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Top 10 Best Auditions The Voice In The World

  • Published on Mar 6, 2017
  • BEST MUSIC EVER IN ONE PLACE - Top 10 Best Auditions The Voice In The World.
    1. Charly Luske (Voice of Holland) 2. Mithell Brunings (Voice of Holland) 3. Dorota Osinska (Voice of Poland) 4. Suor Cristina Scuccia (Voice of Italy) 5. Harrison .
    Here there are 10 amazing The Voice auditions. They are not in a specific order.
    1. Alex Economou (Voice Of Greece) 2. John Pritchard (Voice Of U.K) 3. Savvanah Berry (Voice Of U.S.A) 4. Max Milner (Voice Of U.K) 5. Katerina Lioliou (Voice .
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  • Prjal crest
    Prjal crest 22 hours ago +1

    I thought first guy was a woman

  • Mr. Pro
    Mr. Pro 22 hours ago


  • ahmed zafar
    ahmed zafar 23 hours ago

    the first guy whi singed chandelier oh man amazing

  • parker plays
    parker plays 23 hours ago +1

    bet you wont like

  • Hamza Boukaroua
    Hamza Boukaroua Day ago

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  • Leonardo Gomes
    Leonardo Gomes Day ago

    O gordim do 1 video se garante!


    2019 anyone

    Can y’all sub to me please ✨☺️

  • Andrés Ureña Chavarría

    someone knows the name of the last song?

  • LaazARYT_ X80
    LaazARYT_ X80 Day ago

    Rolling in the deep was excellent

  • Dorothy Gaby
    Dorothy Gaby Day ago

    So are we just gonna ignore Owen Hargreaves judging the Voice Holland?


    Alguém BRASIL 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷❤️

  • ArnoldsK
    ArnoldsK Day ago +1

    Yeah, I don't know.

  • Craig Osborne
    Craig Osborne Day ago

    Who like 2019?

  • Half Baked 420
    Half Baked 420 Day ago

    Last one has to be lip singing it cause that's spot on

  • leona ABAB
    leona ABAB Day ago

    Hello what is the name of the first ?

  • Yanett Martinez
    Yanett Martinez Day ago

    Wtf so fire congrats they all got mad talent

  • Gall Anonim
    Gall Anonim Day ago +2

    I hate when judges say "He/She is amazing" but finally they don't turn

  • Igor Efimov
    Igor Efimov Day ago +2

    Я все это пересматриваю каждый вечер

  • MsTommy65
    MsTommy65 Day ago +1

    Let´s get it on

  • Azar Huseynli
    Azar Huseynli Day ago +2

    The world is full of wonderful people !

  • logan oriot
    logan oriot Day ago +4

    The world is composed by 3 countries: US, Brtain and Netherlands :D :D

    • logan oriot
      logan oriot Day ago

      +Pandora's Babe where are you from to say this ? There is this show in every european countries, most of south american countries, some south east asian countries, australia and NZ... sure, if u know only three countries... that's sad for you 😂

    • Pandora's Babe
      Pandora's Babe Day ago

      I mean, if the other countries don't have that show how do you put them in the rank? Kinda dumb

    • ScreaMy *
      ScreaMy * Day ago

      Respeita os br seu pau na lomba

  • Aldwin
    Aldwin Day ago +11

    *"This is a man's world."*
    Judges: *Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!*

  • Bonni Amuk
    Bonni Amuk Day ago +1

    Skyfall 😍

  • TR7
    TR7 Day ago +1

    13:40 ARREPIANTE! pqp

  • TR7
    TR7 Day ago +1


  • Gavin Ellis
    Gavin Ellis Day ago +3

    Damn this is why I just put my ear buds in and sing with them thinking I'm really good but really I have people tell me to just shut up😂😂

