i made GORDON RAMSAY's most difficult dish

  • Published on Jan 12, 2018
  • so i had the most stupid idea and attempt to make gordon ramsay's signature dish: beef wellington. if you like the video please don't forget to subscribe.
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Comments • 10 932

  • Juicy Smo
    Juicy Smo 6 hours ago

    That is the worst attempt of a beef wellington i’ve ever seen 1.2/10

  • Cieanna Ewers
    Cieanna Ewers 2 days ago

    Very Illuminati I love everything about it lol

  • Cieanna Ewers
    Cieanna Ewers 2 days ago

    He tried so hard not to touch it

  • Kawaii- wolf
    Kawaii- wolf 6 days ago +11

    Don't. Listen to all the hate u did so good all these haters need to leave there jelly they can't cook anything

    • Chris Ryan
      Chris Ryan 5 days ago +1

      Kawaii- wolf anyone can cook, but people are on different levels

  • Belita Meow
    Belita Meow 7 days ago

    Expectation vs. Reality...
    I saw myself doing the same thing. I mean, he's not a cheft and I'm not either. Nice try. 💕

  • CR7 Ronaldo220
    CR7 Ronaldo220 7 days ago +1

    My dad done it better

    • XT Pandaツ
      XT Pandaツ Day ago

      Where did you learn your grammar?

    • Potato Husky
      Potato Husky 2 days ago

      You made it with his ashes?

    • Speedyfaux69
      Speedyfaux69 4 days ago

      Men can’t cook

    • dumb & dumber
      dumb & dumber 5 days ago

      SLICK My grandpa did better than ur dads 😎

    • SLICK
      SLICK 6 days ago +1

      My dad done it better than your dad

  • Julian Ferrer
    Julian Ferrer 8 days ago +2

    i know it looks really bad but i also know it tastes good

  • Julian Ferrer
    Julian Ferrer 8 days ago

    that rolling aint a life hack

  • Aurhorah
    Aurhorah 8 days ago

    *”I’m his number one Stan”*

  • zoom zoom edits
    zoom zoom edits 9 days ago +12

    Why does everyone expect you too be a perfect chef

  • KB27
    KB27 10 days ago +3

    It’s not that hard

  • klariss bandagosa
    klariss bandagosa 12 days ago +8

    You did great and the thought that you are not a chef. That is incredible to be able accomplished that.

  • Nisha M
    Nisha M 12 days ago +4

    Dont overact its simple and eat in good manner

  • Jaden Mbah
    Jaden Mbah 17 days ago +4


  • Black Shade
    Black Shade 19 days ago +14

    Nice attempt

    • Black Shade
      Black Shade 11 hours ago

      John Mayo thanks

    • John Mayo
      John Mayo 11 hours ago

      Ok now this is epic

    • Diego Montenegro
      Diego Montenegro 14 days ago


    • Black Shade
      Black Shade 18 days ago

      Also talented people don’t call themselves talented I haven’t really watched any of your videos so I can really judge but talent is shown not told

    • Black Shade
      Black Shade 18 days ago

      Bruh you replied on my comment about a spelling mistakes who cares

  • Xxx_ya_boi_oli_xxX Fortnite

    Shit ass beef mushroom paste looks like some shredded chicken in my grandmas ashes and bread is flat like Bruce Jenner’s ass if I was your friend I would of done a runner

    • Potato Husky
      Potato Husky 2 days ago

      If I was your friend, I would ask your mom to abort you.

      ASIAN P3RSUASIAN 4 days ago

      There is many things wrong with your and your online personality but i won't say it..... yet

    • Chocolate Brownie
      Chocolate Brownie 6 days ago

      Fuck outta here negative nanny

    • Abby Weiss
      Abby Weiss 8 days ago

      Xxx_ya_boi_oli_xxX Fortnite wow you are literal trash

  • omarley reid
    omarley reid 19 days ago +5

    U didn’t wrap it right ,or cook the Wellington right

    • Potato Husky
      Potato Husky 2 days ago

      Alright snoop dog cook it right now and post it if you have the balls to say it make it.

    • Kawaii- wolf
      Kawaii- wolf 6 days ago

      He's not a chef he's doing it for fun he did amazing

    • Gacha Berry
      Gacha Berry 8 days ago +2

      omarley reid don’t expect him to be a perfect chef... I want to see you try it without watching the video and with limited time.

