Ali Express Random Items | Ashens

  • Published on Jun 16, 2019
  • Hey! It's a follow-on from the last video - now we can compare random items from Ali Express and Wish, and come to no useful conclusions whatsoever!
    Includes nonexistent stickers, weird light boxes, fishing tackle and Ravage from Transformers!
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  • SfantulPetru
    SfantulPetru 4 hours ago

    lol, i might be wrong but the item "experience" at min. 11:45 could be a RGB learning tool?:) :
    red, green and blue = RGB
    Different color order but same result , definitely not £13 worth 😁

  • zuk
    zuk 13 hours ago

    Im from Croatia :3

  • Logan Qnoln
    Logan Qnoln Day ago

    I gave up on Aliexpress. Sellers send the wrong things, cancel orders after making you wait weeks, and the "customer service" is crooked. Had to do a chargeback to get back stolen money. What a crap website!

  • Questionable
    Questionable Day ago

    5.15 I've seen that somewhere before :thonk:

  • anna ruyer
    anna ruyer 3 days ago

    van gogh sounds like van Gog

  • xD Kieran
    xD Kieran 4 days ago

    ten fucking swords stuck in their back !!xD

  • Executrix
    Executrix 4 days ago

    But if no one complains about not sending a 17p item and thousands of people order it? Sounds like easy money to me.

  • kassemir
    kassemir 5 days ago +2

    From the thumbnail.... how many thought that was a fidget spinner? :D

  • Axel Kennedy
    Axel Kennedy 6 days ago


  • Godly destroyer
    Godly destroyer 6 days ago

    Being aliExpress I am surprised that you didn't get a real human ear

  • Moises Cortez
    Moises Cortez 6 days ago

    Try gear best next

  • HeadToKeyboard
    HeadToKeyboard 7 days ago

    When youre canadian and you mix the two pronounciations, High-yunn-day 😂

  • L Haviland
    L Haviland 8 days ago

    OH MY GOD! That EXACT earwax remover showed up at my house addressed to the previous occupant...

    Who hadn't lived there in over two years.

  • ferociousgumby
    ferociousgumby 8 days ago

    They have great knockoffs if you don't care about the quality.

  • Jhoshua Ross
    Jhoshua Ross 8 days ago

    so you're sitting on the floor right? XD

  • Jack Kraken
    Jack Kraken 9 days ago

    Did Ashen's just invent a new type of prank?

  • expired meme
    expired meme 10 days ago +1

    Correct pronounciation is with a Dutch G, It sounds like someone deepthroating, Van Ghogh

  • Jeremy Krauss
    Jeremy Krauss 10 days ago

    I'm not aware of anybody around here who says Hyundai "Hunday"... Still a great video as always Stewart thank you!

  • ArriCAT5e
    ArriCAT5e 10 days ago

    You need to check out Buddhist jukeboxes

  • Brian M. B. Pedersen
    Brian M. B. Pedersen 10 days ago

    When the word "Girlfriend" came up, i honestly thought you would show something.... different....

  • ElfNet Designs
    ElfNet Designs 10 days ago

    Slowly you are turning your home into a flea market LOL

    SKITTLESRYUMM 11 days ago

    The first item is working ur just not at the restaurant! Lmao

  • Syamsul Addenno
    Syamsul Addenno 12 days ago

    I dont think that a fish bait

  • BIGhappyG33
    BIGhappyG33 12 days ago

    R O M A N C A R D

  • Ken Mabie
    Ken Mabie 12 days ago

    um whats with the face popping out of the screen at 12:19 when you say "green"

  • Ken Mabie
    Ken Mabie 12 days ago


  • Iphone
    Iphone 12 days ago

    I think that rocket is for something else

  • Kirk Scholes
    Kirk Scholes 12 days ago

    Anybody else see the weird bald person

  • Doc. FunkBlack
    Doc. FunkBlack 13 days ago

    Speaking of headphones, I got some cheap earphones for $0.30 (with a coupon) out of Aliexpress and I was impressed. They sound AMAZING. To make a comparison, they sounded better than my Sony MDREX450APH.CE7. Of course the build quality was cheaper but STILL.

  • joe.h
    joe.h 13 days ago

    with the first item, i like to imagine that a waiter/waitress in some area of china is heavily confused as their receiver is being consistently pinged by some unknown person

  • 齐天语
    齐天语 13 days ago

    lol I got a joom ad when watching

  • cookie -0161
    cookie -0161 13 days ago

    What a prick!!!

  • duane spangenberg
    duane spangenberg 13 days ago

    Your videos is shit bro

  • Ceece Roles
    Ceece Roles 13 days ago

    Best unboxing video I've watched

  • eins2001
    eins2001 13 days ago

    Who the nads is the random bald guy?

