Dark Mode vs. Light Mode Battery Test

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • Battery test comparing Dark Mode and Light Mode to see how much battery life you can save using Dark Mode on your phone.
    CONTEST OVER: Congrats to @tsaunders for winning!
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    We conducted this test using iPhone XS Max running on iOS 13, but the results should relatively similar on other phones using OLED displays with Dark Mode enabled.
    - iPhone 11 Pro / Max
    - iPhone XS / Max
    - iPhone X
    - Galaxy S10 / Note 10
    - Pixel 3 / 4
    - OnePlus 7 / 7T
    - Huawei P30 / Mate 20
    - iPhone 11
    - iPhone XR
    - iPhone 8 / Plus
    - iPhone 7 / Plus
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    Dark Mode vs. Light Mode Battery Test
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Comments • 3 223

  • Dan Ortiz
    Dan Ortiz 3 hours ago

    Ehrm, andrid 10? OnePlus 3 had dark mode, and that was Android 6. What are you talking about?

  • Alucard
    Alucard 4 hours ago

    Typical apple battery

  • fivezeroniner
    fivezeroniner 3 days ago

    hello darkness my old friend.

  • Ahsan Khan
    Ahsan Khan 3 days ago

    Vivo has best dark mood

  • syawalzptra
    syawalzptra 3 days ago

    How about Android?

  • Manu C
    Manu C 4 days ago

    You should make a test with low power mode on-off to see the difference!

  • Jose Alexander
    Jose Alexander 4 days ago

    Dark mode is the default mode now

  • not your business
    not your business 5 days ago +1

    am i the only person that hates dark mode?

  • Tech and Other
    Tech and Other 6 days ago

    Check dark mode vs light mode on LCD iPhone 11

  • Disorder82
    Disorder82 7 days ago

    even if it's not because of the battery life, i still would use darkmode because it looks and feels abso-fucking-lute better than lightmode

  • Alexandros El
    Alexandros El 7 days ago

    I try many times dark mode but returning to light mode as it is more easy for my eyes.

  • BO55_HAMZAH _
    BO55_HAMZAH _ 7 days ago

    I’m happy I chose dark mode for my phone lol

  • Sneek AK
    Sneek AK 7 days ago

    Does it work on amoled?


    Hape kentang gk bs dark mode.
    Cepaaat ganti hape sana 😂😂

  • TheHypedDude
    TheHypedDude 8 days ago +2

    Dark mode:No Moths
    Light mode: *THE CRUSADE OF THE MOTHS*

  • Google Assistant
    Google Assistant 8 days ago

    When you removed the sim cards from both phone? 🤔🤔🤔

  • irfan alamin
    irfan alamin 10 days ago

    I like ios operating system and I like dark mode because it can save battery

  • John David Viray
    John David Viray 10 days ago

    Me while watching this video enable darkmode ✅

  • Silver bullet Pro
    Silver bullet Pro 10 days ago

    Okay give me a second to turn off light mode..
    There we go, thanks

  • Mr. Fake Hacker
    Mr. Fake Hacker 11 days ago

    *sponsored by Duracell batteries*

  • Gowthum Alla
    Gowthum Alla 12 days ago

    Bro do this test for iPhone 11 also

  • Viktorster CZ
    Viktorster CZ 13 days ago

    0:55 Little ASMR

    Sorry for my bad english

  • Aymaan Memon
    Aymaan Memon 13 days ago

    I need 11 pro max even tho never owned one before😂
    P.s: never won any giveaway😂

  • Alex andru
    Alex andru 14 days ago

    For me personally darkmode is life, even my samsung j5 2017 can get 6 hours of time on screen with it :)

  • krishna kumar
    krishna kumar 14 days ago

    I need a mobile give me a give away

  • rTechPlayz
    rTechPlayz 15 days ago

    Reminder Dark Mode will only save battery on the 11 Pro and 11 Pro.Max! The regular 11 has an LCD screen and black pixels are still on!