  • Sara Aras
    Sara Aras Day ago +1


  • Music Hunters BAND
    Music Hunters BAND Day ago +1

    1sr and 2nd was best

  • Lasa East
    Lasa East Day ago +3

    I legit thought that was a fat girl on the first one

  • Emre Ergin
    Emre Ergin Day ago +1

    En baştakini kız sanmıştım erkekmiş mk

  • Władysław Słoik
    Władysław Słoik Day ago +2

    Sorry, but without Dorota Osińska - Calling you, there can't be no top 10, just listen by yourself

  • Wilmer Orbegozo L
    Wilmer Orbegozo L Day ago +1

    15:42 Edge también canta? :v

  • Michael jackson's song
    Michael jackson's song 2 days ago +1


  • mooncaroon
    mooncaroon 2 days ago +1

    its videos like this that remind me i cant sing worth a shit

  • Net Med
    Net Med 2 days ago +1

    Nada del otro mundo

  • Lucas Queiroz
    Lucas Queiroz 2 days ago +1

    6:39 nome da música?

  • Jordyn Brown
    Jordyn Brown 2 days ago +4

    I thought the first one was a black woman idk why😭

  • William Stewart
    William Stewart 2 days ago

    while america kills itself in corruption? EU is doing what it has done for 1000, s of years. winnning. America>? ye have , what, 250 years, max? lol!!! get a life, how about an EU one? Bears, Winsconson, the "American Dream? " ye killed, masacered the Indians. k? Empire Falling,. Ye kill yer presidents, you r "artists" killing , is what ye do, Amercia,. so sorry, here in Europe? we live.

  • William Stewart
    William Stewart 2 days ago

    ps?? (yes, new line) do ye know who are the most sold artists of ALL time? Canadiennes.. Lara Fabian, Melyne Farmer, shall I continue? they are NOT "americans".. lol!!!! (we have being ;playing Stadavari violins for over 300 years! (although our actual country does not exist that long, what? 250 year? China has how may thousands? jaysus! (oh, bty? mostly they sing in Fench. ja, ja, oui, oui, je said, languages, not an american talent.

    • William Stewart
      William Stewart 2 days ago

      (I feel I should really tell ye this? i was on tour, in America? did the whole Carnegie Hall thing? and was, as one is, invited, to an, er, "American Home" .. she asked me, with her blue risnsed hair and poodle, if I knew Mozart , "well!", er, he is dead, I said? "oh, what a shame, so, he is not coming to dinner?" get it? Americans.

  • Mcallan Bennett
    Mcallan Bennett 2 days ago

    Mama song a beast

  • André Santiago
    André Santiago 2 days ago

    Pensou que só teria gringo aqui

    Pensou errado otario.....

  • William Stewart
    William Stewart 2 days ago

    ja, it is all true. there are REALLY great people "out there" who the "$Moguls" think they cannot make money from.. so, the ones they CAN make money off of? judge? really, it is SO funny!! can , ie, Jessie? sing as well as #1? really? probably not.. but , the "$Moguls" know who they can control. there are REAL places , where people with REAL talent compete to get into.. it is not a "show".. having said that? the guy? yes, great voice, brilliant, skyfall. but. what do they know? it is just a career move.. Even Tom has "fallen" (Skyfall) into being , what, a judge? really? I know this is stupid, forgive me! just, do you know Amati? I played with him, when he played guitar with his mobile phone.. now. go compare. he is "just" a gypsy" no place for talent like his, on this, er, talent show?

    • William Stewart
      William Stewart 2 days ago

      excuse moi, je sais, pour les americain, qui p p parles, je dit, rein,

    • William Stewart
      William Stewart 2 days ago

    • William Stewart
      William Stewart 2 days ago

      I feel like a traitor? maybe I should post David, too? (ja, of course, they are brothers, Ian plays guitar)

    • William Stewart
      William Stewart 2 days ago

      are ye listening? this is not a TV show, as I said, they make real music, live.

    • William Stewart
      William Stewart 2 days ago

      btw? David Stewart? really, ye should look up that name.

