I'm Just Wondering What Your Up To | Why Are You Recording

  • Published on Nov 28, 2021
  • I'm Just Wondering What Your Up To | Why Are You Recording

    I'm back in Lincoln, and no one is very happy about anything for some reason, I don't know why, but I'm sure I will find out one day.

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Comments • 239

  • Tall Boy5643

    You have such a way with people that after their first interaction with you Mr PJ they are on side. Their attitude changes and as a viewer we are treated to interesting information about their company. Makes a change from all the conflict we get from other videos. Thank you my friend 👍

  • tractorboy2002

    Your videos are always a joy to watch. You certainly met some very odd people in this one, most of which you would never want to spend much more time with. Keep up your great work.

  • The Dad
    The Dad  +15

    “Why are you filming, we’ve just caught you on our camera”, o the irony!!

  • mark lees

    Love your walk around videos some of the staff on these sites are bloody hilarious! but ALL youtube Stars and we love em! - Stay Safe PJ - PINAC!

  • Kmt
    Kmt  +22

    luv the way they walk away half way through a conversation

  • JamesT
    JamesT  +35

    Do they ever think that in twenty, thirty or fifty years someone might be interested to look back and see what places and events use to look like? If no one's taking photos or recording we'll have nothing!

  • dhouse
    dhouse  +8

    Every single PJ vid bar one I think, demonstrates how UK security know absolutely nothing about UK law....It is unbelievably shocking....AND high time the security industry was given a major overhaul.

  • NarnianRailway

    PJ is one my favorite virtual tour guides, too bad lot of clowns today

  • yeti dodger

    These videos are a very interesting look at society as a whole, it appears to me that the majority of the confrontational people are seemingly a bit dense in the head.

  • Mike P
    Mike P  +11

    She should be using the CCTV to monitor their own property, not use it to view the actions of someone on a public pavement, then come out telling you they have been recording you on their CCTV and ask why you are recording them, obviously didn't feel threatened to approach a stranger outside of her 'safe' property.

  • DJT
    DJT  +12

    Industry is genuinely very interesting, don't get me wrong I enjoy a walk in the countryside as much as the next person, but industrial and former industrial sites are fascinating, there's much more to see.

  • MavicMeister29

    Hi PJ, must say, I really enjoy your educational videos. Like you, I’m fascinated by the workings of big plant and I like to know how they work. Keep up the good work!

  • Humblequest

    Think he really took offence when you offered him your specs. Sensitive type. Good video PJ 👍🏼

  • Ian Martin

    Why did the 2 guys in orange hi Viz at the end open the footpath gate and not just walk on the road ? 😅

  • mark Hamilton

    Big heavy equipment and gear,,, matches the women,,, another good informative video,,, always interesting PJ, well done👍

  • yorkiejeff

    Like the way you use your wit to ease situations where other auditors use aggressive language , keep it up PJ 👍

  • G R Beck - UK

    the only people who give you grief or beef are the sketchy ones with something to hide......

  • Thomas Brooks

    I'm always happy to see you PJ...

  • Ne mo
    Ne mo  +11

    That last one: "no comment" but expects answers to his questions; "probably not [allowed to video inside]", so presumably there's no cameras on the open day; and then goes off in a strop. What an atrocious ambassador for his company.