I Gave A Teen Mom A 6-Week Fitness Makeover

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
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  • Phoeneisha Deahl
    Phoeneisha Deahl 3 minutes ago

    So proud of you Ashley!! This was so amazing and inspiring to watch.

  • svnnykoo
    svnnykoo 42 minutes ago

    She’s so cute! :(

  • Withering Daisies
    Withering Daisies 52 minutes ago

    Megan: I like a subject called math
    Me: can't relate sis

  • Egg Roll
    Egg Roll 55 minutes ago

    this makes me so happy!

  • *Queen Rue Rue*
    *Queen Rue Rue* Hour ago

    your awesome girl 🙃

  • Blossomness Studios
    Blossomness Studios 2 hours ago

    My skinny 5'2 95lb friend always complains about how fat and ugly she is, while I'm 40 pounds heavier than her and the same height... If she thinks she's fat, what would she think of me?

  • sadlyflavored xo
    sadlyflavored xo 3 hours ago

    21:44 bruh she looked like a tan brunette Morgan Adams

  • Faniiee Faniiee
    Faniiee Faniiee 4 hours ago

    I can relate

  • AmethystBlackHeart
    AmethystBlackHeart 5 hours ago +1

    i just love how ashley is taller than Michelle and she is litterally a teen!

  • Amber Andrews
    Amber Andrews 7 hours ago

    Dude, Ashley should become a model!

  • Baylie Bacon
    Baylie Bacon 9 hours ago

    Crying in the club the entire time watching this! I can’t imagine how difficult physically but also EMOTIONALLY to have a child that young and struggle in a city as expensive as LA. I hope being showcased on your platform gives her a springboard to start her own, she and Megan deserve the world.

  • Shubhangi Gupta
    Shubhangi Gupta 13 hours ago

    This video made me cry so much! Ashley you're such an inspiration to me and you seem to be such a warm, friendly and positive person! I love what you're doing Michelle, its great that you're able to help people gain more control of their lives and give them a platform.

  • Jammy Jammich
    Jammy Jammich 13 hours ago +1

    "I was eating everything I can to produce milk for Megan"
    Literally me right now.
    I'm doing the same for my daughter Megan.
    Luckily I'm just maintaining

  • Miss EmJay
    Miss EmJay 15 hours ago

    Ashley you look amazing! You are a brilliant role model for your lil girl. She is a credit to you. So sweet & so cute 💜

  • Elva Morales
    Elva Morales 18 hours ago

    ok that photoshoot was so amazing !!!!!

  • mairarmn !
    mairarmn ! 19 hours ago

    no one :
    me : sHe LoOkS LiKe aRiAnA GrAndE

  • Serenity Layla
    Serenity Layla 21 hour ago

    I’m crying 😭😭

  • Savannah Gunter
    Savannah Gunter 23 hours ago

    This made me bawl 😭😭😭

  • Alexis Kelshaw
    Alexis Kelshaw 23 hours ago

    Congratulations you are amazing and I want to be just like you when I become a mom

  • Alyssa Bowen
    Alyssa Bowen Day ago

    Ashley is so beautiful 😍

  • jesse E.T.
    jesse E.T. Day ago

    She is like the best mom ever I wish my mom acted like her

  • Matherul Chan
    Matherul Chan Day ago

    So im 157 cm and im 55 kg 18 year old, but my bodyfat percantage is also 26.....:( ive already lost 17 kg, its so hard to drop my bodyfat percantage from here, im trying to lose the 10 last kgs so I can lower bodyfat, does anyone have any tips for losing the 10 last kg? I just feel so disgusted looking at myself everyday and I just want to change fast no matter what I have to do, plzplz help

  • Katie T
    Katie T Day ago

    I wish I could have an extreme body makeover. I have tried everything diets,different exercise plans etc. but nothing has worked. I’ll just have to keep getting made fun of 🙄🙄

  • Gerla Berger
    Gerla Berger Day ago

    She is one of those people I would happily give a thousand dollars (even though I don't have it). This is such an amazingly inspiring video. Love it!!

