Buying My Dogs Everything They Touch

  • Published on Feb 21, 2019
  • I believe this trend was started by Nicole Skyes, she's done several of these here's a link to her original video
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  • mom2mmpt
    mom2mmpt Day ago

    Foreshadowing? Buying all these big toys and big bones....the kids wanted a "big" sister.

  • mom2mmpt
    mom2mmpt Day ago

    Don't get too upset with Cermet. I've done that when I've gone shopping and just can't handle the excitement of buying too much stuff I don't need.

  • G-Cat 1
    G-Cat 1 Day ago

    “He’s like drivebying”
    I can’t 😂

  • Struggling Me
    Struggling Me Day ago

    Them lashes tho 👌

  • Josie Joyner
    Josie Joyner Day ago +1

    “what if one of you touches a cat?”
    *whispering* “cut. cut.”

  • IG\ Anxai.s
    IG\ Anxai.s 2 days ago +1

    Kermit ran them pockets

  • VolkColopatrion
    VolkColopatrion 2 days ago

    how to go bankrupt.

  • Kaylee Jackson
    Kaylee Jackson 2 days ago

    I love how the dogs all have nick names mrs.weach Bobby and nasty boy

  • Invoke Invoker
    Invoke Invoker 2 days ago

    I think u should get a baby

  • Christine Nelly
    Christine Nelly 2 days ago

    Lol kermits butt syringe 😂 Its actually a pill popper for cats 😊 Loved this video! Part 2? Lol

  • TigerWolfDemon
    TigerWolfDemon 2 days ago

    Kermit is literally like a toddler when it comes to clothes. If I'm in them then I will do nothing as a silent protest

  • Brittany Ramsey
    Brittany Ramsey 2 days ago

    I’d love to see you do this with Bunny when she is in a better place and could enjoy it without being scared 🤗💕

  • Gacha Potato
    Gacha Potato 2 days ago

    toys = SNATCHED
    snatcher = kermit lol :P

  • GamingWithKatty
    GamingWithKatty 3 days ago +1

    Now you have a big dog to give all this stuff to!

  • Don’t Turn Back
    Don’t Turn Back 3 days ago

    You should put the big “drinking buddy” shirt on Bunny when she gets more comfortable

  • SpringTea
    SpringTea 3 days ago

    How to keep kermit still 101: give him a shirt

  • Kandy Kane
    Kandy Kane 3 days ago +1

    Why the heck does marble have a bed 20 times bigger than him????

  • Talia Snow
    Talia Snow 3 days ago

    Once Bunny is ready, I really hope they get a cat.

  • Lia _F
    Lia _F 3 days ago

    If you kept the big treats, you now have Bunny to give them to.

  • Yuva Raj
    Yuva Raj 3 days ago

    Spoiled dogs

  • SilverWolfPlayz Roblox

    Kermit just got to tired from jumping and he had to let it out LOL
    Kermit: I can’t eat while wearing my favorite shirt! I might rip it when I eat!

  • The Husky Family Playz YT


  • Ashley Plourde
    Ashley Plourde 3 days ago

    These dogs are such horrible gremlins and o love them

  • Sullen Platypus
    Sullen Platypus 3 days ago

    Bully sticks, or springs, are bull genitals

  • Olivia Ales
    Olivia Ales 3 days ago +1

    cermit: toys
    marble: CaT tOwEr

  • Olivia Ales
    Olivia Ales 3 days ago

    6:55 nasty boi

  • HollyWoodSlackn1
    HollyWoodSlackn1 4 days ago

    What in the actual fuck? This is so fucking stupid. This two are idiots. How do any of you enjoy watching dumbass people vlog their life?? Dead. Dead dead dead. All of you. Fml.

  • Saul Contreras
    Saul Contreras 4 days ago +1

    Kermit really cares about his one tooth

  • Nadia Hayes
    Nadia Hayes 4 days ago

    I was thinking about how they have snacks that were too big for the Iggys.... but now they have Bunny 😭😭

  • gabby gonzalez
    gabby gonzalez 4 days ago


  • Baby unicorn lovers
    Baby unicorn lovers 4 days ago

    Kermimt is stupid af but i love him

  • just lard
    just lard 4 days ago

    I wanna know what lashes she's wearing-

    SYD_DA_ KID 4 days ago

    It’s 6:01 AM where I live and my laughter almost woke my parents up 😂😂😂

  • Lulu B
    Lulu B 5 days ago

    They are so freaking happy!