  • Thamasha Abeyrathne
    Thamasha Abeyrathne 19 days ago +14

    Don’t you dare go caring about those stupid rude shitty disgusting comments by those who insulted you or so... you’ve done better than I could ever do in a million years... actually I rather eat yours than his. You were so much committed while making this Beef Wellington. You’re my favorite TheXvidr and I will always support you

    • OliveOil
      OliveOil 18 days ago +1

      Okay Cleetus I think you mean constructive criticism not just criticism. Criticism is straight mean. Constructive isn’t. You overcooked macaroni.

    • Okay Cleetus
      Okay Cleetus 18 days ago +1

      Thamasha Abeyrathne It's called criticism you moldy head of cauliflower

  • Thamasha Abeyrathne
    Thamasha Abeyrathne 19 days ago +3

    What about Gordon Ramsay’s pranks...

  • 10000 subs with no videos
    10000 subs with no videos 20 days ago +11

    Hey! Don’t care about the mean comments. They’ll make you depressed. That’s not what you deserve. You did what you could and that’s what matters.

  • Joyita Sarkar
    Joyita Sarkar 21 day ago +8

    You tried and this is the most precious thing.😁😁

    • Joyita Sarkar
      Joyita Sarkar 3 days ago

      @Xxx_ya_boi_oli_xxX Fortnite Then can you please tell me what is the correct thing according to you. I really want to know.

    • Xxx_ya_boi_oli_xxX Fortnite
      Xxx_ya_boi_oli_xxX Fortnite 3 days ago

      Joyita Sarkar that is not correct

  • HG
    HG 21 day ago +1

    Lo. D

  • Alagad ni CONG TV PAWEER!

    am i the only one who wants to slap him?

    • Potato Husky
      Potato Husky 2 days ago

      Hashtag I can’t spell Hashtag Hashtag I watch the entire video just to get popularity cause i have no balls to do myself

    • Kawaii- wolf
      Kawaii- wolf 6 days ago

      No but I want to slap u . 👌🏻

    • Okay Cleetus
      Okay Cleetus 18 days ago

      Kayla Is Here it's just his personal opinion that he thinks he could of followed the recipe more closely

    • Kayla Is Here
      Kayla Is Here 20 days ago +3

      why you gotta hate bruv, just dont watch his content if you don't like it🤦‍♀️

    • Chris Ryan
      Chris Ryan 20 days ago

      I want to do that too

  • Lifted Gaming
    Lifted Gaming 22 days ago +2

    Use the back of the knife Wtf

    • Potato Husky
      Potato Husky 2 days ago

      Hmmhm yes not famous, Are you here to make us all retarded?

    • Lifted Gaming
      Lifted Gaming 6 days ago

      @Kawaii- wolf yes, back of the knife

    • Kawaii- wolf
      Kawaii- wolf 6 days ago

      He's not a chef he's a person like u could do any better he did good for a dish like thay

    • Lifted Gaming
      Lifted Gaming 8 days ago

      @Abby Weiss for gordon ramsay

    • Abby Weiss
      Abby Weiss 8 days ago

      Why did you watch it then?

  • Lifted Gaming
    Lifted Gaming 22 days ago +3

    I came only for Gordon ramsay

    • Potato Husky
      Potato Husky 2 days ago

      Lifted Gaming alright come here. First of all you are more sensitive for saying someone should use something you probably never made but you don’t have the balls to do it yourself. Now second of all anyone who says someone is sensitive is probably a pussy.

    • Lifted Gaming
      Lifted Gaming 10 days ago

      @Thamasha Abeyrathne lmao I didnt say I hate anything lmao such a sensitive personality

    • Isaac Arguelles
      Isaac Arguelles 10 days ago

      Thamasha Abeyrathne chill, they just say he only here for Ramsay

    • Lifted Gaming
      Lifted Gaming 19 days ago

      @Thamasha Abeyrathne ok

    • Thamasha Abeyrathne
      Thamasha Abeyrathne 19 days ago +4

      Why did you even bother watching this??
      Yo... don’t like it? Then don’t watch it!!!

