Which Celebrity Has The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe?

  • Published on Dec 26, 2018
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    Martha Stewart Signs Copies Of Her New Book 'Martha's Flowers'
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    Netflix's 'Coach Snoop: Season 1', Special Screening
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    First Lady Michelle Obama Hosts National Student Poets Program With Hip Hop Artist Q-Tip
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    'Jumanji: Willkommen im Dschungel' Premiere In Berlin
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Comments • 32 873

  • Blaize2001
    Blaize2001 Hour ago

    I hate crispy cookies. They are weapons tbh. Also yellow hat guy...no more of him please

  • Kendall Jenner
    Kendall Jenner Hour ago

    i hate the beanie guy seriously hard cookie tf?

  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear 2 hours ago

    Why tf is the beanie guy so picky abt a fucking cookie???!!!!

  • Momlara AJ
    Momlara AJ 3 hours ago

    Umm the cookies on the thumbnail do not look like great cookies

  • black out
    black out 3 hours ago

    Tasty producers read comments on this video:

    Beanie, my man you gotta go

  • Lochlan Cran
    Lochlan Cran 4 hours ago

    the beanie guy just pisses me off no one cares about how much u hate every cookie

  • KHek Spla
    KHek Spla 4 hours ago

    1:48 "it's not my favourite to be honest with you, i like more of a... a crispy cookie."
    okie that's alright i respect your opinio-

    1:54 *flings away left-over cookie*
    alright you heartless child im gonna end you

  • SoLID_KeriM
    SoLID_KeriM 6 hours ago

    Who else got annoyed for the red head

  • Raynebow Lim
    Raynebow Lim 9 hours ago

    The bearded guy just kept breaking the cookies. Such a waste, man!

  • Fran Homes
    Fran Homes 10 hours ago

    Bro I think you need it if it’s healthy looking like a fucking deflated basketball shut yo dumb ass up
    *iTs uNdErCoOkEd*

  • m0t0 _777
    m0t0 _777 10 hours ago +1

    Chocolate cookie baked in volcano until its ash
    Yellow beanie guy : itS uNdErBaKeD

  • Remix Central
    Remix Central 10 hours ago

    That ginger dude is a mood

  • arshi das
    arshi das 10 hours ago

    Beanie guy, you good? What kind of cookies have you been eating??? Most of these cookies looked 😋. Have you been eating soap?

  • Firehaben
    Firehaben 11 hours ago

    PRETTY sure y'all missing a crucial ingredient to Snoop Dogg's cookies.

  • Meme-ic
    Meme-ic 11 hours ago

    Hey beanie boy, classic chocolate chip cookies are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Duh.

  • fernando aragon
    fernando aragon 11 hours ago

    i fucking hate the beanie guy

  • Elham Hasan
    Elham Hasan 12 hours ago

    Could They really not find any other judges

  • Gabi Anderson
    Gabi Anderson 12 hours ago

    I’m the only one that can take the joke the dude in the yellow beanie was trying to make

  • Chase Skaalerud
    Chase Skaalerud 13 hours ago

    Fuck ginger beard 😂👌

  • Mythical Introvert
    Mythical Introvert 14 hours ago

    The majority of people who gave a dislike on this video hate the beanie person.

  • Suga InUrTae?
    Suga InUrTae? 15 hours ago

    Is she a scale now

  • Carlos J Cintrón
    Carlos J Cintrón 15 hours ago

    The girl in the black shirt... PLEASE BRING HER MORE OFTEN

  • A Smol Potato
    A Smol Potato 16 hours ago

    Betty Crocker

  • {aesthetic patatoes}
    {aesthetic patatoes} 16 hours ago

    I can tell the beanie dude has never had a real chocolate chip cookie :>

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 16 hours ago

    *im allergic to this.*
    You don’t even know it if your allergic to that cookie.
    Its homemade🙄

  • Ownage Is_our_dad
    Ownage Is_our_dad 17 hours ago

    I got so fuckin pissed like stop complaining one of them said it was to light

  • Jonah Letteney-Harvey
    Jonah Letteney-Harvey 17 hours ago

    you need a new friend to replace your cookie hater beanie snob

  • Arnaud Pascal
    Arnaud Pascal 18 hours ago

    Every time, in food related videos, a simple " it is Adjective-Y" is replaced by: "It has a Noun-ness to it"

  • jack smith
    jack smith 18 hours ago

    dude i dont get how hes so fat if he doesn't like any cookies (talking about beanie man)

  • G R A N D iccy
    G R A N D iccy 19 hours ago

    Is there a cookie that all three like?