  • Noora Repo
    Noora Repo Day ago

    Please try synchronized swimming

  • Stir Fry
    Stir Fry Day ago


  • Maina woo bin
    Maina woo bin Day ago

    She looks a combination of Khloe Kardashian and America Ferrera

  • Tania Ferrao
    Tania Ferrao Day ago

    You're so brave Ashley...I'm so proud of you...you inspire me to be strong emotionally

  • BABY
    BABY Day ago

    I'm gonna start my weight loss journey right now. I'm 17 and if a single 22 year old mum can motivate and inspire me, then this video is able to move a nation.

  • josefina fuentes

    why did i notice she has a Valparaiso trip photo?? curious cause im chilean.

  • Hot Take, Babe
    Hot Take, Babe Day ago +4

    Red flag for me when she started talking about being hungry all the time, tired, and having headaches. Clearly she’s not eating enough food to meet her body’s needs. You can eat healthy without starving yourself.

  • Akita Lim
    Akita Lim Day ago

    That PHOTO SHOOT holy tamoli! GIRL feel proud of your self! You are such an inspiration!

  • nattiewillms
    nattiewillms 2 days ago

    Massive congratulations. You did so well!

  • S Taveras
    S Taveras 2 days ago

    Where do I begin!? I wish this was an opportunity in New England.

  • Awesome Person
    Awesome Person 2 days ago +1

    My mom volunteers at Akron pregnancy services and I feel so bad for the situations they’re in. They have bad credit and can’t earn any money even thought they’re working their butts off. Well, that’s taxes for you. The price you pay for being a good citizen.

  • nick smith
    nick smith 2 days ago

    She likes math...bless her soul

  • Keagan M
    Keagan M 2 days ago

    Hey Michelle can u make me look pretty thanks

  • Cindy Guillen
    Cindy Guillen 2 days ago

    Dang she is so toned, proud of Ashley👏

  • Kim Wilson
    Kim Wilson 2 days ago

    anyone else get multiple trump ads?

  • Aly Streams On Games
    Aly Streams On Games 2 days ago +1

    Can you help my mom? She really needs help and has depression

  • A Sanders
    A Sanders 2 days ago

    Wow.... Absolutely amazing... Inspiring!!!!

  • Pauline Julien
    Pauline Julien 2 days ago

    Ashley is so beautiful

  • Alexander James
    Alexander James 2 days ago

    the end is making me cry. Michelle i am a full grown man

  • Alexander James
    Alexander James 2 days ago

    her daughters big brown eyes and her smile are so precious :'''))

  • Yazoia alkaabi
    Yazoia alkaabi 2 days ago

    I cried through the whole video

  • Angela Gamer
    Angela Gamer 2 days ago

    She is so pretty aaaaa!!

  • Emily Moppin
    Emily Moppin 2 days ago +1

    I'm a teen Mom this touched my heart and made me cry. She deserves all of this 😭😭

  • jeanice aileen
    jeanice aileen 2 days ago

    Give me a makeover!!

  • addi ha
    addi ha 2 days ago

    she looks SO good

  • carol vazquez
    carol vazquez 2 days ago

    She is body goals 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Victoria Taras
    Victoria Taras 2 days ago +6

    I would love for you to try a swim teams practice

    Press the like button if your a swimmer 😊

  • Nancy Nba
    Nancy Nba 2 days ago

    Who else cried at 5:40? 😭❤

  • Karrah Backs
    Karrah Backs 2 days ago

    Ashley is truly stunning! Wow. What a beautiful person inside and out

  • Willa Briggs
    Willa Briggs 3 days ago

    PLEASE START A GO FUND ME OR PATREON (IDK HOW TO SPELL) FOR THIS GIRL! Whoever can please do! I can’t but please do if you can!

  • Sarah Hobden
    Sarah Hobden 3 days ago

    Daaaammmn! She looks great!!

  • Lizzy
    Lizzy 3 days ago

    She looks like real life Moana

  • Monica Salim
    Monica Salim 3 days ago

    tell ashley to start a goth rock channel she'll make hella money of it and give her a shoutout

  • Andrea Ray
    Andrea Ray 3 days ago

    This made me cryyyy - I love this series so much! It motivates me to continue with my own journey.

  • Andrea Ray
    Andrea Ray 3 days ago

    This made me cryyyy - I love this series so much! It motivates me to continue with my own journey.

  • holly madron
    holly madron 3 days ago +2

    They are both adorable! Magen and her mamma 😎✌🏻