The Loneliest Man In The World

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
  • This week i've taken to Tinder to save Max's love life!
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  • Steve Dale
    Steve Dale 14 hours ago

    This was very funny

  • Chris
    Chris 2 days ago

    YES LAD!

  • Kit10 klawz
    Kit10 klawz 3 days ago +1

    okay...but why the actual FUCK is Stephen so smooth????!!?!?!?!

  • Gary The Snail
    Gary The Snail 4 days ago +1

    It’s ok Stephen, we’ll always be here for you!

  • Jamie Whitelaw
    Jamie Whitelaw 4 days ago

    little bit of max in line bar after watching united get bummed does cheer me up

  • mrjo2thec
    mrjo2thec 4 days ago +1

    He just needs a bloody haircut and a shave, he’s a good looking lad.

  • Otto Blood
    Otto Blood 4 days ago

    I loved this so much i logged into my other account and liked it again

  • 1 pence Guy
    1 pence Guy 8 days ago

    Unbelievable 🔥

  • Tom G
    Tom G 9 days ago

    Stephen is actually really witty

  • Tim Timothy
    Tim Timothy 16 days ago +1

    You guys are such a cute couple!

  • Kieran Butterly
    Kieran Butterly 16 days ago

    Stephen tries your a bully and your nan got hit with a kettle round the back of tescos

  • Pavillion X35
    Pavillion X35 17 days ago +5

    This was a masterpiece

  • LeBrun 92
    LeBrun 92 18 days ago +1

    This video needs so much more appreciation! It's hilarious

  • TheGoat Goat
    TheGoat Goat 18 days ago

    Max looks like the kid of John snow and old mate sam

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith 18 days ago +1

    You missed the chance at the start to say 'it may be no nut November, but that means nuttin to me.'

  • luke4910 jones
    luke4910 jones 18 days ago

    Ur nan ahahahahahahhaah

  • James Sheehy
    James Sheehy 19 days ago

    Best video in ages guys write a stand up already please you're brilliant

  • Pete Myers
    Pete Myers 19 days ago

    Callum smoked your skinny pale beta male ass

  • Razzaa Shand
    Razzaa Shand 19 days ago

    I tried the worst tinder date in my City.

  • dave_b_ st150
    dave_b_ st150 19 days ago

    Funny a.f

  • KrackaJax
    KrackaJax 19 days ago

    Why the black market? Shame on you hahaha

  • KrackaJax
    KrackaJax 19 days ago

    Looks great at 1:12 lad

  • Bethany Sykes
    Bethany Sykes 20 days ago +3

    Hello I’m Beth and this is my greatest accomplishment in life

  • Astroworld Rodeo
    Astroworld Rodeo 20 days ago +1

    Max doesn’t get enough appreciation man, so funny

  • Joe Wilson
    Joe Wilson 20 days ago +1

    You couldn't use Tinder for Stephen as its 18+

  • Don’tReadMyProfilePicture

    Don’t read my username

  • Sergio Tizi
    Sergio Tizi 20 days ago

    Aidrianoo has liked this video

  • jay walsh
    jay walsh 20 days ago

    Petition for Max to make a TheXvid channel

  • FreshGlobe S
    FreshGlobe S 20 days ago

    I watched it this in the staff room of a co-op

  • Ben Ben
    Ben Ben 20 days ago

    This video is so hilarious Got me crying 😂😂

  • Mia Gadsby
    Mia Gadsby 21 day ago

    Got my hopes up about the description just to let me down smh

  • Alex W
    Alex W 21 day ago

    Steven Tries take a bow 👏🏻👏🏻

  • Henry Emmerson
    Henry Emmerson 21 day ago +1

    This was so funny 😂😂😂

  • woodyAUS
    woodyAUS 21 day ago

    this is main channel laughter tbh...
    also, stephen, you need to 1v1 miniminter on the banter in this kinda area tbh, the minds and speed of you 2 could work wonders.

  • Gary Culbert
    Gary Culbert 21 day ago

    Very enjoyable

  • Jamess
    Jamess 21 day ago

    Max used to be not think but a lot smaller in the green

  • Andrew Kelly
    Andrew Kelly 21 day ago

    This had me in absolute tears

  • James Welch
    James Welch 21 day ago +1

    Your best video yet and it’s a second channel video...

  • Harry Clarke
    Harry Clarke 21 day ago

    Just two guys in bed having a laugh

  • William Baxter
    William Baxter 21 day ago

    Fucking Brilliant 😀

  • Sanne
    Sanne 21 day ago

    I'd date max in a heartbeat

  • heldleaf 52
    heldleaf 52 21 day ago

    Maxs number wasnt in the description i feel disapointed

  • TrickStxRz
    TrickStxRz 21 day ago

    Jesus, that was hilarious

  • Hazman
    Hazman 21 day ago

    This is one of the funniest videos I've ever watched oh my

  • Harry Owens
    Harry Owens 21 day ago

    I died at 7:14. Comedy gold

  • Samwell Tarly
    Samwell Tarly 21 day ago +5

    “Call me Thomas Cook because I’ll go down on you without a warning"🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️

  • Henry Hodges
    Henry Hodges 21 day ago

    Absolute gold.

  • BLOOP 1518_
    BLOOP 1518_ 21 day ago

    whens the vid then Steven???

  • McMayhem21
    McMayhem21 21 day ago +1

    9:09 sounds like 6ix9ine lyrics

  • Amanda Rollins
    Amanda Rollins 21 day ago +2

    Wow this vids got barely any dislikes just goes to show how great he is

  • Bluekillion
    Bluekillion 21 day ago

    Quality. Quality Quality. No clever shots. No spectacular locations. No silly outfits. Just top quality comedy writing. Well done Stephen.

  • Gabriel Rodda
    Gabriel Rodda 21 day ago

    This is main channel context 100%

  • Noah
    Noah 21 day ago +4

    This is what a real friend does for you

  • Cammi
    Cammi 21 day ago

    This should of been main channel hahahahaha fucking dead

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones 21 day ago +1

    Do I smell a catfish, or does someone just need a shower?

  • Basically Impossible

    There needs to be another video

  • Ninja JDM
    Ninja JDM 21 day ago +1

    I love how much they all play along to it

  • Ryan Murphy
    Ryan Murphy 21 day ago

    Nothing better than having Stephen post again..... and Max of course 🤨

  • Lamia Trii
    Lamia Trii 21 day ago

    Make videos with willne

  • Jack Light
    Jack Light 21 day ago +1