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  • Agent J
    Agent J Month ago

    He’s not a leader 😒Celtics was #1 seed in the east without him

  • AudiBoison
    AudiBoison Month ago

    It's not justified.
    He wanted his own team and be the key player and leader, he has now got everything and now he blames his teammates experience.
    Seriously Celtics are so pathetic everything they do wrong, the media and league hold their hand over them and find excuses.
    Lets just be honest, Celtics have been overrated this offseason and season and they don't live up to their hype.
    Gordon Heyward is so overrated and overpaid by the Celtics.
    The Celtics don't have their version of Giannis, Lebron James, Steph Curry, Kawhi Leonard or Anthony Davis. They are stuck with their overrated Kyrie Irwing and Gordon Heyward.
    Where is that mighty Celtics team I read about all summer that would be "the team to beat in the east" and wipe the whole league away and dethrone the warriors? It can't be that pile of shit that has played this season.

  • Jeremiah C
    Jeremiah C Month ago


  • Mark Young
    Mark Young Month ago

    Its simple the NBA has gotten better.

  • Brother Buc
    Brother Buc Month ago

    Ki joking right

  • Zachary Adkins
    Zachary Adkins Month ago

    That's funny, not hearing any mention of Kyrie for MPV so he not having to special of a year. He'll be lucky to finish the season, he is ALWAYS injured.

  • Josh Beebe
    Josh Beebe Month ago

    Hello person scrolling though the comments I hope you have a sexually awkward day.

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  • Pratik Pawar
    Pratik Pawar Month ago

    Tbh i am happy to hear that hez aiming for the championship.But I don't think its possible.

  • Take the Red Pill
    Take the Red Pill Month ago

    What even is "pantsed"?

  • Frank N
    Frank N Month ago

    Should of stayed with Lebron. Big dummy

  • Roy Sears
    Roy Sears Month ago

    And still no Brad Stevens criticism!!

  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance Month ago

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  • MKpwn
    MKpwn Month ago

    Bostons problem imo is that they have too many talented players with too much ego and no guy that is head and shoulders above everybody, which usually creates a hierarchy of sorts.

  • Enson Balboa
    Enson Balboa Month ago

    All I heard was “Yes Lebron Is the Goat”. Facts

  • Moses Jordan Reyno
    Moses Jordan Reyno Month ago

    Trade Kyrie and Haward for AD and a scrub.

  • veronica vazquez
    veronica vazquez Month ago

    Does anybody else here think that is not really a fear thing that the players have to be so rich wile a low-mid class family can’t afford to assist to this games ?

  • hoe hoe
    hoe hoe Month ago

    Does anyone on that Celtics team like to play with Kyrie? It look like no one see Kyrie as a leader.

    • Showtime
      Showtime Month ago

      hoe hoe Boston should trade all these young guys to new teams and show them how ruthless the league can really be if you don't have years in the league or aren't superstar level yet then stfu and Learn.

    • Showtime
      Showtime Month ago

      hoe hoe Kyrie has already shown he's clutch and can be a superstar player.

  • dan hibiki
    dan hibiki Month ago

    Kyrie to the Lakers confirmed!

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman Month ago

    #15 on trending

  • Donotgotohypnoalthamaleskillsrepeat

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  • Precious Pecans
    Precious Pecans Month ago

    Integrate and integer and integrity... hmmmmmm

  • TheFroggyGamer
    TheFroggyGamer Month ago

    Didn't they almost make it to the finals without him last year?

  • richard trkr
    richard trkr Month ago

    Gotta have the drive

  • alexiioo
    alexiioo Month ago


  • Wayne Won
    Wayne Won Month ago


  • It's Raining Men
    It's Raining Men Month ago

    But then again what the Fuck do you know.

  • 张耀鑫
    张耀鑫 Month ago


  • Franc Mittelo
    Franc Mittelo Month ago

    Kyrie Irving knows little about winning championships. He was a sidekick. Sidekicks often think that they can be the Superhero, but being a hero is a different responsibility.
    At my job, the people I supervise feel like I don't do anything, until I give them my role for a couple of days. Then they realize, they would rather just stick to their positions.

  • William Estrada
    William Estrada Month ago +1


  • DwadeFL4SHMV3
    DwadeFL4SHMV3 Month ago

    Bro I saw someone say if you put any other top 5 guard in the league on Boston instead of Kyrie they’d be the best in the east. I think that’s facts Kyrie isnt as good as everyone wants him to be plain and simple

  • iBilly
    iBilly Month ago

    Yeah it’s coming to LA 👀

  • Christopher Jones
    Christopher Jones Month ago

    Kyrie lead teams to the lottery.