  • max
    max 5 days ago

    little did they know kermit got all those big treats for bunny he knew the future all along. the legend

  • Sloane Blackheart
    Sloane Blackheart 5 days ago

    Bunny could eventually wear the drinking buddy shirt!

  • ConfideNMusic
    ConfideNMusic 5 days ago

    My dog chews through everything and take a bit but longer than most, those sticks in the open boxes by checkout are really the jam. She loves the thick bone shaped one. Worth the price 100x over

  • ConfideNMusic
    ConfideNMusic 5 days ago +1

    Kermit was BORN to collect greenies. Its in his blood. Rats, chiken, and greenies.

  • ConfideNMusic
    ConfideNMusic 5 days ago +4

    Conspiracy theory : they picked giant bones bc they knew bunny was coming and wanted to make a nice impression on their new friend.

  • ConfideNMusic
    ConfideNMusic 5 days ago

    Well now bunny can wear the drinking buddy shirt

  • Greg Rhys Davies
    Greg Rhys Davies 5 days ago

    I Love yor viddz

  • Ryan Wagner
    Ryan Wagner 5 days ago

    Nastyboi at 10:58 has me crying almost as much as Nastyboi

  • Delilah Kreitz
    Delilah Kreitz 5 days ago

    Well they got enough treats for Bunny now!!!

  • Dekayla Pollard
    Dekayla Pollard 5 days ago

    so is nobody gonna mention how Kermit pissed everywhere

  • Orthodox
    Orthodox 5 days ago

    This is so retarded. Go to some homeless and give him that money. Hope world is gonna end soon....

  • Imadielizabeth
    Imadielizabeth 5 days ago

    This video is god

  • Imadielizabeth
    Imadielizabeth 5 days ago

    I fucking lost it when he was growling at nothing under the shelf

  • lexa7821
    lexa7821 5 days ago


  • lexa7821
    lexa7821 5 days ago


  • Teegan Little
    Teegan Little 6 days ago

    Do a part 2

  • Yagirl Isnotofficiallyanadultyet

    kErMiT gOt SpOoKeD

  • jack of all trades
    jack of all trades 6 days ago +2

    Well I guess it's good that you got a bunch of big dog treats now that you got a big dog

  • Cara Tia
    Cara Tia 6 days ago

    This is absolutely disgusting. Invest money on things that actually matter instead of overly spoiling useless things that don’t benefit society at all

  • ItsGayDaddyChey
    ItsGayDaddyChey 6 days ago +1

    I'm proud of Kermit for living his out hoarding gay goblin life.

    • Shiiba
      Shiiba 6 days ago


  • Jessica Krencicki
    Jessica Krencicki 6 days ago

    This is 100% the funniest video on this entire godforsaken platform. I cried. I CRIED. 😅😅

  • Glock G22
    Glock G22 7 days ago

    Jenna u look high

  • Alaris Ozuna
    Alaris Ozuna 7 days ago

    13:44 im dead 😂😂😂

  • Animal Slayer
    Animal Slayer 7 days ago

    You are a dumb bitch I bet you think you are" intitled "

  • Maja Kohut
    Maja Kohut 7 days ago

    Marbles will be sad he has no tower

  • alisha
    alisha 7 days ago +1

    kermit: i seahit
    i liek it
    i wahnt it
    i goht it

  • Bill /
    Bill / 8 days ago

    “My dogs spent hundreds of my dollars...”

  • Kenzie
    Kenzie 8 days ago

    Q: Describe cermet in a video that is less than two minutes
    A: 10:50-12:30

  • eimear mulligan
    eimear mulligan 8 days ago

    Love watching this video when I’m upset. Just makes me smile

  • 3Key
    3Key 8 days ago

    I'm going to save up and spoil my dogs like this ❤️

  • Brandi Petty
    Brandi Petty 8 days ago +4

    I work at petsmart and your dogs picked out a lot of good stuff 😄 I love your dog videos! ❤❤❤

  • Jules Garcia
    Jules Garcia 9 days ago

    Nasty boi pick a tiny dress, butt drops, a giant sausage, and a chain collar I wonder what hes doing tonight.

