The Most DISGUSTING FOOD EVER on Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Jul 25, 2018
  • Part one.
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  • Christian
    Christian 8 hours ago

    I actually got a “Gordon Ramsay” Ad before the video

  • Rosy kumar
    Rosy kumar 8 hours ago

    The sad part is that all of that food being served to Gordon/other customers are prolly going in the bin due to bad taste or low quality. So much wastage 😣🙄

  • Cryptozite
    Cryptozite 9 hours ago +1

    You should try my best dish it’s called salt

  • Nicolas Poriau
    Nicolas Poriau 9 hours ago

    Risto: Favorita del nonna
    Italiani: *che cazzata congruenza è questa*

  • Lukinjo
    Lukinjo 12 hours ago +1

    1:08 sounds like the pillagers from minecraft

  • John Sweeney
    John Sweeney 13 hours ago +1

    It’s 14 years old. 😂😭

  • orX a
    orX a 14 hours ago +1

    For all who thinks that they are smart...Scotland is one of the four countries that make up the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Island). Great Britain (the largest Island in the British Isles) includes mainland Scotland, Wales and England, even if Scotland were to vote for independence from the UK they'd still be British geographically/culturally. Gordon Ramsay has lived in England for many years and doesn't have a Scottish accent, he's just as British as someone from London or Wales. ( copy paste from other people in the comment section)

  • Clips King
    Clips King 16 hours ago

    I didnt use to like mr ramsey. But i dunno what it is i love to watch him now. I like how he demonstrates how food should be cooked.

  • deeksha prabha
    deeksha prabha 17 hours ago

    canned food is the problem

  • I'm behind you ;-;
    I'm behind you ;-; 17 hours ago +1

    Me: that doesn't look too bad actually
    Gordon: disgusting
    Me: disgusting

  • Katheryn
    Katheryn 23 hours ago

    3:02 "Ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli"

  • Elijah Boquila
    Elijah Boquila Day ago

    *Ramsay coughs*
    *Me feeling my heart beat that intense*

  • david yalcin
    david yalcin Day ago

    Denial leads to continuous failure, they need to understand that.
    Gordon’s words should be wake up call for them but they don’t and won’t get it.

  • Jérôme Lévesque-Boucher

    10:00 I cannot help but feel bad for the two sisters. They're actually pretty chill and funny, especially Rita.

  • spooder men
    spooder men Day ago

    Gordon: gets pizza
    Also Gordon: pulls out fork and knife

  • Society Unplugged

    First one is still one of the best episodes knowing how the bothers have turned things around and stayed open till their retirement (a few months ago).

  • anilokin
    anilokin Day ago

    Love the sound effects 😂

  • 0x777
    0x777 Day ago

    I really wonder if he was ever served something that he was satisfied with.

  • Debby the Queen molyb


  • Tiziano Grimm
    Tiziano Grimm Day ago

    favorito dell nonna is not even gramatically right, and i‘m italian

  • Tiziano Grimm
    Tiziano Grimm Day ago

    poor ravioli guy

  • Tiziano Grimm
    Tiziano Grimm Day ago

    0:53 the moment even the cameraman cant hold his laugh

  • bobinal Mekera
    bobinal Mekera Day ago

    nothing is true in this program everything is false and prepared the only admissible thing is that the kitchen must be abject and a real basic cook can improve it it is well decorated as a dish but the taste must be odious! yuck!

  • Тенджера

    Modern Ramsay 9:41

  • Kim
    Kim Day ago

    This is actually the most shocking one I've seen. I am in AWE. I've never seen less fucks been given. Why did he even try with this one. They have no hope at all. Just sell the building and get a normal job. Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooly mother of God. I have to see this episode.

    this is insanity. I would've felt bad if atleast one of the people there even cared the slightest.

  • Kim
    Kim Day ago

    I mean, I'd eat it. But the fact that they had the balls to severe it to Gordon is INSANE. Just absolutely absurd.
    He's an actual chef and they have no shame saying, yeah it's store bought frozen meat balls.
    There's no use for him to even be mad. They have no shame. Absolutely no shame at all.

  • Meme B0y
    Meme B0y Day ago

    1:10 the guy just licked his fucking finger. OMG and these people call themselves cooks after that? Cocks at best...

