Becoming You

  • Published on Nov 1, 2014
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  • Quynh Chi Vo
    Quynh Chi Vo 18 days ago

    I still come to this video several years later. And the words still can't be more true :)

  • Alicja Pośpiech
    Alicja Pośpiech Month ago

    I don't know why, but I come back to this video quite a lot. It helped me so much and it's still helping me.

  • Aastha Dahal
    Aastha Dahal 2 months ago

    5 years later and this video is still what I need to hear when I am looking for inspiration. Thanks Troye! :)

  • Paul Alexander Crombie Tedcastle

    Love this! Watched for the first time last night and all of today it influenced my choices ❤️

  • Mariah Monique
    Mariah Monique 2 months ago

    this is one of my all time favorite videos on youtube. It feels weird coming back almost 5 years later when I'm the same age you were then.

  • msprav18
    msprav18 3 months ago +3

    Coming back to this 5 years later as I need this now tbh

  • Sepia Smith
    Sepia Smith 3 months ago +4

    i was 14 when he made this, and now I, too, am 19. and life sure is a hell of a mess.

  • Ezekiel Angel
    Ezekiel Angel 3 months ago

    i remember when this video first came out, i was in year 7, i would quote it out of pure lust for troye, not knowing the meanings behind it. I subconsciously liked it because of the person behind the video, yet i was thinking about it today - still being able to quote it and the words actually resonated with me. Now being older, i feel like i am at the stage and having the feelings he did when he made it. And seeing how he has blossomed since then, by taking these risk gives me hope my future self. Thank you Troye, hopefully ill revisit this video in another 5 years time from this and see my own personal growth coming from this moment.

  • Marie Marquez
    Marie Marquez 4 months ago +2

    "It's about showing off your ass, because you know it's cute, even though you might get called a slut... it's doing that"
    I'm not crying, you're crying.
    Thank you for this 💕

  • khushi kathuria
    khushi kathuria 4 months ago

    If you're gonna make cool shit, you gotta make cool shit❤️

  • intergalactic moongirl
    intergalactic moongirl 5 months ago

    I remember this being one of my favourite video of yours, and coming back to watch it? I’m so proud of you.

  • Saim Tron
    Saim Tron 5 months ago +1

    oh i miss troye as a youtuber

  • Caia Crow
    Caia Crow 5 months ago

    i watch this about every year and it always hits differently. it’s wild watching this when troye is way more famous than he was even a couple years ago, like i’ll see him in mainstream ads and hear his songs playing in forever 21. and now I’m thinking about my own art and my own self and how those have changed too. i would like to ad: art is risk, sure, but it also feels like home. it also feels like doing exactly what you know you should be doing, and that’s beautiful too.

  • Esmee Schuurhuis
    Esmee Schuurhuis 5 months ago

    Thanks for making this on my birthday

  • kimzi
    kimzi 6 months ago +1

    i watched this all the time when i was only in the seventh grade as i was going through the “discovery” phase. 5 years later, this is still one of the most important videos i’ve ever came across. thank you for this content

  • Haoran Tang
    Haoran Tang 6 months ago +2

    If you wanna make cool shit, you gotta make cool shit!

  • morganlfg
    morganlfg 7 months ago

    thank you troye

  • drunk.daniel :3
    drunk.daniel :3 7 months ago +1

    Even years later: Thank you for not taking down such videos.

  • Anna Harold
    Anna Harold 8 months ago +2


  • Pluto Smiles
    Pluto Smiles 8 months ago +2

    This is just so pure he is so thoughtful he really helps people get through things just by existing. Love you loads, Troye you are such an amazing human being and I can't thank god enough for having you on this planet 💓💞💝♥️💫💘💗💕😭

  • Peyton Rush
    Peyton Rush 8 months ago +1

    I stag I know I'm fucking five years late to this but god damn, it has honestly gave me a good feeling. Troye Sivan, you'll probably never know or learn who I am but you are an absolute icon. I've been struggling with finding out who I am for a couple years now and the last couple sentences you said at the end of this video, that life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself, I swear I felt a thousand times better. I still don't know what I want myself to be at the moment, but I am working on it. You've helped me become who I am today in these videos and your music. I used to think that I was completely straight. 100% boys only. But when I heard your songs 2016-2017 (again, I was late to the party), I found a huge part of myself that I never knew was there. I found out that I liked girls too. I'm still working on coming out to my friends considering all of them are Catholic and some are even homophobic. It scares me to think that my friend would leave me because of it but what happens will happen. Your music and videos have helped me so much. They've helped me realize things about my self, they've helped me go through falling in love, having heartbreak, and just so much more. Thank you for everything and keep being the absolute god that you are.