  • EmBearz
    EmBearz 22 days ago +3

    Wow the mushrooms like like ground beef before you fully cooked it

  • Eden Renee
    Eden Renee 22 days ago +6

    You did better then I would 😂

  • David Joseph Bureros
    David Joseph Bureros 23 days ago +2

    Did he just put that brush on raw meat for salt and cooked for mustard my my

  • shut down
    shut down 23 days ago +8

    Guys its Gordon's most difficult dish
    Why dont you try to do that huh?
    Yeah wouldn't be so easy

  • Francisco Guillermo Rodriguez

    Que cochinada hiciste no te salió el término inglés y aparte lo destruiste completamente

  • Megan Green
    Megan Green 23 days ago +5

    ..."Very Illuminati I love everything about it" LOL best quote ever

  • Moon Playz
    Moon Playz 24 days ago +13

    *Gordon Ramsey has left the chat*

    • Eden Renee
      Eden Renee 22 days ago +1

      Moon Playz nah he’d be proud for the attempt

    • Moon Playz
      Moon Playz 23 days ago

      Abigail Chaiyasate yee

    • Abigail Chaiyasate
      Abigail Chaiyasate 24 days ago +1

      Ugh I knew somebody was going to comment that right at the moment I read the video's title. Its kind of unoriginal.

  • Shona Saulsberry
    Shona Saulsberry 24 days ago +9

    You did fine for an average person

  • shana darby
    shana darby 24 days ago +13

    You did great they acting like your a 5 star chief

  • Leonel Cabrera Herrera
    Leonel Cabrera Herrera 24 days ago +2

    I like your pink lips stick .

  • Diane Zunun
    Diane Zunun 25 days ago +10

    Legend says he’s still chewing on that meat 🥩

  • nena saleem
    nena saleem 25 days ago +7

    You actually did well throughout the whole process but what made you think you failed at it is the knife you used to cut the slice. It might be really surprising but it really is.
    knives are important at this type of steps.

  • Jonathan Ayoub
    Jonathan Ayoub 26 days ago +6

    00:59 I am his number one stan

  • Jacob Hernandez
    Jacob Hernandez 27 days ago +2

    Best slice would be your first one. Which idk why you didn't just cut your first slice starting at the end. Seriously I felt Like you were pretending to be oblivious on purpose...

  • 심미적Christy
    심미적Christy 28 days ago +6

    He washed and didn’t peel the mushrooms, *dUn DuN dUn* 😱🤯

  • toomuchSugaRush
    toomuchSugaRush 28 days ago +8

    when you talked about meetings I suddenly thought about a pun:
    People meat to have meat-ings about what kind of meat to eat :)
    btw that thing you cooked looked so delicious

  • theboss
    theboss 28 days ago +6

    Meat fails to have any flavour or taste when cook it well done. I found this video absolutely disgusting.

    • Potato Husky
      Potato Husky 2 days ago

      Your baby should be aborted.

    • Chris Ryan
      Chris Ryan 5 days ago

      Kawaii- wolf how would you know that I’m lying?

    • Kawaii- wolf
      Kawaii- wolf 6 days ago

      @Chris Ryan lies much

    • John Carter
      John Carter 7 days ago

      Shut the hell up

    • Chris Ryan
      Chris Ryan 18 days ago

      Bruh I’m 11 and I did better than he did!

  • theboss
    theboss 28 days ago +10

    I can't believe you used table salt on a fillet of beef, wtf.

    • zoom zoom edits
      zoom zoom edits 9 days ago

      Listen he is not a professional chef not all of us can afford the luxury in life such as 💯 real salt especially since he just bought that expensive piece of meat not being a chef and being an average person

    • Jennifer L
      Jennifer L 10 days ago

      First world problems 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Arieanna Pemberton
      Arieanna Pemberton 15 days ago

      oh my god shut up

    • theboss
      theboss 27 days ago +1

      toomuchSugaRush that’s exactly the kind of salt you’re supposed use. It’s natural and isnt full of shit. Table salt is what they sweep off the floor of the sea salt factory.

    • toomuchSugaRush
      toomuchSugaRush 28 days ago +2

      wait there's a different kind of salt used for that? sea salt then? Himalayans sea salt or wtv that is called idk

  • idk who
    idk who Month ago +5

    thats not even thst difficult

  • Harvey Quinlan
    Harvey Quinlan Month ago +5

    Its a fuckin medium rare

    • Anxio
      Anxio 23 days ago

      Rare actually

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata Month ago +7

    It’s not his most difficult dish. It’s just one of his signature dishes and that’s it!