  • Karinia Alvarez
    Karinia Alvarez 19 hours ago

    Idk why everyone hating on the benie guy hes just being straight up😂

  • Wonder FN
    Wonder FN 19 hours ago

    For snoops you forgot the. Weed

  • Melodiac tunes
    Melodiac tunes 19 hours ago

    Yellow beanie man
    You are not the Gordon Ramsay of cookies

  • C.A.B
    C.A.B 20 hours ago

    The Rocks cookie looks amazing!

  • Kid Luii
    Kid Luii 20 hours ago

    Y’all forgot the weed in snoops cookies

  • Jesabelle Cruz
    Jesabelle Cruz 20 hours ago

    I would have to say
    1Michelle Obama
    2Martha Stewart
    3 Dwayne Johnson

  • Ian Ian
    Ian Ian 20 hours ago

    What is gud for my mans??

  • Toriku’s universe
    Toriku’s universe 20 hours ago

    Everyone: I hate that yellow beanie guy
    Me: I hate all of them, ugh

  • Raymond Lin
    Raymond Lin 21 hour ago

    Is it wrong for me to feel mad about the guy judge being so DAMN picky ?
    He be like it needs to be crispy, it’s like a granola bar, you might as well eat a celery stick. Like that’s so rude
    I would bet my life that all the dislikes are for that guy

  • Michelle Kriss
    Michelle Kriss 21 hour ago

    I hate that guy

  • TheIndieMusicSource
    TheIndieMusicSource 22 hours ago

    Who the eff likes CRUNCHY COOKIES

  • Andy Azevedo
    Andy Azevedo 23 hours ago

    Seriously, I had to stop watching the video because of beanie guy. He thinks he is being so original and "ReLaTAbLe AF ™" when he is really coming across as a rude asshole. What's the point of throwing the cookie? What's with the unrealistic expectations? I came looking for a good cookie recipe, I guess I'll go somewhere else for it.

  • Zizi Evulukwu
    Zizi Evulukwu Day ago

    That beanie guy is an abomination

  • Khoa Nguyen
    Khoa Nguyen Day ago

    The beanie guy is the biggest Gordon Ramsay wannabe XD

  • TheMaster431
    TheMaster431 Day ago

    Man these judges were horrible and whiny. Well all except the one in Black. She's cool. But no!! Please get professional tasters

  • Wgn YT
    Wgn YT Day ago

    “Martha Stewart has the best chocolate chip recipe, even though we surveyed 3 people Who seemed very biased in their choices” 🤦‍♂️

  • kadeem francis
    kadeem francis Day ago

    Who else thought snoop dogg would've put weed in his cookie

  • Andrew C
    Andrew C Day ago

    they forgot the weed in snoops cookies lol

  • Communism Will Prevail

    Beanie Guy:
    *IT'S U N D E R B A K E D*

  • Aliza .f
    Aliza .f Day ago

    *Ok who else is now craving cookiess*

  • Xboen
    Xboen Day ago

    5:24 2 sticks of butter?

  • sift Anims
    sift Anims Day ago

    Dude the fatman is soo negative

  • Alexandria Janelle Ramirez

    I don't like the judges

  • Tavimba Msampha
    Tavimba Msampha Day ago

    It makes sense doggs love peanut butter

  • Kpop angels
    Kpop angels Day ago

    Since when can a cookie be a salad 🗿????

  • deavsone
    deavsone Day ago

    Didn't know you can be a soyboy and a cuck at the same time. Thanks bearded guy for proving that to be possible

  • Chonticha Blasone

    The beanie guy was so picky...

  • CulinaryGuide
    CulinaryGuide Day ago

    I love this!

  • AJ
    AJ Day ago +2

    1:54 the way he throws that cookie just pisses me off

  • Reanetse Molapo
    Reanetse Molapo Day ago


  • I am Jey
    I am Jey Day ago

    I vote snoopdog will he uses a special ingredient

    We all know im talking about weed

  • HazarDemon
    HazarDemon Day ago

    Please fire beanie guy. He's just awful

  • eda asis
    eda asis Day ago

    The rock is cooking!!

