My first WEIGHT LOSS WORKOUT session

  • Published on Mar 9, 2019
    WDYM by Confz -

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  • N. G
    N. G 5 months ago

    Good job

  • Sinead Chaos
    Sinead Chaos 6 months ago

    Kon I don't believe you are Russian anymore because you asked to stop squatting. Clearly not a true gopnik xD

  • Glory
    Glory 7 months ago

    That hairline keeps making me look at it

  • iblamekristy
    iblamekristy 7 months ago

    Always love the vibes in your videos! Really enjoyed seeing your workout with Dida, and the fact you were learning at the same time. Can't wait for more 🙌🏼

  • GiftEm
    GiftEm 7 months ago

    That workout looked really damaging to the knees. Please have a doctor check out your knee to make sure you haven't done it any permanent damage with that workout. Take care.

  • syed farzaan
    syed farzaan 8 months ago

    red alert bts hurry up bro

  • Heffe
    Heffe 8 months ago

    incredible music vid. congrats mate!

  • brunoMARVz
    brunoMARVz 8 months ago

    Don't lose too much weight. You carry it well ;) Just lift weights and build some more muscle

  • Rashed Elamin
    Rashed Elamin 8 months ago


  • jamiebev1989
    jamiebev1989 8 months ago

    Dead channel

  • Reset
    Reset 8 months ago

    Why this man not have 1 million sub

  • Ginger Josh
    Ginger Josh 8 months ago +2

    He deserves more credit he does literally all of the sidemens videos and diss tracks

  • Macks
    Macks 8 months ago

    It was great meeting you in Newcastle the other day ❤️👍🏼

  • robert fenner
    robert fenner 8 months ago

    9:46 Fun fact also because for the break down of fat into energy requires the water (chemically)

  • EnglishMannInNewYork
    EnglishMannInNewYork 8 months ago

    Awesome man I was about to start then my 2nd hernia hit. Hopefully after fixing it I will be fully operational. At least I can do my Shotokan training. Thanks for sharing the plan Dida. Now the weather is good here in Greece will 100% try them outdoors once I'm good to go.

  • Draven Fajingler
    Draven Fajingler 8 months ago

    one more week Kon until very noticeable change

  • Jamie
    Jamie 8 months ago

    Kons just one of those guys who looks fat even though he isn’t really

  • Anand Kp
    Anand Kp 8 months ago +1

    Eager to watch red alert

  • fifaboy
    fifaboy 8 months ago

    Are u Ethan's brother

  • Tim JD
    Tim JD 8 months ago

    Can we see a diet video!

  • Patryk Kadlubowski
    Patryk Kadlubowski 8 months ago

    Amazing work, we want to see more fitness videos!!!

  • Kevin TH
    Kevin TH 8 months ago

    Can you put in the description howmany reps you do of each excercise per round? I’m interested

  • OHJA
    OHJA 8 months ago

    bezinga 2

  • David Barrett
    David Barrett 8 months ago

    Proud of you Kon x

  • Panda
    Panda 8 months ago

    I've always thought you were Ethan's brother haha

  • Tristan Hall
    Tristan Hall 8 months ago


  • GoblinSlayer Coala
    GoblinSlayer Coala 8 months ago

    proud of you

  • Sven Correia
    Sven Correia 8 months ago

    Lets go boy, you can do it!!

  • Neil Robson
    Neil Robson 8 months ago

    Where is this workout plan???

  • Jay Watson
    Jay Watson 8 months ago

    He doesn’t need to loose any weight he will look to skinny he should just try and lift Weights and get like muscle

  • Bruno Choromanski
    Bruno Choromanski 8 months ago

    Kon is gonna be a 'Buff Russian Boy@

  • Robbiewilk1
    Robbiewilk1 8 months ago

    Good luck bro be determaind

  • Manny0nTheMap
    Manny0nTheMap 8 months ago

    do it... i love these vidoes and ur editing is mint

  • Jamie Markham
    Jamie Markham 8 months ago

    Does jucie count as water??

  • HJ
    HJ 8 months ago

    eyy this is awesome! I had the same problem where I spent too long on my computer and eating shit food. 1 year ago i started losing weight and went from 64 to 53 kg. Then I grew in height by 15 cm and weighed 60 kg. Now i am 68 kg with 8 kg of muscle boii. Its awesome

  • 80sBigman
    80sBigman 8 months ago

    What s the outro song?

  • ZeOnlyMellem
    ZeOnlyMellem 8 months ago

    I drink like one glass of water a day.

  • bojmax
    bojmax 8 months ago

    You should make this a series, Kon!

  • Jasraj Singh
    Jasraj Singh 8 months ago +9

    When fans say he looks like bhez it's the truth now he's losing weight too

  • Jakob Sloth
    Jakob Sloth 8 months ago +10

    Make this a series mate
    It's really entertaining to watch
    Keep up the good work👌🏻

  • Lukas K
    Lukas K 8 months ago

    Amazing work Konn, real good start ;)

  • Supermiesmm supermiesmm

    Do weight training with True Geordie

  • khaled omran
    khaled omran 8 months ago +1

    Subbed just to see your progress throughout the year. Gl bro

  • Liam Dolecki
    Liam Dolecki 8 months ago +6

    Yes!!! Love it when youtubers do fitness transformations, good luck💪🏻

  • VersatilityGB
    VersatilityGB 8 months ago

    im probably too fat to do one leg squats xD

  • connorsmithy00
    connorsmithy00 8 months ago +3

    Kons setup is my actual wet dream 🤤🤤 so jealous

  • Charlie Samii Pour
    Charlie Samii Pour 8 months ago

    more More MORE

  • Emil
    Emil 8 months ago +2

    Go on Kon! Maybe you can post more of this kinda stuff on the gram?

  • Wake Pulse
    Wake Pulse 8 months ago

    Kons funny af

  • August Kallin
    August Kallin 8 months ago +2

    Really entertaining to see you exerice actually, keep up with the good work!

  • ghaffar majid
    ghaffar majid 8 months ago +2

    You have the foundation..just gotta keep on going and be confident :)

  • Erik Klepp
    Erik Klepp 8 months ago

    Kons doing dort nite dances at the one legged jumps

  • Ryan Chambers
    Ryan Chambers 8 months ago

    I'm so proud of you kon , keep going

  • Cole Does Everything
    Cole Does Everything 8 months ago +1

    Could you do more vids like this.

  • Grant Handley
    Grant Handley 9 months ago

    Loved this video man, would like too see more of these!

  • Ross Moran
    Ross Moran 9 months ago

    Should do weekly vlogs about progress

  • Shteex
    Shteex 9 months ago

    I also always drink sparkling water mixed with water cuz of fizz :D

  • JBaLy
    JBaLy 9 months ago

    EVERY LIKE on the video and on this comment lose 1kg of Kon's weight

    jk that would be too much

  • Sam Livera
    Sam Livera 9 months ago

    Since when were Kon's eyes so fucking blue

  • EdoVames
    EdoVames 9 months ago

    This got me motivated.
    On the road from 90 kg - 70 kg