    • Kawaii- wolf
      Kawaii- wolf 6 days ago

      It's still a pretty hard dish to make for not being a chef

  • _User_ 123
    _User_ 123 Month ago +4

    Yo your cool love your vids love this channel

  • Zaynab zayni
    Zaynab zayni Month ago +1

    Hey Raphael I love you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

  • Savage_kayla 1257
    Savage_kayla 1257 Month ago +9

    11:30 did he say shitty 😳

  • Godofpotatos !!!
    Godofpotatos !!! Month ago +10

    🤦‍♂️ adds too much salt at the start 😂

  • Cecilia Aguilar
    Cecilia Aguilar Month ago +1

    Make a video of a mukbang

  • Israel Cruz
    Israel Cruz Month ago +4

    I both hate and love you (:

  • Sehra 123
    Sehra 123 Month ago +3

    I really like your channel a lot keep up the good work

  • lwen28
    lwen28 Month ago +2

    Wellington boot

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez Month ago +6

    When cooking such a delicate meat, you should have the proper tools. Meat needs love, by touching the meat it helps you visualize the what it can be.
    You didn’t rest the meat in the fridge long enough to be firm and shaped properly. The center was OBVIOUSLY cooked to hell. In lamest terms; you fucked it up! Congrats.

    • Potato Husky
      Potato Husky 2 days ago

      Okay epileptic warning profile.

    • Kawaii- wolf
      Kawaii- wolf 6 days ago

      He's.not.a.chef.hes.a.normal.human.like.u geez he dose not have all that

    • John Carter
      John Carter 7 days ago

      Shut the hell up

    • zoom zoom edits
      zoom zoom edits 9 days ago

      He is not a professional but thanks for the advice and maybe he will take this into consideration later on

    • Carly Armando
      Carly Armando Month ago +1

      Sos un pelotudo.

  • karamp gaming
    karamp gaming Month ago +2

    Google Translate always help youtuber make video

  • ChimChim95 Park Jimin
    ChimChim95 Park Jimin Month ago +1


  • itsjusttumi
    itsjusttumi Month ago +8


  • IDontCallMyself Animations

    raphael thats not blood thats myoglobin

  • iinixis
    iinixis Month ago +8

    that is raw goddamn meat.

    • Potato Husky
      Potato Husky 2 days ago

      That’s called you.

    • Jason Scott
      Jason Scott Month ago +3

      Yah..u should really watch the end before u comment cuz stuff like this happens....u said its raw but raphael didnt make it raw its called searing...so that the meat has more flavor.

    • itsjusttumi
      itsjusttumi Month ago +1

      It’s called myoglobin

    • iinixis
      iinixis Month ago +1

      yana mitrev i didnt watch the end when i commented this

    • yana mitrev
      yana mitrev Month ago +3

      No its how you eat a good cut of beef

  • LOL Em
    LOL Em Month ago +11

    Gordon Ramsey: look how wet they are
    Raphe: 👁️👃🏻👁️

  • Ellie The Icon !
    Ellie The Icon ! Month ago +10

    *puts salt on* THiS iS To intEsE

  • Gwion Phillips
    Gwion Phillips Month ago +5

    R.I.P meat

  • Fatih Reshiti
    Fatih Reshiti Month ago +23

    At least you tried
    Triers aren't losers
    Much love😎

  • Elieser Romero
    Elieser Romero Month ago +15

    To dis day, he’s still chewing that well done meat.

  • xXMiuXHond GachasXx
    xXMiuXHond GachasXx Month ago +10

    Is he really allergic to food? He never touches almost every food he cooks with his hands...

    • Kawaii- wolf
      Kawaii- wolf 6 days ago

      He dose not like how it feels so

    • 심미적Christy
      심미적Christy 28 days ago

      Maybe he’s a germaphobe he doesn’t want to get messy.

    • ummm okurr
      ummm okurr Month ago

      An that's a problem? plz theses way more things he did that were frustrating in this content. Other then that

    • silverstar
      silverstar Month ago +1

      Maybe hé doesn't want a get messy. Idk

  • Omi GB
    Omi GB Month ago +5

    That meat is over cooked, sorry...

    • Potato Husky
      Potato Husky 2 days ago

      Omi GB your an excuse for your parents first night.

    • Kawaii- wolf
      Kawaii- wolf 6 days ago

      It's how he eats it

    • Yaren Ileri
      Yaren Ileri 20 days ago

      @Omi GB i also dont like my meat bloody.

    • Omi GB
      Omi GB 25 days ago

      @Jennifer L are you sure it is not an excuse? 😏

    • Jennifer L
      Jennifer L 25 days ago

      He clearly said he doesn’t like his meat bloody 🙄 he clearly said he likes it well done.

