The Most DISGUSTING FOOD EVER on Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Jul 25, 2018
  • Part one.
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  • goodbadbill
    goodbadbill 2 hours ago

    Who the hell is that Susan @ 8:09?

  • Dr D
    Dr D 9 hours ago

    Fan: *comes over* “can I get your...”
    Gordon: get the fuck outta here! I’m filming a fucking programme! Piss off, if you were food, then I’d send u back. Fucking scrounger”!

  • buttplugs and mastadons 1988

    How did he pull the blonde

  • Sugar Baby
    Sugar Baby 13 hours ago

    Oh that fish was special alright lol

  • ILoveMySupraa
    ILoveMySupraa 15 hours ago +1

    I'm Surprised
    I'm Shocked

  • ILoveMySupraa
    ILoveMySupraa 15 hours ago +1

    3:38 - 3:42 it doesnt taste like cheese, CHEESUS

    XxBLACK MAMBAxX 17 hours ago

    Dumb and Dumber can't cook hahahaha or B1&B2

  • Ashly Sherief
    Ashly Sherief 18 hours ago

    Fresh frozen

    *Out of the can*

  • gdjicaDelRey
    gdjicaDelRey 18 hours ago


  • Lemon Boiiz 2
    Lemon Boiiz 2 21 hour ago


  • Lily Clarke
    Lily Clarke Day ago +1

    lmao listen to the outro

  • Cronos090693
    Cronos090693 Day ago

    i need a Gordon Ramsay soundboard at my disposal at all times with an insult for every occassion.

    * That, is ghastly
    * It's raw!
    * Do you have a dog? Don't feed him this!
    * What a pile of sh*te
    * f*ck me
    * It tastes as horrible as it looks
    * Jesus Christ, that's dreadful

  • City Point
    City Point Day ago

    Is he trying to make a filet of a Schnitzel by hammering it apart!? Gosh, please go on, avenge Nagasaki now. :P "i dont know" in a kitchen? is like shooting hail into a fully packed restaurant. How irresponsible to safety ánd that judicial dog-eat-dog situation there. Well no need to sterilize them, their food 'll do that.

  • City Point
    City Point Day ago

    Seeing that sandwich...makes me think: The Germans shouldve won the war....look how degenerated. Hope Nasa is better with rockets... lol glad that's a joint venture.

  • Kevin Schwarz
    Kevin Schwarz Day ago

    Me: ,,the dish doesnt look that bad"
    Ramsay: ,,Its disgusting"

  • Report Rich2u
    Report Rich2u Day ago

    The last one should just close down. Suppose to help you? by how? saying your food is good even if it taste horrible?
    The waitress should get a new job.

    EXCOTO Day ago

    “Chef Ramsay.... I’m surprised nobody has broke his legs yet”

  • Potato Army
    Potato Army Day ago


  • Mollie Smith
    Mollie Smith Day ago

    If I made that chicken and pasta thing my house my family would disown me

  • Diamonds Are Forever

    Is from Greece...
    Struggles to remember where from Greece he's from
    Honesty I doubt he has ever been to Greece


    How to make the best prawn curry!

  • Pen' em
    Pen' em 2 days ago

    Saw him splitting the bread by hands
    I almost puked

  • Brian Chueng
    Brian Chueng 2 days ago

    Thats blendddd

  • Shae Murray
    Shae Murray 2 days ago

    The customer at 9:16 looking to see what Gordans eating. Good call. Rather Ramsey then him.

  • Elyne Hanie Gueriña

    "its fresh frozen" HAHAHAHA

  • Polly Roko
    Polly Roko 2 days ago

    Gordon: is that fresh?
    Woman: Ummh

    PALANG NAR 2 days ago

    As like most of them, shity kitchen.How people eat anything garbage,and keep coming back.

  • Mia W.
    Mia W. 2 days ago

    ,,please a Little smile,,
    ,,please eat it,,
    ,,he shook his head,,
    ,,FUCK MY LIFE,,,

  • Eph-Jay Music
    Eph-Jay Music 2 days ago

    15:21 🤣

  • Leah Kelly
    Leah Kelly 2 days ago

    9:32. THAT IS NOT TERYIAKI SAUCE. I’m Greek and I know

  • Pietro Tamani
    Pietro Tamani 2 days ago

    Ma perchè la maggior parte sono ristoranti che cercano di copiare il cibo italiano fallendo miseramente?

