BMW

  • Snoodballla !
    Snoodballla ! 14 days ago

    fuck jay leno's garage id watch this errrrrday.

  • t4thfavor1212
    t4thfavor1212 15 days ago

    That copper ground crimp visible at 12:28 looks "highly suspect" for a car of that price point.

  • steven pooley
    steven pooley 16 days ago

    they are a young company trying to make it, and make it fast and dirty. im just glad tesla is offering repairs on cars for free to ensure they stand up over time