  • saturnzzz
    saturnzzz Month ago +5

    Raphael I really hope you didn't eat that meat I'm not no expert or anything but I'm pretty sure that meat is not anything close to cooked

    • Kawaii- wolf
      Kawaii- wolf 6 days ago

      It is cooked

    • Justin Y.
      Justin Y. Month ago +2

      saturnzzz it’s over cooked....

    • xXMiuXHond GachasXx
      xXMiuXHond GachasXx Month ago

      Beef is more flavourful when raw though that's why there are rare and medium rare steaks...

  • ballet x bangtan
    ballet x bangtan Month ago +17

    raphael: i am gordon's #1 fan

    also raphael: so i searched up what his signature dish was the other day...

    • ballet x bangtan
      ballet x bangtan Month ago +1

      Gentrit Aliu and Kal Oni I’m just saying that it’s kinda funny that he’s a huge fan but doesn’t know his signature dish :/

    • Gentrit Aliu
      Gentrit Aliu Month ago +1


    • Kal Oni
      Kal Oni Month ago +1

      Okay and

  • kim seng
    kim seng Month ago +2

    Not to bad it not bad dow

  • Eliza
    Eliza Month ago +5

    I want to make this so THANK YOU for giving it a go. I am going to try Gordon Ramsays recipe too! :)

  • Soccer Skills
    Soccer Skills Month ago +12

    It's not blood but rather hymoglobin

    • DBR _predator
      DBR _predator Month ago

      Not hymoglobin but homoglobin.nah just a joke

    • Mei-chan Eats
      Mei-chan Eats Month ago +2

      hacker 123 hell yes, there is a huge difference! Like srsly haha

    • hacker 123
      hacker 123 Month ago +7

      It's actually called myoglobin, and yes, there is a difference from the two.

    • Cawfee Catt
      Cawfee Catt Month ago +2

      @Truu Bluu there's a difference

    • Truu Bluu
      Truu Bluu Month ago +2

      It's not water, its H2O, that's how you sound right now

  • Sub Zombie
    Sub Zombie 2 months ago +1


  • Default is Deanfault
    Default is Deanfault 2 months ago +10


  • Mario Gavranić
    Mario Gavranić 2 months ago +1

    You can't be serious about this

    • Mario Gavranić
      Mario Gavranić 2 days ago

      @Potato Husky You get so easiliy offended and play your role as ruler over the comment section a bit too often.

    • Potato Husky
      Potato Husky 2 days ago

      I’m very serious for aborting you.

  • EmmyThePlayer !
    EmmyThePlayer ! 2 months ago +1

    I love you rapa

  • Nandini S K
    Nandini S K 2 months ago +1


  • That cat prductions
    That cat prductions 2 months ago +9

    Wheres the lamb sauce

  • MrVrod702
    MrVrod702 2 months ago +11

    U don't want to touch the meat ? Wtf

    • Kawaii- wolf
      Kawaii- wolf 6 days ago

      He dose not like how it feels I hate the feel of raw meat to so

    • 심미적Christy
      심미적Christy 28 days ago

      lupita santos TOUCH THE GODDAMN MEAT YOU COWARD(jk)

    • Alden Lim
      Alden Lim Month ago

      @lupita santos help your mummy cook for once.

    • MrVrod702
      MrVrod702 2 months ago +3

      @lupita santos a filet ?? Of course lmao

    • lupita santos
      lupita santos 2 months ago +1

      Do you????

  • Biboy Bahotae
    Biboy Bahotae 2 months ago +8

    Watching this vid makes me so hungry

  • Russian Liquor
    Russian Liquor 2 months ago +17

    It’s overdone and cooked to fuck!

    • Russian Liquor
      Russian Liquor 2 days ago

      Damn people getting savage on this comment. I’m just quoting what Gordon would’ve said about his Beef Wellington.

    • Potato Husky
      Potato Husky 2 days ago

      Sad that your only subs are your dead parents seperate ashes.

    • Kawaii- wolf
      Kawaii- wolf 6 days ago

      It's how he likes it

    • 심미적Christy
      심미적Christy 28 days ago

      Rebecca Pautsch, that’s the opposite of what he said but aight.

