I Gave A Teen Mom A 6-Week Fitness Makeover

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
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Comments • 1 760

  • Karla Cristina de Almeida

    Meghan is adorable and Ashley is so brave, oh my! ❤❤❤

  • dopeage
    dopeage 3 days ago

    Who the hell would thumbs down this?

  • Mind yo Business
    Mind yo Business 3 days ago

    Unpopular opinion
    Extreme body makeover > queer eye
    I said what I said 😭

  • elliecat90
    elliecat90 4 days ago

    The most amazing and inspirational video I have came upon. Made me tear up and think of my daughter. Motherhood definitely changes your perspective and your child becomes your number one priority. It’s hard to put ourselves first as well. Thank you for putting your video out here!

  • suga honeyy
    suga honeyy 5 days ago

    holy shit she looked so fucking good in the end

  • abigail Rodriguez
    abigail Rodriguez 5 days ago

    I was crying throughout the whole video God bless everyone 😭😭

  • It's Adriana
    It's Adriana 5 days ago

    She is my inspiration 😥

  • Felicia Meas
    Felicia Meas 5 days ago

    she deserves the world

  • TheMadMooCow123
    TheMadMooCow123 5 days ago

    But can we just talk about how pretty the mum is?? Like wow, she was my goals before the six weeks and after was just amazing!

  • Kat Serrano
    Kat Serrano 6 days ago

    owwwww my hearrrrrrrrt! I am crying at my desk at work. This is really inspiring and heart warming! :) and yoooo she snapped during that photoshoot! SO GOOD!!

  • Nancy Macias
    Nancy Macias 10 days ago

    I need this 😔
    #teen mom life...

  • Alyssa Marescalco
    Alyssa Marescalco 10 days ago

    I didn’t expect to cry but here I am

  • mila maria
    mila maria 10 days ago +8

    When she said she's insecure about her stretch marks because she had a baby, that hit home. But I've learned one thing: having your body change from having a kid is so much more. You're body made a human, you devoted yourself and your body to this person, you sacrificed so much, went through so much pain, just to take care of that tiny little human. YOU ARE A HERO! And so is every other mom! It's not easy, what you've done is amazing, what your body is capable of is amazing! Wear those strechmarks with pride! It's like a big scar from an accident or something, it has a story, and it tells what you've been through and have overcome! It tells how strong you are! ❤

  • it'sgmarsel
    it'sgmarsel 11 days ago

    I'm here crying watching your videos... The past years have been rough on me and I'm starting to feel ready to take up a fitness challenge or any other challenge for that matter. Thank you for waking me up and reminding me to be connected with me

  • Emily Rybakov
    Emily Rybakov 11 days ago

    Megan is so cute🥺

  • Erin van Lambaart
    Erin van Lambaart 12 days ago

    This story really hits me

  • Molly Moloney
    Molly Moloney 12 days ago

    This is the best one so far. Love this so so much

  • RandomYoutubeAccount
    RandomYoutubeAccount 12 days ago

    her face went from 😀 to 😫

  • Octavio Ramos
    Octavio Ramos 13 days ago

    My mom had my big bro 5 years before me so she got pregnant 🤰 with my bro when she was 21 years old and me when she was 26 my lil bro 33

    JOY CHANNEL 15 days ago

    i admired your work..no words can express how much i love ur channel...MORE POWER

  • Cindy Leal
    Cindy Leal 15 days ago

    Michelle your amazing for helping this beautiful girl!!! I love that you workout with them ♥️ makes it feel so much better and easier to have someone there to motivate you and push you! She looks great and that message to her little girl 😭💗 she will always be proud of the wonderful mommy you are to her Ashley!!!!

  • Isis Bruckheimer
    Isis Bruckheimer 15 days ago

    I have booked three sessions with my...
    No, life coach
    Oh no

  • lEiLa AmEeR
    lEiLa AmEeR 16 days ago

    this made me happy and smile so much it’s unbelievable how you just do all this amazing things for people god bless you

  • Emily
    Emily 17 days ago

    Right before this I got an add saying “stop please do not exercise” 😂

    • Emily
      Emily 11 days ago

      Concha Girl I wish I did!!! But no I did not

    • Concha Girl
      Concha Girl 13 days ago

      Emily did you draw your profile picture (the eye)? I like it 😍

  • Bella4851 :
    Bella4851 : 17 days ago

    I just want a makeover or look pretty without makeup and I wanna dye my hair

  • Eli Lopez
    Eli Lopez 17 days ago

    I just loved it. It made me cried like 1000 times. Awesome

  • Nite Snake
    Nite Snake 17 days ago

    Am not giving any sympathy bc she put herself in that situation

  • S P A M
    S P A M 18 days ago

    When she was on the call I like for a split second she looked like Natalie from the vlog squad

  • the wall
    the wall 18 days ago

    This woman is such an amazing person and an even more amazing mom! Her daughter is such a lucky kid that she gets such a great mom, unlike some teen moms that would neglect their child, or in the case of my mom, put them up for adoption. She is so strong and deserves so much more for herself and her daughter. I hope life improves for them with the new year!❤️❤️❤️

  • BTS_연인
    BTS_연인 19 days ago +1

    Y’all are such good friends!!