  • talking super platscraft __

    Thx for leting me know

  • claus hero
    claus hero 17 days ago

    Why u tested it on apple products? IPhones are shit 😂

  • world issues
    world issues 17 days ago

    I'm watching this with dark mode enabled on TheXvid

  • Razak Khan
    Razak Khan 17 days ago

    App dark mode drein bettery

  • Rubens D.
    Rubens D. 18 days ago

    Apple is such a peace of shit.
    And Im writing this from my Apple product

  • Vicky Wilson
    Vicky Wilson 18 days ago +1

    Bro can you bring similar test for IPS LCD Panel smartphones.

  • Grand Slam
    Grand Slam 18 days ago

    Omg dark mode is a must on phones not just for battery but I deliver for a living and running maps at night the light is super bright it bothers my driving dark mode is so much better

  • Operation Gizmo
    Operation Gizmo 19 days ago

    You should do one on battery saver mode vs non battery saver mode

  • Boom Jonggol
    Boom Jonggol 19 days ago

    Does it work on LCD phones?

    TOKSICK SEA 19 days ago


  • Mystery Man
    Mystery Man 19 days ago +2

    Long answer: yes dark mode help battery life.
    Short answer: yes dark better.

  • Zuraa Art
    Zuraa Art 19 days ago

    Do this on ips screen please

  • Tanith Quintanilla
    Tanith Quintanilla 20 days ago

    Great video! I switched my phone to dark mode because of this video.

  • woah
    woah 20 days ago

    Dark mode is just depressing

  • Tahoe Jones
    Tahoe Jones 21 day ago

    Flashlight on high beam,
    compared to low beam.
    Not rocket science.

  • Alperen Eker
    Alperen Eker 22 days ago

    WhatsApp dislike

  • Speed speed
    Speed speed 23 days ago +1

    White mode is the best


    I use dark mode on youtube
    light mode on reddit/switches to dark mode after midnight.
    And on my Samsung I have a setting which switches to dark mode after around 10 PM.
    It's pretty nice because I think reddit looks better in light mode but I don't want so much light in my eyes at 12 AM

  • Blood Thirst Gameplay
    Blood Thirst Gameplay 23 days ago

    Wow Nice omg ❤️💥🔥

  • ASMR. Queen
    ASMR. Queen 24 days ago +1

    Me: (seeing this video) Why my charge is really low? I have dark mode
    Me: yep. ı HaVe IpHoNe 6S :,(

  • dahackerYT
    dahackerYT 24 days ago +1

    God bless dark mode!

  • Arazz Bsp
    Arazz Bsp 25 days ago

    Halo guys, David disini.. 😅

  • Boimangoi
    Boimangoi 25 days ago

    My picture of Donald Trump turned into Obama when I put on dark mode bro NOT COOL DUDE

  • Albertus Afriel
    Albertus Afriel 26 days ago

    So ,iPhone 11 has only 2 hours Screen time?

  • Angel Esparza
    Angel Esparza 26 days ago

    This is why I use dark mode....

  • Jackie Carrera
    Jackie Carrera 26 days ago

    For the people waiting what’s better it’s dark mode thank me later😁

  • Vishnu Kalluri
    Vishnu Kalluri 26 days ago +1

    You're telling me dark mode looks better and saves battery?

  • Matas Jankus
    Matas Jankus 26 days ago

    we all know dark mode is better

  • TheSavageTyrant
    TheSavageTyrant 26 days ago

    Fuck battery black looks cool and also feels nice to eyes 👀

  • samyak shah
    samyak shah 26 days ago

    Needless to say,
    I keep her in check
    She was all bad-bad, nevertheless

    • Justin Rodriguez
      Justin Rodriguez 7 days ago +1

      samyak shah callin it quits now Bebe I’m a wreck


    Good Information.

  • Jesen
    Jesen 27 days ago


  • aestice
    aestice 27 days ago

    maps darkmode is bullshit, only works when navigating

  • Laureenphotop
    Laureenphotop 27 days ago

    Could be interesting to do this on different phones. Not only on iphones as always..