  • Truffle Butter
    Truffle Butter Month ago

    Wish PP would advise the team like some of the greats did when he was there.. culture is what's missing

  • punizzzle
    punizzzle Month ago

    Celtics aren’t compatible. LeBron deals with this on every team he’s on because he’s the most efficient player of all time (besides free throws). When it comes to carrying a team LeBron can willingly do that. On the other hand, Kyrie needs to integrate these guys to compliment his game

  • punizzzle
    punizzzle Month ago

    But when LeBron complains it’s the end of the world... Bias

  • tip top
    tip top Month ago

    As a point guard he has to speak up. It flows through him. Kyrie is great at his position but maybe he needs to find a way to jump his teammates off. Maybe it will come together for them.

  • Stephen Armstrong
    Stephen Armstrong Month ago

    Kyrie has never lead a team in anything but losing. Boston is a better team without. His style play goes against the team Chemistry.

  • Chris Shanklin
    Chris Shanklin Month ago

    Who tf says uncle kyrie😂😂😂

  • n joh
    n joh Month ago

    "Was once pantsed by Ron Artest" lmao

  • Clem Cornpone
    Clem Cornpone Month ago

    Bullshit Paul! You can say that. You've earned the right. Kyrie can say that to his teammates. He's earned the right. You can say it to the media because it is your job, but when Kyrie does he's doing exactly the wrong thing a supposed leader does and he's setting the table for his own departure.
    Kyrie is on on a team. He is not running with his own infrastructure. Kyrie, keep your bitchin' hid under that flat earth you believe in. You don't lead teammates by pissing on them in the press. You are not LeBron who had been to five finals before you ever played with him.

  • Chris A
    Chris A Month ago

    once they start wining everything will be fine but kyrie knows now how hard it is to lead a team and he should've stood with lebron instead of wanting to leave cause if kyrie stayed i think lebron would've too

  • Mosdef Shel
    Mosdef Shel Month ago

    Where is the genius Coach who everyone claimed invented basketball?

  • Swae Slime
    Swae Slime Month ago

    celtics need to trade kyrie (won’t happen ik) this isn’t going to work you can tell they aren’t playing for each other, either get AD or get some picks

  • Harlemkat121
    Harlemkat121 Month ago

    Kyrie needs to Shut up and dribble.

  • Ricky Song
    Ricky Song Month ago

    The Celtics DON'T NEED Kyrie and Hayward. Last year, the Celtics were incredible and they went to the Eastern Conference Finals. In my opinion, last year Celtics were way better than this year Celtic.

  • Victor Vegas
    Victor Vegas Month ago

    kyrie aint no leader. they made it to the ecf without him and almost won, hes the problem

  • Post Pantalon
    Post Pantalon Month ago

    Im just waiting for @LeBeautiful's comment.

  • Kevin Harden
    Kevin Harden Month ago

    Kyrie is feeling the hard leadership. And that's not a bad thing.

  • Lance Kangethe
    Lance Kangethe Month ago

    Whys this new guy filling in for Rachel SO loud

  • Michael Munroe
    Michael Munroe Month ago

    it’s crazy how forgetful and selective people are these days with their comments being this is the same team to have all self proclaim they’ll own the “EAST” this current season prior to last year accomplishments. I’ve called it!!! I said this team is better off without the injury prone Irvin so as without Hayward knowing damn well such injury can change identity. Now here we are!!!
    Pressure my ass!!! It’s all egos and kyrie wouldn’t help such knowing he’s just as big, as theirs...

  • Alberto Monzon
    Alberto Monzon Month ago

    Kobe screaming at teammates at practice.
    Guess what if they don’t bust their ass they deserve to get called out

  • Flaming365
    Flaming365 Month ago

    Somewhere Isiah Thomas is laughing his ass off at the Celtics.

  • TheDucciano
    TheDucciano Month ago

    Kyrie Irving is not a leader. He's never lead a team to the playoffs and any success he's had in the post season was due to the Kang.

  • Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones Month ago +1

    Kyrie tryna Find different words to replace LBJ's SAME EXACT THOUGHTS on that cavs team last year. Kyrie a weird emotional lil mutha fucka grwatest balhandler ever but aint no fucking leader

  • Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones Month ago

    Paul pierce is a dumbass. Them young boys have expectations and had it from what they created last year

  • Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones Month ago


  • Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones Month ago

    Paul stfu. They know more than yall say about playoffs. Kyrie wasnt shit without Bron but a scorer who couldnt lead. Tatum & Brown have proven more than kyrie did without LBJ ALREADY! If lbj went to celtics and this the year they had after last year greatness hahahaha. It would be top story EVERYDAY

  • Sawoti Eduardo
    Sawoti Eduardo Month ago

    Kyrie looks like wanna move tho.

