Buying My Dogs Everything They Touch

  • Published on Feb 21, 2019
  • I believe this trend was started by Nicole Skyes, she's done several of these here's a link to her original video
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  • koluski
    koluski 6 hours ago

    I can’t believe Kermit peed in the store

  • Cains Daughter
    Cains Daughter 8 hours ago +1

    Is it normal in the US to sell cats in a pet store, also in those little containers? Poor things.

  • ThatGirlWolfie Gaming
    ThatGirlWolfie Gaming 10 hours ago +1

    10:59 sliding in the dms like

  • hellyounghell H.S
    hellyounghell H.S 10 hours ago

    Jenna looks so pretty in this vid

  • Stoopi.d
    Stoopi.d 10 hours ago

    When the sausage hits
    👁 👁

  • Zena Asura
    Zena Asura 10 hours ago

    Me from the future Bunny can have the bigger treats

  • Zena Asura
    Zena Asura 10 hours ago

    Kermit went shopping :DD

  • The Chinchilla Life
    The Chinchilla Life 12 hours ago

    Me and my sister have chinchillas so when I saw the 2 chinchillas in the video I was like, omg adorable ❤️🥰😍😆

  • folieayourmom
    folieayourmom 12 hours ago

    Kermit was just finally free to express his alcoholic, gay, bondage master, big sausage loving, butt stuff preferring side and who are you to shame him whatsoever??
    I'm calling the police.

  • xXRainbowKat99Xx
    xXRainbowKat99Xx 13 hours ago

    * “My name is Kermit and I like to eat feet, My name is Kermit and I like to have Da wees (Peeing) My name is Kermit, and sometimes I like to run into dimeeeeeeension. My name is Kermit, I need to cry some more! My name is Kermit I might dribble on da floor

  • Ella .S
    Ella .S 15 hours ago

    You are so funny and your dogs are so cute!!!

  • knspeter
    knspeter 15 hours ago

    My dog took a FREAKING BRANCH FROM THE PARK and refused to leave without it so we had to take it home it was a strong 4 feet long and weighed at least 8 pounds he could barely handle it

  • Nicholas Milovanovic
    Nicholas Milovanovic 15 hours ago

    cat tower

  • Trinity Rosales
    Trinity Rosales 16 hours ago +1

    Legit...who else thought Jenna looked like Billie eillish when she put the chains on

  • Transportation Conversation

    I wish I was your dog. I have a list

  • ConnorDoesVids
    ConnorDoesVids 18 hours ago

    Kermy is kinky

  • Angelica The Weeb
    Angelica The Weeb 21 hour ago

    Pause and look at Marbles face in the bottom right corner 0:53

  • Crystal Salazar
    Crystal Salazar 22 hours ago

    Kermit is absolutely feral in this video 🤣

  • Creative Wolf Pawz
    Creative Wolf Pawz 22 hours ago

    Kermit obviously loves food XD

  • Kathryn Blair
    Kathryn Blair 23 hours ago

    That white thing is for shoving pills down a cat or dogs throat, you put it in the one end and then you push the other end and it shoots it in

  • G a c h a c a n d y c a n e s

    3:35 - 3:52 they seem like parents telling their kids the values of not wasting and all that lol

  • Ava Shaikh
    Ava Shaikh Day ago

    Marbles tongue is so long XD

  • Kiki. liz05
    Kiki. liz05 Day ago

    "come get y'all shit" lmao makes me laugh every time😂😂😂

  • Almond city
    Almond city Day ago

    At least now with big dog bunny they can use all these treats

  • Diana Ddao
    Diana Ddao Day ago

    okay, marble is a cat

  • Selwyn Richardson

    jenna:don't you want something like what your brothers took?
    marble:No I WaNt A cAt ToWeR

  • Angel Interested

    @13:43 he looks kinda like a grandpa

  • rebecca elizabeth

    18:32 *marbles.exe stopped working*

  • Stephanie Lee
    Stephanie Lee Day ago

    Jenna: "Marbles Sit"
    Marbles: *Becomes a Dressage Horse*

  • Stephanie Lee
    Stephanie Lee Day ago

    You should do this again with just bunny

  • Adi Arbiv
    Adi Arbiv Day ago

    Jenna is the best dog mom

  • TheLittleRedMermaid

    This is the most lively I have ever seen Marbles

  • syd the squid
    syd the squid Day ago

    kermit: greedy hungry nasty gremlin boi.