  • Bahamut Zero
    Bahamut Zero Day ago

    The colossal titan uh I mean the colossal pizza

  • paul bismuth
    paul bismuth Day ago

    dreadful, ghastly, bland, mush

  • Beni Wijaya
    Beni Wijaya Day ago

    Those twin made me feel sad

  • Niels Erik H Christensen

    A joke "Hell is a place with italien cardrivers, German police men and english chefs.

  • Byeee Felicia
    Byeee Felicia Day ago

    If I had a pound (dollar) for every time one of the owners/chefs of any restaurant said “He’s British...” I’d be rich no joke 🤣

  • Fina Fina
    Fina Fina Day ago

    Was like he just shat on that pizza,wtf

  • Ethan Nankivell
    Ethan Nankivell Day ago


  • xxXTheBlueOneXxx

    old man at the back of the girl same laugh at the same time 7:36

  • xxXTheBlueOneXxx

    He's a professional

  • SMILE MoQii
    SMILE MoQii Day ago

    What a sweet old women I thought she was gonna cry for some reason I felt bad lol

  • mizayuki
    mizayuki Day ago

    God can someone please tell me what episode that last woman is from? I wanna see how much Ramsey destroys her.

  • sylvestre gagnon

    Im not that frozen it such a big deal. At least not always. Most fast food joint serve frozen food and it not necessarly taste bad.

  • Maurício Machado
    Maurício Machado 2 days ago

    The chef from 3:00 on has a shadow in his eyes. You can see the alcoholism and the complete giving up on life. A life thrown in the bin. His food is but an image, or extension of what he made out of his very existence.

  • Xyno on 60fps
    Xyno on 60fps 2 days ago +2

    Not even a single person:
    Gordon: *eats pizza with a fork*

  • Helden Vom Bau
    Helden Vom Bau 2 days ago

    The Pizza looks great

  • Super Ted
    Super Ted 2 days ago

    Holy shit 😦
    Where was that first place at?
    I never want to go there to eat
    And wtf is with the guy at 9:09 putting his hand around the woman’s neck??

  • Jack T
    Jack T 2 days ago +1

    They’re was absolutely nothing wrong with that mahi. Flaked away well. Think Gordon talks shit sometimes just to over exaggerate

  • ayu fajrinawanty
    ayu fajrinawanty 2 days ago

    Gordon was right when he said those food are nasty. He doesn't care about how fancy that food but he extremely care about quality.

  • EastEnders 4K
    EastEnders 4K 2 days ago

    8:03 How can a waitress so professional and so good be working in such a bad service, This woman deserves to be in a professional top quality serving restaurant

  • ashley williams
    ashley williams 2 days ago

    fresh, frozen out of the can... lol

  • andrea s.
    andrea s. 2 days ago

    iʼm in an unending loop of kitchen nightmares clips

  • Darko Radovanovski
    Darko Radovanovski 2 days ago +1

    Baby Gordon: *drinks milk*
    Mum: Ah,soo cute!
    Baby Gordon:
    Mum: Ah,he is gonna say his first word.
    BabyGordon: *BLAND*

  • chavezb bridgen
    chavezb bridgen 2 days ago

    there's more tentacles then a Japanese animation

  • Y A M I K O
    Y A M I K O 3 days ago

    5:25 Does this guy really think he can say that a chief isn't right ?

  • Khan Clarito
    Khan Clarito 3 days ago

    Philippine restaurant is the besst

  • TeunH 2406
    TeunH 2406 3 days ago



    am i the only who thinks some of that stuff looked decent

  • ツZeRo
    ツZeRo 3 days ago

    When he burped I smelt that

  • Fᴇᴜᴇʀʙʟᴜᴛ [RAGEMODE]

    Hahahaha that fat little twat at the end LOL what did she expect? That Gordon orders 12 dishes and EAT them all or forces the camera team to eat it so she doesn't have to throw food in the trash bin? LOL

  • Giuliano Di Santo
    Giuliano Di Santo 3 days ago

    Sono italiano, quando ho visto quei ravioli al formaggio il mio fegato mi ha invitato a giocare a mosca cieca in autostrada

  • Aaron Dewan
    Aaron Dewan 3 days ago +1

    9:15 watching the bum jiggle ahahahah

  • T0X TWST
    T0X TWST 3 days ago

    I feel sorry for the waiters