  • Alya
    Alya 2 days ago


  • Toxic Paradox
    Toxic Paradox 2 days ago +1

    Everyone knows the if they put willie Spence it would be over for everyone

  • Patrick DaDon
    Patrick DaDon 2 days ago

    Bogdan Ioan is one of the Best Singers in The Voice !!! and its not in the Top10? Tzzz

  • muddy buddy 69
    muddy buddy 69 2 days ago

    Jordan Smith is the best!!!!!!


    06:14 whats music?


    06:14 whats name of singerman ?

  • Jared Lehnhee
    Jared Lehnhee 2 days ago

    Anyone else have tears

  • Mohanad Mohamed
    Mohanad Mohamed 2 days ago +24

    Who else agrees that the first one was the best of them all?

  • Francine Santos
    Francine Santos 2 days ago +2

    Queria saber que música é essa que a menina da arpa toca e canta

    • vanko
      vanko Day ago

      Get lucky - daft punk

  • Claudia Bezerra
    Claudia Bezerra 2 days ago

    Amei todos 👏🎶💕

  • Maricela Marinez
    Maricela Marinez 2 days ago

    No hay ninguna canción latina :( pero que hermosas voces

  • Morag
    Morag 2 days ago

    Первый участник впечатлил!

  • dima van benten
    dima van benten 2 days ago +28

    That girl with get lucky has a amazing voice

    • David Turner
      David Turner 23 hours ago

      Audiance went completely silent. That takes some doing

    • Florian Bräuninger
      Florian Bräuninger Day ago +2

      dima van benten yeah that's what you imagine angels sound like

  • Kid Official
    Kid Official 3 days ago +2

    14:08 the old man looks like wanna cry and happy

  • Robby Fariz
    Robby Fariz 3 days ago

    Ewean yu

  • Robby Fariz
    Robby Fariz 3 days ago


  • jay s
    jay s 3 days ago +1

    the first guy had some serious talent and that girl with the harp gave me goose bumps i think ricky the judge had other issues lol

  • Nazar Khan
    Nazar Khan 3 days ago +2

    Skyfall guy made me gay lol

  • Jordimar silva
    Jordimar silva 3 days ago +1

    O que o michel temer faz de jurado ai????

  • Fabiana Mendes
    Fabiana Mendes 3 days ago

    Que voz linda desta moça que toca harpa .

  • AtlantisFi0
    AtlantisFi0 3 days ago +20

    Why isn't Christina Grimmie in this ranking?

  • Earl Rakeem
    Earl Rakeem 3 days ago


  • Myrat Jorageldiyev
    Myrat Jorageldiyev 3 days ago

    Where is Dimash Hudaybergen??

    ZH GAMING 3 days ago +4

    "All i want" makes me cry 😭😭😭

  • لوككا/Lokka
    لوككا/Lokka 3 days ago

    Whaaaaaaat ? Number one is girl ??

  • Surge
    Surge 3 days ago

    First dude has the voice of an Angel

  • 3l snitzel
    3l snitzel 3 days ago

    gratis redroom app hahahahahahha in Bulgarije is dat heel wat anders :) weinig talent daar, veel bloed en geschreeuw . hahahahahahahahahahaha may god bless the subjects or what is left of them hahahahahahahaa

  • Lorena
    Lorena 3 days ago

    O 4 cara o que foi aquiloooooo!!!!!!

  • Daniel A
    Daniel A 4 days ago

    The judges from the Voice of Holland are completely over the top and ridiculous in their reactions. They seem to try to overshadow the contestants' great performances.

  • 774488 tv
    774488 tv 4 days ago

    16:59 미친놈아

  • brunex222
    brunex222 4 days ago +3

    4:53 que tal conchasumadre

  • Imma Ware
    Imma Ware 4 days ago

    #MaxMilner I was okay with that mashup ! Good job

  • Imma Ware
    Imma Ware 4 days ago +1

    Okay red pixie girl !