  • ROLEX ロレックス

    Wheres the cannabis to snoop dogg

  • Dorkwaffle 3
    Dorkwaffle 3 Day ago

    You forgot the weed in Snoop Dogg's biscuit

  • Dorkwaffle 3
    Dorkwaffle 3 Day ago

    The beanie guy makes me want to take out all the threads in his beanie and strangle him with them

    TOBY THE BIRB Day ago

    Probably Gordon Ramsey

  • Unicorn101 #unifam

    When I read the comments I thought , “oh he can’t be that bad” one sec later he is the worst person

  • Glitchee
    Glitchee Day ago

    Don’t bring back the beanie guy ffs he’s shitty trash

  • Glitchee
    Glitchee Day ago

    I wanna slap that ginger beard piece of shit. God fucking damn it, he judges on his opinion, but he’s supposed to judge with an open mind. My god see gingers are dumb af, he’s just a gay looking CUNt stick

  • Lean Gang
    Lean Gang Day ago

    I thought the rocks recipe would have 5 table spoons of protein powder

  • Luna Star
    Luna Star Day ago

    The yellow guy with a benie hes really honest which i respect but then hes not trying something new so thats why he doesnt like most of them cause they are different from he normaly eats

    CROWY Day ago

    idk but yall but i liked the beanie guy lmao

  • Samuel Cooper
    Samuel Cooper Day ago

    That guy is a disgrace to beards

  • Daniela Sepulveda

    Man the guy in the beanie was so annoying! What’s his problem 😂

  • Singing. Daisy
    Singing. Daisy Day ago

    I understand that Kourtney wants to be “Healthy” but anyone who puts pumpkin in a cookie is mentally unhealthy,

  • Metalic Pastel
    Metalic Pastel Day ago

    oml the guy with the yellow beanie is acting like he is a pro cookie juder

  • Little Creatures

    I’m I the only one who actually likes the guy with the yellow beanie

  • TheAssassin2332
    TheAssassin2332 Day ago

    1:54 gay people always have to be extra for no reason.
    Edit: i think he ate 2 of them and ripped apart the rest.

  • Once_Blink_ Forever

    I hate that fucking stupid guy .. I wish he leaves tasty

  • kingwingsly
    kingwingsly Day ago

    This episode is so horrible just stop. Jesus. Those are good. My mom makes these recipes and they taste fine. They aren’t undercooked or baked or whatever.

  • Zubayer Mahbub
    Zubayer Mahbub Day ago

    Beanie Man: *Talks*
    *Everyone disliked that*

  • If We Won
    If We Won Day ago

    The guy probably thinks a good cookie is flour and water baked for 7 days

  • Hannah Rice
    Hannah Rice Day ago +47

    Me: I ThINk I aM AlLErgIc tO yOu
    He is sooooooo anoyying, never bring him back

  • Sir Meliodas
    Sir Meliodas Day ago

    My heavy enough BRuH

  • Meteor Mia
    Meteor Mia Day ago

    Beanie guy getting Martha Stewart’s cookie: “I have to eat this?”
    Beanie guy at the end: “Martha I love you you have never steered me wrong I’m not surprised her cookie is the best”.

    I hate this guy so much

  • Charlotte Burke
    Charlotte Burke Day ago +1

    Wtf is that ginger diva

  • I am
    I am Day ago +1

    Does someone else thinks that maybe they did the kourtney's cookie wrong?
    I mean it really didn't looked like a cookie 😅😅

  • john mac muffin slayer

    That fatty is hella annoying...

  • Sorgutentarer
    Sorgutentarer Day ago

    That obese guy with pubes on his face, I bet he's the kind of guy who cries when his girlfriend tells him they have to "talk".

  • Cleo Moore
    Cleo Moore Day ago

    The fella w the beanie should give up just go home and make ure own ahahah 😐🤣

  • Lee ¿
    Lee ¿ Day ago

    The fucking hipsters Viking barely taste the cookies

  • morgan frampton
    morgan frampton Day ago

    *breaks cookies into 1000 pieces*
    beanie guy: it just breaks sOoOoO eaSilY
    OMG just shut uppppppp

  • morgan frampton
    morgan frampton Day ago

    I actually hate the beanie guy

  • alex the sim luvr
    alex the sim luvr 2 days ago


  • Belle Beauchesne
    Belle Beauchesne 2 days ago

    Maybe the guy with the yellow hat is just mad behind can’t find a “good” cookie so he hates on everyone else’s cookies 🍪

  • trace norton
    trace norton 2 days ago

    Gay beanie fatass: “Its underbaked” whining bitch sayin dat like he don’t eat everything in his sight off cam

  • Autumn Cresents
    Autumn Cresents 2 days ago

    the guy only has one vowel in his last name...

  • Jaime Alvarez
    Jaime Alvarez 2 days ago

    Hate the guy! Hes too annoying! Had to skip everytime he came up! Never pit him on a video pleasee!!!