    • rudy ツ
      rudy ツ 2 months ago +3

      @Rebecca Pautsch that would be undercooked

  • Mal Mal
    Mal Mal 2 months ago +5

    Doesn't look to bad

  • Ripped Turtle11
    Ripped Turtle11 2 months ago +1

    Your going do your best on cooking

  • specter1096867II
    specter1096867II 2 months ago

    plz dont wash the mushrooms,it ruins the flavor

    • zoom zoom edits
      zoom zoom edits 9 days ago

      @Avneet Kaur official he didn't know but also idk if it was organic so he might have had to

    • Luis Rodriguez
      Luis Rodriguez Month ago +1

      Avneet Kaur official the guy couldn’t cook it medium rare, he wouldn’t know the first step to peel a mushroom.

    • Avneet Kaur official
      Avneet Kaur official Month ago

      Yes,mushrooms are supposed to be peeled!! (ps: i m not joking)

  • alam castro
    alam castro 2 months ago +1

    What friends I think

    YOUR MOM IS GAY 2 months ago +7

    “Make me proud baby”. _Rapheal 2019_

  • Jubair K
    Jubair K 2 months ago +21

    Gordon joined the chat "WTF IS THAT BLOODYHELL!"
    Gordon left the chat

    • Gamer Boy
      Gamer Boy Month ago

      Instead he might make you an idiot sandwich.😂

    • Jubair K
      Jubair K 2 months ago +2

      😂 so priceless

    • LobsterBoy 48
      LobsterBoy 48 2 months ago +2

      You mean "ITS RAW!!!!"

  • Juan Segovia
    Juan Segovia 2 months ago +7

    Self-proclaimed Gordon Ramsay fan
    Likes meat well done...

    • Juan Segovia
      Juan Segovia 2 days ago

      @Potato Husky I wish I could have, too many people on this fucking planet. Too late to educate my parents though, all I can do is not have kids of my own.

    • Potato Husky
      Potato Husky 2 days ago

      Alright you educate people correct? Might as well educate your parents about birth control.

    • Juan Segovia
      Juan Segovia Month ago

      @Sven-Sander Shestakov Red in meat is not blood you idiot, its myoglobin! Educate yourself before you speak!

    • Sven-Sander Shestakov
      Sven-Sander Shestakov Month ago

      @Juan Segovia You can enjoy your bloody steaks, and i'll cook mine properly and avoid food poisoning. To each his own, I guess.

    • Juan Segovia
      Juan Segovia 2 months ago

      @S.A.M. Best way to have a steak

  • Trunkz
    Trunkz 2 months ago +9

    I miss harambe

    • Alden Lim
      Alden Lim Month ago

      Mummy should have died instead

    • Timmering
      Timmering 2 months ago +1

      Trunkz me too

  • killer wolf
    killer wolf 2 months ago +1

    Kamu bisa bahasa Indonesia y

  • shreya land
    shreya land 2 months ago +8

    Did he just say that Gordon Ramsay follows him in twitter? 🤔

  • Xx JIANNE xX UwU
    Xx JIANNE xX UwU 2 months ago +2

    I can relate, I love Gordon even though sometimes he's a little grumpy, but I love his food and how he executes his food , I know that we can't compare to him because we're just beginners in cooking but

  • Zed
    Zed 2 months ago +2

    5:03 that’s a crank chop 🤣🤣🤣🤣, the guy who advertised that was also the slap chop guy, therealvince

  • Niex Rick
    Niex Rick 2 months ago +7

    Chef Gordon:the meat is dry...erghhh..

  • Stephler
    Stephler 2 months ago +18

    Every video I watch of yours your always apologizing for what u like and don’t like..don’t apologize to these trolls! Do you and if they don’t like it they can click TF off

    • 심미적Christy
      심미적Christy 28 days ago

      It’s called “tHe TrUth” not “hAtE” I am a fan but I do agree that he did some things wrong.

    • S.A.M.
      S.A.M. 2 months ago

      His videos from what I see arent that good, so its fun to make fun

  • Draco Yeeteor
    Draco Yeeteor 2 months ago +3

    Reported for repulsive content after you cooked it well

  • Alonzo Verdin
    Alonzo Verdin 2 months ago +2

    The fact that this some how ended up in my recommendations

  • FruttiLoopZ x
    FruttiLoopZ x 2 months ago

    Invest in some kitchen knives and always let meat sit before cutting. Much Love Bless No Less to all ❤️ 🙏 😘

  • Yonna Bee
    Yonna Bee 2 months ago +7

    Did he say @4:55 “It has a triangle on top it’s very Illuminati I love everything about it”🤔

  • Aqua JJ
    Aqua JJ 2 months ago +8

    The food he makes looks good but the comments in this video makes me wanna puke