  • d0qtrx
    d0qtrx 14 days ago

    The Decepticon USB stick was almost cool if not for its size and slowness.

  • Dado
    Dado 14 days ago

    Let's go Croatia

  • Aaron D
    Aaron D 15 days ago

    I don't understand, why are you buying random garbage?

  • bobby jones
    bobby jones 15 days ago

    Wish actually gets their products from Ali.

  • PistonBully
    PistonBully 15 days ago

    I cometely forgot about you... I used to watch your videos from like 2013-2017 or so, until i made a new Accout on here, just discovered you again in the TheXvid Recomendations. And what a Coincidence, i have a little bit of a Problem with Earwax. Won't try that stuf out thoug.

  • Nataniel
    Nataniel 15 days ago

    As a platimum-level AliExpress buyer, it's actually the pace where you can buy a lot of shit. I got my phone there, a car DVR for mom, a couple of WR50 watches (both survived submersion into a hot bathtub for a couple of hours with pressing buttons and rotating the bezel and actual swimming in the sea), a couple of Mark Ryden backpacks, a small mountain of Honeywell laser lite earplugs, quite a few pairs of KZ Chi-Fi earphones, a Xiaomi Wiha screwdriver set, Turbine T4S BT over-the-ear headphones, a couple of Kangertech vapes, a bunch of jewelry for my Mom, small heap of cufflinks for dad and myself, an anime figurine of Ayanami Rei in a white one-piece swimsuit, meme/anime velcro patches for my backpack, a nice Mijia pen and spare refills, black plastic playing cards, tungsten and titanium rings, incense cones, external car lights, a headphone stand, huge mouse/keyboard pad, money clips, a couple of glasses, showerheads, geta socks, a gazillion of phone cases, some chrome bling for cars, and a lot of other crap what would cost a lot more locally.

  • xGqki
    xGqki 15 days ago

    Are you mumbo jumbo

  • Carlos Don
    Carlos Don 15 days ago

    I have a Hyundai Accent 2003 and a couple weeks ago i wanted to buy one door handl from aliexpress, and thx God i dont do it

  • DFN
    DFN 15 days ago

    Those usb sticks are actually always less than 2gb what ever size they might be showing on your pc.

  • Pointy 1986
    Pointy 1986 15 days ago

    Tatmonger love it

  • charlie cross
    charlie cross 16 days ago

    These items will be very valuable come the apocalypse

  • Snappy Snapfire
    Snappy Snapfire 16 days ago

    i kind of like that red green blue box thing!

  • mothcub
    mothcub 16 days ago

    thanks for teaching me about fun cock

  • tornagawn
    tornagawn 16 days ago

    I have bought one item from Ali Express, refurbished iPhone 6 64 GB, for $280 NZ.

  • S_LQW
    S_LQW 16 days ago

    4:40 OHHH nudity that will get me demonetized then you have like 2 ads

  • Wally & Tony !!!
    Wally & Tony !!! 18 days ago +1

    You said nobody would get excited with the ear cleaner......well I was. So much so I went and bought my own. My dam ears produce wax more than bees.

  • James Mitchell
    James Mitchell 19 days ago

    12:19 who the fuck was that?

  • randy palla
    randy palla 21 day ago +1

    Ashens do a ultimate warrior comic book review

  • The Maverick Mind
    The Maverick Mind 22 days ago

    Actually in the US it's pronounced "Hun-Die" not "Hun-Day"

    PRGAMING 23 days ago

    All that stuff looks like hot garbage

  • bleh
    bleh 23 days ago

    Aliexpress is just general goods

  • Jonathan Green
    Jonathan Green 23 days ago +1

    I'm pretty sure that I definitely want that usb transformer

  • Jason Frizell
    Jason Frizell 24 days ago

    Do them tarot cards in a pattern of nine cards one side is masculine and the other afeminine.

  • Indrajit Dey
    Indrajit Dey 25 days ago

    He has 1.3 mil subs, and makes video on a beaten up sofa. Goes to show what content is. Lol. 😅😂
    Got yourself a new sub. 😂

  • Lily de Jong
    Lily de Jong 26 days ago

    Hey, thank you for trying to pronounce van Gogh correctly. At least you know that the van "Go" jokes don't make any sense, and I very much appreciate that.

  • inhumꬰne.
    inhumꬰne. 27 days ago

    Holy shit never watched you since that iphone 4 video

  • Alan Rizkallah
    Alan Rizkallah 27 days ago

    In my head I phrased experience as, "What kind of experience can £14 buy me?" And the answer is a gadget that 5 year old me would have probably fiddled with for hours on end to occupy my ADD.

  • Gelynn
    Gelynn 27 days ago

    4:49 - I just need an entire video where Ashens gives his interpretation of each taro card.

  • Andrew Mallee
    Andrew Mallee 28 days ago

    These videos are really boring! Order stuff that is interesting instead of a necklace and other crap.