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 8 months ago +1

    I love you Troye and thank you so much for this.

  • Khushbu Luhar
    Khushbu Luhar 8 months ago +1


  • celestie
    celestie 9 months ago +1

    look at him now...

  • evelyn somers
    evelyn somers 9 months ago +1

    it is 2019 and I have probably watched this video 1 million times and cryed

  • Welcome back to the Chan Chan

    Thanks for the motivation troye

  • Bella Karpen
    Bella Karpen 9 months ago +1

    i’m crying

  • Bella Karpen
    Bella Karpen 9 months ago +1

    ugh this is so beautiful

  • R zay
    R zay 10 months ago +1

    I love you 💞

  • gabrielle peige
    gabrielle peige 10 months ago +1

    i still come back to watch this video

  • Erica F. Brun
    Erica F. Brun 10 months ago +2

    His accent makes everything 10 times better

  • Giulia Urgan
    Giulia Urgan 11 months ago +2

    i am coming back to this video over and over

  • Vicky Guo
    Vicky Guo Year ago +1


  • TarunoNafs
    TarunoNafs Year ago +1

    If you wanna make cool shit, you gotta make cool shit!

  • drunk.daniel :3
    drunk.daniel :3 Year ago +3

    For some reason, this video is so inspiring that I always come back to this :)

  • Shiloh
    Shiloh Year ago +1

    I watched this almost everyday in 8th grade, and I still come back to it and quote it every once in a while lol I love this!

  • Abigail Williams
    Abigail Williams Year ago +4

    i keep coming back to this video year after year whenever i find myself in a rough spot. it really has helped me realize a lot about myself and i can't thank you enough for this

  • Yazmin De La Rosa
    Yazmin De La Rosa Year ago +1

    I have the “art is risk” picture on my wall, so sometimes when I’m looking at it, I’ll just watch this video and scream to Troye as if he can hear me. Troye... this video is my inspiration ❤️

  • Dilamd Sugar Smiler
    Dilamd Sugar Smiler Year ago +1


  • Emily McFarlane
    Emily McFarlane Year ago +1

    ......4 years on you’ve got it! hahaha

  • martin
    martin Year ago +1

    If you wanna make cool shit, you gotta make cool shit

  • Bry Bry C.
    Bry Bry C. Year ago +1

    If only

  • Rhea Whelan
    Rhea Whelan Year ago +1

    what song is this????

  • Chi Dave
    Chi Dave Year ago

    This is beautiful...

  • shotsofmaria
    shotsofmaria Year ago

    I really miss my boy so much.

  • Fangirl
    Fangirl Year ago

    if you wanna make cool shit, you gotta make cool shit

  • Sophie Silver
    Sophie Silver Year ago +2

    who's watching in 2018? 💙

  • Alexander Schmidt

    Thank you for making this. :)

  • Mark the Unanxious

    Thank you, Troye, this is the most real motivational video I've seen. Doing new and scary things, even in the face of popular opinion, is both fun and frightening; you're a constant reminder for me to keep doing that x 🌸

  • Chill Vibes
    Chill Vibes Year ago +1

    I’m past emo rn. I’m 18, graduating in 2 days. And I’m up at 2 something am on a rabbit hole all because nostalgia has struck again. I remember when this video was uploaded. I remember my Troye before the world’s Troye. I remember getting a notification for this video, liking it, favorited it and commented somewhere amongst the 1000’s of others. I remember how although there was simplicity in yesterday’s TheXvid, this was considered a gem. My god, take me back. -Bianca💓

  • Six of Mockingjays

    This is honestly one of the most inspiring videos I’ve ever watched I keep coming back to it

  • Thomas M.
    Thomas M. Year ago

    If you wanna make cool shit, you gotta make cool shit!

  • gldn
    gldn Year ago

    if you wanna make cool shit, you gotta make cool shit!

  • Jimin’s Jams
    Jimin’s Jams Year ago

    He made me cry

  • JesusHatesMe
    JesusHatesMe Year ago

    4 years later and I still wish it would have turned out to be sponsered by converse, biggest plot twist ever

  • Emma Jensen
    Emma Jensen Year ago +1

    omg. if only he knew where he’d end up back then. he’s come so far :,)

  • Moses Lawson
    Moses Lawson Year ago +1

    1:10 is the best part

  • deepshika
    deepshika Year ago +1

    That was beautiful

  • Ashley Horan
    Ashley Horan Year ago +2

    Why am I crying

  • Trinity Savant
    Trinity Savant Year ago +1