  • Imma Ware
    Imma Ware 4 days ago

    The first one was very unexpected !

  • Nayeli Cubilla
    Nayeli Cubilla 4 days ago


  • Bobby McCowan
    Bobby McCowan 4 days ago

    1st guy from hazard ky

    • Dilas Santana
      Dilas Santana 4 days ago

      Bobby McCowan Hey have you head
      “You be making me love”
      On my channel ??

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    • Dilas Santana
      Dilas Santana 4 days ago

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  • J M
    J M 4 days ago

    Tbh the only one I liked was the first guy. He didn’t sound like he was struggling with high notes, wasn’t shouting and wasn’t doing the most

  • XxSCopEZXx
    XxSCopEZXx 4 days ago

    Loic is better bitch

  • Raquel Torres
    Raquel Torres 4 days ago

    The girl with the harp WOW!!!!!!!

    • Dilas Santana
      Dilas Santana 4 days ago

      Raquel Torres Hey have you head
      “You be making me love”
      On my channel ??


    аж прослезился настолько !!!

  • Sophiewnn
    Sophiewnn 4 days ago +3

    6:26 this Performance is the best idk I really love this song and he is so good! Omg I am crying

  • Paul Turner
    Paul Turner 4 days ago

    I don’t know what took them so long to turn for the first guy?

  • Top Scene01
    Top Scene01 4 days ago

    • Dilas Santana
      Dilas Santana 4 days ago

      Top Scene01 Hey have you heard
      “You be making me love”
      On my channel ??

  • JamesJack_ CCV
    JamesJack_ CCV 4 days ago

    5:45 *Turns on subtitles*

  • Gülse Nazlı
    Gülse Nazlı 4 days ago +1

    April 2019?

    • Dilas Santana
      Dilas Santana 4 days ago

      Gülse Nazlı Hey have you heard
      “You be making me love”
      On my channel ??

  • Gavin Ellis
    Gavin Ellis 4 days ago +1

    8:03 is also amazing great pitch in his voice when he hit that high note

  • Gavin Ellis
    Gavin Ellis 4 days ago

    4:53 is a great singer just amazing

    NEW YORK 4 days ago +54

    Кто из русских лайкните пусть иностранцы подумают что что-то крутое написано! 😂😂😂

    • Havva Cafarli
      Havva Cafarli Day ago +1

      +Azar Huseynli Возможно, не спорю. Я, лично впервые увидела, просто забавно стало от мысли, что неужто автор комментария и вправду считает, что нет иностранцев, которые не владеют русским языком или не додумаются до Гугл Транслэйта?🙂

    • Azar Huseynli
      Azar Huseynli Day ago

      +Havva Cafarli etot komment ya uje navernoe videl raz 50. Toest eti lyudi zaxodyat na video i kommentiruyut odno i tozhe. Zachem ? Pochemu ? Ti eto sam ne pridumal, eto mnogie postyat, zachem povtaryat ?

    • Havva Cafarli
      Havva Cafarli Day ago

      +Azar Huseynli молодой человек, с вами всё в порядке?🤔

    • Azar Huseynli
      Azar Huseynli Day ago

      da zaebali vi uzhe...

    • Havva Cafarli
      Havva Cafarli Day ago

      Ну вы и оригинал)))

  • Kerstin Bengtsson
    Kerstin Bengtsson 4 days ago

    talenten zijn goed voor mensen

  • Tomas Neverdauskas
    Tomas Neverdauskas 4 days ago

    Dainos lietuviškai

  • Saved and the City TV

    Idk about the best, but they were all very good

  • Илья Иванов

    Нюхайте пенисы амерекосы

    RISOR 4 days ago

    Man's world for me

    THE MEK 4 days ago

    Indonesia is come

  • иван иванов

    Кто белая в первом видео ?

  • Adam White
    Adam White 4 days ago +1

    Such good singers