  • Camille Oestreich
    Camille Oestreich 9 days ago

    I'm in love with your channel!!! From Ocala,Florida

  • Rylea Thomond
    Rylea Thomond 9 days ago

    You can put the blue drinking buddy top on bunny when she is settled in your house more xx ly Jenna julien Marble peach Kermit and bunny 🐾

  • james dean
    james dean 9 days ago

    Those are some ugly dogs! Have sine kids & stop thinking dogs are human.

  • hunnybee
    hunnybee 9 days ago

    Omg now u have bunny to give those big treats too!

  • Nobody
    Nobody 9 days ago

    They bought all those big toys to prepare for bunny!

  • Samantha Rosenfield
    Samantha Rosenfield 9 days ago

    Marble looks like a jelly bean

  • Lissie Lamb
    Lissie Lamb 10 days ago

    Sorry I don't like pet smart, the ignorance on how they treat the reptiles is atrocious

  • Leah
    Leah 10 days ago

    Kermit is straight savage

  • Francesca Bates
    Francesca Bates 10 days ago

    13:00 its for putting tablets in and pushing them down your dogs neck, when they won`t eat it any other way.

  • Random . net
    Random . net 10 days ago

    I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard at a video in a while

  • Imani Vega
    Imani Vega 10 days ago +1

    Where’s ad? Am I the only one wondering where he is😂

    • FinnSword
      FinnSword 6 days ago

      He died earlier this year. Unfortunately hamsters tend to only live 2-3 years, and Ad was older than they first thought.

  • Kel ly
    Kel ly 10 days ago +1

    I've been in pet stores 10+ times when I've seen jerky dog owners see their dog pee and run. You're literally the first person I've watched clean up after your dog lol. It would cost me $5K if I did this with my golden retriever. She touches everything. I always buy anything she gets dog slobber on, because I think it's rude not to. She always grabs the tiny toy mice. Hence the reason I have a bag of cat toys at home but no cat. I'm going to donate them.

  • PsychoDragon
    PsychoDragon 10 days ago

    You missed your chance Jenna.....if you get a cat tower then you NEED a cat to go with it

  • Samuel Bush
    Samuel Bush 10 days ago

    kermit running with that giant sausage made my entire life

  • AJ Line
    AJ Line 10 days ago

    cat at 2:17 looks like my cat Cleo

  • bluethenewb
    bluethenewb 10 days ago

    their coat is so smooth wtf

  • Bҽɾɾყ• Mυƚƚ
    Bҽɾɾყ• Mυƚƚ 10 days ago

    *Kermit is the definition of: My mom just called a family member i haven’t seen since i was a baby and now i have to talk to them for 5 hours :)*

  • bluethenewb
    bluethenewb 10 days ago


  • bluethenewb
    bluethenewb 10 days ago

    marble being bullied for 22:23 minutes straight

  • Laura Pennish
    Laura Pennish 11 days ago

    Omg they keep cats like that, thats so sad

  • Cami_Cosmos
    Cami_Cosmos 11 days ago

    Now this is what happens when you over-water your cermit.

  • Dylan Cole
    Dylan Cole 11 days ago

    they are cat condos who calls them cat towers 😂

  • Maggie Johnson
    Maggie Johnson 11 days ago

    lmao Jenna looks like she’s cosplaying as Billie Eilish

  • Grant Moyes
    Grant Moyes 11 days ago

    Great xoxoox

  • Aniloj Aliesh Nasilarap

    I think Marbles is the selfless one among the siblings. :D

  • Monsta Munch
    Monsta Munch 12 days ago

    Kermit: 6:57

  • Jennifer Stone
    Jennifer Stone 12 days ago +1

    1like one prayer for my dog 🙏🏻

  • Jennifer Stone
    Jennifer Stone 12 days ago +1

    Marbel makes me think of my dog that passed away

  • Lydia
    Lydia 12 days ago

    If Kermit and Peach are iggies does that make Bunny a biggie?

  • Avery Elmore
    Avery Elmore 12 days ago +1

    Kermit should do asmr 😂

  • Carsen LaPierre
    Carsen LaPierre 13 days ago

    Now they gotta do this but with Bunny

  • UnluckyAmulet
    UnluckyAmulet 13 days ago

    Peach touched that chinchilla's cage and they didn't buy it! For shame!

  • Jazmine Ellis
    Jazmine Ellis 13 days ago

    "You deserve anything you want!"
    Julien- " *no you don't* "

  • Creamy Queen
    Creamy Queen 13 days ago

    Peach? Food driven
    Kermit? Crybaby
    Marble? Dead
    Bunny? Scared of screens.