  • Mohammed Omer
    Mohammed Omer Month ago

    CryKnee ahahahahahaahah

  • Life Is Awesome !!!!!
    Life Is Awesome !!!!! Month ago +1

    Paul Pierce is so fucking bias when it comes to the Celtics!!! He have an excuse every damn time, he shouldn’t be an analyst when it’s comes to the Celtics!!!

  • Jahod D.
    Jahod D. Month ago +2

    Rondo to Boston for Terry

    • Flaming365
      Flaming365 Month ago

      I would love for Rondo to come back to the Celtics.


    Problem #1 - There offense is stagnant, Horford doesnt like being 6-9 265 and posting up so it is clogging the perimeter, its easy to guard guys that stand on the 3 point line
    Problem #2 - Hayward is not the same, his athleticism is GONE, his mindset is weak.
    Problem #3 - Rozier is upset cause he wants to play more
    Problem #4 - Tatum, Brown, Rozier know the A.D. sweeptstakes are coming.
    Problem #5 - Irving isn't happy

    III BAKURYU III Month ago

    Kyrie James needs to join King Dad in L.A and stop with whole "I can carry Boston" and "there's a new King in the East" etc because you ain't LeBron OK! Now, join your elder and get carried, again.

  • Zo Arms
    Zo Arms Month ago

    Criticizing teammates is not justified unless you hold yourself accountable for your actions! Kyrie is great! But, like I always say to others outside of TheXvid! He cannot lead a team to the promise land! Not going to happen!

  • Jeffrey Charles
    Jeffrey Charles Month ago

    I honestly don’t think pierce knows what he’s talking about.

  • Vince G
    Vince G Month ago

    Everybody wants to be "the man" .. doesnt work

  • Joshua Williams
    Joshua Williams Month ago
    Go get your pair! Limited edition!

  • J R
    J R Month ago

    Didn't the celtics make it to the conference finals without kyrie?

  • A Reitz
    A Reitz Month ago

    The whole, "Player X has a ring." Therefore he knows how to win is so overblown. Yes, Kyrie has things that he's learned that he can teach some of the younger players. But lets remember, Boston went on that run last year WITHOUT Kyrie. What was going on then? Fact is, it's about talent and cohesiveness. Figuring out rotations. That team is loaded with talent. I've always felt their greatest challenge was figuring out their rotations + crunch time lineup. Kyrie isn't the ONLY player on that team that knows how to ball, simply because he has a ring.

  • Michael Barnes
    Michael Barnes Month ago

    At this point of the season you gotta trade someone, if guys don’t want to be part of a championship team and want stardom let them experience it on a bottom dweller then. Sacrifice is key to win it all when you have a team like ours and whoever isn’t ready for that should go

  • Acorn Slim
    Acorn Slim Month ago

    bullshit Paul. He only understands what it takes to win because he got to go through the process -- losing for 5 years, and then losing with LeBron, and then winning with LeBron. How is him whining going to help his teammates get experience?

  • Dezhmond Young
    Dezhmond Young Month ago +2

    Trade Kyrie to the Bulls, and be done with it then Celtics. Y'all don't want him...we NEED him.
    Done deal.

    • Dezhmond Young
      Dezhmond Young Month ago +1

      If things get as bad as the Celtics make it out to be...they'll be TRYIN' to get rid of Kyrie 'cause the rest of the team thinks that they'll be better without him.
      So we can either give them our pick...(which'll be high considerin' how bad we are now)...and a bum.
      Or...wait 'til they release him to pick him up.

    • Flaming365
      Flaming365 Month ago

      +Dezhmond Young So who would you give up. I like Lavine, Dunn, Carter and Markkanen.

    • Dezhmond Young
      Dezhmond Young Month ago +1

      Actually, it's more of a players not fallin' in line because they feel they don't need him.
      So if he comes to the Bulls...I'm pretty sure they'd unanimously understand that he's the leader.

    • Flaming365
      Flaming365 Month ago

      Kyrie got a lot more help in Boston than what we got with the Bulls. If he can't play with them he would hate our team.

  • Ja'quavious Moor
    Ja'quavious Moor Month ago

    This is what I hate about espn... 90 percemt of the people thT they have talking basketball
    . dont know shit about Basketball.. Who is this random spaniah dude amd what does he know about playoff basketball...