  • Diana Mayorga Mesén

    Kermit looks like Snoop Dogg

  • Faith LINDNER
    Faith LINDNER Day ago

    Those greenies my dog loves them ig: @roxyandlulu2019

  • Elena Jacker
    Elena Jacker Day ago

    Ing good hes so. Nastyy

  • Samantha Bartolet
    Samantha Bartolet 2 days ago

    Jenna: What If one of you touches a cat?
    Marble: “cat, cat, no cats these are treats” *doesnt touch a thing, only thinking mom wants cat*
    “Mom I found a cat I can’t touch it, pick me up”
    Julien and Jenna: *ignores marbles*
    Marbles: “I pick cat tower for the new cat we get”

  • IndigoCheesecakeMaster

    What a waste of money

  • creambun101 AJ
    creambun101 AJ 2 days ago +2

    I lost it when you said *’butt medicine’* 😂😂😂

  • Julius Coleslaw
    Julius Coleslaw 2 days ago

    Marbles is frustrating 😐

  • Gloomgirl 13
    Gloomgirl 13 2 days ago +1

    The things u won't use donate them to charity

  • Tammiko 99
    Tammiko 99 2 days ago +1

    Marble is **literally** the only good chihuahua

  • Kayla Ham
    Kayla Ham 2 days ago +1


  • Daisy Flower
    Daisy Flower 2 days ago


  • D E
    D E 2 days ago

    That is NOT allowed in my country. Like a cat in a cage like that. Oh my God I got sick seeing that. We have no dogs and cats in pet stores and even if you have rabbits for sale they requiere a big ass cage where they can run.
    What the hell....

  • Tink Tink
    Tink Tink 3 days ago

    Kermit:takes the sausage
    Kermit’s dad: nasty boy
    R u thinking wrong ?

  • Viraj Moharir
    Viraj Moharir 3 days ago

    You guys need to do this with Bunny too!

  • Lilymarie 1
    Lilymarie 1 3 days ago +2

    Jkjk I love marbles😂

  • Drachflakes
    Drachflakes 3 days ago +1

    That giant hamster is a chinchilla 😁

  • It’s A waffle
    It’s A waffle 3 days ago +2

    *buying everything my dogs touch*
    But why didn’t you buy *the store floor*

  • Kiwi Mooney
    Kiwi Mooney 3 days ago

    Marble touched the big chew toy of a glass with an alcaholic beverage

  • Tino Ceja
    Tino Ceja 3 days ago

    4:04 kermit got scared 😂

  • Ruby Powers
    Ruby Powers 3 days ago

    This video made me so damn happy

  • Katherine Walker
    Katherine Walker 3 days ago

    I laughed so hard when he peeled the tag off the shelve 😂😂😂

  • Dorian Fedie
    Dorian Fedie 3 days ago +4

    You should do a dog ASMR
    Also I think marble was high and is a cat

  • Liam Sharp
    Liam Sharp 3 days ago


  • Christie Pitzer
    Christie Pitzer 4 days ago

    0fmhb.hb,vjhvjkgvhjfs=,jbclhh morning is an example to the most amazing woman

  • garbage memes Dove
    garbage memes Dove 4 days ago

    10:56 Jenna: Look it he has squeaks for arms- Kermit: *snatches*

  • garbage memes Dove
    garbage memes Dove 4 days ago

    *when the sausage hits*

  • garbage memes Dove
    garbage memes Dove 4 days ago

    *ooh fresh breath Kermit why don't u touch that*

  • Anime shot
    Anime shot 4 days ago

    How rich are u?!

  • Robloxia Girl
    Robloxia Girl 4 days ago +1

    There goes Jenna’s bank account

  • Knightley Beckham
    Knightley Beckham 4 days ago

    I have Eight Cats, and they Don’t want Anything but Food.

  • LRG 99
    LRG 99 4 days ago

    Love your vids

  • RainbowRarity
    RainbowRarity 4 days ago

    I hope they still have that drinking buddy shirt and put it on bunny one day. Like a leisure suit video.

