UFC Vancouver: Justin Gaethje and Donald Cerrone Octagon Interviews

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
  • Hear from Justin Gaethje and Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone after Gaethje's first round KO victory in the main event of Fight Night Vancouver.
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Comments • 3 041

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees 18 hours ago

    Man everybody loves cowboy...Tony Ferguson,Justin,Conor,Masvidal....Cowboy the type of guy everybody respects.

  • fagbag smagsnag
    fagbag smagsnag Day ago

    The irish man is back and justin is already begging again, I really cant wait to see Conor put him to sleep then again they'll probably say thats it's a fix also 😂😂

  • Caleb Pack
    Caleb Pack 4 days ago +1

    I love how everyone is a McGregor fan after he beat Cerrone

  • OP-SEC10
    OP-SEC10 5 days ago

    HAHA all these comments didn't age well. CM is going to finish Justin like he did cowboy and take winner of TF vs Khabib.

  • Hndrk Sydll
    Hndrk Sydll 5 days ago

    Cowboy was clearly paid to take a dive! It is so obviously rigged^^
    UFC is just pushing theyr moneycow Gaetje...

  • j dub
    j dub 6 days ago

    1:05 justin gay-she let's u know a lil too much about his personal life🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Løng Phåm
    Løng Phåm 6 days ago +23

    “The Irishman is retired”, that statement did not age well.

    • Løng Phåm
      Løng Phåm Day ago

      Nikita Karelins Did I mentioned anything about title pictures?? You STFU prick

    • STG-_-Annoying
      STG-_-Annoying Day ago

      Nikita Karelins I mean yeah ??? He just lost to khabib he should have one more fight but if he pushes it he could get it

    • Nikita Karelins
      Nikita Karelins 3 days ago +1

      So he beat washed up Cowboy and suddenly he is back in the title picture? STFU.

    • Carter
      Carter 5 days ago +1

      People then complain that conor is ducking gaethje but he’s said he didn’t wanna fight conor😂

    • TigerJ
      TigerJ 6 days ago +1

      Løng Phåm lol so true

  • Colin Pollard
    Colin Pollard 7 days ago

    seeing this the day after the mcgregor and cerrone fight. i laughed when justin said the irishman is retired. Bitch, hes fucking back!!!!!

  • Ryker Landon
    Ryker Landon 7 days ago

    Ride into the sunset Cowboy.

  • Gaetano Francesco Prochilo

    Who is here after the McGregor fight?

  • Marcos Cedeno
    Marcos Cedeno 8 days ago +1

    mcgregor is not retired , he dont want to fight him

  • Kelly Chase
    Kelly Chase 12 days ago

    Gaethje vs El Cucuy will go down as either the greatest fight to never happen or the greatest fight of all time.

  • christain chausse
    christain chausse 12 days ago +1

    Justin an easy fight for mcgregor

    • DM Games
      DM Games 8 days ago +1

      christain chausse no he ain’t are u dumb

  • D Stands 4 Dope Greaves


  • Thomas Hunnicutt
    Thomas Hunnicutt 13 days ago

    I’m having fun with you tonight

  • Ezequiel Aguirre
    Ezequiel Aguirre 14 days ago


  • yung noe
    yung noe 16 days ago

    Cerrone in cave mode mode will beat McNuggets

  • Small Caps
    Small Caps 16 days ago

    Cowboy was still stumbling while complaining about the stoppage 1:43 hes doing the stanky leg

  • Thomas Noël
    Thomas Noël 18 days ago

    The Irishman is retired but he fights in 10 days...

  • Brandon
    Brandon 18 days ago

    Such great dudes man

  • Hello Sir?
    Hello Sir? 20 days ago

    At least Cerrone doesn’t look as shitty when he fought Ferguson

  • m77yice killem
    m77yice killem 24 days ago +3

    Tony ferguson’s the type of guy to swim across the Pacific for his morning workout

  • Sailandra yadav
    Sailandra yadav 27 days ago

    Appreciation For DC one of the best Commentator

  • Dennis Reynolds
    Dennis Reynolds Month ago

    never thought about this till now, but if tony can pull it off against khabib , tony vs gaethje would be awesoooome

  • kevin staples
    kevin staples Month ago

    Man, cowboys a true warrior.& A favorite fighters & Justin is one of my new favorite fighters. That dude is a unstoppable

  • Ted May
    Ted May Month ago

    Justin vs tony/khabib

  • Parker Loxterman
    Parker Loxterman Month ago +1

    Justin doesn’t deserve a title shot at all lol he needs to beat 2 more opponents

    • Marcus -_-
      Marcus -_- Month ago

      Parker Loxterman
      Shut ur mouth

  • Comander
    Comander Month ago +1

    Fun fact,
    Conor and Donald has the same middle name... Anthony

  • Rya N
    Rya N Month ago

    Dang cowboy is looking super mature

  • The Great Danku Tree
    The Great Danku Tree Month ago +1

    cowboy is just so stiff and tired

    retire dude

  • ThrowDownthenHoeDown

    dont let kod fighters on the mic. theyre concussed ffs .