    How can we expect Kyrie to be a leader!? He didn't do ANYTHING before LeBron got there. Not a single playoffs win. And yet he's supposed to lead a "championship caliber" team.

  • Torrey Wallace
    Torrey Wallace Month ago

    I dont agree with Paul. I feel those young guys can win and win big. Kyrie was not a winner in Cleveland without lebron he wants to play hero ball not team ball. He wants to be the James Harden of the Celtics. Every player has too much talent to complain about who should be the closer. Any one of those players can close the game. Plus, Gordon Hayward made the best pass available with 2.9 seconds left on the clock. What is there to complain about?

  • The Dynamic Flashy
    The Dynamic Flashy Month ago

    The show seems much better without the female presenter. No offense. Just an observation.

  • Your favorite Jonah Mace

    Gordon Hayward is the problem

  • Jordan
    Jordan Month ago

    Remember how bad the Celtics were last year without Kyrie? And when Kyrie's on court dominance and leadership got them to the Eastern Conference Finals.....

  • Zoozeeman1234
    Zoozeeman1234 Month ago

    Celtics should sign Paul pierce

  • Nathan Hollis
    Nathan Hollis Month ago

    Let’s be honest. Kylie wanted to be “THE MAN” and the only superstar on a team. He now sees that weight is heavy as hell to carry and he can’t lift it onto is shoulders, so he’s laying the blame on the other players. But his teammates quickly found out that he is no LeBron. They are not going to defer to him because they believe he is no better than they are. They play with him everyday. They know !!!

  • Asap Problem
    Asap Problem Month ago

    Kyrie only bitxhen when he don't have the ball, shooting a thousand times. He's no leader

  • Simba
    Simba Month ago

    “Daddy LeBron“... S.M.H.

  • Kierston Deloach
    Kierston Deloach Month ago

    Celtics beating warriors?! I guess Toronto must have traded their whole team

  • curona muramana
    curona muramana Month ago

    Kyrie and Lebron are meant together 😁, just go to LA. just play with Lebron learn about his leadership, you'll be the lakers leadee in 3-4 years , Lebron will give you the "Alpha" status and you'll proof it to them that you can be a leader and bring lakers another champhionship, Lebron is a human too and now he is 34 we dont know maybe he will start to feel his age maybe in couple of years,and by then you run the lakers.just think about it, no disrespect to kyrie leadership , but every body know when kyrie in LA with bron and bron start to slow down kyrie will be the Alpha of the team..

  • ensayofr
    ensayofr Month ago

    Damn idiots comparing this to Lebron.. lebron SCREAMS at his teammates... Kyrie was asking for explanations he was not whining like leQueen stop it

  • O.G. John Doe
    O.G. John Doe Month ago +1


  • Mattathias Macabees

    The jazz called- they said royce oneal for Hayward and the celtics pay 25 percent of Gordon's salary over next four seasons!!!

  • ItsOnLy DiRt
    ItsOnLy DiRt Month ago

    Bro.....WHY THE FUCKKKKK THEY ALWAYS GOTTA MENTION LEBRON IN EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop with the Big brother Little brother bullshit!

  • Mattathias Macabees

    Hayward is in hero ball hell- he could be scoring 25 a night in Utah but he is in hero ball hell.

  • Galvatron
    Galvatron Month ago

    Kyrie needs more help 💁🏾‍♂️

  • Galvatron
    Galvatron Month ago

    Kyrie needs more help 💁🏾‍♂️

  • Betty Murphy Grumpus

    It all started the moment Rozier voiced about playing time, EGOS
    They should have dealt him as a message to the other guys to focused on team play

  • Eric Tolbert
    Eric Tolbert Month ago

    Kyrie wanted this, karma is a bitch..

  • mind scottfree
    mind scottfree Month ago

    Irvin aint a leader he never has been

  • Pedro Cintron
    Pedro Cintron Month ago

    He learn from the one that helps him do the next step so I hope it works for him and the celtics

  • B Grizzley
    B Grizzley Month ago

    Kyrie hated lebron being a perfectionist and barking at the team now look what he is doing lmao 😂 people we have to be content sometimes cause in life the things we hate we can become I know deep down Kyrie like damn lebron you was right dawg cause damn if he didn't look just like lebron in that play lol he hated dude and became him life's a scary thing

  • GAMER4LYFE89 Xb1
    GAMER4LYFE89 Xb1 Month ago

    Kyrie imitates Lebron. He's his idol

  • Cal Schmidt
    Cal Schmidt Month ago

    Nah they had experience from last year but the return of kyrie and Hayward fucked up the flow. Should of let both of them go for assets because the young core PROVED they can go deep, where's the lie?