  • 0 subs With 0 videos
    0 subs With 0 videos 4 days ago +2

    Imagine Kermit touched a black man

  • Dumb dumb Wants gum gum

    That tube thing that they didn’t know what it was it is a thing to shove dog pills down the dog if they don’t want to take it

  • Lîbbÿ Malone
    Lîbbÿ Malone 4 days ago +2

    I’ve been watching this all the time ever since it came out because TheXvid just demands me to watch it 24/7

  • isabelle bise
    isabelle bise 4 days ago

    Now they need to do this with bunny when she becomes fully acclimated to her new family and home

  • vinascious
    vinascious 4 days ago

    Jenna posting videos with her dogs and julien is the only thing keeping me coming back to this hell site 🤷‍♀️

  • Jessica Expresso
    Jessica Expresso 4 days ago

  • Christina Lafferty
    Christina Lafferty 4 days ago

    How are her videos getting so many dislikes? They're freaking masterpieces.

  • Dana Rene
    Dana Rene 4 days ago

    do this with Bunny😭

  • Quinn Cloninger
    Quinn Cloninger 5 days ago

    6:55 Roll the cinematics!😝😝

  • Quinn Cloninger
    Quinn Cloninger 5 days ago

    6:53 OMG!!!!

  • M_thatoneperson
    M_thatoneperson 5 days ago +12

    The dogs got a bunch of big dog stuff because they foresaw Bunny’s arrival

  • Minicorns
    Minicorns 5 days ago

    4:48 peach touched it

  • xd_ McChungus
    xd_ McChungus 5 days ago

    Marble no exist

  • Caeden DeBoer
    Caeden DeBoer 5 days ago +1

    Ok has anyone noticed how both dogs seemed afraid and nervous the entire video?

  • Isabel Shearer
    Isabel Shearer 5 days ago

    Clean up in aisle 6

  • Abigail Young
    Abigail Young 5 days ago +1

    10:59 I’m dying

  • imogen mattel
    imogen mattel 5 days ago

    the ultimate *dYsFuNCtiONaL sQUaD*

  • Real :-X
    Real :-X 5 days ago

    Julian casually takin the prise ettiqett or whatever ist called🙄😅 is so funny!!!😂🤣😂🤣 LMAO. "Priceless"😉😉😉😜😝😁😉

  • Beth Meyers
    Beth Meyers 5 days ago

    Cermet's not a bad boy! He had to go so he went.

  • Famingo Fan UwU
    Famingo Fan UwU 5 days ago +1

    Marble is the derpiest dog ever.

  • Geo CrusherGaming
    Geo CrusherGaming 5 days ago

    Marble is like me, quietly tagging along not being greedy

  • Sam Bell
    Sam Bell 5 days ago

    Love do it again but don't spend hundreds of your dollars doing so

    • Sam Bell
      Sam Bell 5 days ago

      Maybe only buy treats they pick out (with the exception of marble)

  • Just me
    Just me 5 days ago +1

    i wish my parents spoiled me like that =/

  • Becky Hetrick
    Becky Hetrick 5 days ago

    The syringe thing is a pill shooter. You put a pill in the end, put it in their mouth and down their throat, and push the plunger. It makes it easier to give them medicine.

  • Grace’s Beanies
    Grace’s Beanies 5 days ago +1

    I’m going to *KERMIT*

  • frenchgummy
    frenchgummy 5 days ago

    Please do this with bunny when she is ready.

  • Eleazar Mendez
    Eleazar Mendez 5 days ago +4


  • grace vitarelli
    grace vitarelli 5 days ago

    6:52 henna calls Kermit “caramel” instead of “Kermit”

  • Stitch Conybear
    Stitch Conybear 5 days ago

    Yeah sure Kermit might have pissed on the floor but still he not a bad boi he is good boi

  • angiicerv
    angiicerv 5 days ago

    I'm just noticing all the day stuff that Julien probably got for Jenna and im crying 😭❤️ they're so cute!!!

  • jack carroll
    jack carroll 5 days ago

    Marbles spirit animal is a cat

  • Kate S
    Kate S 5 days ago +8

    marbles DESERVED that cat tower. he could be the king of the tower

  • Sarah Laing
    Sarah Laing 5 days ago

    Omg the green treats reminds me of Irish spring!......... *poor Kermit*

  • Kassidy Walsh
    Kassidy Walsh 5 days ago +1

    Do this again with bunny!

  • Courtney Lee
    Courtney Lee 5 days ago

    Little did they know that the plastic tub of treats is for bunny