What happened when Anish Giri offered a draw to Magnus Carlsen on move 4!

  • Published on Nov 28, 2019
  • In round 10 of Tata Steel Chess India Blitz 2019 Magnus Carlsen offered a draw to Vidit Gujrathi on move 5 and the Indian GM accepted it. In the next round itself, round 11, Anish Giri was pitted against Carlsen. Anish played 1.d4 and offered a draw after his fourth move! If Magnus can offer a draw on move 5, why can't Anish offer it on move 4! Did Magnus accept the draw offer or not? Check out in this exciting video!
    Video: ChessBase India

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  • ChessBase India
    ChessBase India  12 days ago +2261

    To everyone who thinks there was no draw offer, please check 0.24 seconds. After 4.Nc3 Anish offers a draw, Magnus declines it and plays on.

    • Light Show
      Light Show Hour ago

      ChessBase India you really should explain that magnus was having stomach problems, and tried to play though it despite his opponent being nice by offering Magnus a draw.

    • fuck i cant remember haha
      fuck i cant remember haha 2 hours ago

      *turns volume all the way up so i can hear it*
      me: *yeets phone*

    • Mister Toad
      Mister Toad 7 hours ago

      @Karna [QUIT] Our discussion then centres on whether Carlsen was losing when he offered the draw. This is debateable but, at that moment, Anish only had 35 secs (Carlsen had 41 secs) and he was facing the WCC. More importantly, perhaps, Carlsen had just played his pawn to c3, forking a rook (on d2) and a pawn (on b2). I think that he would need to take the pawn else lose the rook. When he does that, Carlsen retakes (b4xc3) which gives him a passed pawn which is defended by the rook on c8. That's not an obviously losing position so Anish was not being stupid when he accepted the draw.

    • Karna [QUIT]
      Karna [QUIT] 8 hours ago

      Mister Toad bro, the attitude of the players are changing, Magnus thought he was gonna win, then knew he was losing, the other player was just stupid, what you’re saying just supports what I said

    • Mister Toad
      Mister Toad 8 hours ago

      @Karna [QUIT] I lost the thread of this thread, sorry! Basically Anish offers a draw at 0:24 but Magnus continues playing. Later on it's Magnus' turn to offer a draw - because the position has changed and so has the attitude of the players.

  • Nick Twarogowski
    Nick Twarogowski 54 minutes ago +1

    Who won????

  • Jonathan Christopher
    Jonathan Christopher 59 minutes ago

    Why do they put a microphone at everyone who coughs?

  • Gabriel Aguilar
    Gabriel Aguilar Hour ago

    Who won

  • Preeshan Upadhyay
    Preeshan Upadhyay 2 hours ago

    Woah! Is that thanos and peter dinklage’s love child ?

  • Mikail Yilmaz
    Mikail Yilmaz 3 hours ago

    Mc lovin and thor

  • Rujuta Yande
    Rujuta Yande 3 hours ago

    But who won?

  • Matthew Paugh
    Matthew Paugh 4 hours ago

    And the crowd goes wild!!!!

  • Shaddiq Vahora
    Shaddiq Vahora 5 hours ago

    My First video ever where i didn't skip the adverts. 😅

  • Bob Usualis
    Bob Usualis 5 hours ago

    Chess is dead

  • The Meek
    The Meek 6 hours ago +1

    Oh yeah, let me go seat in the stand and watch two people play chess. Funnnnnn

  • akil fawwaz
    akil fawwaz 6 hours ago

    I thought Thor playing the chess game

  • geott
    geott 7 hours ago

    Very coughy audience.

  • Arcana Imperii
    Arcana Imperii 7 hours ago +1

    There was no draw offer

  • ChillaxTraxx
    ChillaxTraxx 7 hours ago

    That's not a Amish girl ........It's a man ! ! !

  • Intrinsically Foreign
    Intrinsically Foreign 7 hours ago +1

    Why kings in the middle of the board after resigning?

  • M M
    M M 9 hours ago

    I would need a smokin' hot hostess bringing me drinks every 7 minutes to sit through this.

  • Game Addictgonewild
    Game Addictgonewild 10 hours ago +1

    I love how that magnus guy sits there looking more confused as i do watching this vid

  • Chefgusto
    Chefgusto 10 hours ago

    can anyone explain why chess players just offer draws. what is the point of it. 4 rounds in? how can you even know if you're going to win or lose?