  • Gameing Corner
    Gameing Corner 2 days ago

    I watch this cuz I like seeing the other chefs get angry af

  • Ravi Sharma
    Ravi Sharma 2 days ago

    Damn people call this food!! Deplorable

  • peppa is smexy
    peppa is smexy 3 days ago +33

    Normal people at 2am: sleeping
    Me at 2am: *watches gordon ramsey’s horror kitchen*

  • Jack Bennett
    Jack Bennett 3 days ago

    The chefs remind me of the little nightmares chef guys

  • Klaudia Ślepowrońska
    Klaudia Ślepowrońska 3 days ago +1

    The waitress looks at the greek chef like: do I really have to tell Gordon all that shit?

  • Klaudia Ślepowrońska
    Klaudia Ślepowrońska 3 days ago +1

    Me next time in the restaurant: *sees small flaws in the dish*
    Pls can you tell the chef these words? MUSHY DREADFUL DISGUSTING. thank you darling

    • Diamonds Are Forever
      Diamonds Are Forever Day ago


  • dark souls
    dark souls 3 days ago +1

    Wife cooks for Ramsey:
    Gosh it tastes like shit it’s a tragedy!

  • Tommy Hunter
    Tommy Hunter 3 days ago

    Normally I don’t feel sorry for the chefs but I do feel sorry for these ones

  • dizzefux
    dizzefux 3 days ago

    That last woman is a nasty fat ignorant hore that still acts like a fucking child, taking everything to heart because she is so unstable. What a lazy cow

  • Lauren Murphy
    Lauren Murphy 3 days ago

    that first place game me weird vibes

  • CottonGacha Wolf
    CottonGacha Wolf 3 days ago

    The last part they don't seem to care what he thinks

  • CottonGacha Wolf
    CottonGacha Wolf 3 days ago

    3:43 I think it's cream cheese mix with rotten blue cheese it looks like it

  • Mr. Sarcasm
    Mr. Sarcasm 4 days ago +1

    Waiter: Chef, how you doing with the Pescatore?
    Gordon: I’m struggling

  • Farida Mustapha
    Farida Mustapha 4 days ago

    I beg of you man, stop eating plz stop. These plates of what i would call "stuff a grave digger/robber will not take " looks like it could still cause a zombie apocalypse

  • samljer
    samljer 4 days ago

    where you from in greek.
    uh eh uh HEUh H ah eh EH gal, uerr galamata.
    fresh frozen from the can HURHURHUR, how do people like that end up owning a restaurant.

  • Tee Tenkro
    Tee Tenkro 4 days ago

    Nobody has broken Chef Ramsay's legs CAUSE he can back up the shieeet he preaches and do.

  • Licht Glanzreich
    Licht Glanzreich 4 days ago +3

    "It's fresh frozen.. out of the can."
    The words thats shouldn't be put together.

  • TheProtean Girl
    TheProtean Girl 4 days ago +1

    how can you make food that bad? I'm no pro even I can outdo all these "chefs".

  • Michael Lu
    Michael Lu 4 days ago

    Who is that waitress in the Greek joint cause she is fine AF

  • Djdjdn Dhdndnd
    Djdjdn Dhdndnd 4 days ago +92

    “It’s fat free cheese dipped in fat”
    Me: “it’s sugar free chocolate with sugar on top”

  • neot
    neot 4 days ago

    I feel bad for the two twins.. Idk why

  • orbe muffin
    orbe muffin 4 days ago

    ‘he is supposed to be here to help me not supposed to be telling me nothing is good’

  • orbe muffin
    orbe muffin 4 days ago

    6:25 🤣🤣i can feel how how disgusting was that dish by the expression of gordon ramsey
    huh..what the hell

  • marshall marshall
    marshall marshall 4 days ago

    i don't know why but i feel bad for those people haha.

  • Cat Jackson
    Cat Jackson 4 days ago

    EWWWWWWW nooo just ban microwaves

  • Sri Armin
    Sri Armin 4 days ago

    🤣 I'm one of your great fans.

  • love classics
    love classics 5 days ago

    Using his bare hands to prepare food is just disgusting

  • Jesse Pinkman
    Jesse Pinkman 5 days ago

    I agree with the manager about the wasted food
    its unbelievable how much Gordon throws into the trash

    • JG Ballard
      JG Ballard 5 days ago

      Yeah, we should be forced to eat all that terrible food.

  • Jesse Pinkman
    Jesse Pinkman 5 days ago

    pizza didnt look that bad