  • marietta
    marietta 19 days ago

    ok but ashley is a strong a$$ woman!!!

  • Sharon Kim
    Sharon Kim 19 days ago +3

    Why is Michelle actually so pretty like her features are just ugh😒😍👍💕

  • alondra lopez
    alondra lopez 20 days ago +2

    Omg they are both so gorgeous and she has inspired me so much.

  • Kathryn Zeh
    Kathryn Zeh 20 days ago

    I loved watching Ashley's Extreme Body Makeover. When she spoke about negative self talk, it felt like I was looking in a mirror because I often talk down about myself and my qualities. How great she is and what a service you are doing for people, Michelle.

  • Tess Barton
    Tess Barton 20 days ago

    She has beautiful skin and beautiful hair!! :)

  • Marry Dyles
    Marry Dyles 20 days ago

    Soooooo adorable 😭😭😭

  • Unknown Idiot3211
    Unknown Idiot3211 20 days ago +1

    It’s good that you made this video, because a lot of people are now having early pregnancies, and I guess it’s just a hit to the face at first. Having to deal with school as well as taking care of yourself and the child is very hard to do. And it just shows that you can pull yourself back up and that’s not a mistake that you got pregnant in the first place.

  • Annalie Moreno
    Annalie Moreno 22 days ago +1

    Ashley deserves so much happiness in the world and she is a strong and a powerful woman but Ashley needs to know one thing god has a plan for you it starts bumpy but it gets better you are beautiful and smart and you have a perfect daughter💜

  • Haley Morrison
    Haley Morrison 22 days ago

    ashley is so beautiful

  • Gantry York
    Gantry York 22 days ago +1

    I'd like to see an extreme body make-over for Michelle. Michelle, I'm challenging you to enter an NPC bodybuilding contest - any division (bikini, figure, physique). Let's see what you can do with your physique given a year.

  • Amy Koerner
    Amy Koerner 23 days ago +64

    Tell me why she looks like the real life Moana 😍

    • Jing Li
      Jing Li 22 days ago

      Amy Koerner Ikr, NO one should go through what Ashley had to go through. But unfortunately some do.

  • Feyza Demir
    Feyza Demir 23 days ago

    She looks BOMB gurl

  • JR
    JR 24 days ago

    shoulda gave her birth control and self control instead.

  • Jade Taylor
    Jade Taylor 24 days ago +1

    This video made me cry I’m so happy for you and the ending of you talking to older Megan hit me.

  • itsokay
    itsokay 25 days ago

    okay but i love her hair 😍😍

  • Darcee-May WHYLER
    Darcee-May WHYLER 26 days ago

    ashley is majestic

  • Daisy Kitiibwa
    Daisy Kitiibwa 27 days ago +3

    Most women can have children but not all women can be mothers. Ashley... Kudos👏💖💗❤💓💕💕💝💟💞

  • João Vitor Cabral da Cunha

    Great video, except for the coach stuff, i feel she really needed professional help from an actual therapist

  • Justice Wahlquist
    Justice Wahlquist 27 days ago

    I love here

  • Thobi Shange
    Thobi Shange 27 days ago +3

    This episode made me cry. I love Ashley. How do we support her?

  • Rawan Turk
    Rawan Turk 28 days ago

    How old do you have to be to get a fitness makeover

  • Jessica Amadi
    Jessica Amadi Month ago +1

    Meghan should start doing youTube channels with her doughtier

  • Kay
    Kay Month ago

    So don't have a baby when you are 14

  • Tasy
    Tasy Month ago +1

    Ashley is a BOSS 👏🏻💪🏼💪🏼

  • Hannah Carter
    Hannah Carter Month ago +2

    And I didn’t see a husband/bf/some father figure to help her w her kid!!!💞

  • K8 leota
    K8 leota Month ago

    This made me so happy and sad.

  • Elle Ratliff
    Elle Ratliff Month ago +4

    She really is such an inspiration. A true Wonder Woman

  • MeganJusticeBoss
    MeganJusticeBoss Month ago

    My sister had her baby at 13 so this really hit home for us both ya know and giiiiiirl…..you a boss ass bitch!!!!! You're amazing!

  • Amy McGrath
    Amy McGrath Month ago

    She looks beautiful. :)

  • Victoria Aimable
    Victoria Aimable Month ago

    poor ashley