  • Kacy Latty
    Kacy Latty Month ago

    I really wanna smack the interview guy for the way he is talking

    • Isaac Clarke
      Isaac Clarke 12 days ago

      A two division champ? Yeah we'll be sure to wake you up when you are knocked out stiff in the octagon doing that.

    • paul benipal
      paul benipal Month ago

      Danial Cormier aka DC aka THE LEGEND ..... the most loved if not the most respected man in a mma community

    • Bala Mahamak
      Bala Mahamak Month ago

      Kacy Latty you talking about dc? In that case then good luck

  • BriansWrld
    BriansWrld Month ago

    He's a lovely guy dude

  • Darian Willis
    Darian Willis Month ago

    Conor better KO cowboy ever faster than Justin To prove a point

  • in vitro youtube baby
    in vitro youtube baby Month ago +1

    DC shouldnt be doing octagon interviews. Whenever he asked a question I'd say i guess I'll just poke his eyes out then.

  • Abdul Raffay
    Abdul Raffay Month ago

    he said he didn't wanted conor now why the hell he is crying like a little bitch rn?

  • harshith rao
    harshith rao Month ago

    DC being thug there

  • josh z
    josh z Month ago

    Irishman is back

  • Irving Ramirez
    Irving Ramirez 2 months ago +4

    That mustache look works for him 🔥

  • Everett Clunie
    Everett Clunie 2 months ago

    Gaethje vs Ferguson would be absolutely amazing. Gaethje khabib would be good too, but the match up between him and Ferguson would set that octagon on fire. Wanna see that one bad

  • Resifan 1993
    Resifan 1993 3 months ago

    Respect to Justin but like Ive always said I'll always be a Cowboy fan 100%!

  • Gary Felty
    Gary Felty 3 months ago

    Daniel sucks as a ring commentator announcer whatever you want to call him but he's trying to be hypocritical of gaethje and he sucks at it.

  • বিশ্বাস BISWAS

    This is a great moment. Conor should learn something from them

  • ForzaTerra89
    ForzaTerra89 3 months ago

    Cowboy trying to steal his moment big time lol sorry the camera wasn't on you for a couple seconds

  • Smouve Couve
    Smouve Couve 3 months ago

    Cowboy wants to be that cool dude every single time. I think he tires to be a like able guy

  • retic lol
    retic lol 4 months ago

    gaehtje vs mcgregor pls! both knockout punchers

  • Zaid Syed
    Zaid Syed 4 months ago

    Justin you want fight khabib Mr mustin you don't to khabib whay khabib opposite you little rat you first raund finish nocaut mind it

  • Paul Hardie
    Paul Hardie 4 months ago

    Genuinely heartwarming segment. Loved it

  • brokenupsound
    brokenupsound 4 months ago

    Cowboy is no longer a contender. Not interested in watching him get knocked out again

  • Sammy Ytube
    Sammy Ytube 4 months ago

    Dang Cowboy. Too many people making a name off of you. It is like you are no longer savage. You are the "go to guy" for another reason and this fight game is becoming a well paid hobby for you. Good heart and attitude, but how many times do you want them to break your nose.

  • Eyginhard Nunziato
    Eyginhard Nunziato 4 months ago

    Thanks a lot for this. 😀

  • Truls Andersen
    Truls Andersen 4 months ago

    Cerrone should use the a rodent name lol. He looks like a mouse

  • martin pangggeng
    martin pangggeng 4 months ago

    Justin Gaethje is slurring. I think he will have CTE in near future. Only cold laser light therapy & photobiomodulation therapy can protect him.

  • Django Jilderda
    Django Jilderda 4 months ago

    Gaetthje #1 motherfuckers you'll see!

  • Tom Caird
    Tom Caird 4 months ago

    Starting new the national fist fighting federation fight up to 3 times aweek

  • Mule Deer
    Mule Deer 4 months ago

    Long Live Az thankyou for Representing the human highlight

  • Amirul Aiman
    Amirul Aiman 4 months ago

    0:20 it's that DC cormier??

  • Ansel Hansen
    Ansel Hansen 4 months ago +7

    People who can beat khabib :
    1. Tony
    2. Justin
    3. Connor McFootwasabalewn

    • Ghost Budd
      Ghost Budd 8 days ago

      Justin would get absolutely smothered by Khabib.

    • Rip Winkle
      Rip Winkle 2 months ago

      @avocado o
      Kevin Lee? Nope, not enough stamina.

    • avocado o
      avocado o 2 months ago +3

      Kevin lee too

    • Rip Winkle
      Rip Winkle 3 months ago +3

      Justin? Nah I doubt it.
      Tony? Maybe

    • unexpected things!!!!!!!!
      unexpected things!!!!!!!! 4 months ago +1

      Dude no offense justin would get mauled badly

  • P.S. Bijoy
    P.S. Bijoy 4 months ago


  • LaRamsLunatic !!!!
    LaRamsLunatic !!!! 4 months ago

    Cowboy needs to give it up he lost his last 4 or 5 fights