  • Asaref
    Asaref 10 hours ago

    There was a fart at 1:36

  • Gamer Box
    Gamer Box 10 hours ago

    Cuando veo a Magnus jugar lloro XD

  • Lafeo 007
    Lafeo 007 12 hours ago

    magnus carlsen has this weird attitude

  • Osman-Aldiyar
    Osman-Aldiyar 12 hours ago

    The comments are gold😂

  • retep Zirkov
    retep Zirkov 15 hours ago

    I thought title read "Amish Girl"

  • khawaja naveed
    khawaja naveed 15 hours ago

    i didnt understand 1 thing but it was calm


  • blank pallet2
    blank pallet2 21 hour ago

    waiting for video

  • Juicy
    Juicy 21 hour ago

    I watched the fastest win ever video and now I can’t stop watching them...

  • navjot naik
    navjot naik 21 hour ago

    Who the fuck won?

  • Toshiro
    Toshiro 21 hour ago

    Are they playing in a waiting room at the doctor or smtng ?

  • Andrei Soceanu
    Andrei Soceanu 21 hour ago


  • ClipCritics
    ClipCritics 21 hour ago

    Computers kill humans.☹️

  • Galileo Aragona
    Galileo Aragona 22 hours ago

    I love the part when he moved the pawn. It was very moving.

  • Burnaby 604
    Burnaby 604 Day ago

    I used too play in elementary school but i don't remember it going like this? Well atleast youtube knew once they get me onto one video ill keep clicking on the rest.

  • anshul mehta
    anshul mehta Day ago

    Anish giri has potential

  • RedEyed2012
    RedEyed2012 Day ago

    Did anyone else think it was Magnus against an Amish Girl? And BTW: I HATE the way each opponent is stealing time from the clock by moving BEFORE the opponent stops the clock. AND what is up with distractions like reaching under the table; opening a drink bottle, etc.? When did respect leave the world of chess, like the idiot rude players killed it in tennis?

  • A McDermott
    A McDermott Day ago

    Stressing me out watching that timer go down lol!!

  • mrCLICKman
    mrCLICKman Day ago

    Who else thought it said Amish Girl

  • koller poller
    koller poller Day ago

    Who pays the people to come and watch this boring shit

  • Puddin
    Puddin Day ago

    "Check out in this exciting video! "
    I love the optimism of these videos!

  • MrForrestcl
    MrForrestcl Day ago

    Was magnus interrogating the captured knight?

  • Dmix remix
    Dmix remix Day ago

    Have no idea what's going on. I Leaned something though.

  • Joseph Davies
    Joseph Davies Day ago

    Its 3.59 am what the hell am i watching!

  • ceegeeofthepakito

    4 de la mañana no se como he llegado aqui

  • Steve K
    Steve K Day ago

    Magnus didn’t have a chance at not being a douchebag...

  • Thomas Batley
    Thomas Batley Day ago

    I don't even know who won

  • Shane Dunn
    Shane Dunn Day ago

    How does this have 2 million views😂

  • Ali Malik
    Ali Malik Day ago

    Why is there always someone with tuberculosis in these videos

  • S T
    S T Day ago

    Still no closer to knowing what happened. Who won?

  • Kamelot19
    Kamelot19 Day ago

    COUGH cough cough. Cough cough COUGH cough.

    Cough Cough cough cough, cough cough. Cough.

    Cough cough cough.

  • Matt Hauth
    Matt Hauth Day ago

    Is this taking place at a hospital??

  • mandara godagama

    Who won the game

  • Hitman
    Hitman Day ago

    Who won

  • Sunny
    Sunny Day ago

    I still don't understand this game... Is that a draw or did someone win...? 🙄

  • crazy shots
    crazy shots Day ago

    Who won?and howw???₹

  • sydst
    sydst Day ago

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  • Ziya khan
    Ziya khan Day ago

    After 11.20 min of video....who won by the way..

    TECHY WORLD Day ago


  • Geisister achuchu

    Recommendations are weird.

  • 1 Bad Jesus
    1 Bad Jesus Day ago

    Unless draw offer was VERBAL whisper I didn't see it. Incidentally staff needed to ask person COUGHING TO EXIT!!

  • Valheru 1504
    Valheru 1504 Day ago

    Does anyone else want a birds eye view of the board?