  • gregthehitman12
    gregthehitman12 28 days ago

    OMG! I'm buying 100 of those buzzer and anytime I go to a restaurant I'm leaving one behind! I'm gonna piss of so many people :D

  • Bennett Fowler
    Bennett Fowler 28 days ago

    4:39 STA PLATNUM!

  • Casey Mauldin
    Casey Mauldin 29 days ago

    I love these videos. Thanks Ashens!

  • Cleatus Buga
    Cleatus Buga 29 days ago +1

    aliexpress is awesome, way better than ebay..

  • The Un-Known Musician
    The Un-Known Musician 29 days ago

    Same intro 4 8 years lol

  • CrudelyDrawnKingDedede

    For the love of God and all that is holy, do NOT stick that thing in your ear!

  • Kenneth Rodgerson of Botswana

    I’ve shit my pants for the last time watching these vh’eses im phoning the police on you ashens guy

  • downthegardenpath
    downthegardenpath Month ago

    That USB stick is 8x slower than you think it is. Data transfer is measured in megabits not megabytes.

  • st1y666
    st1y666 Month ago

    Looks more like a gobot than transformer🤣

  • River churnet
    River churnet Month ago

    Can i sexually assault you i can come to Norwich if you fancy an arse banging

  • CabGaming2025 __
    CabGaming2025 __ Month ago

    I need that Hyundai Accent door handle 😂

  • RealisticHuman
    RealisticHuman Month ago

    Where I’m from, we actually say Hun-Die

  • GRE_Guy
    GRE_Guy Month ago


  • Bart
    Bart Month ago

    10:35 Vincent fun Cock?

  • Ratman Jeff
    Ratman Jeff Month ago

    That RGB light thing actually looks kinda cool, and for so cheap too

  • I don’t know
    I don’t know Month ago

    TheXvid unsubscribed me from you for years! I feel so cheated. It’s good to be back on your channel.

  • pauly459
    pauly459 Month ago

    I haven’t seen ashens videos in about 5 years, he has the same couch?!

  • ShitFilledHand
    ShitFilledHand Month ago

    Not what u thought you were going to get for girlfriend

  • RIXRADvidz
    RIXRADvidz Month ago

    Best Out-tro Music Ever!!

  • RIXRADvidz
    RIXRADvidz Month ago

    in our heart of hearts you know we should all be spending our money in PoundLand (DollarTree) for crap tat , instant gratification vs waiting 2 to 3 days prime delivery.

  • Sarah Glover
    Sarah Glover Month ago

    If you did it in incognito mode, isn't it supposed to do it without being skewed?

    AOTONOB Month ago

    7:09 Another great actor destroyed by drugs.

  • Prototype Playz
    Prototype Playz Month ago

    They were selling a swastica fidget spinner on Ali Express

  • SuperNovaThomas
    SuperNovaThomas Month ago

    The card with the dude with the swords in is back is on the back of Prongs Ruining Lives album. Knew it looked familiar.

    • Waiting On Elvis
      Waiting On Elvis 29 days ago

      Its deception,betrayal and life being a real bitch basically.

  • The Fake News Frog🐸

    “Big Black Plastic Rocket” - Also known as a spod.

  • Stud!o53
    Stud!o53 Month ago

    Unbeliviable youre Still Making Videos. Love you

  • Thomas Diehl
    Thomas Diehl Month ago +1

    Little known fact: The Hyundai Accent was originally designed to be sold as a magazine subscription. You would get the complete car after seven years and two months of weekly editions.

  • Forje
    Forje Month ago +2

    *First time on this channel, what a.....*

    *great professional background, is it chroma key?*

  • tone167
    tone167 Month ago +1

    The other difference between Wish and AliExpress is that AliExpress doesn't spam TheXvid with obnoxious ads. Wish can stick their cheap tat up their arse.

  • TheSwiftFalcon
    TheSwiftFalcon Month ago

    So basically, for 13 pounds, you get a single pixel TV.

  • 0000
    0000 Month ago

    Don't support the Chinese economy

  • Claudio Diaz
    Claudio Diaz Month ago

    Internet's second most famous couch.

  • video watcher
    video watcher Month ago

    the american pronunciation of hyundai is correct

    it's an old form of korean romanization, so the spelling is weird

    in korea they also pronounce it hun-dae

    • Kimmy
      Kimmy 29 days ago

      video watcher not true it’s 현대

  • Steven W. Hunt
    Steven W. Hunt Month ago +2

    "Wait! Wait."

  • hk4124
    hk4124 Month ago

    How can the make things so cheap and ship them?
    Next to 0 labor costs
    Next to 0 cost for materials
    Wait to ship them until you have a few thousand items going out.

  • meme supreme
    meme supreme Month ago

    A spot mini flash drive would be cool